Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well I just finished watching Stranger Than Fiction and I believe it's gonna get struck up to the list of movies I'd like to own.
Poor Darius...It's so tough to see him hurting so much.
I think I'm sick of taking care of sick people. I myself am feeling loads better and have the feeling I'm over everything now.
Darius has been reduced to tears when not medicated, which means he's got what I had.
I'm fairly stressed out. Well, if not stressed, at least worn right out. It's one thing to be sick yourself, but another entirely to watch your children be in so much pain all they can do is cry, and you knowingly cannot do anything to help them.
Hunter is constipated, and screams each time he tries to go poopie, and D hasn't hardly come out of his room and away from his bed at all today.
Today is a day for learning the tough lesson of watching your own children suffer and have to sit back and be silent.

I went to the store with Hunter yesterday (during a sunny spell) and while there we walked over to Blockbuster together.
I rented Crank,Babel, Flushed Away and Stranger Than Fiction. Crank was a waste of time and a disappointment. Jason Stathan always did fight-style movies, but in this one he did drugs and showed overly immoral behaviour. So disappointing cause up until now he was a clean action film maker. The movie sucked in any event.
Flushed Away was pretty cute...I liked the singing slugs the best.
Have yet to watch the other two, but I'll get round to it.

I love watching Hunter play by himself.
He's so sweet! He sits there in themiddle of the floor all by his lonesome, digging in his basket full of toys to pick something out. He chew on it, flips it around, licks it, shakes it, then discards it for a new toy. I love babies.
I remember when we first moved here Darius was small enough to walk under our dining room table without ducking, and yesterday Kimmie and I noticed that Hunter'll never be able to do that cause he's already too tall!
He's pulling himself up on everything now, and it's cute to see his little legs kick out to stand straighter after he's pulled himself up. He's very curious, and is interested in walking now. Won't be long.

Poor D was so sick yesterday. he had a high fever, and in the evening I decided to take him to the doctors, where he almost fell asleep on the table waiting for her. She said he just had a cold/flu and that if it got any worse withint the next 48 hours to bring him back. Thank goodness. Gave him some children's Advil and he was back to his usual self by the time he was ready for bed.
Unfortunately he got next to no sleep lastnight, he woke me up at 3am asking me to come and get him, but he didn't really go back to sleep cause Hunter kept craying. I've been trying to get Hunter to sleep at nights without nursing because it's uncomfortable to sleep on one side for too long.

Hunter is definately a Kimmie boy. No matter where in the house Kimmie is Hunter seeks him out and crawls to him. He was just in the living room, and he crawled right past me to the kitchen looking for Kimmie. Kimmie says he could hear him huffing and puffing on his way there. :oD

Monday, February 26, 2007

Well, the doctor diagnosed me with a cold, and one that will require suffering to get past.
Hunter is oh so curious now. He's crawling fairly well, still a bit jerky, but very well indeed. He just discovered that he can go to a different room without mommy walking him there, and this afternoon he discovered big brother's room while I was trying to make my lunch.
It was cute, they surprised each other.
I have no appetite to speak of. Late at night I do, but not during the day.
Haven't had breakfast or lunch yet, but am making some soup and am trying to force myself to eat.
Chance stayed home from a training thingy today. Thank goodness cause I wouldn'tve been able to get to the Dr.'s otherwise. He even took both boys for me while I was at the Doctors. That was amazing.
Mom said she'd try and come home early, but I didn't see it as likely because it's a pay week for h er, which means extra work.
Hopefully I can get my car fized in the near future cause I can't stay housebound forever.

We've been sick for at least 10 days now, just from looking back on the blog posts that show and not the archives.
How stpuid.
I'm going to the doctors today.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oh my god.
I'm must be paying some kinda heavy toll with all this sickness. I swear to god it's amazing how little suffering it takes for us humans to be brought to our knees to beg for mercy.
So much for breaking my fever lastnight...cause it's just as bad today. I'm trying to avoid taking acetaminophen, but I just now broke down and took one. 3 hours was my max for suffering.
Am sending Chance to the store (as he's the healthiest one out of us) to get some stuff that may help my nutrition.
I've no appentite to speak of, have only eaten an apple today and that's just because my mouth was warm and I thought the apple would cool it down.
Been living off of apple juice and water.
Shoot us now and get it over with.

