Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pediatricians and Cops

Forgot to blog about what else I got up to today, other than travel planning.
H had his pediatrcian appointment today, and it went well. Was actually kind of a relief to have him seen by what I consider a professional, and not just someone doing a general check-up. Would be nice if we could continue seeing this Dr., but oh well, at least we HAVE a doctor.
Hunter is 15 lbs, 5oz, his head circumfrence is now 16in, and he is...I can't member how long.
He's growing pretty well, strong healthy boy who's just as normal as the moon.
He's sleeping right now, and am definately considering completely weaning and switching to formula, but am curious to know how that would affect him, both emotionally and physically. Well, I guess cuirious isn't exactly the right wording, I feel guilty for thinking of taking away from my son what is completely natural...the major thing that bonds us together.
Anyhow, the pediatrician gave him a clean bill of health.

Also, I'm due in town on Thursday or Friday this week because I witnessed a "Hit and Run" in the Wal Mart parking lot last week.
I was feeding Hunter in the drivers seat, and D was eating his McDonalds in his seat behind me, and this chick comes and gets into her little white car parking in front of me. She goes to pull out, and cuts it to hard, and scrapes against the back quarter panel of the guys car parked to her right. She SEEN the car moving, and stopped about halfway out, and instead of pulling foreward, leaving a note, and leaving...she continued pulling all the way out. She KNEW I seen her cause she glanced at me after she hit it, then as she was pulling away. So, i wrote down her license plate number, and left a note with my contact info on it and put it on the car she hit.
I did manage to bump into the guy before we went in cause it took forever to feed H, and he said thank you. When I got home that evening, he called and said he made a report at the RCMP's, and that he would send me a "reward/thank you".
Now I've made a statement to ICBC who've called me, and am making one at the RCMP detatchment in Rutland this week. Whew, that was a lot of explaining.
Anyhow, that girl was a total moron, is all I can say.

Am pondering what to get Pokie for her one idea, but dunno if she's already got it.
Blah, September is always such a busy month.

Travel Plans

So, the plan is that we're going to leave on the morning of the (Thurs) 7th from here, and stay the night in Golden with Uncle Ken (if we can), and carry on out of Golden on the morning of the (Fri.)8th to Edmonton. Once there we'll check into the Econo Lodge (along with pokie, mummie and kim), and stay there until the morning of the (Sun.)10th when we'll check out and drive to Little Fort through Valemount. We'll stay the night there, and drive the rest of the way home on the (Mon.)11th.
I budgeted, and it should cost us around 570 to do the whole shebang. Wow. That's without any side-trips, and souvineer shopping. :o) though I'm sure we can squeeze a little bit of that in as well.
So, hopefully all will be well on our trip, and we'll cross our fingers and hope the Hunter will be comfortable enough to just sleep while we're driving. I know I'll definately aim for nap time for driving times.

Monday, August 28, 2006


So mom and kim started their vacation today. I dunno what we're gonna do without them.

I'm getting anxious about our trip to Edmonton because we haven't even made any plans on which way we're drivin, or where we're staying. Kinda scary. Let's not even mention the tux. I can't decide if I should rent or if I should buy cause Zellers has a nice set on sale for approximately 60 bux. If it's gonna cost that much to rent, why not just buy, right?

The house is a pig sty this evening. I haven't lifted a finger to lean all day today...guess I can start that tommorow.
So help me I wanted to just lock my son in his room today...he was such a heathen. I don't know how to help him through this phase but I'll be damned if it won't kill me by the end of this week.
Curious to see what we'll get up to this week.
Told Chance I want a real wedding sometime...he's suggested getting a hotel room for our Anniversary this year. Hum.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Family Life

