Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well, it's a brand new day...or evening, right now. :o)
Meant to post some pix of Hunter, but can't get the cd to work, and Chance is off with the camera. :oP
Well, it seems to have been a long week. Am working my way through feelings of being antsy, and anxious, and full of energy, but exhausted at the same time. :o|
I was beginning to go stir crazy in the hospital after Hunter was born, I didn't get dischraged until Tuesday afternoon...I could actually compare it to jail. I was stuck on the ward, in one room, with a curtain for privacy, having a strict three meals served to me, and nurses to tell me when to do different things. Not to mention loved ones only visiting for 30 minutes at a time...ugh. I was very happy to come home.
I have to say being at home has been a bit tougher than I had hoped it was going to be. Am trying really hard not to notice that the effort level isn't what I expected, basically because I know I can expect too much sometimes.
Chance is out with D tonight, they decided to go camping with Chance's friend. I was invited of course, but just wasn't feeling secure enough to go.
It's been a busy week...Sunday Hunter was born, monday was in the hospital, Tuesday was released, Wednesday was shopping at Salvation Army for their 1.49 day and my midwife appointment, today was the pediatrician's appointment to do a check up on Hunter.
When I had Hunter, he managed to get stuck during the delivery, and in the proccess I had a swarm of ppl out of no-where's telling me how to deliver. It was really an emergency situation that wasn't explained fully (so I could understand) until I seen Kalia on Wednesday. In any event, because they were pushing and pulling so hard ( I had two ppl pushing on my tummy to turn him that way, and two reaching inside to turn him) his shoulder was "damaged" during the delivery. He wasn't moving it the first day, but has since shown terrific improvement. He's now bending, flexing and lifting it. All a relief because other wise he would've needed a nerve transplant. :oP
Anyhow, It's been a busy week...and I'm looking forewward to a busy weekend cause Pokie and Steven are comin for a visit, along with Gramma already being here, it'll be a full house. :o)
I'm curious to see what it's gonna be like when everything goes back to normal.
Darius loves can tell he's kind of trying to adjust, but there's a lot of other factors in there that don't really have anything to do with Hunter. I'm happy with his behaviour though, he's definately a doting big brother. He already enjoys snuggling, holding, touching, holding hands, and singing to Hunter.
I'm saddened that he's had to mature so quickly.
Such is life I suppose.
In any's feeding time again...I need to scoot. Just thought I'd update everyone, and gain some semblance of normalcy.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Early Labour Apprehension

Well, it's sunday and the main portion of my busy weekend is over and done far.
Darius had a birthday party yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. :o)
Da had lots of fun after he ate and got some energy into him.
Taysha's parents loved the gift that I made.
Stupid bank. After having to struggle with them for the deposited money, and with the purchase of the Jeep, that meant that I couldn't buy Taysha a gift. So, instead I just made her a bunch of costumes. I spent, literally, all of Friday making them. I really enjoyed it though cause it's a lot easier to make pretty girly things than it is to make boy things... :oD
We had fun at the party, I was pleased that there were only 3 other kids there, and they were all from pre-school. :o)

Am up unusually early this mornin, awoke to needing to pee (boy this seems familiar) and when I went discovered that I've lost my mucuos plug. Y'all can look that one up. In any event, it's a sign of early labour. Oh boy. Now, I'm all antsy...and am itching to wake someone up because I wanna be busy...yet another sign of early labour.
I'm kinda hopin it's not cause I haven't done my belly cast yet...LOL
Now, the Doula said that I do need to address any fears that I may, here goes.

I'm absolutely terrified that I'll loose the hold on the control I have on how things will progress. I don't want to end up in a delivery room all drugged up, and not holding my baby for 30-45 minutes after it's born.

I'm scared that it'll hurt...a lot. *g* I don't remember how much I hurt with D.

I'm afraid that I won't know what to do.

All in all, that's a small amount of the apprehension that's got me up early this mornin, itching for conversation. *sighs*

I'm happy to report though that Gramma was planning on coming out, along with Steven and Candice. yay! My favorite people. After the failure of a baby shower that I had, I am happy to know that the people who do matter most to me are going to be here for me and the new baby.

