Friday, December 29, 2006

Poor Tia

Well, lastnight was eventful.
I ended up taking Tia down to the Animal Hospital lastnight at about 10:30. Poor thing looked terrible. She's been puking all over the place since Christmas, and yesterday she was having a tough time standing and she was real weak and meek.
Just got a call from the Vet. they said it would cost 1400 todo an exploratory surgery to remove what they call a "Long object". Cat's have a fairly quick track that passes things within hours and since it's been three days it's not likely she can pass it on her own. They also said if left in there it stands that it could possibly rupture her intestine on it's own because it's not moving, and it's causing it to accordian.
They've got her on two IV's one for fluids and one for anti-biotics. They also said she's looking very bright this morning. They don't take payments for surgery. That's just dumb.
Stupid fucking Vet

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Oh my god!
We bought Hunter a Jolly Jumper today. He hasn't stopped bouncing since he figured out what it was for. That was a half an hour ago. Finally something that has as much stamina as he does.
He looked up at the blue bar above his head like, what is that for? But then he caught on that it was for his fun...and away he went!
He just loves it!
Look at Flickr for the pictures, but I have an awesome video of the first moments.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well, here I am.
We missed Pokie and Steven's leaving. :o(
We went Thrift shopping today, and on the way home decided to stop at the grocery store to buy extra dinner items cause we assumed Trevor and his Girlfriend would want dinner (Pokie mentioned this as payment before) and by the time we got back they were gone. :o(
I'm disappointed, but it was probly me holding us up when I stepped into Zellers that made us late coming back. Damn me and my shopping.
I got a purse for myself, Van Helsing (4.97!) and Just Friends. Plus some chocolate, laundry soap (even gramma commented on how much laundry I do) and Cranberry Giger Ale. That was my Christmas gift (30 G/C).
Now we're back, and lazilly making dinner and such. Oh boy.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

Well, here we are on Boxing Day.
What a weekend. Friday we went to Roger and Cathy's, and had a good visit.
Saturday I was sick, Sunday I was feeling better but we didn't do anything.
We dawdled all day awaiting midnight, and I got D down by 9.
Harry came over and we wrapped up a quick gift for him.
Midnight arrived and Chance began handing out gifts, while I took mega-pictures.
I took 248 pictures, and I had 10 videos on my camera when I unloaded it lastnight.
All going to Flickr of course.
We left Darius overnight as we dragged our butts home, and then we got awoken to a phone call . D was on the other end "Can I open my presents now mommy?"
So, we got dressed and came back to mom's house.
This whole seperate house thing is a hassel and it's costing us gas money.
Anyhow, we no sooner got in the door and D was tearing into gifts, and I was scrambling for my camera.
I took bunches of pictures, but my camera wasn't focusing properly, and I discovered my batteries were dying. Then I discovered that my replacements were dead too, so I really didn't have a choice but to use the ones I had.
Got a few really good pictures though.
Today I plan on hitting Zellers to use a $30 gift card at some point...hopefully I'll find a good deal.
I slept at mom's house lastnight.
I had intentions of playing Wii with Pokie all night, but I relented and let Chance come back (I had sent him home with D&Ralph to put D to sleep) and Hunter came out with mom, and I got stuck on the couch with him. Chance didn't even offer to hold him once. The whole reason why I booted him out to begin with is because he has a tendancy to get in the way of me having fun with my family. Occasionally (on the few times I do see my family) I enjoy playing with my family child-free. Doesn't happen very often, and I'm pretty mad about it. Only because I can play with Hunter around, but the fact that he cared more about having fun himself, than offering to let me play while holding Hunter, or even switching off, didn't even occure to him, really pisses me off.
After we arrived yesterday I had an energy boost, so I started on making desserts and such. Gramma joined me not long afterwards, and we got all of our holiday baking done in one morning!
We had chocolate pudding, upside-down Rhubarb cake, upside-down peach cake, cherry biscuits, mixed fruit biscuits, strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry pie, and an apple pie. Was a lot of baking to pop off on one morning.
Afterwards, we started on dinner stuff. I chopped and sliced all veggied and got them ready in pots sitting on the stove, while mom prepared the Turkey.
Was a long afternoon. I could've used a nap...but no such luck.
Dinner was at about 7.
Us older women dyed our hair Auburn while we waited. I did Gramma and Mom's, and mom did mine. My blonde streaks turned red instead of Auburn, and Gramma looks interesting. I don't think she thought she'd go quite that extreme.
So, I am, frantically trying to upload pictures before the stupid computer shuts down me.