Had my turn with the flu today. Basically took acetmenophen to ward it off fo rhte better part of the day but it wasn't having nothin to do with it this evening. I took a long very very hot bath in the hopes of drawing it out, and man, did that suck. I was dizzy, and freezing by the time I got out. Weak as a kitten, and then came the sweats. I was hot then cold, and I was sweating so badly my clothes were drenched and I was having trouble taking a breath without wanting to either hack my lungs out or collapse cause I felt like I could hardly breathe.
This had better be the last of this sickness.
I sanitized all surfaces today. Made a trip to the Dollar Store with the boys today and bought some wipes and new toothbrushes, and ended up coming out with those and a bunch of Loot bag stuffers for D's Birthday party. I'm hoping that I can book the Croc Talk guyfor his 5th birthday party. I'm planning on inviting some of his old classmates (am especially curious as to what Taysha would give him if she decided to show) from his old preschool, and a bunch from this one. Hopefully we'll have a good turnout.
He's said he would like a Spongebob Squarepants Theme. We can thank Grandpa Mike for that one...*g* At home I don't usually let him watch it, but he really got into it when we were visiting Ohio, apparently it's a favorite of Mike's, and now it's been passed on.
I'm curiours what I'm gonna make for a cake...hmm. Nevermind that, I don't even know what I want to get him for a gift...that's a first.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I swear this had better be our only run in with sickness this year cause this is truly rediculous.
We've all collecively been sick for almost 2 full weeks now.
Tommorow I'm gonna go buy some new toothbrushes, and some sanitizing wipes and I'm gonna have a go at every communicable surface in the house.
Remote controls, doorknobs, handles, lamps, computer keyboard, chairs, tables...anything that we all may have touched or may touch soon that's gonna keep us sick.
I'm sick of being sick and I'm barely warding off a nasty flu.
So far all of the movies have been pretty good. Just the Departed left to watch...and Open Season, I was only paying half attention while D was watching it earlier today.
We all (Chance, D, H, and myself) went for a walk to Petro today. I believe the walk kinda pushed it for Chance though. Mom came and picked us up, and that was the extent of her energy.
We did manage to re-arrange the furniture and get the couch in the right place, and little miss muscles me pushed the couch over too hard and broke mom's lamp (yipes). Soory bout that.
Hunter is so quick now, he'll crawl over to something and immediately try and pull himself up on it. Scary times these...I keep getting visions of him knocking out his teeth or putting his teeth through his lips from landing/leaning into something too hard. Thank goodness we don't have a whole lof of touch surfaces he can pick himself up on. Though it does give one mind to keep a shapr eye on him and try not to be out of his reach, lest he either fall or pick something up that he shouldn't have.
I forgot how trying these times can get.
I also managed to finish my laundry folding (YEE-HAW!!!) but am going to have to return to it again soon. Hafta put it all away now.
Am keeping Chance company tonight. Finally decided to take pity on him and help him out. I admit I was a bit hard headed in my thinking that he was recieving the consequence for not taking his anti-biotics all the way through, but I'm taking pity.
I gave him a nice massage, and kept him company in the bathroom for a bit while he was trying to toss his cookies. Cleaned the toilet, brought him some crackers and something to drink.
I'm watching the Departed with him now to keep him some more company. Snuggling him on the couch, and massaging his hip cause he's been complaining about it.
Here's to hoping little TLC will help him mend quicker.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

So now mom's getting a run through with the flu (so says the Dr. she seen this eve).
I took her to the Dr.'s. While she was there, Hunter and I walked over to Blockbuster and then on to Extra Foods and then back to the Dr's to pick her up. Hunter really enjoyed the outside time, even though it was chilly and nighttime. He really enjoyed watching the cars drive by.
I rented Open Season, The Departed, Little Miss Sunshine, and the Prestige. I also bought Employee of the Month.
I got the calssic juice, gatorade, and acranberry juise. I bought loads of fresh produce for the house...grapes, apples, strawberries, raspberries. Salad makings...romaine lettuce, red and green peppers, green onions, spinach. Got home and washed everything up and got it prepared cause I knew I wouldn't have time to do it otherwise.
I didn't manage to finish my folding, or even go for a trip to Petro Can today cause mom came home early from work today. She's awful sick in any event.
I did manage to do all the dishes, and cook dinner. That's a helluva improvement over just bringing my dishes to the kitchen, which is basically what's been happening this entire week.
Thank god I'm on th emend. I've still got an annoying rough cough though.

Hunter is the smartest most beautifullest baby in the world.

Ok, so, I updated with a few pictures on Flickr.
I also uploaded D's pictures, but not to Flickr yet. I figure those can wait for now. It'll take a bit to organize them.