Anyhow...I guess I should scoot, find something to do that's gonna occupy my hands and not suck up my energy. I need a focal point.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Darius' Graduation

I'm very happy with today's outsome... :o)
I got good pictures of all of his classmates :oD
It was truly too cute to watch them all at the front of the class, singing us songs. I thankfully was able to restrain myself :o) And every mother there seemed to see fit to tell me how big I am. One more week...*sigh*
We made cards for each of the kids, and Darius handed them out to each one, which was really sweet to watch. Each child truly seemed to appreciate it, and were proud to show their parents what Darius made them.
Unfortunaely I didn't have the opportunity to make a fantastic snack like I normally do, but that's alright...I guess I can slip up this once. :oD
We're supposed to go thrift shopping this afternoon with mum...yay.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Did I mention D got invited to a birthday party this weekend?
Am debating on whether or not I should make some pretty dresses or not. I enjoy making clothes for gifts, but am wondering if it's appropriate for a school-mate. Mebbe I can do both, make a couple of pretty dresses, and then buy a cute toy.

Happy National Aboriginal Day

Busy Morning.
Phew...glad it's over and done with.
So, this morning, mom went to work (on a stat holiday) and I had a midwife appointment. Along with the money from our land sale being deposited yesterday, we had a bit of trouble trying to withdraw anything from them, and after making a few phone calls this morning have come to the understanding that there will be a hold on it ofr 4 more days until the cheque clears. blah on that.
Fortunately I talked my way into having them releasing some money so we could pay for the Jeep (holy was Chance ever grumpy when he heard the news of the hold to begin with cause it was originally all of it) and insurance. Thankfully, Chance is definately in a better mood. His patience level just isn't that high these days.
We also got a bunch of extra stuff with the Jeep, for future repairs and upgrades and such. And now the list of minor adjustments begin. :o) I made Chance promise that even though he bought a vehicle b4 the baby got here, that he's not to make any modifications on it untli after the baby is born. I refuse to schedual myself and Darius around his social life, cause it'll be friends that'll be doing modifications with him.
It runs nice, it feels strange to be in a vehicle that I know has 4x4 capabilities, but still be relatively low in. It's a touch on the bouncy side, but that's cause it's not brand new like the Expedition was.
So, in any event, after we finally got the insurance stuff signed for, we had to dash to my midwife's appointment, of which I was a half hour late for. Thankfully she rushed me through without too much hassel.

Busy morning...phew.

The Jeep needs a good wash-down cause it's dusty, and the inside could use a good wash down as well, cause it's pretty dusty inside as well.

Today is National Aboriginal Day...and there are celebrations downtown at the Friendship Center and here at Sensisysten. Hopefully D will go down for his nap without much hummin and fussing so we can catch some of the yummy food and good entertainment.'m so hungry.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rain Rain

Well Well...Tuesday already. :oP
Today was supposed to be a "Water Day" at pre-school for D, but the teachers cancelled it because it's not warm enough this morning. :o( I was looking forward to getting some good water play pictures of he and his classmates. Too bad.
So, with the new week I now need to begin taking my "homeopathics" to help my body prepare for labour and delivery. 4 pills, once a day, without food or drink for 15 minutes before and after I take them. Interesting. At least they don't leave a bad taste in the mouth.
We had some great spring storms roll through yesterday.
After D's nap, we drove dad to work, then went to the park for a picnic with some Subway. D played for about 45 minutes before it kinda started sprinkling, and I decided it was time to go. We went to go to the library, but they were, like, 3:30 on a Monday, what up with dat? Anyhow, we went and ordered Chance a pizze cause that's what he requested for dinner, and while we were waiting for it, it started to pour.
Darius and his wonderful innocence...I looked at him in the rear-view and asked him if he was ready to run, and he had a grin from ear to ear! So, we ran inside, and by the time we got there (not long cause we were parked right in front of the door) he was giggling madly, and had a hard time stopping. Then he did it again when we dropped off th epizza for Chance. And by the itme we got to mom's office to pick her up, the one little storm we started in, collided with a bigger storm from the west...and caused a hail storm. I couldn't hear a thing while I was driving, and it was crazy cause I know I seen some lightning strikes which must've knocked out a section of power cause one of the lights on the hwy were out. Stupid 4-way-stop crap. People are so dumb when you get them into masses. So, I'm obeying the 4-way rule, and some dumb ass on a motor cycle almost gets himself run over by me. Scare the be-jiminy's outta me.
So, we finally get to moms office4, and Darius once again has the grin on his face, and as we prepare to run to the door, he just hops out and doesn't even bother to wait for my umbrella. Hehehe...I went inside and he grabbed a drink from mom, and then it was a race back to the car, dodging all the puddles...and of course, all three of us got soaked, cause my umbrella was so dinky it barely kept the big drips off of me, and the ones it caugh dropped on me anyways.
We decided to go out for dinner, but once we got to the Hwy, we couldn't decide which way to go cause both ways were back up...the bridge apparently wasn't draining properly and had standing water on it, and the lights on the way to Westbank still hadn't become, we just decided to take the long way to Westbank.
We went for Chinese, which was kinda nice...and during the entire meal Darius wouldn't stop talking about "Elsie" his babysitter (he'd seen her earlier when I dorpped off the pizza). So we stopped and picked her up, and had her watch D for about and hor and a half.
We're impatiently waiting for our money transfer to take place...which should be happening today. Lalala...just a matter of patience.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Labor Thoughts

