Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ugh. I'm all groggy today. Can't seem to wake myself up. You ever have one of those days?

We went to D's school lastnight, as the PAC (Parent Axillary Council) was having a Family Dance fundraiser. I was heartbroken when my wonderful D admitted to me that he was embarrassed to dance in public, and embarrassed to dance with me in public. He said he felt like he was wearing nothing but his underwear in front of everyone when he danced.
Maybe it's cause I'm hormonal, but it made me cry when he said that.
Am busy today...always feel like I'm busy.
Met with a new contact yesterday. She popped by to introduce herself in my office and proceeded to invite me over to a new center in town. I couldn't make it, but we have many plans to discuss furthering resources in town. I'm looking forward to that contact.
This weekend is getting busier by the minute. I guess we'll be having an Easter Egg Hunt at the house for the boys, dinner @ Gramma's on Saturday, and Friday will be spent with MIL @ home. No plans for Monday yet, lol.
We had a crazy bout of snow overnight, along with some high winds. I was kind of concerned w/our power going out, but it hasn't gone out yet. I'm mainly concerned that it may get cold, as our heat is electric. I have plenty of candles & such for an occasion such as this though. Oh well, guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
I feel nicely settled @ work now, not bad at all. I have an idea of what I'm doing, and it's good. I feel great, and I think it's showing in my writing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It Just Doesn't Get Any Better

I love living here. I can step outside first thing in the morning, and the sun is barely working it's way through the tall pine and birch trees, you can hear the morning birds, and the chipmunks chattering away at each other. If I'm lucky, I can even hear the animals rustling their way through the early morning forest. It can't get any better than this, can it?

It's a big weekend, this weekend. Not only is it a long weekend, we'll be headed to Kamloops (an hour and a half south, nearest big city) to go celebrate D's birthday (he's 8 now, omg) and spend some time with other family who will be journeying up to see us.
So many things to plan, so little time.
I rolled over in bed lastnight and knocked my head real good on the corner of my nightstand. Damn, talk about a rude awakening. I have a screaming headache now, and i woke up with it. I wonder if it'll go away at some point in time.
I start working at the Daycare on the 12th. Yay me! I'm only picking up 4 hours to start, but probably more after I finish this online course. I'm so proud of myself. I'm almost finished a 13 week online college course, without any prodding from anyone. I rock.
Anyhow, back to the grind.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Settling In & Course Wrap Up

Well, it's been a big adjustment. We arranged to get internet at home, but wouldn't ya know it, our tower doesn't have a built in modem because it's a custom made tower. Hahaha. So, we have to go and buy a dial-up XP compatible modem. I can't wait to get back to blogging, though it probably won't be as extensive as before, simply because it'll take longer to load my pages. Sad.

We've been getting our routines down pat, and attempting to figure out our budget for the next few months. I'm sincerely hoping we can stick to it. We're almost over the nighttime paranoia that Mr & I have both been suffering from since being so far out in the sticks. The feeling of isolation is so overwhelming at night it's difficult to keep the curtains open. That being said, it's also nice to train ourselves to enjoy the peace and quiet, and the knowledge that there will be animal activity around our home at night because we don't leave after it gets dark, normally.
I'm working on getting my body clock to stop staying up so late, and it's listening...gradually.
There was a mix up with our course outline, and our Instructor has declared we'll be working for three more weeks on my online course because of this. I'm hoping to get my work done early so I don't have to worry about it.
Anyhow, we're working on trying to revamp things in my office. I guess that's the way it goes in public services. I'm trying to figure out what would work best for my files, and what forms I can get rid of. After that I'll be trying to figure out what would help my clients most when I try to help them develop a literacy kit we'll be handing out for loans when I go do my home visits. Always so much fun.
I've been thinking about it lately. I'm becoming exactly the kind of person I envied when I was younger. I envied someone who was always busy, and who always had someone to chat with, no matter where they were, and who was always involved in something.
We're discussing the possibility of becoming Den leaders for Cub Scouts again, as the person who runs it doesn't really have the kind of leadership style we prefer for our kids. We've enrolled D in Baseball, and are planning on making it to the next community planning meetings, as well as town meetings w/city officials. There are a number of suggestions we'd like to make to help the community prosper more. Hopefully we'll be able to do this community some good, and leave our mark on it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Weeks Left

