Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Rock!!!

YAY me!
I spent all day today putting up decorations.
Admittedly I had put up all of my store-bought stuff the night before, but the main set up I did today.
I woke up and started making the dummies, I had a general idea of what I was doing, and decided to bite the bullet and just make one and decide whether or not I liked it. After a trial and error I got them all put together, then I carted everything outside with me (it was a clear crisp day out, so it was perfect weather for it). It took me about 3 hours to get everything set-up the way I wanted it. It looks fabulous. I also ended up climbing my tree to set up one dummy there, hang some bats, and cob webs. I'm not quite finished yet, I still plan on putting out two pumpkins, and some tin cans with punch-outs.
I don't believe I've ever had ANYone drive by my home slowly while I put up decorations for Halloween, but a few people did today. After I had gotten everything up and was getting ready to set out my Frankenstein board, I actually saw someone pull onto the street (we live on a corner), pull a u-turn and drive by slowly a second time. It was actually kind of embarrassing, but it means I've done my job.
Go See my Flickr page to check out the new photos.
Anyhow, tomorrow is D's Cub Scout meeting, and I'm told that I need to make him a Link (From The Legend of Zelda) outfit for his costume. Usually he'd have it picked out and such, but this year we got into a spat...he wanted to be Frankenstein, and I thought it was too gory, so we went with something lighter.
Anyhow, I love Halloween, and I hope all of the effort I've put into shows my feeling for my favorite holiday.

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