Stupid monitor is on the blink, thank goodness we hadn't moved our outta here, cause we just switched them over.
I'm so ready to throw out the Kleenex Boxes. I'm sick of being sick. I've been taking in loads of fluids, keeping myself on relatively light foods and taking my vitamins and my stupid cold just won't go away.
I'm sick of being sick.
Paul and DIno came by today to help Kimmie drop off the new couch set mom bought. It was so cute, Hunter just sat in kimmie's arms and very gently pet Dino all on his own, and even recieved a kiss from Dino. He was all eyes on the puppy. Was very sweet.

Now I'm backlogged on house chores. Vacuumed this morning, cause mom tidied everything up. I siezed the opportunity.
Am folding the five basketful's of laundry before I'm going to put them away. Am planning on getting to the kitchen when I get to cooking dinner.
Also am hoping to go for a walk to get a slushy. It's not the nicest of weather, but it won't kill us.
So, I got about an hour to tackle the laundry and make myself presentable, cause it takes us about 45 minutes to wlak up there. Then mom can pick us up and drive us back home.
We'll see if I've aimed too high.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thank god for caffine.
I'm so tired, and so angry with myself for being so retarded.

Ice skating went ok, though it was pretty tough skating in guys skates that were too big. My feet are real sore now.
Hafta get Chance's prescription at some point today.
I need a nap.
Did I mention Darius got up before 7am?

About Enough

Oh my god.
I'm sick, yes.
I've been wiping Darius' nose non-stop now for the last three days. Nevermind my nose.

Chance wasn't feeling so hot yesterday when he got up and such. I figured out he hadn't been taking his anti-biotics properly, as he should've been finished them yesterday and he's got about a half a bottle left yet. Ya know, you've got something communical and contagious...doesn't logic tell you that in order to spare your children you should take whatever you need to to get rid of it?
Common sense? It's not showing here.
I rip into him about that, and he goes to work...whatever. A couple of hours before his shift ends and he calls me to tell me they're closing down early because some shithead decided to attack the place with pepper spray and instead of him running away like everyone else, he tells me he was "macho" (direct quote) and stood there just breathing it in.
After basketball (yes, instead of taking it easy on his lungs he continued to worsen the situation by playing invigoratings sports) he came in and went right to bed. A while later I hear him calling my name. He's running a nasty fever with terrible chills, his muscles are super duper sore, & he's got coughing fits that are leaving him breathless. Great.
So, I tell him "Let's go, we're headed to the hospital".
I managed a hot bath in between because he was cold and it helped a bit.
I dragged him out and to the hospital at 11pm.
It took them an hour for each service they performed lastnight. We got back at 4am. I stayed awake the whole time, but Chance was napping basically whenever no Dr.'s were there.
Today Darius's class is going Ice Skating in which ONE parent needs to be with him on the ice. I don't have skates, and I just managed to buy a pair for the both of them, I had only planned on going to take pictures.
Just fucking lovely. My eyes are burning, and I'm tired as snot.
Why am I always the one to wake up after a long-ass night.
ANYhow. After chest x-rays, blood tests, and a 175 dollar fee we found out that he has a little bit of Pneumonia in one lung, and just passed over whatever he had. He recieved another prescription and was sent home. yay. I feel like a retard. I insisted he go and I shoul've just kept my big mouth shut.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gimme a Break

Watched the season finale of Beauty and the Geek tonight and found it appropriate.

Hunter has been oh so cranky all evening. Doesn't want to be held, doesn't want to be put down, doesn't want to nurse. So I give him some Tylenol and caught a glimpse of his mouth while he was arching back and screaming, and lo and behold, he's cutting his uppers on either side of his front two teeth. What's with the pattern of cutting two at once?!
This means that his behavior will continue until they've broken the gumline.
God Help Me.

I feel like I've wiped Darius' nose every 15 minutes since he woke up this morning. I hope to high heaven that he'll be able to go to pre-school tommorow morning.
I need ro remember to put some moisturizer on his nose b4 he goes to sleep.

