Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekends and Then Some

Busy Busy again.
Saturday took D to Scandia, we spent two hours playing games, and mini-golfing. Was terrific fun until we went to leave and i realized that I had locked my keys in the car, and (for once) rolled up my window all the way. :o( After a moment of panic called Chance at work (for some reason the pay phone I was using was trying to charge me 2.50 to phone home and only .25 to phone Chance's Cell) and told him to either phone Kimmie or phone one of his friends to help me out.
Thankfully, he got a hold of one the Boys from Guys Night and he was kind enough to come and pick me up (with the forethought to bring a carseat and a bottle of water for D) and drive me downtown to grab mom's keys from her, and then back to the car. I was very grateful and ended up going back to his place to meet his wife and two daughters (7, and 3 weeks) and for a cup of coffee. I was further impressed by his parenting skills, and was rather awed to see what his wife called a "natural" father. He was completely at ease swinging the baby around, and then proceeded to play with both D and his oldest daughter for over an hour.
Anyhow, we ended up staying until about 9pm when we finally left, we had to stop to buy D some dinner as he had yet to eat, and then go pick up Chance from work. We got there just in time I believe. D ate in the car, and got some Kimmie snuggles and then it was off to bed where he crashed out in five minutes without even putting up a fuss.
Maybe that was because it was a rather long day...we had gone Garage Sale-ing that morning, and spent most of that time wandering around one sub-division walking from one to the next. Scored some good deals there...came out with a baby swing, and a bouncy seat, and another sling. D got plenty of toys. He's so chatty that he talked to absolutely everyone, and used his manners accordingly. Usually when he had to ask how much something was, the ppl just gave him whatever he was asking about. Oy.
Sunday we went to see X-men 3. I enjoyed it, but was displeased to have to go across town to see it as our thatre was packed...I had to pay 7.95 for each of us!! Our theatre at least docks off 2 dollars for D. I find thatre prices outrageous.
Yesterday D and I stayed home, until mom got off work when he headed to Value Village for their One Day 50% off everything sale. After that we ended up dropping our cards off at Pine Acres, which was nice.
D had a nice long bath which was long overdue.
Chance and I have been rather catty lately. Just no sense of well being there at all.
Today D and his pre-school class went to DQ where the pre-school paid for them to all have an ice cream treat. :o) Lucky lil goob.
After we got up from our nap we spent the afternoon outside on the porch and in the yard. I had bought a small bin and a bunch of plastic play dishes for him, and he spent 2 hours happily washing his dishes, dumping water from one container to the next, and then painting various items with water, and then muddy water and a paintbrush I gave to him. He really enjoyed it. Definately a good way for him to beat the heat.
We came in, I cooked dinner and he isn't interested in it yet, unfortunately.
I feel real tired...can't seem to sleep well these days.


I feel Horribly alone today.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Pine Acres

Today is a yucky day out...overcast.
It rained all night lastnight.
We went shopping yesterday after I dropped Chance off at work. Man alive...I was SO hot it wasn't even funny. By the time we hit the second store I was searching for seomthign I could wear that was lighter than what I had on. Of course once I got it on, the stupid rainstorm hit. Typical. lots of fun things yesterday...mostly clothes and such. We also went to Value Village, where we got a bargain of a deal...a D-sized bike (with training wheels) for only 4.99! D just loves it. After having Chance make a few minor adjustments on it this morning, it's ready to go. It's in good shape, hardly any wear on the tires, no scrapes that I saw, just a few stickers on the frame from the previous owner. Easily removed though.
Decided to start making cards for the elderly today, and instead of sending them out, decided to ship them to Pine Acres Care Home here on the rez like Chance suggested. So, I phoned and asked how many residents they house, and we'll have a bit to go before we can send them off. :o) 63 in total...oh boy!
Darius made his own "smoothie" with the Juicer this morning, though he wasn't awefully interested in drinking it.
I made myself a concoction that tasted almost exactly like a Strawberry Mocktail from Kelly O' Briens. Come to think of it, it's been a while since I've been there...hmm.
X-men 3 opens today...I was hoping to take D to see it in the theatre since he loves X-men so much. We shall's are so expensive these days.
Ho hum...guess it's off to get me some perogies...I'm starving.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Baby Dreams