Had a busy week. Still trying to figure out the logistics of working in town for three days while trying to keep my family entertained and fed during those times.
Working on trying to get Mr's resume built so that he can start applying for jobs. Trying to make long term plans to prepare for more Immigration filings we'll have to do.
Making plans to celebrate D's birthday, dunno how it's going to work yet.
Visiting Gramma's so I could do my homework. Did the stuff I needed to do, and am now trying to entertain kids so that Mr can take a nap. Poor guy has been getting migranes the past week. Any suggestions on how to make those more bearable?
I'm happy, content, and relaxed. Life is good, and after this week have only two more weeks left of school before I'm finished my course, and am able to apply for a second part time job with my company. I'm quite happy about that. The logitics of childcare and such will be a bit more difficult to figure out, but we'll worry about that hurdle when we come to it. Right now, we're still working on trying to get ourselves off the ground.
Lots more to blog about, so little time these days.
Will be getting a phone installed at our house on monday, thank goodness. Internet will still be an issue though, but we have research to do on that one yet.
I miss my internet friends, and the time I had to read their blogs. All that being said, life it good. Lots of fresh air, lots of relaxation when I look at the mountaines and pine trees surrounding me, and listening to the wind through the birch trees. I will get around to posting pictures sometime, just not this time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Settled In

i've been busy. I'm definitely suffering from internet withdrawls. While work seems pretty lax about internet usage, I feel uncomfortable using it on a whim to update my FB or even my blog. Slap me on the wrist, I'm doing that now!

I missed out on some training that I was hoping to get this week, as the facilitator wound up being ill and cancelling. Oh well.
Did my first home visit today all on my own, and I felt it went rather well.
Looking forward to getting a phone and internet put in my house by the end of the month. Also looking forward to Mr getting a job, but may be stuck trying to figure out vehicle shuffling, as we only have one now, and there is also the concern of daycare.
I miss my internets, and my internet friends.
It took us a week to unpack the majority of the house, and are left now, with only boxes of decorative items that we haven't decided where to put. We've begun exploring our general area, and have come accross many a Moose track. Mr even seen the neighbors dog chase a big Bull Moose right up our driveway through our yard. I'm looking forward to finding ways to unwind in the new place, as I've been keeping myself moving so much, that I have yet to really do that.
Our landlords have a litter of new puppies, and the couple of times Mr has taken D over there with him to drop stuff off, D has visited with them. He's begun giving me the "Puppy" eyes. He's been telling me how cute they are, as they've not yet opened their eyes fully, and they still root quite a bit. He's been telling me how they suck on your finger, and how soft and sweet they are.
Dunno how we're gonna get out of this one. Froggy died this past week as well, so the pressure is definitely on.
Anyhow, feeling more and more at home in my new office, and getting to know my co-workers more and more. Am really enjoying the atmosphere and the general welcoming feeling I've gotten so far. My in-experience is really being laid to rest as I continue, and the help these people have been offering me is amazing.
I really am starting to like it here. The only thing i don't care for so much is how much food i have to pack for the days when the whole family will be in town, as it requires quite a bit of planning on my part, especially if I'm packing something healthy that travels well.
Hopefully we'll get all the kinks worked out soon enough.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh my god. Spoke w/Immigration lady and she's approving Mr's work permit with just going our word. He'll have it by the end of next week. I'm so happy I could cry!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Immigration, Training, and Plain Old Stubborn

