Saturday, May 28, 2011

Uknown Traditions

Each year, a local Motel in Little Fort (where my Gramma lives) has a pitch that your first cone from them of the season is free. this year I decided to pay, even though it was our first.

I spent some time uploading pictures fromthe last 2 months to my flickr account, and realized I've got a collection of our first cones of the year shots uploaded. How nice to have a tradition that I didn't even know of! I wonder if there are any more...

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Surfacing For Air

Phew. I can't believe it's been over a month since I last blogged. How did that happen?
I'm working three jobs, and have been since Spring Break and the last time I blogged. Pregnancy Outreach, Daycare, and Preschool Teacher Assistant. That being said, I've really only got about 33 paid hours per week to rack up. It's decent pay, and enjoyable jobs, but MAN! I'm beat by the time I get home, and it's been a regular routine of early to bed and up with the birds.
There's been a number of changes at work that have me scratching my head and thinking "This is just too easy!" One of which, has allowed me to apply for the position (I think it's beginning in September) of Preschool Teacher. Scary, exciting, intimidating, and thrilling.
My daycare hours are now being trimmed back, and will quite possibly dwindle even further in light of employee interactions.
My Pregnancy Outreach Program is going well, and has begun posing some interesting new challenges that are really keeping me on my toes.
I recently traveled down to Kamloops for a week to go for training in the World Health Organization's 20 hour Breastfeeding Course (Making A Difference). It was delightful, informative, and wonderfully enlightening. I was surprised that despite being in a roomful of professionals (Various Nurses, a Doctor, Pediatrician), I was comfortable and even able to share some of my experiences and information as a front line worker. Our different perspectives really enabled us to cover a lot of information while sharing some things with one another that we might not otherwise have come across.
SO, in short...I'm doing well, and am happy with the way things are going, as I'm busy, and being challenged every day in a different way. The best part is, these are such insurmountable challenges that I'm left overwhelmed, but are dynamic enough to mesh together well, and leave me wanting, I asked for it.
I've booked my time off from work to go North in the end of June to enjoy attending my Uncle's Wedding with my family. I'm leaving my plans until the last minute, as I really don't think I'm capable of planning that far in advance right at this particular moment in time.
I've been watching the Canucks games in the playoffs, and am really enjoying getting riled up while I'm at it.
Life is swell, and though I have a number of personal circumstances that aren't so great, I think I'm coping quite well despite this fact.