Sunday, September 25, 2005

Well, La Dee Dah

Here we are again.
We spent 4 days in Little Fort, I amanaged to squeek another day off from Sylvia to drive gramma to a doctor appointment in Kamloops our last day there. Was fun, but only managed to get a single buck. Not a very big one either. *sighs*
I've gained weight...eep! Goddamned good, yet so evil.
Darius is getting more precious everyday.
The other day he said he couldn't do something because he had a broken heart. I also caught him counting backwards from 5 to 1. I'm wondering where he learned those.
Visited with Mary and Devon lastnight, played a game of Monopoly and Sorry...I won Monopoly for once, amazingly.
Am now getting ready to cook myself and D some breakfast...then we're off to Mission Creek Park for River Day, to celebrate the spawning of the Kokanee. It's absolutely beautiful here today, I'll be glad to spend the day out.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hunting We Will Go

Well, we're off to Little Fort again, and done trying to get everything organized. I love spur of the moment trips, always fun.
So, gramma was talking about needing some help with hunting, and fishing, and canning, so that's why we're off.
Am gonna hafta phone Sylvia to see if I can score Wednesday off so I can take Gramma to a doctors appointment. We shall see.'s kicking in, and I'm excited.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Lose It All

Some day it'll be as beautiful as I wish it could be...some day it'll be a nightmare.
Imagine my life without anything. Without family, without communication, without love.
What is a person without love? Love of life, love of the things that they see before them? Would they look for the beauty in the water, or the trees, or the smells of the turning of the seasons?
Or would they just rot, like the fallen leaves of a tree...making way for those who do love.
Poetic Justice? Those who take everything for granted, paving the way for the grateful.
Funny how little things make you think big thoughts.
Salt...there's a story.
I thought of salt one day...where does it come from, how do they make it?
Years ago, they only used salt from the sea, cause that's the only place they could get it from. Could you imagine if everyone in the world now, only used sea salt? Would the dead sea have dried up by now?
Dead Sea salt...laughable concept, but ok.
Eating dead things...does this make us morbid?
Sad that that is how our life can prosper, to only be able to go on with life at the expense of something else's life. Sacrafice...
Would you sacrafice for me?
I think the peas and carrots are laughing at me now...

Old Friends and New Tricks

Well, it's another weekend. This year is just flying by, each day I wake up, I have trouble comprehending that it's a new day again. Days go by faster than a wonder I can hardly remember what's happening and what's new with my life.
Bumped into an old friend the other night, and they knew I was married and had a child. Made me wonder, but when I asked who they had talked to, they wouldn't tell me. Interesting concept...have I really seen so many old classmates, that they've seen fit to spread the word about me?
Today I'm going to help gramma can plums, and in turn, learn how to can...
I'm finding more and more, especially with how fast everything is moving, I'm starting to worry that Gramma won't be there for me to learn from forever. You know that feeling? The feeling of time going by too fast, and you know you don't have much left?
Morbid, I know, but it gives me a special appreciation that I didn't have before. I listen, I comprehend, I absorb.
Time is a funny thing.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

On The Hunt

We spent the last hour spider hunting after Chance spotted black widow in our driveway...
So, we had about 5 spiders total, but so far, one has killed another, and the rest are looking for a way out of our mason jar.
It's nice to have a widow in our midst again, but kinda scary that it's so close, we haven't caught a widow at home since we lived in Native Housing in Rutland.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Birthdays and Doctors

Well, today is Candice's 25th birthday...she's a quarter of a century old.
Happy Birthday Pokie!
*hugs* *pokes*
We'll be phoning sometime...
Finally went to the doctors and got ourselves a family doc. *sighs* Spent over an hour in the office, waiting to see her, a quick 10-15 minute consult, and outta there. I liked her, she seems to have a good head, AND she's an American...from Wisconsin.
So, we're beginning the first round of tests for Darius. Oh boy.
I slept for the afternoon. Stayed up till 1 watching Starship Troopers, and had a bit of trouble getting out of bed this morning.
Kim's brother and sister-in-law stopped in, Reg and Dawn, and we visited for a little while.
Now Darius is playing Mairo Golf, I bet he plays better than I do.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The First Dreary Day