Monday, December 25, 2006


I have 248 pictures to unload on my camera!
Serves me right for not unloading for a week, especially during a special time. fever was only one day lasting...thank god. I swear, if Ihad felt that horrible two days in a row, I would've taken drastic measures.
Christmas went well, and I got tons of pictures. I had a blast.
We stayed up until midnight, but put D down to sleep at 10pm. He slept over at mom's, while I took Hunter home with me.
We awoke this morning to the phone ringing and it was D, "can I open my presents now mommy?"
So, we threw on some clothing, then packed up the few things we needed, and drug our sleepy behinds over to mom's house. We arrived, and no sooner did I take off my shoes, than I had to snag my camera and D started tearing into his gifts.
They both scored big time this year, and they did real well.
I got a few real good ones which will be posted on Flickr later on.
I did a tremendous amount of work in the kitchen today.
Got strawberries sliced and ready for the pies (I froze them back during the summer), and instructed gramma on what to make to go with the fruit that I was preparing.
Then i chopped all veggies for dinner tonight, and got a meat and cheese platter ready for our all day snack fest.
I just d/l-ed all the pictures, then I'm thinkin i may just take a nap with Hunter.
As far as I know, Harry will be joining us for dinner. Oh boy, I can taste the Turkey now.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I woke up with a raging fever this morning...I could've been in tears had my grandparents not been here. My back was so sensitive that it felt on fire, and my whole body was aching. Thank goodness I didn't put up with it for too long cause I broke down and took 2extra strength tylenols and sat over a heating vent while the furnace was blowing hot air. Broke me into a sweat and warmed me up (I was freezing prior to) and made me feel more comfortable.
Ralph took TJ out for a walk and we're waiting on them to get back before we head over to mom's house.
Steven and Candice arrived lastnight and they had to come get mom's housekey from me at Roger and Cathy's.
We visited Roger and Cathy for about 3 hours, from 7-10 lastnight, and it was a good visit. We had fun, and afterwards we went to welcome S&C here.
So, we arrived at mom's to find Pokie trying to hook up her new Wii, and then the fun really began.
Chance, Pokie and I had a blast trying out the tester sports game that it came with. I wa laughing so hard at one point that I was giving H a milk-shake, and I swear I was trying my hardest not to wet myself as at that point I really had to go. We had fun for about 3 hours of trying it out, and then I came home with H, and Chance spent the night there with D.
So, I'm feeling loads better with this Tylenol, and we'll be leaving soon for Mom's. Dunno what we're gonna get up to today, but we've been invited back to Roger and Cathy's for a visit with all of us.
We shall see...
It's snowing outside.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Okie, so I'm bagged.
Did I mention I stayed up until 5:30 this morning? I can't remember and I'm too lazy to check. I got up with the kids at 9 and have been up ever since.
We went for dinner down at the School for their Community Dinner. Yummy food!
The kids each got a seperate visit with Santa, and each got a way cool gift from him. D got a snowsled guy with a skiwdoo and a sleddog. H got a Mr. Potatohead with a carrying case.
I'm so tired now I might as well be a zombie. I figured since we were coming to mom's I'd just come on in and d/l my pictures and be done with it.
We had fun tonight, D played with all of the other kids, and I had some yummy food.
Got some great pictures.

