Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yay me!

I lost 5 lbs!
*does some snoopy dances*

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Dresser

Hmmm, I wonder why we've been here a month and a half and I haven't taken any pictures of the inside of the house yet. *shrugs*
We bought a new dresser (if you can call it that, it's so big) for the boys today. Ronnie didn't feel well enough to go to Grandpa's earlier this morning so she opted instead to take us shopping for their new dresser. It's huge! It holds all of their pj's, under things, pants, shorts, and one whole drawer is empty yet, and I have yet to decide what's going to go into it.
I seized the opportunity to go through their clothes and weed out what was too small and put them to the side.
We'll get around to getting them a bunk bed someday, but for now what we have will do. *sigh*
I'm a little annoyed that my finger got smunched getting the silly thing in the house and upstairs. Chance has friends who can help him, shouldn't be my It was a bit of a pain getting it in because we had to clear a path and such, and then switch everything over while trying to keep the kids calm (which they NEVER are when other ppl are around) and out of harm's way. Eventually we got it done though.
I got it organized for the most part in there, and spent a bit more time in our room again (I spent a good 2-3 hours cleaning our room yesterday, hanging pictures, organizing our closet etc) trying to fit in the extra drawer space I had and making it look pretty again as I just despise sleeping in such chaos.
The boys had fun playing dress up today while I was sorting and putting away their clothes, reminds me that I should make some new costumes that Darius can fit. Hmm...
Reminds me as well we gotta get school clothes shopping again here soon for the 5 new outfits that we agreed on. School is just around the corner!
Thursday Hunter starts his speech therapy. I wonder what new things they can teach us...
Got all the pictures hung up round the house now, 4 frames were broken when a box of them got moved & covered :o(
It's hard to believe July is almost over...counting down the days now!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Well Then

now that I've gotten that out of my system. :o)
I'm hanging pictures today. I've been asking Chance to do it for weeks now, and he hasn't, so I'm doing it. I hope it irritates the hell out of him. I would almost hang everything crooked on purpose, but I'd be more satisfied knowing that I can do just a good a job as he.
Put new pictures into the divider, pictures of it and the inside of the house to follow soon.
Yesterday we did a significant amount of walking, to and from the park, and then to the lawyers (not a whole lot to modern man, but enough to make D's legs ache a bit at bedtime) and both D's and my legs were sore afterwards. All those darned hills. Anyhow, after we got back from the morning park play date, hunter fell asleep after he finished. :oD Is that not adorable?
Anyhow, I'm moving from my moping, getting things done. That reminds me, I need to email someone who invited D to his birthday party...hmm...I wonder how much I can accomplish before Chance gets home from work this evening?

Totally Amazing...

Here we go again...
I often wonder, when faced with situations like this, why do we believe what people tell us? Are we really that gullible and naive to think that whatever someone tells us is the truth and the be all end all of both advice and knowledge?
So we visited the Immigration attorney yesterday and were informed that by October we may have to leave Ohio for Canada again unless something drastic can be done in the short time-frame that we've been given. My choices are : file a paper to get a copy of EVERYTHING I've ever filed with the INS, file a new "Adjustment of Status" even though we're not certain whether or not my last filings were considered abandoned or not, go back to Canada and be forced to stay there for a minimum of 3 years (only if I leave before Oct.) before I'm allowed to re-apply for anything in the USA, leave after the Oct. date and end up being banned from the USA for 10 years before I'm allowed to come back, miraculously get my Native American Status before then and NOT have to worry about it.
It's incredibly disheartening to know that even though I'm trying to do everything straight and legal that they make me hate this country this much because of stupid legalities that shouldn't even apply to me.
I'm frustrated, and almost depressed (but not quite), and very discouraged. I'm beginning to think that I may never amount to anything in the USA. I've never met anything but roadblocks here, and they're doing their damnedest to make sure I'm never going to be happy here.
I'm sad because we always seem to be facing such overwhelming odd when we're faced with ANYTHING in our lives together. it seems a miracle that we're even still together. Normal people wouldn'tve stayed together for so long faced with such odds.
That's right, I'm saying I'm special ;o)
I never would have come here knowing for certain that my paperwork wasn't fully in order. I just believed what I wanted to believe, and now I'm in such a jam that I have no one but myself to blame over this whole stupid ordeal. I never should have left Canada, and I knew it. This is the consequence for not believing in myself.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So yeah, I've deleted my addiction and have started spending time with my other sites. I've changed layouts on all the ones I can change them on. I've organized my Flickr. Now it's time to get down to things around the house...LOL

My Family Sticker

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So yesterday I was farting around on my usual sites doing my business and I got into a tiff with some guy on the site. Totally amazing how much his random comments about me bothered me. Long story short in any event, I'm deleting my account with the specific website and may boost up a few things on my others. Totally amazing how things operate some times.
I'm tired today, was tired yesterday, and the day before. I need to start getting me some more
Anyhow, other than that I think we're gonna do some crafty stuff today, and mebbe squeeze in a trip across the street for good luck. :o)
We have a play date tomorrow that's taking us to the Arboretum (where the bug thing was being held on Saturday night) so it should be interesting.
Phone calls to make today, people to reach out to.
What a rough weekend...I think this evening I'm supposed to go out with the girls. Oh boy! Any time away is better than no time away at all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Not As Young As I Used To Be