Was the first one awake this morning, and I couldn't go back to sleep.Loaded the dishwasher, did the dishes & cooked breakfast for everyone before plopping myself down to relax a bit.
Played some Super Monkey Ball boxing with D for a bit which was a blast.
Took a short nap with Hunter.
I think I've got Cabin Fever.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Oi Yoi Yoi Yoi.
We're sick. Darius, and myself I mean. Darius is coughing today and the last two days he's been running fevers and the like. Hunter had some Tylenol lastnight cause he was running a slight fever as well. He was grouchy, and clingy, and wanted nothin to do with anyone else but mommy.
So I woke up with a raging sore throat this morning. Have made a nice pot of tea for Darius and I and I have a feeling we'll be living off of warmed liquids and cough drops.
It's interesting trying to teach a young boy like D to suck on a cough drop instead of instantly chewing and swallowing. He can do it better than Chance can I think.
I knew that with two sick people in the house that it was impossible to escape getting sick ourselves, I was just wondering how many others would start suffering.
So, in any event, if we get any worse we'll be heading to the doctor.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Forgot to mention that I have a gas leak in my car. Noticed yesterday while out shopping, my car wouldn't accelerate properly. It would go, but as soon as I'd let my foot off the pedal, I'd slow right down to a stop. When I parked it and shut it off, all I could smell was gas.
Made it home in it, and haven't looked at it since.

Went Thrift shopping with mom yesterday afternoon. Was originally looking for ice skates for the boys cause D's class is going next week, but I ended up with so much more.
I always disappoint myself there. I don't need, but I continue to buy, spending money we don't have. I should'nt be doing that.
I dscovered lastnight that Chance has a secret addiction to Kool-Aid. Interesting. He has more and more quirks, I swear.
Been playing with Hunter lots, trying to encourage him to crawl better, faster, and more. He's doing well with the sitting-to-crawling stage. He's already trying to pull himself up on stuff, but hasn't gotten the leg co-ordination yet.
I believe my olders boys are sick. Well, Chance has Strep Throat, and is on antibiotics, and D is starting to show signs of having a cold. Fever, sore throat, and such.
Am not feeling as perky as I have in the past few days, and I wonder why.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Family night tonihgt was good. A few local youths came in and did some dancing for us, with some very beautiful costumes. Almost all of the kids were kids of girls I went to high school with, and whom used to be dancers themselves.
I got some good videos, and a great idea to get Darius into dancing. A healthy way to wear off loads of energy, and after talking it over with one of the mothers discovered that there is no protocol to begin your dancing "career" Just make your costume and go. One of the parents is attempting to get a dance class started down at the gym so her kids have more practice time before entering pow wows over the summer and such, which I think would be cool.
Am currently awaiting an email from her so I can get an idea of what to start with in regards to a costume (the fun part for me) and then an idea of specific type of songs, or maybe moves.
So many genre's to pick from, I guess I'll need to do research on it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Caught a creative bug today, knowing Valentine's day is tommorow.
Helped them make a few centerpieces for the Elder's/Family Night dinner at the Baby Group, and let the kids play.
There was a 2 month old baby there, and Darius was just all over him, playing with him and making him smile. He was a very cute, very dark baby. Interesting name too, Triton.
Got some card to finish up for the preschool kids, and then I have to find a blender (ours is buried too far into storage) to make the smoothies for tommorow.
Bought some banas, frozen strawberried, a mango, and a couple of plums, nectarines, and peaches plus some frozen Vanilla Yogurt. Also bought some red cups and straws to put them in along with these cool mini pin-wheels for garnishes. :o)
I enjoy making things for the kids to enjoy.

Monday, February 12, 2007

It's funny to think that such a simple thing like understanding can so awry sometimes.

Man, Hunter does not like travelling. He gets so bored and just doesn't like it. Guess I'll hafta remedy that sometime. He hated being stuck in his carseat.

This weekend seemed to carry on. It was long. I'm beginning to understand that I can only stand my grandmother in small, 24 hour or less doses before I'm sick of her and want to move on.
Unfortunately, I've come to the realization that for her world, there is no opinion but hers, and whether you like it or not, you're gonna listen.
I went to her home for support (though it wasn't my first choice on where to go for support, it's just where I ended up) and all I got was a bunch of crap. I can honestly say that after this visit (and the junk that went on during X-mas, I don't believe my kids will be spending an overly-long amount of time in her presence)
Maybe I need to re-learn how to appreciate my Grandmother, or maybe I just need some distance, but whatever the case, I didn't get what I was looking for this visit, and I don't expect to in any other visit there.
I'm disappointed that I couldn't get the support I so very badly wanted, and would bet all my money on someone else, anyone else if I wanted it again in the future.
That's a disappointing realization.
Still though, I would've rather had put up with my Grandmother, than be in the presence of my husband.
I still don't know quite what I want to say to him, or what it will all encompass.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I don't believe words can describe my emotions today.
I'm angry, and I'm disappointed, but it's so thoroughly consuming I hardly know what to do with it.
I feel terrible for my children, and I'm sick with the thought of their effect.
I shut myself down for most of the day because I didn't wish either child to see it, but as the shock has worn off I'm finding it difficult to contain myself to a standard of decency.


