Monday, October 30, 2006


Wow, this whole last week seemed to have just breezed right on by without me hardly even noticing it. It's been rather tough coming to terms with being on our own again, but I guess I'm warming up to the idea. Finally went and took a look at the inside today to see what I'm dealing with. It's got a month's worth of dust built up inside on the surfaces, so I'm gonna hafta scrub those down before setting anything on them. The windows need to be washes, floors washed and vacuumed, the light fixtures need a good rub out, and I think it'll be ok to start moving things in. Those are just better to do when it' empty. I wouldn't mind washing the walls either, but what's the point when i don't have a good deoderizer that I can add to my water?
Things have been going so quickly cause I've had a lot to do.
Made D's costume, packed, made the applesauce for the "Floating Eyeballs" (of which I finished stuffing the grapes this morning just before pre-school), took the kids out, made the masks for the classmates (15 total). Doesn't seem like a lot, but when you consider the effort, no wonder I'm beat!

Tommorow is Halloween! Yay!
I'm not completely happy with the decorations outside, but I will go out and make final adjustments tommorow morning with D in tow.
I LOVE Halloween. D really enjoys it as well. :o)

Back to making my mummy costume, just needed a break, but since sitting at the comp requires the same muscles, it's kinda pointless.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I Needed The Cheer

Today was fun-filled.
After realizing the date, was in a mad rush to get the kids ready to go out.
Went to two different places. The first was the Mt. Boo Arena where they had another family fun day for only 1.00 per person! What a deal! We made crafts, danced, and went into their haunted house and got a treat bag. Was fun.
Then we headed out to Glenmore where we visited the World of Worms! Was kinda icky when we went on the worm squiggly for me. But they had a fantastic set up with a small corm maze, a graveyard, haunted house, pumpkin decorating centre, storytelling area, small animal viewing (LLama & chickens), and hot chocolate/coffee. Was worth the ten bucks for D and I.
I made D a Super Mario costume's cute. I dressed H in the tigger kids costume since I couldn't find the froggy one of D's. I'm disappointed I couldn't find it, but he was still real cute.

Uploaded some new pix to FLickr of the last week. Been kinda bored lately...the impending doom of moving has set in.
So has depression.
Got a lot to do D's Mario costume (main part) made. now all I hafta do is make some shoe covers, and the eyebrows and moustache and I'm done.
D told me that he wants me to be a Mummy for Halloween, so I gotta make my costume as well.
Nevermind the packing I've got to do.
I don't want to get a job.

Friday, October 27, 2006


I hate it when i forget what I was gonna blog about now. :oP
Yesterday H got up on his hands and knees. I was changing his diaper in Dairy Queen in Rutland (was gonna go to Value Village) and he was super poopie, and I set him on his tummy to get him out of his clothes, and he pushed himself up on all fours for a few seconds. I could've sworn he was tryin to scramble away from me.
Today, he figure out how to turn himself around in the excer-saucer.

He's too smart, I swear it.

Ho Hum

Chance's truck is dead again. So, the money for that new battery is down the drain.
this week really snuck by quickly, and I'm left rushing to make the Super Mario costume for D.
Not to mention the masks that I wanted to make. I do commit myself too much to some of this stuff, I know, but I actually do really enjoy it. I enjoy the knowledge that I'm the only parent who puts forth any amount of effort (besides chopping food) for the kids to really make them enjoy the holiday.
Got my apples lastnight when I was out with mom.
D's room was such a sty that I cleaned it lastnight. I made his bed too cause when he spilled water on it, I took everything off to hang to dry, but didn't put sheets on it.
So, his room now has a stack of boxes, an empty shelf, and some toy piled up neatly by the door.
Today I have to try and get D's costume made, so I'm not rushing through the weekend.
Man I need to clean in here, but I just don't have the's one or the other.
Am kind of saddened that I missed the last wednesday of the month, but oh well, there's always another month.
So, am just unwinding myself before I get myself pshyched out to make the costume.
Here's hoping I can pop it off today.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I'm thinkin i may just start trying to phase in a nap every other day. Hopefully that'll help with the outbursts from Darius.

Got my apples for the "Floating Eyeballs".
Just gotta finish my sewing and such.

Chance has been so anxious these past few days, and I started telling him to pack stuff.
He ended up packing almost all of D's toys, and all of his books. Everytime D went to reach for a book today I felt a twinge of guilt. Never mind the toys he wanted to play with. I guess, in a way, it'll show him to be thankful for what he's got.

Thankfully, we don't "need" our passports.
Having a passport to cross the border isn't mandatory...yet. But in 2007 it will be mandatory. So we'll hafta order ours anyways.
It's saving us a trip to Vancouver, but it will need to be done eventually.
Still got a ton of stuff o do here though...we shall see yet

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To The Top

Sometimes it amazes how self absorbed some people can be, including myself.