What a crazy couple of days.
Friday night, I was antsy, and aggravated. Things all week had been building up, and I was secretly screaming for a break from everyone. Some time out where I just don't need to think about my family at all.
I called a friend to drag school supply shopping with me, and ended up taking nearly 3 hours to do so cause were chatting so much. Afterwards I called another friend and ended up bringing his brother and he back home with me so we could do a little drinking and socializing with Chance. By that time it was a little before 2 am. They didn't go home until 5:30.
Slept until the kids woke me up at 9:30.
Was a productive day, as usual. My tiredness didn't block out my motivation for a clean and orderly house. Anyhow, I tidied and cleaned...but it still looks like crap in here.
Darius spent lastnight at Rhonda & Don's, and we went to see a midnight showing of The Dark Knight. I wanted to make sure we went to a showing Hunter would sleep through. Sure enough, as soon as the previews were over he snuggled in and went right to sleep, and didn't wake up until well after we got him home. We didn't roll outta bed until 1pm.
I can't remember the last time I slept in that late.
Anyhow, I've been turning myself into a night owl of late because it's the only time I can get to myself. No kids, no husband, no one to pester me with shit THEY need. So, it's been bedtime at 1 or 2am lately. The house is quiet, and I can think about whatever I want, daydream of lying in the sun on a beach, or other things that I envision myself doing that seem relaxing.
I remember when I was younger I used to brag about how late I had stayed up, but I always made up the lost sleep another time. Now, I don't usually make up ALL of the sleep, but I do try here and there to get a little extra. I think having two kids has programmed me to function better with little to no sleep.
On another note, that fucking bastard who has my serger, STILL has not fixed it, after 2 months of keeping in his useless shop. If it's not fixed by Monday I'm making a trip to go get and just find someone else to do it.
The Dark Knight was amazing. I've been keeping myself from reading any plot synopsis or reviews all this time cause I just don't want any new movies ruined for me. My jaw was dropped the whole time, and OMG was a frequent phrase coming out of my mouth. Totally amazing how they've remade the character into what he is truly supposed to only complaint was how cheesy they made Batman's voice. I'm sure it was someone's imagination that wanted it that was, but I found it a little far fetched. The Joker was a true villain, and the Mr. Ledger did an amazing job of creating that. He made the kind of villain that is true to today as well, the kind without motivation, so that makes him that much more scary. I recommend EVERYONE go see it.
I still feel kinda tired, but there's a lot to do at the house, so I just better get on it.

Anyhow, I have almost all new school supplies for D, minus the backpack and gym shoes, but other than that we're set and ready to go for school. Yay us. I wonder how we're going to manage school clothing? Hmm. How many outfits should 1 buy for school?

Friday, July 18, 2008

I started many posts this week, but never finished them. I got this month's letter together, i just haven't gotten them out, they got postage and all, but I dunno...blah.
Things are picking up, and my schedule is slowly filling with parenting groups for us to attend. I'm so excited that our life is finally beginning. Got a playgroup this morning at 11am actually.
Hunter has learned a lot this past month...and he's coming out with unbelievable things. With him not talking it's hard to treat him his age and not like a baby, it's something I've been struggling with for a while now. We were eating at the table the other day (he has a new place mat with Sesame Street ppl & #'s on it) after we finished I asked him where some numbers were on it. I was pretty surprised when he pointed to the numbers, but he couldn't point to the right one the first time (DUH, not like I've been spending time working on them with him at all). So, he can recognize number now, and know the difference between I just hafta drill him on them ;oD
Hunter has also mastered the fork...I took a video (posted to flickr ) of him eating peas yesterday and he can actually spear each one individually with his fork. It's actually kinda cute. And, yes, he was hamming it up for the camera.
Anyhow, I just wanted to share those two stories before I forgot them in the midst of the weekend.
Gotta get busy, get ready to go :o)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


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My New Glasses

They're real lightweight frames, can hardly tell they're there. A Silver half frame, and no frame beneath. I like them, I just wish I had sunglasses!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Funny Pictures and Myspace Layouts at


Soccer Cat
Funny Pictures and Myspace Layouts at

Another Weekend

I got my new glasses to follow later.
I updated my vox site, wow they have a lot of add-ons and such.
S'posed to have ppl over tonight, should be fun.
I've started hanging my laundry to dry outside on our back porch on two wooden hanger racks that I bought at a yard sale. Yay me for finding a new way to be a bit greener...that and we haven't ordered our dryer lint trap yet so this is a perfect opportunity. All I need to do is remember to add liquid fabric softener to my rinse cycle and I'm all good. :oD
Just picture hanging and border hanging left to do and everything is finished! I feel much more at ease knowing there isn't something pressing that needs to be done.
We have a playdate with a new group of moms tomorrow at the local park. I'm thinkin we'll walk. I hope i meet some nice new people who are sort of like-minded.
I need to get a few groceries. Fresh fruit and veggies, some eggs, butter, the usual.
We're really trying to conserve our power and water consumption.
Here's to being greener!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cute Slide Show


