Friday, October 31, 2008

Darius-Link Version 2.0

Okie, Revisions!
After looking at some stuff online lastnight, Darius asked me how come those ppl had a better Link costume than his. *sigh* Alright alright, I said, I'll see if I can make some improvements on yours. So, I set out and made some extra little pieces to go along, I was up late again, no surprise.
Today I went over to the school and participated in their Halloween Party (thank you Ryan for watching Hunter while I was there, lifesaver!). I took a grand total of 275 pictures of everyone. I got an individual shot of all the kids in the class, plus a bunch of other children in his school that I'm going to need to foreward on to them.
Tonight's going to make for a long one. By the grace of god both boys are napping right now, as soon as they wake up, I'm shoving as much food as I can in them, then we're headed for the streets for some Great Trick or Trating fun! Afterwards, Chance and I are headed to the Mansfield Penitentiary for a wonderufl evening out the only Haunted House we're making it to this year. Loooooooong night. I'll letcha know if I can manage to get ANY sleep.
Anyhow, here's D's revised costume.

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