WTF is up with my blog getting spammed to death? Seriously. Fuck off spammers.
I'd really hate having to do comment moderation.
In the middle of cramming my homework into one night.
Today felt rather crazy, as there was always more than one thing going on in my mind that needed to be taken care of.
When I arrived at work today, my supervisor offered to have me go to Penticton for training (a 45 minute drive south of Kelowna, where I just moved from last week!) related to my job. It's a 3 day workshop that provides the framework of how to use the curriculum that I'll be working with. When she told me what it was, I didn't hesitate to say yes, but then had to do a bit of phoning around to figure out the logistics. It'll require me to be away from the kids for four days...again. I'll leave Tuesday afternoon on a Greyhound, and come back on Saturday by bus again. All fine and dandy, I just don't like being away from them for so long when we're in the middle of such a huge transition. Hopefully it'll all work out for the best though.
With this training I'm really hoping the whole "getting dropped into the deep end of the pool and being told to just swim" feeling will go away some. Hopefully...
I'm really starting to enjoy my job. I love being surrounded by pregnant ladies and little babies. They have a steady joke going that anyone who's in my job position has traditionally gotten pregnant, causing a really high turnover rate of about one or two new Home Visitors per year. I also love knowing that I'm here to help. I'm here for that extra bit of support for those who need it. I'm looking forward to working with this company a whole lot more. I've only counted 5 men in the entire agency, and have really only encountered 2 on a regular basis. Am trying very hard to stay on my toes, and keep up with the pace that is set, and cover all of my bases at once. I'm glad they don't expect me to, so I'm not falling short if I do, but it's nice to maintain standards for myself. I really enjoy the people that I work with as well.
Anyhow, I'm @ Gramma's for the weekend. Need to spend the time with the computer to finish this weeks course work for school. Looking forward to April when I finish this course up, and attain my ECE Assistant Liscence. By that time they'll hire me on @ their daycae, which I've already provided my criminal record check for.
Got a phone call from Immigration Canada again today, as we had to fax them that we don't have any proof of Mr's last date of entry that would be anyplace near the date he put on his application. They require something concrete, but as we're generally not receipt keepers, don't have credit cards or a bank in Washington State, we are very hard pressed right now to find something that could be suitable enought o fit her criteria. Hopefully what we do have will do, but we will find out tomorrow when she calls me back. If so, Mr could have his work permit by the end of next week, and we could be well on our way to becoming a two income family. Something we've only ever dared to dream about. The last time he had his work permit I was pregnant, and had to stop working. This time it's different. I could work full time, he could work full time, and we may actually be able to start saving and putting away for a future...and that's huge.
Someone once asked me if I ever bothered to drem above myself. I do, but when I know it's not going to happen for a long time, or without extreme hardship,I don't waste my effort. I'd much rather go witht he safe bet. Being able to dream about building up a savings for further education, or our own home, or even a small credit card so I can order my lotions and creams from online, or renew my Flickr account...that's a huge step for us. Having the ability to take a step away from those who have been supporting us for so long, that's something I dare not hold my breath for, and never have...because it's such a fragile dream that if it were to ever break, I'm not certain I would be able to last in this marriage.
So, everyone cross your fingers and hope that what little paperwork we have to fax the kind lady at Immigration who's handling our case, is going to accept whatever we can give her, as prrof of Mr's last entry, and gives him his work visa. Once that hurdle is cleared, then it's on to the next ones of getting D his permanent residency, and re-filing for Mr's Work permit by no later than August (to be on the safe side).
Cramming all of my school-work into one night feels sort of rushed, but in all, I'm rather ok with it. It's quiet now, as everyone is asleep, and I'm ok with that. Been rather annoyed that I still haven't received marks on my last quiz or assignment. Hoping that after I'm done this week's work that it'll come through so I can get an idea of my grade so far. With all of the extra stuff going on, I know i lost that A- status and will probably have slipped to a B, which i'm disappointed about...but at least I didn't just say I can't do this anymore, and quit it. I signed up for the damned thing, and accidentally or not, I'm gonna finish it just to say that I can no matter what comes at me.
I guess I'm stubborn like that.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

blogging w/my cell sucks. Nehow. We have a few phone calls 2 make to get the info. We also need 2 file a permanent residency application for D. That's a bunch of nuts. B4 we only had 2 file 4 a birth certificate for a canadian born abroad. Without this application, Mr's won't go thru. Another arm & a leg in fees. Not looking forward to that at all.
The bright side being that @ least we know what's going on.
Another day done. Got some phone calls 2 make b4 we head 4 home. Oh boy oh boy.

Well. I['s been a long week. Work & moving & unpacking makes me 1 tired cookie.
My supervisor has had 2 leave work on mat leave. I had one week of training. I wound up doing my first home visit yesterday w/only a BSW student for company. It felt really awkward. I'm hoping I'll get better with more experience.
I really am missing my internet. Suffering from withdrawls.
Sunday was our 1st night in the new place, and I was there by myself w/the kids, and I had a serious bout of time deprivation. I had no clocks and my cell had been turned off. When I turned it back on 2 check the time I discovered it wouldn't show the time because my house is out of service. Won't be makin that mistake again.
Got a phone call from Immigration today. I'd like 2 say that's a 1st, but I dunno if it is. Neways, they said Mr can get his work permit in a week if we send em proof of his last entry into Canada (ie a stamp on his passport). Problem being they didn't stamp it when we came back last. The scramble is on 2 figure out how...

