Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick Update

Lots going on, most of it normal.
I've volunteered for the school's One-to-One Reading program, begun attending a depression support group, and have also started a relationship group with the Mr.
We've gotten a local Rec Centre family pass, the flu, new books & games, and had multiple visits from MIL & my mom.
Mr has started Fire Recruitment Training (All of which he learned in Clearwater) & attending regular fire practices @ his assigned hall.
The boys are great, with a huge mix of ups and downs, and struggles & triumphs. Recently, they wrapped up their Winter Rec Program in which D Cross-Country Ski-ied(sp??) with his class and snowshoed. H had ice skating lessons before the whole school (all 76 students) finished it off with a big day of sledding, skiing, snowshoeing and lots of outdoors snow fun.
H is now in swimming lessons with his class, and the whole school is getting ready for a Talent Show/Family Dinner Night coming up in March. H will be Hoola-Hooping, while D will be a part of the Stage Crew.
In case I forgot to mention it, I've had eye-lasering to repair the significant tears in both of my retinas, and have a clean bill of eye health, with scheduled visits to both my optometrist & specialist regularly to ensure any detatchment does not occur. dog for me :-(
I'm making arrangements to go visit the doctor and explore any further diagnosis for myself, which could possibly include PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Clinical Depression. I am hoping that with a diagnosis, I will be able to have something to grasp at other than the straws that I hold. Thus leading me to further support & opportunity. We shall see.
Anyhow, plenty more to say, plenty to think about, but as it's bedtime for the boys, I need to scoot.