Had another baby dream lastnight...dreampt it was a girl...and she hatched from an egg. how weird is that?? Apparently I'm in the business of laying, not birthing.
Am supposed to pick up mom early from work today so we can go thrift shopping. Yay!
Am gonna hafta start buying essentials for baby, like body-wash and that sort of thing...since I didn't get anything from the baby shower in those terms. Ronnie phoned to tell me she's sending out a box with baby stuff in it for me, so I'll hafta wait and see what that brings forth. ;oD I like surprises (as D would say).
Mom took me grocery shopping yesterday on her lunch break...and i must've broke her bank with all the veggies I bought. But, with the new juicer, I'm anxious to try a couple of iron boosting drink for myself.
I had a super yummy breakfast this morning...just thought I'd share with y'all. Raspberries, blueberrie, and grapes, with sliced almonds and yogurt, and homemade hashbrowns! Yummy! Doesn't get any better than that when you are as hungry as I was.
anyhow...gotta go take a shower to hopefully get my day started smoothly...since I didn't do it before playing chauffer.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Idol Baby!!


I knew it...I knew it, I knew it!!
I SO called it!


I slept on the couch lastnight...and woke up to Darius dragging poor Nana outta bed to th eliving room cause he couldn't find me. Apparently i was too well hidden by my huge collection of pillows. Was pretty comfy though, didn't wake up a billion times just to turn over cause the one hip was sore. :o)
Anyhow, got up this mornin, and started off as usual...unloading the dishwahsher, then rinsing the dishes and throwing them in.
Chopped up some potatoes for breakfast, and knocked Chance outta bed.
Fed D his breakfast, and tried to sit down to eat...but that didn't happen cause D wanted me to play, and then Chance wanted me to try out the new Juicer that he bought over the weekend at a garage sale. It's a pretty neat contraption I must say. So...I hauled out what veggies we had, and started juicing, which of course caught D's attention.
He toted a chair to the kitchen with me, and gave me a hand making Daddy a glass of fresh juice. He really enjoyed watching the different colours of juice come out according to vegetale. We used broccoli, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, and carrots. :o) Not a bad tasting drink, and I'm amazed that after tasting it, I can actually taste each individual vegetable i put in it.
D really had soon as we were finished he zoomed off down the hallway to find dad. "Daddy, dad, I made you a drink, come and see, come and see!" Was cute.
Not much to do today...but after spending my morning looking at recipes for juicing, I've decided I may try a couple to help my hemogloben levels, as inctructed by my Midwife.
D had gymnastics this mornin, so the boys are out right now...and walking in the door as I type...guess I should scoot.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yay Us

Well...just finished up our first meeting with Kate Rudrum, our Doula. Was a very pleasant meeting. I liked her, and so did Chance. We're both very comfortable with her...and came out with an over-all positive feeling. Yay us!

Weekends Schmeekends

Y aknow...I was all for heading to Gramma's after that "woe is us" phone call from Gramma...but this weekend was really just rediculous.
I'm pissed at those losers who call themselves her friends. I'm pissed at that loser and his g/f who calls himself their brother. I'm pissed at the person who calls himself her husband. Fucknuts...all of them.
I have never seen my grandmother's house in such a state. She's always been cleanly, even if it's cluttered. She's always been strict with behaviors. My lord, the place was a disaster, and I honestly couldn not wait to return home.
The yard was a disgrace...why? Because that fucknut of a brother dropped his sons new dog off for a week, without leaving food for it, and the dumb ass dug up the yard, and garbage, and whatever else it could get it's paws on.
Let's not mention the fact that she had a family living in an RV in her yard that had 2 big dogs of their own.
Let's talk about inside, which was as messy as could be. Floors needed sweeping, dishes needed washing, toilet needed to be scrubbed along with the shower. Let's mention that she removed ALL shampoos and soaps from bathroom because everyone was helping themselves to it without any offer of return.
Let's talk about the seperation of her food from her "boarder", and the fact that she hasn't even bothered to pay rent yet.
And let's not forget the husband which keeps reaming her money stockpile for beer. I seen him holding a cup of coffee ONCE this weekend. Every time I seen him he was drinking a beer.
Do you think any of those fucknuts lifted a goddamned finger to help my grandmother do anything like cook, or clean?!?!?
Chance and I spent our weekend trying to sort things out with her. Chance did outside, heavy work for her, while I cooked and did dishes so she could get round to doing other things.
That in itself is fucking outrageous cause she just had surgery, like, not more than 2 weeks ago.
I seriously wish people could get their shit together and smarten up.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well, after we hemmed and hawed this mornin, we checked out a few grage sales here on this side of the bridge today. I was on the hunt for baby stuff, but didn't find anything...all the good ones were early, and on the other side of the bridge. :o(
So, anyways...I suppose Chance, D and I will take off to Gramma's once again.
Unfortunately, we were unable to persuade Kimmie and Mom into coming with even though I recieved a "disappointed Gramma" phone call this morning. Apparently, the houseful she was expecting wasn't anywheres near max capacity, and she's a lil downhearted about that.
Anyhow...I'm just grbabing a quick snack before packing my bags, and getting us out onto the road. Wonder what time we'll end up pulling in...

