Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Boys

They're getting along fine I'd say :oD

Dog days of Summer

So, here we are, in th emiddle of the week.
Hunter is now one month old, and weighs in at 12 lbs, as told to me by the midwife today.
it's been busy this last week, as you can tell by my amount of blogging. Life seems to be moving faster with two kids. Hmmm.
We went to the beach on the weekend...and was very nice. Chance got burnt, D got heat exhaustion, and I was heat exhausted too. Next time we'll smarten up. This week D had T-ball for classes, and we've decided to cancel them as well (we cancelled last weeks Sport N Swim classes cause the instructor was incompetent) because it just isn't working with our busy schedual...not enough time for a nap after all our appointments in town and dinnertime and all. Hopefully next weeks classes will go over well, and hopefully they'll have a competent instructor.
Tommorow Hunter has a hearing test downtown (not needed, but just cause they offered it), and am planning on hitting a couple of thrift stores. Lori has been an absolute godsend with doing a saving my sanity stint. I'm so happy to have a friend this time around that I can relate to. I like her upstairs neighbours as well, they're a lot like Chance and I, and I can appreciate that as well.
Today there was a potluck picnic at the midwife's clinic, which I enjoyed cause there were lots of other babies around, and I could relate to other women there as well. It amazed me that there were so many different types of people who all had one thing in common.
I spent the evening at Lori's, and Chance went to guys night, while Elsie came to sit for us. I got a touch upset with Chance because he told her we'd be back by a certain time and we were hours late. Needed the "respect" talk...the one where he needs to bestow her the same respect when she sits for us, as he does me because during those times she's got the label of caregiver. Guess he never thought of it that way, so hopefully he won't be doing anything like that again because I really enjoy nights out like tonight.
We're sposed to be going to Gramma's this kinda looking foreward to it, but kinda not. I'm not into the negativity or Gramma barkin at the kids, and Chance...but am looking foreward to being in a comfy place. I'm hoping it won't get so hot.
We finally bought a dresser for Hunter yesterday, so I'm hoping to be able to clean out the living room of Hunter paraphenalia soon.
I feel so disorganized.
During the course of the day I only have so much energy...I can either clean the house, or cook dinner, but I can't do both. Especially not when we have different appointments during the day.
Have been getting some wonderful pictures of different people, and things...and am really beginning to enjoy our new camera.
Chance took me shopping at the mall yesterday, and I bought a new pair of shoes and a new bathing suit. I'm very happy with both purchases, but regret spending so much on them. Knowing me I'll definately make them last though. :o)
Am beginning to appreciate air conditioning.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

He Holds His Head High

Did I mention I got good pix of the guys?

Beach Days Begin

went to the beach yesterday...was nice.
After I finally got Hunter to sleep, I was able to play in the shallows with D a bit, which was very fun. Got some good pix of the guys tho...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pictures and more

Well, spent yesterday out shopping with mom, and finished off with a nice quiet visit with Lori.
Bought some diapers, wipes, a couple of new shirts, a new pair of shoes (stepped in gum with my other ones), and a few other little items. :o)
My majour purchase for the day, was pictures from disc through Wal-Mart. Oh boy, oh boy, I finally have Hunter pic on hard copy, and D pics from when he was born...
We got our portraits done today, with an extremely tired D, and a hungry Hunter. Dad was grouchy, and mom was feeling a touch stressed, while Nana and Kim were a little tired themselves, but mainly tired of waiting. All I could say after it was finished was "Thank God we only do this once a year!"
Two weeks to wait on those now, so hopefully we got enough of each one, cause I don't feel like ordering more.
Afterwards we went to Ricky's for breakfast, and we waited over 45 minutes for food, after we placed our order...needless to say the rest of the service was just a shitty, and we won't be eating there again.
Just finished putting D down for a nap, cause he didn't get near enough sleep yesterday whilst out with Daddy and Duncan. Hopefully it'll help his mood, cause man was he ornary.
This mornin we dressed D, washed mommy's hair, brushed her teeth and washed her face, gave Hunter a bath, and got him dressed, and got us out the door in an hour...didn't know it was possible, and I'm rather surprised. :o)
I guess I'm gonna go and put my pictures into the photo albums, while it's still relatively quiet. Chance went to wash the truck, D's asleep, along with Hunter...seize the day!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Days Go By

