Monday, November 03, 2008

Give Me Five Monday #40

Give Me Five techniques you use to aid in writing for your blog or for your journal...whatever helps cure that writer's block.

1. I think about what new antics my kids have come up with. My children are always reliable for ridiculous things to blog about, or the new way they made me laugh, or proud. It's a main reason why I blog, to keep my family (on opposite sides of the country) up - to - date on what's happening within my family, without holding information. Though I'm guaranteed to miss some info, I can rest assured knowing that I've got most of it covered.

2. I listen to music, hence the music quotations in between paragraphs in some of my posts. It doesn't have to be a specific type of music, I can find a meaningful lyrics in almost ANY song I listen to, that what's so inspirational about it. Though I'm sure each song is supposed to have a context, what makes this particular method fun is that I have the ability to remove that context and use it as my own.

3. Consider my feelings for the day, and what may have inspired them. I actually treat my blog in many ways, and that's what makes it so personal to me. Not only do I blog meme's, and music lyrics, but I also give genuine feeling to my words. I think about certain situations that may be informational (readable and interesting) and I write about how it made me feel. Everyone can relate to feelings, or maybe have their eyes opened to a new way to describe it. I really enjoy it when I can bang the nail on the head from a description of a certain feeling accurately, and in a new light. It makes me feel amazing, even if no one reads it.

4. I remind myself to complete daily tasks. I know, it's shameful, but another way I use my blog is to remind myself that I had planned to do something, but didn't actually see it as overly-worthy of writing it down on my calendar on my desk. So, I usually add in little tasks that are running through my head when I began blogging and through-out the day I re-read my blog to see if I want to make any revisions, catch the reminder, and gett off my butt to do it.

5. Random thoughts, and updates. I am a wellspring of unnatural random thoughts, and quirks. Did you ever wish human beings came with their own cartoon soundtrack? *boink boink* (dontcha just love hearing me blink in expectancy?) When all else fails I enter in some random thought that floated through my head for the day, either random in general, or from a train of thought from reading the news of the day. I pick something and just go with it, and it eventually leads me to what I wanted to start out with in the first place but just didn't know it.

6. When all else fails, I go do a quiz at, I do a survey, and go from there...after I post my answers, of course.

And there you have it, my personal cure to writers block, though admittedly, I don't get it very often. Did you enjoy this blip into how my thought proccess works, hopefully it's not as whack as I think it is.

2 thoughtful remarks:

BeccA's Buzz said...

I did enjoy it! I don't have kids to get ideas from...but my friends do, so I usually get permission before writing about that. I love #4, remind myself I have things to get done LOL That should keep me busy through many posts! Great list :)

Vivian said...

I love your answers...and thank you for your kind comment....I just ramble on and on...I sure don't have to have a reason or idea to comes natural...
keep up the good work!!