Friday, May 19, 2006

Weekends Never Come Soon Enough

Well it's Friday at last.
Spent my mornin sleeping in a little, but when I did get up the house was up in arms. Those boys...*sighs* They just know which buttons to push to rile each other up.
In any event, the TV had way to much focus on it than I was comfortable with, and so when I got round to turning it off things kinda cooled down a bit.
Unfortunately, Dad needed to be reminded why he shouldn't interfere when I'm doing something like putting Darius to sleep. That basically put a halt to my day, as it took the entire afternoon, from about 10:30 when he went down, until well after 2 to get D to sleep.
Finally though, I had to intervene, because after the first interruption on Chance's part I just said, Fine, you do it then. That was when he ifnally went to sleep. I once again had to explain myself as being the primary caregiver of Darius right now, he needs to know who's authority he listens to. I support Chance, he supports me...that's the perfect world, and for the most part, we do work that way. Unfortunately, we do have our slipbacks when either he or I are having an off day, and today was one of those days.
Chance went out to work out at a gym (his own birthday gift to himself was a membership there) and I sat down to do some reading and unwinding as the day wore on me. I've only got, like, 13 Baby/Child-related books to read.
Chance picked mom up early as she asked, but when they came in, they woke up D...who stumbled out of his room all groggy-like only to fall asleep on my lap while getting his post-nap snuggles. Unfortunately, that pinned me to the couch and since I couldn't move, i just gave up and napped a short while as well. So we had a family nap. Mom on the one couch, D on me, and me on the loveseat. Chance enjoyed the quiet and chatted some on the comp.
After I finally woke us up (after another 45 minutes) I decided we should go out for dinner as a family. So, Chance, D, and I got up and went for dinner at our fav Chinese Buffet place. :o)
It was pleasant enough. D actually ate the majority of his dinner on his own. Didn't require us to feed him, and didn't mess round too much. Was nice.
Went to Blockbuster cause I figured we could use a good family night at home to make up for the stormy day we had. D chose The Wizard of Oz (one of his favorite...we're currently looking for the book and movie in the thrift stores)...and I chose a bunch more kids movies to watch with him over the next week. Peter Pan (we've been reading the book), The Iron Giant (an employee at the store recommended it), Toy Story 2 (they never seem to have it in until tonight), a Dora the Explorer and a couple of Bob the Builders. In total, D got, like 7 movies for him...LOL Not bad though, it only totalled 25 dollars. A week's worth of family entertainment for 25 bux. Cheaper than going to the movies.
We've also gotten our playpen from mom's co-worker...finally. It's a lot like the one we had in Ohio, just a single amenity short. :o)
It's a nice sage green colours with the nuetral colours in a plaid as accents. Was easy to set up (course all playpens are once you get the hang of them). I'm already picturing the things I can make to go in it such as the changer pad (cause it's just lined in the vinyl and nothing fabric) and a nice little Bassinet Canopy Thingy...cause this one didn't come with one. The lady was nice enough to give us an instruction booklet with it though. Excellent shape, not a mark on it, which means it was hardly used.
I spent some time looking up our next projects for D and I to do for the Do One Nice Thing organization.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that our cards had arrived and some of them were posted on ther website.
I was even more pleased when I recieved a letter in the mail today from the founder of Do One Nice thanking us for our kindess in making the cards.
So, I checked their archives for other projects that we could do. I discovered a nice bunch of things, like sending Art supplies to veterans to help them express themselves in therapy, and Kidflicks which is a place to send my gently used children's movies to ehich donates them to hospital children's wards, and Thinking of You where we make cards for senior citizens.
Chance asked me why I don't just start up my own thing here in Kelowna, and I said I wouldn't have the foggiest clue where to start. LOL
'Sides, where would I get the energy or the time?
I did house chores yesterday, and I was completely beat by the time dinner was finished cooking.
We got the car fixed, after having the battery conk out on us. Kimmie was nice and brought one home with him this morning, and Chance put it in.
We were supposed to go someplace this weekend...and we may still, but if we do it'll be spontaneous cause we haven't planned anything. Not to say that there isn't plenty to do, we'll just hafta pick something.
Anyhow...we rented Fun with Dick and Jane for ourselves, and Chance is beckoning me to the couch. I had better scoot before my snuggles decide to go to bed.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