Well the middle of the week already.
Am gonna spend the day at Lori's house today. Spent some time there lastnight, seeing as I misinformed myself of the LLL meeting. It was actually last week, not this week, silly me. So we visited Lori anyways. Did get to visit with her sister Kayla as well, who happens to be six months along now :o).
The truck is going into the shop overnight's hoping this is the last time we have to turn the damned thing over.
We have an appointment with the wal mart Portrait studio on sunday, family portraits here we come :o)
Missed my midwife's appointment yesterday...completely forgot it was for yesterday, felt like a schmuck.
On with the day I suppose.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Holy Doodle was I sick lastnight. Thank goodness my body seemed to fight off whatever it was that I caught cause I dun think I could've done that for more than 24 hours! Fever, aches, chills, then a hot flash, dizzy spells. I yi yi.
Much better today, just a slight fever, nothing that plenty of liquids can't chase off. :o)
Sent Chance off this mornin to go complete some "heavy duty" errands. Get him out of my hair...I tell ya, when he gets a chip on his shoulder it's better for everyone if I can just think up something outside of the house for him to do that's going to both work him out, and keep him away from us for a while. When he gets that way, he tends to snap easily, and I try tokeep us out of the way when that can happen, no one's feelings need to be hurt if it's not neccesary.
Dunno what we're gonna get up to today...haven't planned anything except my La Leche League meeting tonight at 7pm. Hopefully I'll be able to make it. I wouldn't mind visiting Lori today, but seeing as I'm not feeling 100% it's probly not a good idea...
Darius is rocking his little brother in the rocking chair mom bought's rather cute. He had a meltdown yesterday...Oy, was that ever tough to deal with. It ended with him taking a nap, and me as well, but that was to calm him down, my lying down with him. He was still pretty rambunctious after he got up, but thankfully mom stepped in and tried to accomodate him.
Anyhow...guess I should scoot, kids need tending to.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Beat Goes On

Well another week is starting...Hunter is now 2 weeks old. Holy did that time just fly on by.
It was like I blinked and suddenly the weekend came and went, and I blinked again and the weekend came and went again.
Chance bought D a new wading pool with a ring toss attatchment yesterday...what a relief, D can finally play with something outside and stay out of trouble.
Though I've been finding myself able to play with D a little bit more and more, I'm still rather tired, and struggle to give him the same amount of attention I did pre-Hunter. I'm trying to re-organize our room to get a small dresser in for Hunter cause I'm tired of toting his clothes around in a hamper...
Oy...D has been testing the last few days. Nearly enough to drive one bonkers, thank goodness everyone's here, or I'd go nuts. As it is his testing is frustrating everyone. Though we do give him his one on one time, apparently it just isn't enough. For some reason, everyone seems to be as tired as I am.
Am trying to keep up to date on the arrands that I need to accomplish...
Need to apply for CCTB and GST, send out the forms for Hunter's Birth Certificate, get his SIN #, pay Ford, and Citi Financial, pay storage and transfer the stuff out of it, and put stuff into it, move the futon chair down to Lori's, finish running her last load of stuff to her place as well...
So many "official" things that I need to accomplish, and yet, I'm housebound. Grrr.
I hate Cabin Fever.
It's almost like I can't explain myself clearly to Chance, or that he's not grasping the concept of Cabin Fever, cause he's still wanting to run around by himself. Well, he's offering but sometimes it just can't happen conveniently. Trucking two kids around is a lot tougher than hauling around just one.
I'm sick of shopping, and I can't visit Lori everyday of the week...what else is there to do?
here's to finding that comfortable rythem to my life.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jersey Cow

Well, back online again finally.
I just didn't have time this week to phone's amazing how hectic and busy life can be when you've got two kids, and a husband to be looking out for.
We're slowly getting back into a regular schedual, or a semblance of one. It's quieted down a whole lot, and we're trying to get used to functioning with an extra body to load around.
It's been kind of up and down with how I'm feeling, not really overly happy, and not really down in the dumps. I do know for certain that I don't function well without air conditioning.
I was hoping to have D into summer programs at the Y starting this week, but we missed out on that cause we weren't prioritizing it (unfortunately) but we couldn't get him in and now he doesn't start until next week.
We got a new camera, it's real nice, and I really enjoy it. It's got a 10x optical zoom (which makes for wonderfully clear photos from a fair distance away) and lots of features that I haven't even discovered yet. I still need to read the manual yet...I'll get round to it soon I suppose.
I'm planning on getting all the birth photos that I have printed's just a matter of getting them all into the same place.
So much went on this week that I'm just not up to blogging about all of'd take too long.
Hunter is doing well, has full use of his arm, and has gained weight steadily since his birth. He's a little ham with an adorable smile (just like D's, even the dimples). He enjoyes cuddles, and laying on your chest, is a night owl, and doesn't like having his diaper changed. He squeaks, and chuffs, and wails...there's really no in between yet. He's got inky dark eyes that even in the decent light you can't see his pupils in. His back is so hairy it might as well be a patch of fur, and his ears are pointy, not rounded like D's. He also doesn't mind loud noises...we can basically do anything around him, and it won't startle or wake him if he's sleeping.
We took D and Hunter to the movies lastnight, went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and Hunter only woke up once to nurse, and only did a minor howl before I got hold of him.
Anyhow...I guess that's all for updating for now, it's feeding time again. :oP
just call me Jersey.