I'd give anything for a night of 12 hours of straight sleep. I totally don't even remember what that's like.
It's funny that the woman of relationships don't get the recognition they deserve. Mother's Day isn't enough to tell a woman that they appreciate all that they do. How does one stay so remarkable, and do it without so much as a thought of thanks?
I'm certainly not enough to keep our ship afloat.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jesus is out to get me

It TOTALLY figures.
Today has been trying, to say the least.
went and got my forms for the passports notarized, and D was actually hitting me in the guys office.
Got home, made him take a rest, and got a fat lip.
Got up and decided to head to the passport office in Rutland, and left Chance here to take a nap.
D actually required a time out while there for hitting me and head-butting me.
An hour later I walk out with the knowledge that I can't file fore my passport there cause they can't proccess the Notarized form that I've brought. I've been instructed to go directly to Vancouver, to get there as early as possible cause it's a minimum 3 hour wait no matter how early you are.
Lucky me.
So now I need to figure out when I can go, cause I'll get it in 10 business days if I go directly there, but 3 hours with both kids & husband? I don't think so. It would be so nice if they had a fucking number that I can call for more information...but that's just asking for too fucking much.
I needed diapers, and went to Wal Mart where I had to literally drag (feet straight out and everything) D through the store yelling at me and head butting me cause I wouldn't let him look at the new DVD Monster House.
I'm home now, and C had to take mom's car to work cause I'm just not up to it.

Just fucking shoot me, at least it would distract me, and save me the trouble of beating my head against a wall.

I hate Tuesdays

It's never a good thing when a four year old says oops.

Uphill battles seem to surround when things are not completely in order. Meaning in this instance, because no one has the proper amount of sleep, everything needs to go wrong.
This whole week better not be like this, cause it'll just put a huge damper on Halloween.
I need a Pepsi.

Mom's hoping it had nothing to do with the chicken i cooked lastnight, cause i personally thought it was a little pink, but ya never know with the darker leg portions that I used. Poor thing says she was up all night, which means she'll probly sleep all day. Wonder what Ican get out to do with the kids today, cause she'll need some peace and quiet to help recoup.
I should take out a soup bode, or mebbe some turkey leftovers to make a nice big pot o soup.

Chance's battery diead in his truck...oh boy.
Yesterday D spilled an entire bottle of water on his bed, and it wasn't on the sheet protector I might add. Never mind the fact that I had extra blankets underneath the sheet for added comfort.
I'm hoping the move will help D with his eating habits...cause I'm planning on making some sandwhiches, and cutting up fruits and veggies, and leaving them in the fridge at the new place. I'm sooooooo fed up with fighting him to eat his meals, so I just give up, and I'll take the best alternative that I can muster.
I need a Pepsi...mebbe we can go to the store.

Did I mention Chance is taking someone's shift today cause they have a meeting, which means he doesn't get any more days off until Sunday again?

Gramma wants me to go and visit to help her with her computer. Ralph wants to go hunting.

I still need to start packing, make the 6 remaining masks for D's class, buy the makings for floating eye's, carve my pumpkins (which can be done this weekend), go get my G/C from the health unit, make D's costume of Super Mario.

I yi yi

Monday, October 23, 2006

Jump Up!

Man...Hunter needs a Jolly Jumper.
They sell a free-standing Jolly Jumper that I have my eyes on. Hopefully we can get one in the near future, cause everyone's arms are hurting cause he loves going Up, and Down!
He seems to have himself in a nice sleeping pattern of three days of hardly any sleep, and two days of nothing but.

Almost got all of my outdoor decorations up, but I still think I need a trip to the Dollar Store :oD

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well, it seems that my Mastitis is gone now, cause I can at least wear a bra without any agony.

Been a kind of Blah weekend, where we haven't done much. At least it feels that way. I guess that's a nice thing cause it'll pick up when we start moving and planning to move. This week will probably be filled with calls to providers to find out what the hook up fees are. *sighs* I don't like the thought of moving, but I guess as long as I take it one day at a time, it'll be ok.

Put up the inside windows decorations yesterday, and today D and I will be doing outdoor stuff. Oh boy.

Chance is going 4x4-ing today, as usual. The only difference is today I have D and H. 8sighs8 I wish I had a weekly thing or twoin which i could escape during the day away from both kids, but I just don't have any social engagements.
I'm sure when I start working I'll be thinking differently.
Anyhow...back to Bejeweled.

Friday, October 20, 2006


This is truly sad...
I've got more than an hour to myself of quiet, both boys are asleep, mom and Kim went to Bingo, and Chance is at work.
What am I doing, you ask?
I'm playing Bejeweled 2, and doing if there weren't anything better to do.
Sheepers, I wonder about myself sometimes.