Wow...I'm tired.
I need a pepsi. :oD
It was real windy out lastnight.
We're at mom's again, but without our usual supplies.
So, we'll need to go back home and pick up a few things, and get a few things done before coming back to wait for the wonderful man who'll be coming to service my serger. ;o)
Gramma and Ralph and TJ arrive today.
Shipped Chance off by 5 this morning, so I'm rather tired.
Here's to caffine!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We've finished our shoppin just today.
Gotta wrap when the kids aren't awake. Hunter aways wants the shiny scissors(I'm having a brain fart and can't spell this word right now.) and D alwaya wants to open what's under the tree.
We went and got the kids' picture taken with the mall Santa today. I'll see if I can get them online soon.
Darius got his letter back from Santa today, and we also got a card from Roger & Cathy today, looks like we missed their visit :o(.
Hopefully we can visit them soon cause D has been asking and asking.
Attacking the evil laundry and trying to make it look somewhat decent for Gramma & Ralph tommorow.
Pokie & Steven arrive Friday. Oh boy, this season snuck up on me big time. Seems like this whole year has done that.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Did I mention I found my Bolova watch amongst all those boxes?

Monday, December 18, 2006


What an incredibly log day.
Very productive though.
Got most boxes sorted through enough, and whittled down and out what I don't want/need. Still getting our room organized though. Hopefully tommorow we'll have our King in our room. and I can start putting my clothes away, like I wanted to today. Unfortuntely with all the extra stuff coming in and how messy the place was to begin with we had to organize before we could bring anything else in. Which just meant that I spent my day cleaning (as usual) and Chance brought one load over from storage.
He also got his cast off today, he says his thumb is still sore, but he has a thing about being bound (I always wondered why he wanted to get married) and had them take it off before he went nuts.
My evil laundry pile is back.
It's windy as shit out tonight, but I actually do need to stay home to make sure stuff gets accomplished.
Harry will be staying the night, Chance actually just left to go get him from work. Apparently he's hitting rough times, and needs a reminder of a good influence, so he'll be visiting with us for a bit. I don't mind, I always did enjoy his company.
I feel like I can't get enough to drink today...I can feel it in my hands just how dry I am.
I've been playing Christmas music on the computer (my new stereo) all day and Chance finally said he's sick of hearing
Whilst going through stuff today I found a whole bunch of CD's I thought I had lost. I'm so happy! I found my Poodle Hat CD, Beatles One, and a slew of other ones. I had a smile plastered on my face let me tell you.
Gotta do some dishes and get my kitchen cleaned. The problem with having such a small kitchen is that it's easy to make it look messy.
Will be doing some Christmas shopping tommorow, I hope. Now that I don't need to worry about absolutely everyone, it shouldn't be too bad.
Laundry, dishes, meal planning, vacuuming, sweep and washing floors, bathrooms clean, get clothes put away. Hmm, so short on paper.
Added more stuff to my I keep forgetting to take pictures of the three footer I have on our entertainment center, but both of them have added red velvet ribbon bows. It really balances the green garlands we made. I'm now satisfied with our tree.
Guess I should get started on some stuff in here before Hunter wakes up.

FUNNY how This Happens

Well, I could've sworn that I updated my blog over the weekend...but apparently I didn't.
Well, I finished watching all of the movies...all but nacho Libre, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
Went to Bingo lastnight, but didn't win. Was real relaxing though.
I also had to pay a babysitter to do it. That pisses me off. In order for me to do anything, I need a babysitter to do. Kimmie was even here. I can be left alone with the kids all the time, frequently, everyday and not need a babysitters help.
I'm supposed to be calling a councillor today, hopefully they'll be able to help us.
Oi, I think I'm just angry in general now.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I forgot to add movies to that list.
Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
Clerks 2
Suspect 0
Over the Hedge
Monster House

Correction...Hunter Has TWO teeth broken through the gumline. No wonder he's been so unhappy with us the last few days.
Got my Christmas shopping done for my boys now. All I need is everyone else now.
Got three different brands of formula to try H out on, just bought one small concentrate can of each, cause Dr. and Health Clinician both said it would be about taste (all formulas are regulated or the same) which is good to know, and makes things a whole lot easier.
I'm surprised it was so eay to drive around today...I'm quite proud of my car now.