well it's another busy week. I know I create it.
Hunter will be seeing a physiotherapist tommorow morning. I hope it'll help him feel better.
So D, H, and I are all sick. Probly caught from a friend...but we're not so far gone that we need a doctor, so that's good. Will be taking H in this evening to try and see our family dr. just to be sure. :o)
Gonna be a sleepover on Friday, and will also be the first night alone with both kids for Chance. I'm curious to see how early he shows up with Hunter. ;o)
Am finishing up odds and ends that I've been meaning to do around the house. Am kind of looking foreward to mom and Kimmie's trip, cause it'll give me a chance to do all the little things without fear of waking up kimmie. And it'll be quiet. No CSI's or Law & Order's till they return! LOL Sometimes I like the way those shows mak you think, but I can find them depressing after a while. Scary what the human race can do to each other.
I'm stuck on the phone with some guy for annoying. I mean, I'm all for that sort of planning, but I'm a busy woman, just gimme the damned papers, and be done with it, don't prattle off to me...I find my hours too precious to waste it listening to you.
I'm hoping to get to both local newspapers today to put out the birth announcement for Hunter...that'd be nice. Been thinking about doing that for ages.
Chance is spending the morning playing golf with his friend. Oh boy.

I understand that because I'm nusing I'll pretty much have H strapped to me until I wean him, but I'm finding it rather annoying that he can go out and do whatever he wants to (not to say that he doesn't ask about whatever he wants to first) without a care in the world about when to be home by. That drives me bonkers.
Which brings me to my next subject. Am thinking of weaning and switching to formula. I find I'm not enjoying nursing as much as I did with D, and am finding it more of a hindrance than a blessing. I hate how much time it takes away from D and I. I can't stand getting out of the house without him (mainly because if it's more than two hours then I need a pump...badly)...having my own personality without a growth on my chest interrupting everything I do.
I guess it's harder to keep yourself in sight when you've got another child because I feel like I'm completely consumed by family, and that there's really no room left for me.

You know what's sad? Twice this week I've had people ask me when I'm due. I must just look that pregnant. First it was twins and when ya gonna pop, now it's back to when are you due? Fuck off already. If I ever had an ego about the way I looked it's now completely destroyed and laughing it's ass off at me.
No...I'm not bitter.
Went to "Options for Sexual Health" clinic Monday night (was gone for two hours where Lori, Lynn, and mom watched the boys and by the time I got back Hunter was ready to eat again) and got some low-dose birth control pills. Oh boy. I haven't been on birth control since I was a teenager. I can't even remember the last time we had any contraceptives. I almost find the idea offensive.
I don't sound like I'm in a very good mood, do I? Well, I am...but I just have a few kinks to work out is all.
Chance bought me flowers yesterday. I like the gesture, but sometimes that's not enough, you know? Referring back to the consuming part of family life, I feel lost, and he should be the one finding me...but apparently he's having trouble adjusting as well because there's isn't anything there for me to hold on to.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Baby

Well, we're back to the weekend, and the training of Hunter to fall asleep both throughanything, and anywheres is taking it's toll. Poor little guy looks so tired these days, and no matter how hard I try to get him to sleep, he just doesn't want to stay that way. Whether it be gas bubbles, or just plain old "I don't wanna sleep" syndrome, he's sure missing a lot of sleep.
Anyhow, D had a dentist appointment this morning...he had to have a filling repaired cause apparently it was coming out. Poor little man.
Here's my new car, by the way. It's a 1990 Dodge Shadow with turbo boost. Not that I've used the Turbo Boost...honestly, I have my kids in the car. ;o) It's nice and functional. It has a/c, but it really doesn't work. I could get colder air from rolling down my windows, and besides, HUnter doesn't really care too much for A/C. Came with a tape deck (with removable faceplate), and am making plans to buy a Tap Adapter for a discman, and digging mine out. I'm assuming it's cheaper that way, but we shall see. I like it. It just fits both car seats in nicely, but leaves little room for much else in the backseat. The trunk requires a pole (custom made :oP) to hold it open and it's heavier than a pig in s**t. It's pretty nice I must say, and I like having the freedom to come and go as I please. No more schedualling!'s to personal freedom when one is tied down!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beach Naps

K, so I lied...I couldn't resist this black and white of hunter...
Besides, I don't have a picture of just my car on it's own. I'll take one tommorow though...I promise!