The weekend is here.
Mom and Kim will be going to Jean and Ernie's 60th wedding anniversary party. Wonder why we weren't invited...hmm. *shrugs*
We went out early this morning to go and look at a Jepp Cherokee that Chance wanted to see, and along the way I told him he'd better be buying me breakfast cause his child is hungry. He stared at me with a bewildered look and said I fed Darius oatmeal before we left...
I told him he has two children now, and he needs to remember that. *g*
We had our appointment with Kate (our Doula) yesterday, and it was very informative, along with our last midwife appointment (Kalia, on Wed.). Both women settled me a little more, and helped bring the picture of a natural childbirth to reality. Always nice. :o)
Was kinda funny...when we had our babysitter in (two weeks ago), and I picked Chance up from playin pool with the guys, one of his guy friends asked me how I was having the baby (induction, c-section, so on) and I replied "as naturally as possible". He gave me a funny look and said, like a home birth, or water birth? LOL
It's funny what kind of perceptions people have of delivering a baby.
When I corrected him and said, "No, I just don't plan on having any medications" he kind of just shrugged me off. Hollywood really distorts the natural order of things.
I'm tired...I need a nap.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


You know, I'm wondering why people seem to think it's ok to insult a pregnant person to their face, and actually think it's ok.
Like...seriously, I wouldn't go up to a fat person and say "Holy Shit, you're fat, do they make a scale big enough for you?"
I wouldn't go up to a blind person and say "Did you just see that car drive by?!?!"
Fuck off people.
Lastnight at the casino 4 people had something to say about my size...that's right, 4.
One actually laughed, one just stood back and said "Whoa" as I walked by, one said they didn't know i could get so big, and another asked if was sure it was only one.
What makes it ok to say things so rude, and to my face at that?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Daily Mail

Ah yes, back to the daily grind!
It's a pre-school mornin, and same ole same ole!
Yesterday wasn't too could really tell that D was happy to be home...nevermind the fact that he was out in 15 minutes after we got him into bed Sunday night. :o)
I missed the air conditioning, let me tell you!
I thought I'd escape the seasonal allergies this year because I'm pregnant...psh! No such luck...and wouldn't you know it, they kicked up horrendeously whilst at Gramma's house. Of course there's no relief there what-so-ever. So not only did I suffer with those all weekend, but it could have been considered hotter than hell itself. Let's not forget to mention that in her aging years, the minute gramma feels a cool breeze every window and bit of fresh air gets blocked out and she closes everything up, only to leave the house uncomfortably warm and stuffy! Ugh.
I did have fun though...I enjoyed watching Darius entertain himself in her backyard. I was relieved this time to find Gramma's house in proper order, and her yard well maintained. I actually told her, now this is how Gramma's house is supposed to it's been put together.
Anyhow...they were nice and had their swing set cleaned up, plus the baby pool out back, which they filled up Saturday mornin to let it warm up in the sun. The yard was mowed though not fully raked (beggars can't be choosers, they can only do so much right?) and cleaned of any dog droppings. :oD So, of course whilst the guys occupied themselves with hiking, and the river, I had D out back in the first he said he wasn't gonna sit in it cause it was too cold (by that time it had been in the noonday sun and had warmed comfortably, only trouble was a breeze had kicked up) but it wasn't long before he was lying flat out in it and playing with the toys we gave him. :oD So he played in the pool, them came over and had a snack in the shade while he warmed up and dried off a bit. Then he was up and doing the "dishes" gramma had given him, and then it was back to the pool before I called it quits cause I thought he'd been in the sun long enough. He did get a nice little tan, but no where's near what he'll look like come the end of summer. :oD
I didn't manage to do anything until the fire that night. I had some yummy hotdogs and marshmallows. :o) Managed to get eaten alive as well...*sighs* Why, why do I subject myself to such tortures and still call it fun? I'll never know...*g*
Saturday night as well, Chance and Travis caught a couple of frogs, and ended up letting all but one go. They kept one overnight in a plastics garbage can that was usually used to collect empties. They put some water in, along with a few things for it to hide under and perch on. Then in the morning after the boys finished getting themselves ready for the day, Chance went outside with D and showed him the frog and let him let it go in the pool to watch it swim a bit before he had him let it go. :o) That was the highlight of D's day. Should've seen the size of the smile. When he smiles that big it literally pours out of his comes out of his pores.