Rented a slew of movies to watch this weekend...
Lucky # Slevin
Lake House
Ice Age 2
Flight 93
Nacho Libre

Can ya guess what I plano n doing this weekend? ;oD

Quick Lists

Hiarcut g/c
Eraseable Calander
Funky socks that Chance can't steal
Underwear (size 14 is me, but a large would do too)
Hot rollers

A Shower Mirror
Tanning G/c's (30 bux at a local salon for 500 min's I believe)
Boxers/underwear (size 32/Large)
XM Sattelite radio subscription

Big Pencils to learn to use
A Sled
Teddy Clothes (Smaller baby clothes would do)
Teddy Bed
Spacewalkers G/c
Movie passes

A Haircut G/C for the kids place Dilworth Shopping Center
Onesies in 12 month size +
Velcro Booties or elasticized
Jolly Jumper!!!


Hunter's first tooth has broken the gumline!
Lower left front.


Friday at last.
Doesn't feel like a friday, feels like a Monday.
Got all my appointments that I set up in the beginning of the week done and over with.
Got all my info, just need to implement now.
Finished my last appointment this morning, and have a positive feeling about how things will work out.
Will be doing some checking into on a few things, but that won't take me too long.
I'd like to do some baking. It's been so long since i've done nay baking. We didn't have any all purpose flour here, but got some from the foodbank.
I'm still trying to get this place cleaned up, but have yet to manage. I did get a couple of pictures up yesterday though. :o)
Will probably be at mom's tonight cause they've issued another high wind warning, and I believe Chance is doing an overnighter at ARC.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My moment of respite for today.
Both kids are napping. It's snowing, I've got all my candles lit, the radio playing thru my comp, and all my christmas lights on.
It's quiet.
I've got laundry to fold, so I'm gonna get to...

It's Over!

There IS a God...the day is over.
Well, rolled outta bed later than usual, thanks to the kids. Got up, and spent the morning with both kids and then went home. Vacuumed, and cleaned up, then made lunch before realizing I had to go to the Food Bank to pick up my hamper.
Holy Scheeze.
If I'da known it was gonna be that much of a fiasco, I would've gone first thing when they opened. As it was, I was forced to go back home (after getting my number and waiting for an hour) and pick up the kids, and jump Chance's truck before I went back to finish off my waiting. When i arrived back I was promptly seen, and then given a series of tickets for different things.
First I got to go through racks and racks of clothing for all of us, and picked out mostly items for myself (I'm guilty, I know) then I was ushered into a room (where they had sitting service, so someone stayed and played/occupied D) that was filled (in an orderly manner) with Christmas Decorations/items, Housewares/furniture, kids toys, adult gifts, baby gifts (all new for the last 3) then used toys, and books. It was amazing. I'm very impressed at how organized and helpful they were. I had a kind lady not only usher me around the room, but she also put each item I chose into a bag and put it with the rest of the things I chose. Then I had to go get my hamper. That in itself was four boxes stashed full worth of food.
I got all the makings of a healthy Christmas dinner. Turkey, stuffing mix, fresh carrots, 10lb bag potatoes, tons of canned food, powdered milk, flour, coffee, sugar, candy for the kids, treats for us adults, and had my pick of loads and loads of bread and buns and other goods that could be frozen.
I have to say that after the scummy beginnings in their main interview office, I felt very special after and while going through the hamper service. I'm curious if it's like that all the time, or if it's just this way now because of Christmas.
Anyhow...took it all home, unloaded it and put everything away (always a chore because everything needs to go into plastic containers to keep any mice out) and picked out something for dinner, packed it and the kids back up and took it over to mom's house.
Made a snack for D & I, ate, packed him back up, took him home, got him changed and decent looking, and packed him over to the local Library where Santa was visiting. We sat for storytime, and listened to live music while we waited in line for our turn. got a good few pictures. After we took a quick walk to visit Chance at work (his work is in a building right behind the library) and sat there for a few minutes.
Went back home to pack up other food items that we had too much of that mom needed, and then came back to mom's house. Collapsed on the couch and promptly became a useless blob.
Mom fed D, while I fed H, and then she got him off to bed. Afterwards she took H and I went in her room to watch a part 3 or a 3 part TV movie called "The Lost Room".
I'm exhasuted, but tommorow's shaping up to be the same kind of day, so I figured I'd post my Santa pictures now, before I collapse. Check Flickr for the rest of them.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