New Me Makeover

So, I must say that I'm likin my new hair colour...only been a month since I got it done. I enjoy having streaks in my hair, for some reason. The lady was even nice enough to cut it in some layers for me for extra body. Not too bad. Next picture will be of my car...yeah baby!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


How much love can one shower on a child before they have none left?
I'm tired...and now I've got a fat lip.
Parenting can really suck sometimes.

Last Midwife Session

Had my last appointment with Kalia yesterday. How sad...another leg of my life is over, and it's always sad to say good-bye.
Hunter weighed in at 14 lbs 7oz, and is 23 1/4 in long. No wonder he's not fitting his newborn sized clothes anymore. They're generally sposed to fit those until they hit 3 mo btw.
D has been getting mail from his Ama for the last two weeks. Sure has been fun for him to look foreward to having the mailman come to the house each day.
I feel guilty that I haven't got him writing his name by now...we got a call from his Pre-School Teacher the other ay giving us the information for D's class. He gets bumped to a three day a week class where he'll also complete a workbook in class. Oh boy! How exciting.
We got a box from Ronnie yesterday, which was nice. Got some stuff for D (and I'm starting to remember the books from the collection we had down there, funny how it took this long), some clothes for Hunter, and a nice skirt and dress for me. :o)
It's gonna be real tough to get back into a normal school-type schedual. I guess it'll be best for both kids once it does happen though.
Visited Lori yesterday. Had a bunch of appointments yesterday morning (though I'm not sure how we managed to have such a cramped day) and she was nice enough to watch D whilst we went in to Kalia. So, in the evening she got to baby-sit her neighbours kids whilst they went out dinner. I volunteered to stay and help. Wow. That's about all I can say. 6 kids total, and Hunter was awake the whole time. Hol-a. I'm glad I had the wits about me enough to think fast cause the minute I thought of a fun game, they'd finish with the one I thought of before that. They sure kept me on my toes. Would've been nice if they could've just sat and watched a movie, but D needed to burn off energy, and I figured if he was gonna, they ought to as well. Was fun in any event.
Lori suggested we just go for our ECE certificate and get it over and done with. LOL
I tidied up a bit this morning...trying to keep it relatively organized, even though i have short spurts to do it in. Doesn't hurt to try. Guess I'll just have to learn to move quicker.
Todya is one of those days where D is gonna push every button, and act out as much as possible. I can only hope the hours go by as quickly as possible. Of course this always has to happen on a day where I'm tired. *sighs* I guess it's god's way of teaching me more patience.
Anyhow...instead of blogging more like I'd like, I guess I should go tend to.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sleep?'s been a while since I've blogged.
I guess this week was survivable...mainly cause I'm still here.
Things are rather wighty on my shoulders right now, the thoughts of my future loom so closely I'm finding it hard to breathe, and I'm farily certain poor Chance feels the same way.
Got a new car today...a white Dodge Shadow. Cute little car that goes, kinda loud but in a soothing way. Gott go put insurance on it tommorow, and then I'm a free woman! Yay, no more running around by other people's scheduals.
Course my car had it's trade offs, and I'm rather sad to say what I traded this one in for.