D's buddy Carson taken today at Pre-school. Today was D's special day, and when I asked Chance to take some pictures, the kids apparently enjoyed the digital camera.

A special Happy Birthday to Ronnie!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Humor Hath Many Faces

Mom asked us to whisk her to the Dr.'s office today before language class after we picked her up from work. While waiting in the office, a gentlemen who happened to be sitting nearby was called before mom was.
The Nurse came out, called his name, and he went back with her.
Darius was minding his own business, playing quietly, nicely...but as soon as the man walked out of sight, he stopped what he was doing, looked up, and chuckled to himself..."hee hee hee, Mr. Fish."

That sure broke the ice in the waiting area, as everyone caught on to his sense of innocent humor, and everyone within hearing chuckled at him.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

All Said and Done

Well, after the weekend is finally over I don't feel as bad anymores. It drives me nuts to think that not only did I want a b-day party to which nobody showed, but also a baby shower. It's insulting...but being a forgiving person when it comes to my fam, I can forget about it I suppose.
I was really really Happy Gramma came out...I wasn't expecting her at all until she called Saturday night to say she's be there Sunday morning. :oD I'm happy she came to visit, even if it was for 2 days.
Dropped her off at the Bus Depot today, and her bus was 45 minutes late even arriving, n/m when they departed. She wanted to make her book study in Barriere, I hope she'll be able to.
Was nice, we went Thrift shopping yesterday, at Gramma's request. :o) I bought a bunch of junk, really. Nothing overly useful, but it was still fun.
Oh my god...I can't believe how hot it is. I'm so not gonna survive without Air Conditioning.
Harry spent a lot of time with us this weekend, which was nice. Poor guy's been hitting a rough patch cause he's recently single and doesn't know what to do with himself. At least he's spending time with us, and keeping himself outta trouble. Been renting movies, buying munchies, and being couch potatoes together. :oD What are good friends for eh?
I hadn't realized that this weekend is a loong weekend. Course, that was partially why we planned the Shower for Mother's Day to begin with, but it hadn't occurred to me with all that was happening. I seen a few trucks drive by on their way to Westbank with the fair rides on it. Mom popped my bubble reminding me that I can't ride the rides, so I shouldn't be excited. LOL Darius is old and big enough to do the rides and actually be excited about them though, so I'm excited for him. Hopefully we'll be able to hit it up at least once.
Gramma also wants us to visit her this weekend. I hope we'll be able to. :o) She said it would really be nice, even if it is just for an over-nighter. We'll see how well we can convince mom. :oD It's a beautiful day out today...but hot. We took D to the library, and bought some sandwhich stuff for lunch, and are at home now.

Shame on me...I forgot to call Ralph to let him know when to expect Gramma. how embaressing.

Chance's b-day is coming up next month. He says he wants a tatoo. *rolls eyes* He also would like a trip up to Gramma's to enjoy some hiking and outdoor activities. :o) We shall see

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Baby Showers and BBQ's

I'm telling you...I really do wonder why I put effort into anything.
Today is Mother's Day and the day of my Bab ySHower. The day where I get to not only celebrate the lifeinside of me and exress the joy of having a new baby, but also the joy of being a Mother to Darius.
I don't think that I can express the disappointment about the turn-out from my family and friend's. Roger and Cathy phoned lastnight to cancel their appearance because they'd rather do "their own thing" on Mother's Day. Ali never bothered to confirm, and hasn't shown up. Mary was busy. Lori wouldn't budge to come and make an appearance because Phil has a visit this afternoon with Savannah. I didn' bother inviting Deb because I know she doesn't like big gatherings. No one else is here. The only people who showed up, are Jean and Ernie, and Gramma even caught a bus out today, and Harry is supposed to show up soon as well.
It's hard not to take it personally because it's a celebration in honor of me, and my mother, and my grandmother...and I feel like no one cares. Cathy said she's schedual a shopping trip with me to buy something.
Ya know, I'm not a shallow person, I don't "need" things. I'd like your support more than I'd enjoy a gift.
It hurts that no one made the effort to come out for free food and fun. It feels like no one cares about the effort that I made to make the salads, hamburger patties, veggie platters, put up decorations, or the baby I made in my stomache.
I should know better by now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Updating Again