D turned off the fridge/freezer lastnight while in a misbehaving rampage at mom's house. *sighs*. I ought to have known better. He was tired, and hungry (we were cooking dinner
) and he was getting into everything while I was with his brother and mom was with dinner, and Chance was at home.
Ei yi yi.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

High Winds

Lastnight we had a high wind warning...
Can you guess where I'm blogging from? :oD
Yeah, we took refuge at mom's house lastnight, and the pilot light kept going out, and it was raining something fierce.
Did I mention that our gutters have been falling off at our house? They got all filled with junk, and ice, and they just fell off the other day. Thankfully it didn't do any damage, and didn't hurt anyone.
Stayed up doing my Christmas cards, and once I finished those, got the kids into bed.
We all took a nap lastnight, pretty late, and I was surprised that they both went to sleep no problem. Guess we all needed some extra Z's.
Am eating yummy baked spaghetti leftovers from lastnight. yum.
D/l-ed a bunch of pictures to Flickr from our sledding adventures and such.
I've also got some pretty funny videos, but dunno what I'm gonna do with those.
No appointments today, but we do need to go and do a bit of grocery shopping.
We went tot he Food Bank yesterday for our interview, and we're supposed to pick up a hamper on Wednesday between 1 and 5pm. That place was creepy, and I don't mind saying it. I'm sure if they had better facilities, I wouldn'tve felt that way.
So, anyhow...just kickin round mom's house today, hopefully we'll have a relaxing day, cause that's what we need.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Well then.
After careful revision, we've got our short term plans going on, and have taken proper steps tp incur such goals.
In english I made a buch of appointments today for later in the week. One with the Dr., one with the Wellness Centre lady for Resources, Food Bank tomorow, and made plans for activities for the week.
I'm still working on things at home as well.
It's just sick how productive I can be with two kids.
I'm still working on laundry, though the pile is considerably diminished and almost down to nothing...thank god.
I've finished painting all of the wooden ornaments/decorations that Ronnie sent home with us. Am planning on making paper garlands tonight with D, as well as finishing my X-mas Cards, and picking out the fabrics needed to make the gifts I planned on making.
There are not enough hours in the day.
I'm running in a circle, chasing my tail, and your doing nothing but following.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's Up

We got our Tree up today...witha bit of fiasco, we squeaked it out.
First mom bought it from Value Village for us (thanx btw) and I got it in the house this morning.
After I got up (my morning to sleep in) I showered and pulled it out, only to find it was missing a section.
As I was getting ready to take it back, I wennt out to our vehicles to switch the car seat over, and discovered the missing piece in Chance's truck.
Hauled it in, and set it up...and it took 2 hours just to adjust all the branches, that's how scrunched they were.
Finished that, then D helped me put on the lights, and hang the ornaments. It looks pretty. It's plan yet cause there's no flashy garlands, but we'll be making those out of paper over the next few days.