Went to the beach today...had a nice family day. I got up at 8 this mornin (was up earlier but I like that morning time in bed talking with Hunter) and after strapping H to me, I got started on the finger foods of the day. Chopping veggies, and fruits, and making the sandwhich stuff (tuna...and no, I wasn't wearing a bracelet this time, and I used a fork I swear!), as well as starting everything put together (with mom's help of course). We got out the door at 11 or so once again. Chance complained that no matter how early we get up, that we never seem to be able to leave any earlier than 11. I told him if things got ready the night before, we wouldn't have that problem...PLUS if nobody bothered to shower before we left that'd help as well. What's the point in showering if yer just gonna go swimming in the lake, or get all sweaty in the usn anyways. I'd rather shower when I get home, which is what Kim did anyways...that makes it a two shower day for him :oO
Went to visit Lori whilst Chance borrowed her upstairs neighbour to go get my car for me. Was a nice short visit, am sad it couldn'tve gone on longer.
Well, we're settling in nicely with Hunter. Getting used to his cries, his mannerisms, and just enjoying watching him gorw (and he does from day to day). He's got a birthmark on his elbow like a kidney bean shape. He's long, and getting quite chubby. His last appointment with Kalia is on Tuesday, then I've gotta sign him up with Dr. Brower. Oh boy. I'm glad though, I've got his Care Card and his Birth Certificate already (i'm quite certain this was faster than I did with D). Now all I have to do is get movin on getting our passports. Hopefully it won't cost too much.
Hunter has pretty much grown out of all his newborn clothes, and am going to need to go shopping for new 3-6 months sizes already. I don't understand how why he keeps telling everyone I'm starving him. He's also into size 2 diapers.
We all ended up in our bed (lying the correct way) for once the other night and I swear it was like a pack of sardines. Must've been cute though.
Uncle Paul and his girls were in town, and we went to visit them where they were camping lastnight. Also got to visit with Ron and Devon, Rachel, Eric, and Roger, Cathy and their girls. Was kinda nice. They even fed us dinner, and I got to go for a dip with the girls afterwards. Hunter didn't like how chilled I was when I got out and fed him sfterwards though. :oP
Haven't really had tons of luck with anyone here giving H the bottle...Chance said he managed to get him to take it a few times when I wasn't here, but if I'm in the vicinity, forget it. :oP
I hate feeling like a cow.

I don't know what I would do withou tmy friends...this time around my blues are a lot stornger than they were with D. With D I felt them, but they came and went just like these...but when they hit me this time they're so strong it's almost overwhelming. Amazing what hormones can do to your body.

Wonder when I'll get a chance to clean my new car...maybe when I got to Lori's next?

Meet Joe black is on tv right now and my hunny keeps pestering me to go watch it with him. I just wanna finish blogging first...sometimes things like that take so much effort. Just being takes effort sometimes. Amazing how worn out it can make me...just being.
Thank god for sleep.
Haven't been feeling 100% lately, just feel like sleeping. maybe that post partum stuff is catching up with me. I have been a bundle of energy since Hunter's arrival.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Family Fun Day

Had a wonderfully relaxing day today...after a stressful evening lastnight.
Decided we were gonna try and look at cars, but realized that we needed the addresses to the ones I circled in the newspaper. Hehe, oops. Made the phone calls, left messages and such, then brainstormed to change our plans since that one concked out.
Decided instead to head to Peachland. We hit the Parrot Island Bird Sanctuary. Was a respectable place, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I like talking to animals, especially when they can sometimes talk back.
Afterwards we went down into downtown Peachland, and let D play at what he calls the "Echo Park" (because it has this tube that comes up at either end that he can speak into and it carries underground to the other side), then we visited their museum, and the shops along their Main Street.
I bought a really nice oputfit that I'm very happy with, a top, a skirt, and a necklace...could've gone as far as buying shoes, but I figured I got enough at home so no point.
Came home and tossed D into bed...he's only just fallen asleep twirp that he is.
Making Cornon the cob, some steamed veggies (orange peppers, zuchinni, and beans) and some pasta primavera. Am contemplating a meat, but can't think of one that'd go...mebbe some chicken. Hmm...ponderable. I think it'd hafta be BBQ-ed just to flavour nicely...and I don't do BBQ.
Jeez Hunter isn't letting me put him down today, the burning hasn't even stopped in my shoulders and he's asking me to strap him back on. LOL
I'm quite surprised at how much H likes the bottle...I member D didn't care for it at all, but H has such an insatiable appetite I guess he don't care HOW he gets his food...just that he gets it. He's taken it quite well, and anyone can feed him
Thankfully Ronnie sent me a nice manual pump that doesn't require a whole lot of effort on my part...and mom found a pump in the thrift store for 3 dollars I think she said that's not as comfy, but still very effective. Am using both off and on so I can enjoy time out...and yesterday bought a bottle warmer...boy. Gerber is making a killing off of me.
Am working on the packettes of family them seperated, just need to put a nice message on them before I send them out. Lots of people to send them to. Made Chance phone his grandparents in Cali last week...they didn't even know I was pregnant until I was almost ready to have Hunter. LOL Poor people.
Well, anyhow, time to eat...been cooking for the last two hours, time to reap the rewards.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Hasn't been a terrible weekend yet, which is kinda nice to hear...though it has had it moments.
Sposed to be real warm this weekend, but I haven't noticed.
Contemplating taking Hunter to the chiropractors.
Spent Friday night at Lori's...then dozed on and off all day yesterday while I was there, was very nice. Relaxed and had a good time. The woman who lived upstairs of Lori gave me a real nice gift with pictures of Hunter on it, I really like it, but can't seem to find it now that i'm home...but I did bring tons of bags with me when I went, so it's gotta be somewhere.
Am still looking for a vehicle for myself...Chance just isn't into teaching me to drive his truck.
Been having issues with different people lately, so it's been kinda tough of late.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cameras are Fun