Busy Busy
Been trying to keep up with Mr. D. He hasn't been feeling well, poor lil guy. Guess he's got a touch of the tummy flu. Oh well, lots of time spent with mommy and Nana and lots of cuddles.
He's not hungry, what else is new. Won't eat anything, but has plenty to drink, so no worries.
Am makin a nice veggie broth up for him right now while he's napping, that way I can get some extra stuff into him before the eve is out.
Went shopping at Value Village again today. Chance wanted to get a couple of new outfits for himself, and I wanted to buy some more baby clothes. I did pretty good, focused on buying things in other sizes besides Newborn, and did farily well, if I do say so myself.
So, I'm building myself quite the stockpile of baby clothing. :o) Can't to start buying everything else to go along with, cause I'm sure I'll do more shopping once the baby actually arrives, right?
I haven't bought a new diaper bag yet...but we shall see if I need to or not, cause I've still got D's old one. I will if it's a girl I suppose. I miss the one I had when D was a baby, the one that got stolen from Boston Pizza's after we came up here to visit. :o(
Come to think of it, I miss my dog too. :o(
So, anyways...D is sick, mom is sick, Chance is warding off (barely), and Kimmie is sick. I'm left all alone as the sole non-sicko in the household. Thankg goodness I keep up on my vitamins or I'd be in trouble.
Was pretty cute...yesterday. D got a package in the mail from his Ama (he's been expecting for about a week now), and when we went to go pick up mom from work, he went out to the porch before me, and as I was getting my shoes on I hear him saying "mommy could you open the door for me?"
I poked my head out to see why he needed me to open the door, and there he was stooped over trying to pick up this box with something in his hand before he just drops his toy and grabs the box and runs inside. He gets up to the table, and is blabbering full speed about his package from Ama and how he got mail to Dad. I grabbed some scissors, and before I can attack it nicely, Chance is attempting to tear into it as if it's the last package he'll ever open. I butted him out of the way so I could start cutting, and as soon as it was open Chance was dive bombing into the silly thing...before Darius scootched him over by hopping onto a chair and bumping him outta the way. He started dive bombing as well, but not without his brief "ooh's" and "ahh's" at everything else. Darn it, he was in search of his new "Bug Picker" that Ama promised she'd send him and he was determined to find it.
So, once he had his hands on that bug picker and the bug net, we were on our way to get nana.
Once we got back, D and I took a nap. 3 hours later we woke. Boy, that was a nice nap.
Well, I've ben making him sleep in his underwear cause it's not yet time to turn on A/C but it still gets warm. Anyhow, we woke up and he's wandering round the house in his undies and socks, and after mom gets a small stew on the stove she comes out of the kitchen and says "Darius, Nana needs some time outside, do you think you could take her out?"
Darius literally dropped his toy (one of his fav's) and ran for the front door saying "Oh, sure sure" and when he got there he was frantically trying to turn the doorknob to get it opened.
Was pretty cute.
So, we got him dressed and out the door with Nana, and not too long after they were gone, I hear frantic footsteps on the porch as D comes bombing into the house "The Ice Cream Truck is coming, the Ice Cream Truck is coming, I need money mommy! Please!"
So, I quickly grabbed him my changepurse and handed it to him and he went running back out the door with a "thank-you" thrown over his shoulder.

Mental Image: Darius waiting on the side of the road, holding someone's hand, squirming in his shoes with an ear to ear grin as he watches the Ice Cream Truck approach.

