Saturday, October 23, 2004

Well...I don't know

So I finally started making D's costume. He's going to be a shark from Shark's Tale. Finished the body, still have mitts, shoe covers, and a hood to make. Contemplating how it's gonna work making a Shark's head...we'll see.
Week was full of ups and downs. Working on motivation.
Had a good birthday. Went out for dinner with the fam, actually talked to a girl with the name Amber Rose who was having her 19th birthday at Kelly O's. Kinda cool, kinda creepy.
Chance has faithfully put up all outdoor decorations, cept for the ones we hold valuable of course, and I've decorated our front window.
Had a good thanksgiving, got lots of pictures, played lots of games. Had a good 4x4 excursion whilst driving Steven and Pokie home.
Darius just loved Pokie. Snuggled, gabbed, and played with her. Even tried to have her put him to sleep once. He's called her since we took them home, to gab on the phone.
He's been taking a page out of Daddy's book when it comes to telephone chatting. I was talking to a friend one day, and he asked to talk to her, and when I put the phone to his ear, he grabbed it and started wandering around gabbing full tilt. When I told him to say bye bye, he almost hung up the phone before I got it away from him. He's getting very observant.
He's finally hit a majour independant streak. "Let me do it" is a very familiar phrase to hear him say now.
We painted a giant picture the other day. I stripped him down, and covered his body in paint and made various prints on the paper. Was fun. Of course, we took a shower afterwards.

Friday, October 15, 2004

My birthday

Well then...I turn 23 on Monday. Sheesh...I've been a mom for three years since July.
Mind Boggling.
I treated myself to a couple of things for my birthday.
I bought a handheld GPS. Chance's idea, but exciting none-the-less. It's got a rubber casing, it's waterproof, it floats, 2 AA Batteries last 14 hrs, and it's accurate to within 3 meters.
I also went to Value Village yesterday and spent 72 dollas on new clothes for myself. BOught a pair of shoes, 4 shirts, and a vest, plus 2 bras.
I am also hoping to get my hands on 2 tickets to see Bif on the 28th. She's playing at Flashbacks, and I'm rev-ed to go.
Holy schmoley time flies.