Monday, November 29, 2004


Probly more than I can type to update.
Darius has the chicken pox. :o[ Nothing too majour, not whole body, for now it's been restricted to his shoulder and tummy. Doesn't seem to bother him too awefully much, but I did hafta call all the places we've been the last week to warn them about me having a child with the chicken pox in their facility. As it happens, it was a very busy week for us.
Am waiting impatiently for two things...the Ladies Tea that Sylvia invited me to on the 3rd, and my paycheque. Am anxious to see if I'm going to get a Christmas bonus, cause mom says that it's not mandatory.
We bought a camper trailor, the kind that goes on the back of a pick-up truck. It' been put up on our lot, and is currently waiting for us to start renovations on it. It's been completely stripped down inside, but has insulation and plastic in it. So, it's completely customizable.
It's cold here today...not any sight of snow yet. Few drops here and there, but that's it.
Was trying to get a lot of uncle's here for Christmas, seeing as gramma's coming, but no one seems able to make the effort. Rather frustrating. I can't even remember the last time we all got together for a happy occasion. I don't even think my Uncle Bill, or Wayne have ever seen mom's place. She's lived here seven years now.
I get so mad sometimes because we're family, and we should want to see each other, we should want to have some sort of a relationship, and I find some members of my family really just don't give a damn. I'll bet they didn't even notice me being gone for four years.
Well, anywho. I called gramma last week, and spent in the area of an hour and a half on the phone with her. She'll be coming for Christmas, but Ralph won't. I was hoping to drag uncle Rob down here with her, but mom says he's no socialite either. *rolls eyes* Pathetic...but whatever turns your cork.
I've put up our Christmas decorations, and the house is in full Christmas waiting until its december to turn on outdoor christmas lights.
Darius got a haircut yesterday.
He's coming out with new and cute phrases everyday, and a few not so cute ones which I've had to remind family members about...and myself.
Doing laundry today...our room is a mess. Everytime I do laundry, it sits until we can't tell which is clean, and which is dirty. *sigh* is a blah day. Chance, Mom, Kim, and Marty are all home today...and I don't feel like doing anything.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wish Lists

Big Lego Blocks ($10 at Zeller's for a small bag, we don't need a whole lot)
Spiderman Bed Set
Curtains for his room
a Leap Pad or any other learning books
Batteries in AA, AAA, and C
Blank Stereo Cassette Tapes
Fun Non-Toxic Bubble Bath
A Bath Hammock
A Back Seat Organizer for his toys
Monsters Inc
Brother Bear
Bob the Builder Movies
Big Boy Underwear 27lbs and up
Craft Items:
Fun Foam Shapes, Feathers, Sparkles, Pipe Cleaners, clay or plastacine, Felt Markers, Pain Brushes, a Smock, an Easel
Check out the Dollar Stores...I've scouted them and they've got a great selection of crafty things for a great price.
Jysk has a great selection of things, and I spotted a terrific wicker-like basket that had a lid with hinges for about 14.99 or something...would be great to hold all of these crafty things.

Music: Norah Jones, Tragically Hip, Beatles, Shrek 2, Eagles,
Nice Sweater set...(Tank and Cami)
Ankle Socks
Movie Gift Certificates
Paper-back Romance novels, prefferable like medievil stuff
Scandia Golf Passes
a Hair Dryer Stand (
Cell Phone minutes for a Rogers AT&T Pay As You Go Phone
Make Up Gift Sets
Bath Gift Sets
(I pluralized those two on purpose)
Pack of Combs
Candles, with a couple of candle paltes a size L
I'm a L and a size 10 pants
DVD's: Anything with Ashley Judd, Kill Bill 1&2, Dirty Dancing, The Life of David Gale, Man on Fire, Jackie Brown, Angelina Jolie movies, the Mr. Bean box set avaiable at Wal Mart, Red Dwarf Box Set...

Backroad Map Books volumes 1, 4, 5, &7 (
Boxers in a size M
Ankle socks
Undershirts (Tank style)
nice t-shirts (without a front pocket) in a size L
an Axe in decent Shape
Bathroom Material: Global Almanacs, Uncle Johns, any other fact books.
Gift Certificates for: Zellers, Movies, Crystal Mountain, XS Cargo, Future Shop
DVD's: Schindler's List, Hackers, Blood Sport, The Breakfast Club, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, any "manly" movies...gangsta movies...

I'll think up more later, guess that's all for now