Yup, I spoil him with some sort of treat everytime the ice cream truck comes, I have some sort of change in reserve, even if it's just in nickels and dimes, I don't mind forkin over the small stuff.
All I can say is I'm glad he uses him manners when he's supposed to. :o)

Ahh, quiet time, mom's grocery shopping, Chance is at work, Kimmie and D are asleep. yay.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Well La-Dee-Da

Darius' sleeping schedual is changing again. He's going back to waking up at the crack of dawn...I guess I can't get away with the excuse that it's still dark out when he first wakes up anymore. *sighs* I'm mourning my 8am wake-ups :o(
On the bright side, we get some good suggle time in, AND he gets an earlier nap time, which is more convenient cause on days where we're chaufferring, he won't be napping during a pick-up/drop-off time.
Got my T4 back in the mial today...finally. Only took the hag a month. Anyhow, I should be able to file my taxes sometime this week...and this is the first year when I can file my taxes, apply for the GST return, AND the Child Tax Benefit. Wohoo!! I'm looking foreward to back pay. Probly require all previous years' tax returns and Chance's last tax return...big whoop. I'm in the money!
Nice looking day out today...but I'm gonna keep my bet son it being really chilly out. It snowed on the Coq and Hwy 33 lastnight...seen the webcams. May, get real.
Damned nesting instinct. Went shopping on Saturday with mom for baby clothes. Spent the last 40 bux from Steven at the Salvation Army and Value Village. I'm rather impressed with myself, at how much I was really able to get. :o) Came home, and washed everything.

New items to add that I will need for the baby :
Laundry Soap (Ivory or Tide Free)
Fabric Softener (Bounce Free)
Burp Cloths
Baby Wipes (alcohol and perfume free) a phone call from Niamh lastnight, she told me she couldn't come to the Baby Shower because her mom was working on Mother's Day. I told her I didn't expect her to, but that I thought she'd enjoy getting an invitation all the same. I wonder about Danielle's parenting skills, if she's working on Mother's Day. Whatever though, I don't know anything about her situtation, so who am I to judge?
Poor li guy is sick again. Runny nose, plugged nose...sneezies. Yuck. Guess I'll really hafta make sure his handwashing is as much as possible. I try to wash his hands whenever I catch him sneezing on them and stuff, but it's a bit of a pain when I hafta take a chair into the kitchen with me everytime. Oh well. Hopefully he'll get over it quickly.

Friday, May 05, 2006

First Pay

I totally did not feel up to chauffer service this morning. It always makes me feel kinda bad when I can't seem to get where we need to be on time...very frustrating cause even though I plan to leave on time, I can't seem to get everything to work out as I've planned. :oP
Anyways...took a break from the chauffer rounds, and let Chance drive himself, and mom catch a ride with Kimmie. Yer on yer own guys!
Today, D and I will spend a relaxing day at home, without having to worry about who we're picking up, and when we need to be there.
Though it seems kinda silly, it *almost* puts stress on me to have to worry about the timing schedual. Almost. I know it's not the end of the world if things don't go as planned, but it does put a kink in my day because I've planned my day around the schedual. That includes, D naps, D activities, snack times, rest times, and outside time.
That's why today I said I didn't wanna we can spend the day at home doing whatever we like, whenever we like.
Gotta make some Mother's Day cards with D at some point. :o)
I feel good that I got our invitation RSVP's for the wedding out, some invitations for the Baby shower mailed, and the cards D and I made for Operation Feel Better Campaign this week. Next is a box of artwork and such for Rhonda.
Today it's supposed to get up to 26 here...we'll be spending the majority of our afternoon outside, I can tell you that much. Maybe we'll take our crafty stuff out to the yard for a change, and not hafta worry about makin a mess. :oD
Chance bought himself a new cell phone his very first *official* paycheque from the Youth Center yesterday...yay!
We went to Zellers (who happened to be having a terrific sale on vitamins) and got him some vitamins, and a new pair of sandals. Then on over to Extra where we bought mostly fresh produce and his cell phone.
*sighs* I'm not impressed at his purchase decision with the cell phone...but I must admit, we need better communication abilities. I just don't see why the cell phone I have isn't good enough.
But, ok, I can understand a "treat" from his first paycheque.
Anyhow...guess I had better get back to's cereal time!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

To Do Days

Kind of a busy day...hmmm.
Had to get Chance to work by 7:30, mom to work by 8, and D to pre-school by 9. Boy oh boy, made for a busy mornin in the Elliott/Breckenridge/Fidgeon household. :oD
Went as smoothly as could be expected though, which was nice.
Got home, had the house to myself as Kimmie went to Paul's this mornin, so it was real quiet.
Had enough to eat my breakfast, relax for about 10 minutes before pouncing the laundry again, vacuuming, tidying the house, empty the dishwasher, re-load the dishwasher, and pull something out for dinner. Dunno what I'm makin, but it's gonna be a new creation...oh boy oh boy!
I sure don't move as quick as I used to, and boy was I toasty when I was finished.
I need a shower... :oP

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mental Image for the Day

Picture amber...the pregnant gypsy

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bastards, all of them.

