Sunday, October 05, 2008


"I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along"
Evanescence - My Immortal

I'm sick.
My head is stuffed up, my nose is running, me throat is a bit sore from not being able to breathe properly through the night. My neck is sore from sleeping all propped up to avoid the drainage down my throat. I'm tired now, and I had a rough sleep cause I kept waking up with a tickly throat.
Why is it that when I'm sick I feel relatively ok in the morning when I first wake up (asides from the lack of sleep), but the longer I'm awake, the worse I feel?
I made breakfast...hard boiled eggs, corn muffins, biscuits, and Butterscotch pudding. Weird combo, I know, but it sounded good when I was rooting through the fridge...and I actually didn't hear any complaints when I served it, for once. I also seized the opportunity to make some Beef & Lentil Chili for dinner (defeats the purpose of Lentils being a vegan a dish, but oh well, I gotta start experimenting with all the dried beans I've got from WIC)

"They say I'm goin' crazy
They say I got a lot of water in my brain
Got no common sense
I got nobody left to believe"
Queen - Somebody To Love

Been contemplating Halloween. I believe we have enough decorations, so we should be good on that front, it's now a matter of buying the candy for the treat bags. I wonder what day they're doing the trick-or-treat here? Anyhow, I decided to make Hunter a Bob the Builder Costume. I dunno what Darius wants to be yet, he wants to be the Frankenstein costume he was given by the little girls across from mom's, but it's too small and though I've told him to pick something else, he has yet to do so.

"I hurt much more
Than anytime before
I had no options left again"
Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit

I cleaned D's room yesterday...ok, I packed away a lot of his toys. The room looked so cluttered and they don't play with all of them, so I decided to pack some away and watch the reaction. So far, they haven't noticed. The room feels better now, not so crowded and cluttered, and there's a better selection of favorite toys to play with. I've been meaning to do that for the past week, and lastnight was frustrated with everything enough to do it.
I'm tired...I'm thinking about going to veg on the couch...maybe after I finish my net stuff I will.
Chance is going to be nice and take the boys out for me to help wear them out a bit. Go play at the park, maybe do some grocery shopping.

"Autumn winds
Blowing outside my window as I look around the room
And it makes me so depressed to see the gloom
There's not a soul out there
No one to hear my prayer"
ABBA - Gimme Gimme Gimme

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