Went to the doc yesterdqay, who told me I have Mastitis, but can't give me any anti-biotics until it's fully infected my boobs.
Great...what are doctors for?!
Get home and make Chance look it up on the comp for me (he's so much better at research than I am) and he told me that my Mastitis was probly what made me so ill on Sunday, it's been known to cause flu-like symptoms. Seeing as I don't care to feel like that ever again (I was nearly in tears I felt so horrible & I was so weak I couldn't life Hunter) I'm gonna do whatever I can to get rid of it.
We have a very busy day today...I had better get to it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

stupid blogger.

Birthday Musings

For being 25, I sure don't feel it.

I'm a little disappointed that I'm only celebrating with family, and literally have no one else to spend it with, but I guess I'm glad I have people who care about me at all. It could be worse.

Went and got my passport pix done today, and whilst at the mall, decided to hit Chapters and got two new Xanth Piers Anthony books. We also hit the Motherhood Maternity store for a new nursing bra (full support) and a new shirt. I'm getting tired of finding lettuce and other food particles in my bra when I take it off in the eve.

I was so tired today, it really felt like the day blurred by.
D made me and Kim a cake, and he made purple frosting, and put sprinkles on it. :oD It was yummy.

It feels like my head hasn't stopped hurting/pounding for the last week. And my heart keeps doing this stupid flutter thingy that keeps taking my breath away.

Hunter is just too precious.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Posted a ton of new pix on Thanks to Pokie for buysing me a new Flickr Pro account, I can now upload all the pix I wnat...Yay!

Nov. 1st

This last week has gone by rather quickly.
Hunter can:
-bring a toy to his mouth
-reach for a toy within his grasp
-squeal with delight
-turn to a voice he recognizes
-flap and kick his arms and legs when he's excited
-cry in different tones to let us know what he wants or needs
-splash playfully when he's in his tub

We've accepted a new place, and will be moving out of here on Nov. 1st.
It's a 2 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath mobiel home of a co-worker of mom's. The yard is big, level, clean, and fenced. I haven't been inside yet, but am choosing to trust Chance's judgement. Lots of organizing is in order. Since it's a mobile home, it won't fit out dining room set, so we'll have to keep the storage unit, hopefully we can downgrade to a smaller size and lessen the rent payments there.
I hope all goes smoothly.

Have been trying to get my g/c from the Health Unit since b4 Thanksgiving, but have yet to secure it. *sigh* Maybe I'll grab it today. I'd like to spend it on pumpkins, but that'd just be irresponsible seeing as we'll be moving, and will need groceries in our new home.
Kimmie says we cal all go, but Hunter has to stay. *g*
Hunter sure does love his Kimmie, you never hear him talk to much as when Kim's around.
Took D &H outside yesterday after it stopped raining, D splashed in the mud in the driveway, then moved on to the big puddles at the end of the street. He had water in his boots by the time we got home. :o) I dropped a booty from H and didn't realize it, and our neighbour (whose dogs name is Tater) was kind enough to put 2&2 together, and brought it back to me. Was a surprise to hear the doorbell, and find Tater on our doorstep. Had to chuckle at that.

S'gonna be a big undertaking, being with the kids alone. Hopefully we can work out a gameplan on dicipline and such. Consistency will help us tremendously.
I do plan on getting a job, just haven't thought of where...but i suppose i can just apply at local stores. S'good enough for me, as long as I don't have to work two jobs again. Well, I guess I could handle for a short term, but a long term is out of the question. The last time I worked long term two jobs I truly hated living.
No plans for tommorow, just a night in with the boys, and am hoping D will make me a cake, with all his special decorations.

Have decided what I'm making for a treat for D's class, Floating Eyeballs. :o) Guesome name, I know. Homemade applesauce, red/green grapes with chocolate chips pushed into the ends. :o)
I'm also making masks. :o) Anything to kill time.

Thinking is never a good thing.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fall Fun

We went to the park today, and we enjoyed the fall sunshine...and the pile of leaves some kind Park caretaker left at the foot of this tree. D had some terrific fun, and H enjoyed the time in the outdoor weather, even if he did look rediculous.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Halloween is coming up...I wonder when I can put up my decorations...what defines too soon?

The Evolution of Dance
The FUNNIEST dance ever...
As seenon Ellen Degenerous' show today

Another morning

It's one of those mornings where I just don't feel like doing anything at all.
Probly cause I did most of it yesterday before the boys got home.
Got too much to think about these days.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yup...I found the Internet Bumper Stickers website again.