Felt like a long weekend. boy oh boy.
For some unknown reason D started waking up before 7am this weekend...something that he hasn't done in ages. I'm hoping that it's not a trend. I don't mind getting up early, but I don't believe that it's something D should do because he gets tired soo easily.
Anyhow...Saturday mornin both Chance and I got up with...and after I booted Chance and his irritated bum outta D's room, D and I spent a pleasant morning lounging and playing in his bed before we had breakfast.
I don't think my husband has a clear idea of what the term "burn-out" means when it comes to work.
Harry spent Friday night here, and as a requirement, I told him he had to cook breakfast for everyone. He's been in a culinary course for over a year and just graduated from it, and had yet to cook me anything up until then. So, anyhow, made him cook after I cleaned the kitchen and fed D. Then D and I went outside to play...and I was surprised to find that it was barely 8am!! :oO
Anyways, we spent almost an hour outside before coming in and having some food, and then put D down for his nap.
Didn't do a whole lot on Saturday. We drove Chance to work at the Youth Center, and there was a huge thunderstorm. Over with relatively quickly. But, in the major part of it D and I were in the car. Went shopping and he was having a bit of a rough time listening, so we stepped out and let mom finish alone. Well, leaving the store early upset him even more than he already was, and he tossed himself into the throes of a fit. Crying, moping, moaning, begging to go back into the store. And of course when I said no he got worse, and when it started really coming down outside...his fit changed focus from "I WANNA GO INSIDE" to "WE'RE TRAPPED IN THE CAR, NANA'S TRAPPED IN THE STORE!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO??" Was pretty cute, and I had to try really, really hard not to laugh at this outburst.
Anyways, after that fit was over and done with he was better cause Nana played in the rain with him some while I cleaned the kitchen again b4 dinner was cooked. I'm not impressed with Harry's kitchen demeanor. He cooked okay enough, but left the kitchen in a heaping disgusting mess that took me the duration of an hour to clean. Yuck...twice in one day is not my idea of a good day.
Yesterday we were supposed to have a BBQ out at Ali's, had been p lanning on it since Thursday, but apparently she changed her plans. Whatever. I was looking foreward to someone else's hard worked food, but oh well...can't have it all. We ended up going out for a couple of hikes, and surprisingly, everyone had fun. It's been a long time since we all went somewhere's as a family and did something we could all do, besides eat. Very enjoyable...and I'm not even sore from hiking.
Yesterday was also nice because it was my designated day to sleep in. That's right folks, I stayed in bed until just before noon. Chance tried to wake me up a few times...but I just rolled over. He doesn't really grasp the idear of sleeping in. Even when it's his turn he never sleeps in longer than 2 hours, whether I have breakfast done or not. *shrugs* His loss.
He's been getting more and more edgy these days. Can't says I blame him tho, it's a bit rough when your are responsible for obligations and they are being met. I'm just thankful that's out of my field for the itme being.
Fucking Roger....I swear to god, he's a useless fucking loser. He owe's Chance a ton of money, and at the beginning of last week said "I'll pay you Thurs.", Thurs. comes round, and he says "I'll pay you Fri.", Fri. comes round and he says I'll have to pay you "Sat cause I'm havving issues with my bank card". WTF?!?! Sat comes round and he finally drags his sorry ass over here (he's working right next to our park on the new park going up right next to us), and he only paid him barely a quarter of what he owes Chance, citing some lame excuse about his bank card. What-ever you loser, just pay him the goddamned money and get the fuck out of our lives cause we don't need your shit. Could say the same thing about Art, cause he still hasn't paid Chance either. Fucking losers.
Anyways...we've been BBQ-ing left, right, and center lately. Ahh...summer is oni t's way. :o)
I'm gonna hafta start making myself some new clothes cause pants are getting too hot, and I know I'm gonna end up melting once it really gets hot. Oh boy, oh boy.
Anyhow...gonna go find something to occupy myself with.