Havin too much fun with my little guy these days...can't seem to move without having to starp him to me in the Snugli. :o)

My Feelings

I am so frustrated!
I can't wait for the weekend.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Been kinda busy...always seems that way just doesn't seem to want to slow down. Always something to do, always somewhere to be or go. *sighs*
Chance is looking into buying me a 400 DOllar Buick something-or-other with 4 doors, good mileage, and kicking a/c. I'll take it...I can't do this chauffer business anymore. I hate having to work my life by everyone else's scheduals...and I'm not even the one driving! LOL
Went to Gramma's Saturday night...and can just say that I won't be doing that anytime in the near future least not if she's got other kids staying with her. Chance almost drove me to the brink of insanity...and I truly wanted to strangle him...but once I caught my wits, I was ok. The drive was pretty frustrating because we did it without a back window, which was ok going out cause it was nice, but on the way back it rained. Not to mention the "I'm lonely" cries coming from Hunter's seat. Felt like it took forever to go there and come back.
Am planning on going to get a bunch more pictures printed out from wal-Mart...sheepers, took me all morning just to get them transferred from one disc (had about 2000 pix on it) to the hard drive, then back to another disc...doing them in discs of 100. All that time, and I'm just not blogging :oO
Am making a shopping list to get some stuff for the house, seeing as we haven't gone shopping for a while.
We bought an excer-saucer yesterday for hunter...and when we got back from Gramma's seen that mom had picked up the high chair from Ali, so we're runnin outta space fast. Gonna hafta make a trip to storage to switch some stuff out.
We're looking at rental units on the westside, and mebbe lookin into a mortgage. Oh boy, wouldn't that be nice.
Tidied up the house this a mad woman.
D started his Mini-Campers program at the local Y today (we completely forgot about it yesterday) awaiting the boys' arrival to hear how it went,and whether or not he'll be sticking with this program. Giving serious consideration to Daycar once or twice a week, just to make sure he's socializing, and has some structured events going on, with the proper supervision.
Am considering getting a job...I don't mind staying at home, but I need sanity relief, along with people who don't have children's IQ's. Though, that's probably asking for a whole lot. It would be nice to have a bit of a focus shift every now and then.
Am totally happy...managed to get my breast pump to work...for once. I'm a happy girl, that means I can leave Hunter with a sitter if I wanted to...not that that's gonna be a common occurence.
Am getting sick of my it done, and the lady cut the top shorter to add in layers and bangs and the like, and it doesn't wanna go into a pony tail nicely...blah on that!

Oh boy...D had fun today! I'm so happy...soundslike the girl from the first program got a bit of a chew...she's not impressed with us. Chance says that Tenessa wouldn't even look at him. good, serves her right...we paid to have our child properly cared for for 2 hours, and the only thing she could tell us was "I have 12 kids in my class, what would you like me to do?" Um...hello, you direct your attention where appropriately. I PAID for this calss, if it's not worth my money, you'll hear about it...and she did...from her boss. The T-Ball was kinda useless cause D's already got terrific hand-eye co-ordination. Nevermind that it wasn't feasable with our schedual. This week will be better...I hope.