Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guess Who's Doing Research

That's right, your favorite blogger.'s snowing out. It's October, and it's snowing. Not that they expect accumulation or anything, but if this is what it's like in October, how long, and how bad will winter be this year??

"I keep on looking for something I can't get,
Broken hearts lay all around me,
But I don't see an easy way to get out of this"
Foreigner - Died In Your Arms Tonight

Ack, I woke this morning realizing that I have a PRKVW Reads commitment today that I may not be able to make, which really upset me. Am thinking that it is definitely time to branch out and find my own sitter. I was considering my list of friends, but who knows, I'll come up with something yet, I'm sure I will.

"These things that are pleasin'you
Can hurt you somehow."
The Eagles - Desperado

Chance got a phone call yesterday asking him to come in and have his finger prints done for a job he'd applied for and gone through two interviews for. I believe he said by the end of the week they were going to formally offer him the job, so he'll be making a career change here very soon if all goes well. I'm so proud of him, he finally found a job in his field of expertise.

"If the illusion is real
Let them give you a ride
If they got thunder appeal
Let them be on your side"
The Cars - Let The Good Times Roll

Unfortunately for me, that means he will begin a regular 8-4 schedule and have weekends off. So that leaves me in a tough spot, I really need to find a babysitter so I can continue my commitments, cause I'm starting to feel really sad that everything I've signed up for can't be fit into anything. It's just time to bite the bullet, if Hunter can get used to church watch for the short time of the service, he can get used to someone watching for an hour at a time while I fulfill the commitments I signed up for. I have a list of parents on PTO and the like, I believe I'm going to ask them for recommendations of names & or places where I may be able to take him to.

"Where are you when I need you around
Your life is not your own "
The Smapshing Pumpkins - Crestfallen

Anyhow, today I begin my research into the Raffle prizes that I need to raise for the school. Even though my other things may fall through I know I can still do PTO & PAT, so I have some consolation in that. I'm going to begin by looking up attractions in Cleveland for families. I'll start north and work my way south to Columbus. Once I hvae that list of contact information I'll work up a draft letter for my request, then working on both phoning and sending in letters, hopefully I'll be able to do some things F2F. Course I do it this way because anything I do needs to be submitted to both the PTO&PAT and the school principle to be reviewed for approval. So, I can at least begin with that before I start doing the actualy footwork. I wonder how I'm going to manage it when I need to start going and picking things up from the actual businesses...I wonder if I could convince them to drop them in the much to ponder.
In other news, I have managed to quilt together the pieces for Hunter's Bob shirt, but have since lost steam to actually finish the darned shirt itself. *sigh* I also can't seem to find a hard hat or tool belt ANYwheres.
Bah, it's still snowing, and it's accumulating. Darn.

"Today is the greatest
Day I've ever known
Can't live for tomorrow,
Tomorrow's much too long"
The Smashing Pumpkins - Today

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