Pit Bull Set on fire in Trail
What's with the rash outbreak of animal crimes? The mutilated cat in Rutland in Kelowna (again), and this Pit Bull story. Let's hope this isn't the beginning of an awful summer for pets.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's almost done...we're almost settled.
I feel this greater and greater need to just relax with the kids now. It's almost time to begin exploring and walking mile after mile with the boys.
Had the boys outside the other day and wouldn't you know...they both had a reaction tot he stinkin sunblock I had put on them? After reading the bottle the next day (Rhonda called cause D was over at her house, and told me he had a rash) and noticing it said "Rinse off with water when finished" I realized I should've given them both a bath that evening to get it all off. Guess what I'll be doing the next time I use sunblock on the boys?
So after a trip to the Dr. with the boys (D weighs 42 lbs BTW) and a trip to Wal Mart later, we have two for an oral steroid and hydro cortisone cream for D.
Anyhow...I dunno what we're gonna get up to today. Some new adventure in any event.
Lord knows...I'm bored! We need to go find some trouble! LOL

Monday, July 07, 2008


Ok, so all of the boxes are unpacked, finally. It truly felt like it took forever, like there was never a moment's rest. Horrible feeling, but it's done.
I got Chance started hanging pictures...I don't do it because he complains that I get the crooked and what-not. Who wants all those extra holes in the new walls. :o)
I feel like I keep having to clean, but it's only cause each time we get busy I don't do it as we go along, so everything seems out of place, especially since it's a smaller space. Everyone knows that the smaller the space the easier it is to look cluttered.
Anyhow, since it was another scorcher out today I decided to put the little pool out for the boys and get us some sun! What fun! I got lots of pictures (posted to Flickr). I took out a platter of snacks, and vegged out (or tried to at least) and played with the boys until Chance got home from work. Then I brought them in (I hadn't realized we were out for so long, 2 1/2 hours!) and fed them lunch. I think we all turned at least 3 shades darker. I'm glad I had as much water out there to drink for us as I did.
Poor Hunter was so worn out he was almost falling asleep in his high chair. It sure didn't take him much to zonk out once I got him into bed. Darius fell asleep without fuss as now we're enjoying a bit of quiet time.
Darius is going for a sleepover at Ama's house tonight.
I'm hoping to finish the boys' curtains tonight as well. I've been trying to do a bit on them everyday, and have managed to hang a few things over their windows for now.
We had to hang a quilt on our back patio window because it just gets so hot! Rhonda's going to order us new curtains from JCPenny's, so that'll be nice to get em up once they arrive.
I've been drying blankets on the back porch since it seems such a sun catcher. All our big quilts were dirty from the move. It's nice to have that done and off my to-do list. Now I'm thinkin whenever it gets hot I may just toss fabric softener in with the wash and hang everything up outside to dry, there's certainly no shortage on heat out there! Trying to stay as green as possible :o)
We still hafta put up borders in the house...Rhonda came over on Friday and did the boys' room, but after seeing how much three rolls covers I'm thinkin I may hafta go back for 1 more for each room. We shall see I spose.
It's almost starting to feel like home if I can just get us walking!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


More Funny Pictures and Myspace Layouts

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I swear we better be done soon.
Yesterday I busted my ass re-arranging the basement room, trying to make sure I sorted through most of the boxes to weed out what we don't need or want anymore. OMG. I filled the back of the truck with garbage bags with all of the stuff we don't need anymore. Most of it was toys, truthfully...and books. I figured if the boys aren't missing them being packed away in boxes since we moved, they don't need them. I kept gifts, and stuff that was bought brand new in the last 6 months and that was about it. In any event, we're down to about 5 boxes of books that need to be unpacked and we're done!!!
*does the happy dance*
I swear I never thought we'd get through it, but took a bit of suffering, but we're almost done.
I have to admit with my organizing yesterday that i had a couple of strokes of genius. Yay me.
Anyhow, I got a call from Beki at the Hospice place, finally. I haven't been able to get a hold of her because she's been out of office with her family (poor thing). Gotta wait until I get Chance's work schedule before I can schedule my post-training interview. I also gotta re-read my Hospice training manual since it's been about 2 months since I finished the course.
Went to see Hancock last night. not my first choice, but it was good. It definitely had it's funny moments. I think I recall a few people looking my way because I was laughing so loud. Screw them I thought, just because they don't get something or have no sense of humor, doesn't mean I shouldn't enjoy myself. I laughed loud, and long, and had some fun at the sarcasm and such in it.
I took a nap with Hunter today, holy crap, am I tired. Been staying up late lately, and I should stop that.
Am hoping to start scheduling some play dates for Darius. we went out to eat on Monday and bumped into one of the other kids from his Day Camp and he just disappeared on us. He even ate at their table. It was cute, now I'm driving myself crazy looking for that woman's number, she gave it to me, I lost it though. Damn. I hate it when that happens.