I can't wait for playdates


Well, the weekend is over.
Steven left this morning, Chance drove Gramma & Ralph home lastnight with D, Pokie didn't come, and neither did Wayne or Art, but Mary made an appearance.
It was an ok weekend I suppose, not too overly busy, not overly loud either.
We had a pretty decent time, I must say, and the food was wonderful, as usual.
Hunter entertained the masses, and Darius was as rambuncious as ever.
It was a nice family gathering, as to be expected.
I didn't take any pictures though, strangely enough, not a one.
Don was nice and installed the printer driver and a couple anti-virus thingies for us by remote assistance.
Just gotta get printer cartridges now.
Had my hands full trying to get the place back into order this morning before the boys got home.
Managed to get some stuff done, but not as much as I'dve liked.

I did nothing but laundry this weekend, thankfully, Gramma did a lot folding to help me get everything cleaned up.
back to regular doesn't feel like my birthday is just a week away.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gellatly Nut Farm

For the first Field Trip of the year for the pre-schoolers, they went to the Gellatly Nut Farm. We joined the class at 9:30, and left them at 10:30. It was an enjoyable time, in which D played with his classmates, and tried to burn off the energy that's been pent up. Daddy wasn't able to join us right away cause the washer was being fixed, but he did eventually join us, and D and his friend Jayden (last b-day party he went to) had some fun together...
They had a kissing contest (you can't kiss me, haha!) and swung happily from daddy's arms (as seen here) and collected and exchanged nuts with each other.
Afterwards we went to the Peach Pit for breakfast.
In the middle of the meal, D was eating, and trying to play with his "collection" (apparently that concept, which has been around for a while now, is from pre-school)...Chance proceeds to chastise him loud enough for the table next to us to hear him...

"Darius, quit playing with yer nuts!"

I've never laughed so hard in my life! He turned all sorts of shades, but couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard until I repeated what he had said (he thought he said something else). Thankfully, the ppl at the table next to us were Harry and his g/f.
Anyhow, it was en enjoyable morning, and later, D and Chance went to Kamloops to pick up Gramma and Ralph.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


If I didn't have a timer on my camera (that I've finally figured out how to use) I'd never get ANY pictures of me and the kids together.

Morning Intervention

I interrupted today's morning conversation between Grandpa Kimmie (which is what we've taken to calling him) and Hunter. Hunter always has lots of stories to tell him, and he appears to be one of his favorite people cause he'll smile as soon as he catches a glimpse of him.

In this picture you can see Hunter's feet touch one end, and his head hasta kinda crink to fit it in as well. LOL I usually try and keep his legs over the end, but he has a tendancy to kick himself up.


This seems to be happening more and more often. With our ban on naps, and his early risings, it's really not that tough, or rare, these days to peek in on D when all goes quiet and find him like this...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


You know, I could just expressly use this thing for pictures...which is what I'm mainly doing now. I'm enjoying my camera, and I suspect I will for a long time.


Well, I guess this nursing strike really isn't that HUGE of a hassel, it certainly would be tougher if I was doing this on my own that's for sure. But, honestly, who needs to feed their child with a dropper??
The LLL leader recommended against using the bottle (of course) to avoid nipple confusion, or bottle preference. *sighs*

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Hunter still has not come off of his nursing strike, and has consequently resorted me to feeding him with both a bottle and a dropper. *sighs*
This is so stupid.
Thank god for a pump or he wouldn't be eating at all.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend News

Hunter went on a nursing strike this weekend. Refused (well, until he was absolutely starving and I was full) to eat for me, and even when he did it was broken and with loads of complaints.
I've been pumping to make sure I don't loose my milk.
He also sdid this weird head-turning thing that kinda freaked me out. Too many doctor shows and stuff.

Saturday we went thrift shopping and we took my car...was like going to Edmonton all over again, that was how much stuff we crammed in it. LOL Took me, like, 10 minutes just to wiggle it all out!
Am making costumes to see if they will sell at various places. We shall see I spose. At least it's keeping me occupied.
D is as rowdy as ever.
He gave me a scare this morning, and consequently he didn't go to school. He got out of the shower and asked me to scratch him (he had done this the night before, he said his back was all itchy but I didn't see anything then) because his tummy was itchy, and Chance said he had some spots. So, i woke up mom to have her come take a look...and she said he had them already last year. I'll be damned if I can remember that! So, anyways, instead of school he went to the doctors with Chance. And he came back with a diagnosis of bending over an object and it leaving a mark on his chest. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

Our washing machine is broken...was doing a load of laundry on Sunday and it started screeching and whining (sounds like me on a bender!) so they shut it off. I figure it must've been a belt or something, so now we gotta get that repaired at some point in time.
I need to get an oil change to my car...Edmonton and back and then some...hmm.
I gotta make a list of things for Will and Kristy...LOL I know that at some point in time they'll be back in Edmonton, and I'd like for them to visit a Dollarama for me to pick up a few things to ship my way. :o)

I forgot to add on the wishlist for Hunter a portable Jolly Jumper. Basically it's a Jolly Jumper with a stand. There are a few companies that make them, I've even seen one with a play tray attatched to it. :o)