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Biggest Part Is Done

I'm tired.
We all saw that coming, right?
I raced home yesterday, to get here by 1:45 so I could go to D's open house for his last day at this crappy school, and before spring break starts. I woke up late because I stayed up to finish off the DVD's I made, then booked it out the door, and barely made it in time. I feel like I haven't stopped since. Got home afterward, tried to keep the kids quiet, and wasn't too successful. Got something pulled out for dinner, and then took the kids out for one last hurrah before we leave the town. We got home, knocked em out, then I got started on trying to read my homework, and wound up going to the store for a small bit of grocery shopping.
Woke up this morning before the sun rose, and got myself ready fro my jaunt across the border.
Was pleasantly surprised that they let me over, and back, with a full 17ft moving truck. It took a long time to load it as we inventoried and listed everything in the moving truck, from furniture items, to boxes (and #ed them to boot!) so that they wouldn't have any excuse to turn us away.
We got back to the border with full truck, showed them the list, got yarded out, and then got passed through with a verbal slap on the wrist. Arrived home, to explain that it was unbalanced, and in need of re-organized to accommodate what's here still. Going to be leaving to go to our new home tomorrow, as I'm so exhausted I can't eat. I get hungry, then get busy doing stuff to make sure the kids are looked after, and then by the time I'm done and have found a moment to sit, I've lost my appetite.
This is a stressful weekend. For everyone. They're all barely holding it together, and though I know the reason why, it's still a bit difficult to swallow. I'm just trying to keep my head down, and make sure the kids are ok and try and keep my nose out of it.
Am concerned for everyone's health. We're all depleted somehow. MIL is sick, which is always alarming because she has other health issues that really make me worried when I see her under so much stress. My mom is sick, and hasn't been at work for a couple of extra days. H is just getting over his own cold, and D has himself some mild form of an ear infection. Mr has discovered he has a hernia, and can't lift much more than 15lbs. I'm still working on getting over my own cold, which is restricted to mainly an annoying cough.
I really just feel like crying. I feel like everyone is taking a giant shit right on top of my head. This is due to me being hormonal, and incredibly tired. This is also due to the fact that I'm the only one out of all of us, who has ANY idea why everyone works the way they do. So I'm left here explaining everyone's behavior to everyone so they all understand what's going on, and I'm now just feeling really sorry for myself.
My big worries were crossing the border south, then crossing the border back with all of my stuff. My main concerns are now finished, we just need to start exerting ourselves now.
I knew this weekend was going to be hard. I knew it was going to be a challenge. I just need a moment...thank god I have a blog.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