It's cold...and wet, and yucky.
Today is the day of our block party, and it's just plain yucky out. I'm hungry, but it's not supposed to start until other members of our block get home from, say, 6:30.
Paul is here with Dino, Harry and one of his friends visited.
I spent my morning getting my platters ready, and am now fearing that i may have gotten too many ready. I always did over-prepare. ;o)
I'm still spinning from the BSB concert, and their cd has yet to leave my truck player. Am trying to enjoy my job, and my week away from mom and Kim at home.
I keep hoping that I'll be headed to Van next month by myself, but I won't hold my breath...*sighs* I would give anything for a weekend where I can sleep as much as I want.
My bones ache...and it seems as though no pain-killer will help.

Monday, September 05, 2005

BSB & Back To School

Wow, went to the Backstreet Boys lastnight with Niamh...and wow, were they ever amazing!
Boogied and sang my heart out the whole night.
Was outraged at my fellow Kelonians' behaviour after the concert...was absolutely disgusted.
Danielle and Niamh spent the night, seeing as Ni and I didn't get back until about midnight. We were kinda freaked out because on our way home, from the halfway point of the bridge to as far on the westside that we could see from the bridge, the power was out. So we were kinda thinking that home mighta been without power, but they were't thankfully.
All day Saturday, Darius had a little lump on his forehead, but it only looked like he bonked it with something, then Sunday, it started to get really large. Like, actually swelling, which I thought was weird, so I took him to the walk-in clinic. The Dr. said to just put ice on it...*rolls eyes*. Carry on to today, and he's still quite swelled, except it's spread to just above his right eye, and down to the bridge of his nose, and he almost looks freakish. Plus, the corners of his eyelid areas is starting to turn reddish. *sighs* We've been putting ice on it, but it doesn't seem to help it, but if it does anything, it's just keeping it from getting too big. He also whalloped it good this morning whilst showering with daddy because he slipped while being too rambunctious (which usually means he's hitting a growth spurt). Lots of ice.
Got up this morning, and dragged myself outta bed, had breakfast, fed Darius and showered. By then Danielle and Niamh still weren't awake. They didn't roll outta bed till about 11. Lucky bums. After everyone looked decent, we ehaded out the door cause the girl's still had some school shopping left to do for Niamh. We took them to Winners, where they decided they didn't feel good and wanted to head home early. :oP So, we parted way, and I dcided to take us to Wal-Mart for some Darius Pre-School shopping. :o] how exciting. Not like there was lots that I needed to buy, but I only really needed some snacks, and new shoes since he's actually growing out of the ones we have here for him. he really only fits about 3 pairs out of the 8 pairs that we have. And they're a little difficult to keep track of. So, new stylin' shoes, some yummy & healthy snacks...and a few miscellaneous things for us adults and the home...and 132 dollars later. *sighs* Oh well. It's all made up for just watching Darius walk about trying on his new shoes, repeatedly, and then putting them in his backpack, and practising putting on and taking off his backpack for school. :oD He's really excited about going to Pre-School. :o] I can't wait for his friest day, which is Thursday.
Have resolved myself to doing at least SOME sewing this week to get Darius some decent looking school clothes because I need to leave a spare with the school for him, just-in-case.
Snagged some Arby's and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening out at Chance's friends' place in Winfield. Was actually really enjoyable, minus the really cold breeze.
Over-all, was a good weekend. Had a date with Chance on Friday night, which almost got ruined, but was rescued barely. Still managed to have somewhat of a good night. Went 4x4-ing on Saturday, and spent about 9 hours out wheeling, and about another 2 at Chance's friends' house...we were gone for just over 12 hours by the time we got home.
Busy weekend...but that's the way long weekends are supposed to be...right?