We've switched rooms with D, in preration of getting our King sized bed from storage. Still unloading boxes from storage, slowly working and unpacking.
Still working on my never-ending poor appliances.
Just finished cooking dinner, and folding loads of to eat.
I'm just too productive today.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Well this week went by quickly.
Wednesday the roofer was "for sure" coming by but never showed. Yesterday I paid Chelan our rent, finally. Poor woman must've thought us crazy for waiting so long, thank goodness she's so east going.

Went shopping with mom Wednesday and yesterday, looking for a Christmas tree, but couldn't find one for a decent price. Broke mom's bank with all the other sruff we bought tho... :o)
Chance took D to the gym lastnight, and apparently the folks who were there were making fun of D. Chance quoted one of them as saying "Who's kid is being bad again?" I wasn't impressed with the way he handled it...I would've bitten more than a few heads off, and shut them up rather rudely had I been there. But I wasn't, and that's why he was misbehaving.

I had Chance bring over all the boxes from storage so I could go though them. I can't believe all of the stuff that I have feels more like home.

Am making a stew for lunch smells good.

While at the gyn lastnight Chance jammed his thumb on Harry's knee, and that's why he came home earlier than usual. This morning he woke me up so he could go to the Dr.'s. After 2 hours he came back and said it was broken, but he has to wait until Tuesday to get a cast on it so the swelling has an opportunity to go down.
He said the Dr. offered him a note for work, which he delined, but he did ask for a note for me, which the Dr. said "you'd be surprised how many men ask for that".
My house is a mess now, cause I hafta wash everything & organize.
My poor washer has done at least 2 loads per day since I got back from Ohio, if not more. I'm worried I'm gonna wear it out.

I found my Serger Manual, hopefully I can fix the problem without it needing serviced, but I doubt it.

Chance's Work Christmas Party is tonight, and Mum & Kimmie are babysitting the kids for us. Yay, an adult night out.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

La dee da

Emergency Home Kit
I'm working on one for our house, or at least trying to make everything accessable. Lord knows I have enough boxes that I could toss everything into. Just takes a bit of calculation is all I spose.

Been trying to finish our laundry which just seems to keep on going, I've been running my poor washer and dryer non-stop for the past two days.
Lastnight was our first night back home since we got back from our vacation. I kept waking up cause the wind was blowing hunks of snow ontot he roof from the trees along the side of our house...which is pretty scary cause there's a good 10-20 feet in between us.
I was soooo tired yesterday, thank goodness for caffine or I would've never made it through the day as long as I did.
Am starting on getting H to sleep on his own, and in his playpen in D's room. SO far we've done 1 nap, and no bedtimes...but we've only just begun. We shall see what our future brings us.

We've decided to start home-schooling D, because we can't afford Pre-school, and the teacher I like is leaving, which means he'll have a lady I just don't care for heading up the class. We're looking at scheduals online to help us out. We're also looking into the connection between Left-handedness, and Dyslexia. The other day Chance asked D to write a 3 and he wrote an E instead. He also reads from right to left.
Stuff to ponder in any event.
We've worked out that we'll be picking up Gramma on the 21st, and they'll be bringing their dog with them, otherwise it would be just Gramma coming and not both. She was real happy about that.

Mom's talking about asking for ppl to pitch in for groceries this holiday, instead of us making sure everything in bought with just our funds. It's a thought. :o)
Boy, our house seems to be settled, but I know we're still missing things.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I think I can

The weekend, my favorite part of the week.
So, in reminicing with mom about our trip, I remember more things about our flights than I thought i was capable of.

On our flight to Ohio, we had a female pilot and a stewardess with bedhead. On our flights back from ohio, we had a stewardess that was so unprofessional it made me wonder how she kept her job. Her just above th ekneee skirt was coming down at the hem, she wore knee high boots, and she kept scuffing her heel on the floor. Also on our flight back, she took D up to the cockpit, where the pilot put him on his lap, and showed him all the buttons and stuff. Was cute.