DVD's & Salaries

Well, I survived my first week at my new job.
It's an interesting thing to be the new kid on the block, with a different perspective than the ones there can offer.
I went in to the office today, because I'm a salaried 15 hr/wk person who still had 3 hrs left to finish off. So, I popped in, spent some more time familiarizing myself with the office by looking through the filing cabinet, noting where I could make improvements if it doesn't work for me. I then decided to clean up the storage closet that sits next to (what will very soon be) my desk. I stacked, sorted, and re-organized so it all fit into it neatly. I know the person I'm replacing had intentions of doing it herself before she left, but she's pregnant, and who knows how much time she'll have to do things like this before she takes off. Personally, I'd rather her spend her time training me, instead of trying to organize things.
Anyways, did some more reading through the manuals I'll be working from, before deciding to turn on the computer to see what programs were on it. Very very basic stuff. I figured I'm going to start using the MS Calander to help me do my scheduling, because the other P/T-ers at work really don't do that great of a jotting anything down or letting anyone know when they will be there or why. So, I offered to hand in my schedule to the receptionist each week so she'd know where I'd be and how to contact me. I also got to chat a bit with our Accounting person. She handed me my tax papers to fill out, and then a while later they (receptionist & accounting lady) discussed the handling of my new email address. I'm wondering if I'm going to be in charge of doing my own business cards. Should be fun, if I am, I'm getting my own damned carstock!
Am making copies of a DVD I constructed this evning of all of the pictures we have from D's class. I may not care for the staff, but the kids were great, from my perspective. Anyhow, there's an open house at the school tomorrow which I plan on attending, and I'll bring the DVD's with me then to hand off. Only problem being I'm probably about 8 or 9 short. Oh well, not my problem, the fact of the matter is I went through the trouble to make them, they can just deal.
Big weekend.
I dunno if I mentioned in my last post (can't member if it was lost or if it made it), but I found out that my supervisor is pregnant. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be trained enough by then to be able to maybe take it over. As excited as I would be to work the daycare with my ECE certification, I think this position might just pay a bit more. I dunno, it's all floating around my head right now.
I'm also looking into what it takes to start my own LaLecheLeague Group, to provide better breastfeeding support to those mothers in the area who are interested. Also, am looking into what it would take for me to become a Doula. Good money in it, but I'm also interested in it because the mothers who are pregnant here have to drive an hour and a half minimum to reach the nearest hospital that delivers babies, and they get one of five Dr's without a choice of who.
Lot's of prespects and doors opening to me. I just need to pick out which one I'm going to go with, or figure out a way to do them all, cause I'm greedy with knowledge like that.
Anyhow, I'm finally headed back to Kelowna tomorrow. I've been texting with my mom and Mr daily to get updates on how everyone's doing, and they've been phoning me everyday and night to let the kids tell me what they're up to and how much fun they're having. I dunno if it's cause I've never been away this long, but I'm amazed at just how well I can understand H over the phone! When I talk to him I think to myself that there's no way he's only 3! lol
Anyhow, am almost done with these DVD's, gonna try and get some sleep cause yesterday was a mega long day and I'm just ready to collapse.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Small Fry in a Big Pond

Well, I'm halfway through my first week, and am finding that I'm really just being kind of dropped into the deep end of the pool, with very minimal training. Though I would feel a whole lot comfortable with more training I know that that won't happen, and that we really are doing it in the best way possible.

I enjoy working with pregnant people, and babies. At least 3 of my co-workers are pregnant, which shows that there will be big changes soon.

Today is a long day for me. Stayed at the office for the majority of the day, doing reading, going over the curriculum which I am to stick to. Afterwards I've been exploring a bit, like the library, and now the loca little Convenience stop that has a nifty little internet kiosk with faster than dial-up access. Not much faster, but it's better than nothing. I know it has free wireless, so I'm wondering, if we get the netbook back from MIL, if we'd be able to hook up outside without that pesky little 45 minute time limit they have inside. We shall see.

Am feeling stressed as this weekend gets closer. Not about moving and change, but about the logistics of it all. Next week is spring break, and the kids won't bein school, but I'll still need to come in to work.
Damn...half of this post was gurgled up by the connection and lost. Sorry it seems so cut short...time's up. *sigh* how back-woodsy

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


So...I love my job.
I get to be surrounded by pregnant women and babies.
It just doesn't get any better than that.
I was involved with a program very similar to this one when we lived in Ohio, and I rather enjoyed the visits that I had then. Now, I get to be the one offering support, reccomendations, and referrals. By thend of April I'll be doing my own first assessments, and meeting new clients. While I did feel overwhelmed at the thought of taking on the job this past weekend, now that I'm into it, it's not so bad, and I'm finding that I really do think I can.
It's been beautiful weather here this week. Can't complain at all. Warm enough for me to go without a jacket, and just warmer clothing or a sweater, and i'm good. But then...I AM CANADIAN!
Heading to a pre-natal class this eve to get to know some extra clients that I haven't met yet, and maybe meet a few new prospects.
Did I mention that I love being surrounded by pregnant women?
Am sort of dreading this weekend, but am really trying hard to keep a positiv eoutlook for it. It still seems pretty surreal that we will be living in Clearwater when all is said and done this weekend, and I won't be required to have to work a trip back down to Kelowna into my schedule.
When I do go back, probably Friday, I'll be visiting the Dr about those pesy female problems I've been having, because the therapy she made up for me isn't working, and because all of this long distance driving is really buggering up my shoulder. My fingers keep going numb, and it hurts to lift my left arm. My left hand even looks a bit puffy to me, but then, I have a biased opinion ;o)
Need to make some phone calls before I make the drive back to town. Have to arrange to get services hooked up at the new place.
Life's building blocks seem to be falling into place quite nicely...