Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's my Birthday

I'm kinda tired, kinda cold, what should I get up to today?
Pokie got me a renewal for my Flickr account, which will now be good thorugh 2010...YAY! I disliked having to worry about it earlier this year, so it's a relief. I'm almost afraid to count how many photos I upload in a month to it. I should count how many I take in a month.
The kids took a walk yesterday, as D had no school. We went to the park first, where we were pleased to find that our playgroup friends from the summer were playing as well, so we joined them. We stayed for about an hour and a half before working our way to the local market downtown where we got some hot food, to help warm us up a bit. Wasn't much of a consolation considering we ate outside. It was only 51 degrees out, so a sign said when we were walking by. I dunno the conversion to that but it felt damned cold when the wind blew. In any event, we stopped at the market, warmed up, then carried on to the library, where we warmed up and grabbed a few books, then went over to the registration office as my vehicle registration expires today, but I arrived 7 minutes too late and their office was already closed. I'm annoyed at myself for that, but I thought they were open until 5. :oP So I hafta go back in this morning before we hit the last Flag Football game for D. In total we walked about 2.5 miles, and though we were tired afterwards, it was real nice to walk around town like that again, I hadn't realized how much I missed it.
So, today is D's last Flag Football game, which is a shame. I was hoping to get him into a few other sports as well, but am unsure which one it will be. Basketball, indoor soccer, ice skating..ANYthing that will help him burn off that energy he holds onto.
Oh well, I guess I'll kinda do this day one small step at a time, and right now i need to book it down to the registration office and do my renewal before we head to D's game.

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Happy belated!