Anyhow...we're finishing up the paperwork for our land sale...and the money will be deposited on the 19th into the bank account. yay us!
My next appointment with the midwife is tommorow...then Friday evening is the Doula so mom can meet her. :o)
Things are going back to we didn't miss anything.
I've been sewing up a storm still. Wonder how long that bug will last. hmm...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Site Down

Grr...stupid site upgrades. Everytime I went to update my blog, the site was down and I couldn't sign on. :o( I hate it when I get
We're headed to Gramma's house today. *sighs* The weeks just seem to fly by...does it seem that way for anyone else?
Mom bought some diapers and wipes lastnight :o) Now I don't feel as unprepared. LOL Though I dunno why I'd feel that way to begin with, I'm really not missing much for my baby collection.
When D and I went out last week I seen a copy of "On The Day You Were Born" book in a discount bookstore. I didn't have enough time to stop and grab it (I forgot about it on my way out) and am contemplating going and getting a copy for the new baby, seeing as we have one for D. It's an idear anyhow.
I've been getting contraction over the last couple of days...I'd forgotten just how wearing they can be. After the first day I was really tired, but on the second day I just felt like I had no energy at all. I phoned Kalia to let her know, and she said that she was taking some time off right now because she was really worn out from all of the May/June births. :o Made me wonder what exactly she does during a delivery if she's so worn out. for thought anyhow. She gave me her pager number anyways, just in case I noticed any change in the contractions.
I wonder if I had them like this with Darius...and maybe I just didn't know what they were. I wish I could remember more about my pregnancy with D. It's frustrating when people (like Kalia) ask me questions about it, and my husband can answer better than I can. ;oP
Well, asides from his "happy winkie" D hasn't really done much else...that I can think of offhand.
We had a babysitter come in on Wednesday night. Was strange, knowing that all 3 of us were out of the house without D. But D was so excited when we told him Elsie (the babysitter) was coming over to visit him, that he waited impatiently at the window until dad got back with her. :o) She was as excited about sitting, as D was.
Anyhow...I packed my hospital bag, and the new baby's diaper bag. Feels kinda strange to be doing that now...definately bring it into perspective.
On with my day I suppose...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Chance