God, I'm tired. Lastnight was horrendeous. It was terrible.
I chatted with Pokie on the phone for a bit, invited her up for the 54-40 concert. Would be nice if she could get away just for a bit, even if it is only a couple of days worth and I'd really like to see her.
Today we have Baby group, and i need to drop off donations of old baby stuff that we don't need anymore.
Apparently we'll be making centerpieces for the Valentines Day dinner down at the Wellness Center where we have our Family Fun Night Dinners for the Elders.
I also need to go pay insurance, and hit the store up for some milk.
I so frickin tired it's not even funny. I swear I was up at every hour lastnight. And by up I meanI was out of bed. I hope to high heaven that I can get some sleep tonight.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Did I mention that 54-40 is coming ot Kelowna again on the 23rd (I think) they'll be playing at Flashbacks, 20 bux a ticket. That'd be nice to go since I haven't stopped listening to their music since I seen them last September.

The weekend is over.
We recieved our eviction notice from our place on Friday, and that made this weekend a bit more tough. Not to say that I didn't see it coming.
Went downtown with mom this afternoon to go do a quick trip tot he thrift store for something to do.
Trying to get us on a decent schedual. Slowly it's getting there.
Have been trying to keep myself busy so I don't have to think or ponder.
I feel pretty clear.
It's kinda scary that it's February already.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

We've got freezing rainin a quarter inch layer on the ground right now.
Guess that scraps any plans that we may have of going anywhere's while the boys watch their football game this afternoon.
I'm tired.
Hunter is so cute.
He can sit on his own, and even crawls around, in his own floppy fashion. The community health nurse said that because he's so heavy that it's probly gonna take an extra bit for him to become completely mobile because of the weight that he needs to lift while crawling. He does get around quite well right now though, that's for cure.
When i was at the haircutters place the other day I bought D a nice little Tiara, and wheni got home, I made him a wand to go with it. That'll be posted to Flickrs sometime today.
We've been playing a lot of scrabble lately.
I wish I were in Vancouver.

Friday, February 02, 2007

It's friday finally.
Went out for lunch with mom and some of her co-workers, then decided to take Hunter in for his first haircut (FINALLY!). Lunch was super yummy at Yama's Greek Taverna, their buffent was verry good.
We went to Beaner's Cuts for Kids, on the way there he fell asleep in the car, so I ended up waiting in the car for an hour for him to wake up. Good thing I brought a book with me. Took him into the store and didn't even think to feed him cause I was kinda impatient to just get things moving.
He bawled through the entire haircut. Took maybe 8 minutes for her to cut his hair, but it was probably th elongest of his life. He sat in a pink Jeep (with sides to hold him in) and had a nice cape on.
Wasn't half bad, and the amount of hair that came off of him was shocking. She messed up the back of his head, badly. Now his head looks fat. It'll grow back I spose tho.
Pictures at Flickr.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well, finally a moment of respite. So much to do.
I need to start cleaning cause we're sposed to have the pre-school lady come by for aninterview tommorow or whatever.

So the other place has mold, something had to've bust. Went over lastnight to help pack a bit and I could really smell it when the furnace came on.
Hope we can get our stuff out sooner, rather than later.
I'm thinking about it today, and I probly won't even be here for Canadian Idol next year.
Oh well...that's part of being both an adult and a parent.
I guess I'll just have to find a new dream, or life goal. Find something to replace that item on my life's to-do list. What's the appropriate mourning period? LOL
So, this week has gone quite smoothly. Though not everything that I want schedualled in was done, it was only a small few things not ticked off. Hopefully next week will go more smoothly.
I can't seem to catch a period of time where things are going smoothly enough to build a decent schedual.

Hunter goes in for his shots tommorow morning. Am hoping to drop off the items that I no longer need for the baby there for donation.
I feel so all over the place, and I can't find a nice stable place to rest.

posted to flickr

Had some fun this morning with the camera, had forgotten how fun it can be.

Went to a parenting group lastnight, they made dinner, then watched the kids while we had a group session. Was interesting. The food was decent, and the people there seemed to have quite a bit in common with myself.
So, we've got three parenting groups per week. Tuesday and Thursday have a baby group from 11:30-1:30, and Wednesday night has the parenting group from 5-7:30. All I've found quite enjoyable. Though so far each time I've attended Tuesday's baby group I've found I'm the only one, it's still nice to be served lunch and have the kids out of the house into a new environment.