Sunday, October 26, 2008

UNICEF & Pagans

"You used to tell me we would run away together
Love gives you the right to be free
Whitney Housten - Saving All My love

Yay Me! I actually made it to church this morning. It was a different kind of service, a Pagan Ritual celebrating something about those we love who have passed...I didn't quite catch the proper name of it. I always wondered what they did when they had their ceremonies, and now I know :o)
Anyhow, took Beth, and I'm afraid today's service may have scared her away, but that doesn't mean I won't keep inviting her.

"You've got what I'm looking for,
You've got personality"
Christina Aguilera - Come On Over

I was surprised at how much I missed it. I was also surprised at just how many people I knew there. There were mothers from LLL meetings I'd attended in the past, along with mother's from the school's PTO & PAT, and a mother from this summer's playgroup, as well as Scrabble night people. I guess all my hard work in making myself known in the community is finally paying off. It made me happy to see them all again.

"I'm so happy because today
I've found my
Nirvana - Lithium

Anyways, I was SO happy when they called the children to their RE (religious education) classes, and when Hunter told me he wanted to go as well, I explained that he'd be going by himself and that mommy wasn't going to be there. He made a pouty face at me, then turned away and began playing. I guess he remembered the room from our previous visits and didn't mind it at all that I wasn't right there next to him!

"So good, So good,I got you!"
James Brown - I Feel Good

Breakthrough!! *does snoopy dances*
That news right there could bring a smile to my face for the rest of the day.
For the first time I was able to enjoy a full Sunday Service without interruptions from the kids.

I still need to finish working on Hunter's costume, and I really need to look for a yellow hard hat and a tool belt to finish it. I'm almost burnt out of sewing, but lastnight's quite evening really helped me recharge a bit. I'm hoping to knock the boys out for a while and get some work done on it, or take a nap with them myself.

"Money it's a crime
Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie"
Pink Floyd - Money

The Boys got UNICEF boxes from the church today. We'll be taking them out to ToT with us all week, then bringing them back next Sunday. It was cute to see Darius make his way around to nearly the entire congregation holding it out for change from everyone. :o) He does a good job.
Got the house relatively clean this morning. Did all the laundry lastnight, finally. It's amazing to see just how much we go thorugh sometimes. I drove Chance to work this morning so I could have the truck for church, and am now waiting to go and pick him and his friend up from work. Apparently they've decided to have a gaming day here. Hopefully I can get the kids to sleep through that.

"I love myself today
Not like yesterday
Take another look at me now"
Bif Naked - I Love Myself Today

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