Well today was a productive where we hardly had a minute.
My oh my...Chance turns 26 today.
I slept on the couch lastnight, and ended up getting up early with D this morning, to make a card for Chance...and get D ready for a fun day at;s schedual included a trip to the Firehall with his class. Was nice, after I showered and such and got ready...I woke up Chance for his turn to get ready. Sent D in to wish him a happy birthday, and to give him his cards. :o)
I walked with the kids from their school down to the fire-hall, and then spent most of the time waiting outside because I was just too warm, and found it unbearable inside. Once the kids came outside to look at the fire engines, it was better. Unfortunately, a certain lil someone got a touch grouchy because he got a little wound up.
Was funny, this morning, to keep him from dragging his toy cash register along with us, I took the money out and put it in his pockets...not thinking anything of the fact that I put 3 quarters in there...LOL They of course, had a candy machine at the firehall, and th elil twerp was so fast on the draw that I hadn't even noticed him with the candy the first time until he had one in his mouth. Then he went back a second time, and got some more, and had to have dad remove the ladt quarter before he finally stopped.
After the firehall the big Mr. wanted a haircut, so while he got a buzz job, lil D ate the snack that I packed for him, and surprisingly went to sleep once we got home without a hitch. I tell ya, that explaining the behaviour thing is really working.
Hehehe...yesterday (and today as well) D was snuggling with me on the couch, and out of no where he looked over at me and said..."Mommy, my winkie is stretching, it's saying good morning because it's happy" :o)
I looked at Chance expecting some sort of positive response but I think it caught him off gaurd. I understand it's rather difficult to tell children to keep it private, but also keep it positive...but I've never had a problem with it...I ended up telling D that that was terrific, but that it's not something he should say to other people. Poor Chance just blushes whenever D says anything about his private parts...makes one wonder about what he thinks of himself.
He asked me what "closure" meant yesterday as well...oh boy.
After D woke up from his nap, we iced the cake that D and I made yesterday (he cracked the eggs himself and mixed it all on his own, and then went on to devour what was left in the bowl after I scraped it out...) with a whole container of frosting. He really enjoyed himself, and was covered in chocolate frosting by the time we were done. We put the candles on and sang Happy Birthday to Daddy, while he sat by with a big grin on his face... :o) We each had a big piece. Was pretty good.
Then we had to rush down to ICBC because Chance's driver's licence expired today... :oP Got Chance to work only 10 minutes incredible feat considering we left with only 45 minutes to spare before he had to be at work. That turned on his grouch button unfortunately...*sighs* Som days I feel I just can't do anything right for that guy.
He called from work about an hour after he got there to tell me they had bought him a cake and some muffins for his birthday, which I think was nice of them. :o)
D and I played outside after dropping off Chance for about an hour and a half until it was time to go pick up mom from work. He played in his sandbox, then ate his sandwhich.
We went and got mom, then went and got dinner (Little Ceasar's Pizza!) came home and ate, and promptly went back outside. I figured since it was so stinkin warm out D could do with a little bit of water play...So. I gave him a paintbrush and filled a couple of buckets with water and sent him to it. He painted the car, and the house (with muddy water of course). Then, Nana decided to clean out the car, and then wash it off...which got D helping with his paintbrush. They washed the car, whilst I watched. :o) D had fun...he got real wet, and real dirty...but I heard a lot of giggles. My favorite noise.
I came in about a half hour before they did and caught a quick snooze on the couch again...which was nice cause the heat really drains me. :o
In any event, after they came in, all D wanted to do was watch tv, so I got him into his pj's, and he snuggled with me on the ocuch while I dozed some more. I'm so glad he'll let me do that cause I just wasn't ready to wake up. :o)
He had some more pizza, and some carrots, then it was bedtime for him. Once again without a hitch he's in his bed where he belongs. *sighs*
I've been sewing up a storm of late...made D some light weight pj's cause he gets so warm at night i worry about him wearing the flannel ones I made him through the winter.
I haven't even bothered sewing anything for me, cause I can't justify the fabric use to myself...LOL So, I've been making things for other people.

Chance had some good news to share...a while back (mebbe a month or less) he decided to put our lot of land up for sale, and someone came through with an offer. After negotiations, they settled on 28,000. Considering we only paid 9500 for it, I'd say that's a pretty good profit, despite the trouble we went through with it. In any event, all of our bills will be paid off up here, and then we'll be getting a vehicle of our own. :o) Just in time for baby! Though I warned Chance that I was a touch concerned that he'd be more interested in showing off the new vehicle than in showing off the new baby again...*g*

This weekend we're headed to Gramma's to celebrate Chance's birthday. He chose to go out that on our way out, we're stopping in Kamloops to pick up Travis (Nephew of ralph), one of our favorite distant relatives. Chance and Travis get along well, as long as Travis and D...he's a very well-behaved/mannered young man who doesn't shirk responsibility (kind of rare on that side of the family). They're planning an over-night hike up to the top of I think it's Dunn Peak...*shrugs* There's so many mountaintops that Chance wants to get to it's kind of tough keeping up with him. :o)
So...we shall see ho wit goes.
I think that's all I wanted to blog about for y'all are updated. fingers are sore...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Mondays Schmundays

Well, we survived the weekend...barely. I think we scraped through it really.
I read this newspaper article over the weekend about cleaning out our "emotional closet" with our behaviours. In any event, the lady had written about a scenario that I seem to see every day when it comes to D, and though I felt better about not being the only one who has this happen, it certainly broguth my eyes open to certain triggers for my lil guy.
In any event, thinking back on how Saturday went after I went to bed and recharged my own battery I figured maybe it was something that had to do with how I was behaving, and when I thought about it, I found a few places that needed changing, as usual. So, I'm making an effort to change those certain triggers. :o)
We're out of the weekend now, and back to the grind of the week. *sighs*
I still don't feel like I slept enough...I keep trying to sleep in, and it just didn't work. I keep trying to nap and that doesn't seem to help either. Gosh, I remember this stage vaugely from when I had D...but I am positive it was a lot easier then. Blah on sleep.
Have been working on some new pajamas for D...nice light two piece, cottom pajamas (summer pj's!) that have *snaps*! It's about time he learn to do snaps, buttons and zippers.
Got a call from our Doula today. We were supposed to have our first meeting with her tommorow, but the poor lady suffered a house-fire and her family lost everything, including all of her important documents for her Doula business and such. So, we're re-schedualling for next week...just waiting for her to call. Poor thing.
Gave D a haircut this morning...he was getting pretty shaggy. It's not my best haircutting-job ever, but it'll do for now I suppose.
Still have that overwhelming feeling of lonliness.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I can't help but feel a touch discouraged after a day like today.
On the one hand, I'm very proud that my son is so well behaved, and well mannered, and polite. But for the love of God, why does he need to be so impressionable?!
Today was his friend Ty's birthday party, out in Peachland. I took D out yesterday to go shopping for the gift, and he had a fair amount of fun with it. :o) We picked out a nice big goodie bag for him, and D got a couple of treats for himself.
I slept in this morning, which was nice...and woke up to D telling me what time it was, and that it was Ty's birthday party today. So, I got up, and made a quick birthday card to go with our gift, and then got myself ready. D was so very excited. I can't tell if it was because he was going to a party in general, or if it was because he was going to see Ty (Ty was removed from his pre-school class just after D's birthday because he was too big...or whatever).
We got there, and I was mildly surprised to find that Ty's mom is a single parent. (I guess it kind of showed) There ended up being at least a dozen kids at the party, and only her to guide them all (besides Chance and I). That in itself would have seemed overhwleming to me. The poor woman was run ragged trying to keep up with all of the children's requests and keep and eye on them to keep them out of trouble.
All in all the party was a disappointment, because Darius seemed to be the only child there capable of using his manners and speaking politely without being asked to. (Let's not even go near the issue of the mother serving all kinds of candy and sweets before the kids got started on anything.) That includes the birthday boy, Ty, who incidentally pushed Darius off of the playground set up when they all went for a quick jaunt to the school across the street to play. Chance commented that I was being a little mean when I corrected a much older boy for using the word "cheap" when describing something he didn't agree with right in front of Darius.
I can understand wanting to invite all of your child's friends, but there is a limit when you're inviting people, you really need to stick with the same age...either older, or younger. It's just not functional to mix both age groups.
In any event, we stayed until they served cake (which only took 2 hours) and then we left. Upon arriving at home, I tossed the cake in the fridge and put D's prizes away. (He got a water gun, and some bubbles) I then put him to bed, because he was tired from a day of play with other kids.
My wonderful little angel decided to pee in his new water gun, and then spray it all over the wall above (and on) his bed.
Today is just too much...I think I need a nap to recharge my "positive" battery cause I sure do feel discouraged...not only that some people don't have the ability to give their children the proper attention that they need, but also that my child is so impressionable I just don't want to let him out of the house anymore...
I'm gonna go lay down.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Hump

Well, the week is almost over...good thing too cause I don't believe it would benefit this household if much more could happen. Of course, bad things never stick to regular business times, now do they? :o)
Our toilet has officially stopped working, which means (unfortunately) that we're out running all over town looking for a bathroom when we need one.
Chance didn't go to work this morning cause he was up all night fighting with the silly toilet, and mom went in late cause she was busy trying to call someone to come and fix it.
Unfortunately, no one can come until tommorow. Oh well, guess we'll be doin it campin style until then. :oP
Am getting ready to clean the house a bit...vacuum, load up the dishwasher, gotta clean out moms car too as there is a piece of crushed PB&J sandwhich in the backseat from yesterday.
Poor everyone, they's all stressed out. I'm oblivious though, mainly because I choose to be that way...I'm not taking ownership of any of the stress. Funny how I can do that now, but when I really needed to in the past I just couldn't do it.
Am kinda hungry, but am in no mood to go cook something up yet. I gotta go get milk and Peanut butter...and there was something else, but now I can't member what it was.
I really need to write things down more often.