Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday! we are.
I guess it's a Daylight Savings Time Weekend, according to Kimmie.
Mom mentioned we could possibly go to Gramma's for the weekend...Just consulting Kimmie to see if he wants to go. I hope he does, i could do with a day or two out of town. :o)
My lil guy slept in until almost 9 this morning. Oh my! Guess he needed the sleep.
I drove mom to work this morning cause Chance has an interview with the Arc Program up in Westbank today at 11. Then after I did that i went to McDonalds to pick us up some breakfast, Kimmie's treat! So was nice, had a quiet Breakfast with the guys...and afterwards relaxed on the couch before D got up.
Yesterday Chance brought home a hid-A-Bed/loveseat, and a double bed (yay! I finally have a real bed!), and also he had his friend bring over the dryer from storage! Yay all around!
We started laundry lastnight, and I managed to do two loads of our stuff before I passed out. :o) Hopefully I can get at least one load of D's stuff in tonight.
We also got a new lock for the door as the one we had was kinda hokey and was starting to go on us, so mom bought a new one. Chance just finished installing it. He's such a handy-man!

Oh my son is asking how I made a baby inside of me.

Did some tidying yesterday to allow room for the new furniture, and vacuumed today. Still hafta clean all the touchable surfaces today, and mirrors. Plus do some dishes.
I wonder what D and I will get up to today...hmm. It's sposed to rain at some point in time. I'm also waiting for a concert ticket drawing on the radio today, so the radio is staying on and I'm staying glued to it. Hopefully I win the tickets, and Chance and I can have a night out. :oD

Well, looks like it's just us folks goin, no Kimmie or mom going to Grammas. Oh well, at least we get to go!
D woke up this morning soppy...poor lil one said he was having a dream about going pee in the bathtub. hehehe Water dreams...
Trouble makers we to go find something to do. :o)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day by Day

Busy, but pleasant morning.
Started off early, surprisingly. Poor Darius woke up crying this morning, which roused me out of bed. When I went to go and get him, he was crying on Dad's shoulder saying he didn't want him to go to work, then it was me he didn't want to go to work, then Nana. Poor lil guy.
Anyways, after some snuggles and cuddles he was fine...and came out and bounded around the house, happy that he was going to get the opportunity to get hugs and smoochies from everyone before they left, and that it was a pre-school morning. :o)
After everyone left, we had breakfast, then got dressed and ready to go. Unfortunately, he didn't get to see Kimmie this morning, which is always a disappointment for him.
We got him up there just in time, and I hustled outta there cause I had to drop off moms car just down the road from the pre-school to get the alignment done.
When I dropped it off, I asked how long it would take...then (after much pre-medidating this morning, and swiping of money for breakfast) I walked up that big hill to the Cherry Pit (right next to the Greyhound and right across from the Holiday Inn). Had breakfast...took me an hour and then some to read through 2 Province newspapers, and eat almost all of my breakfast.
Walked back down the hill to Midas, and waiting another 10 minutes in there for the car, before paying and going to get D.
Looked like he had fun...and I kinda had to chuckle, cause on Tuesday I took one of the teachers by surprise cause she apparently didn't know I was pregnant, and when she caught sight of me, she was very happy. :o) Cute.
Anyways...then it was haircut time, and he was surprisingly very very kind. Saying I was being friendly by letting someone walk across the road before I drove on, and by letting him out right away. Then of course, the lady who cut his hair...He was so charming, he told her she was very nice and he liked her, then he said she cut hair good, and before he left he insisted on giving her a hug and a wink. :o) She really liked him. :oD
Afterwards we went to go visit Nana at work to bring her up-to-date on the car (cause they charged and extra 40 bux for the labour to get the tie-rod loosened or whatever, anyways it was over 100 bux to get the alignments done), and just as we were pulling up she hopped out of a car and came running over. We went down to the School (where we usually do our language class) cause apparently they were having a thing for the adults...and that was where she was heading b4 we pulled up. Good timing I say. we are now...had to drag D home early cause he was due for his nap and combining going to bed a little bit later, and waking up earlier, someone was tired...with a capital T.
And the battle ensues.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Weather Dilemma

It's so nice to finally officially have spring here.
It's beautiful outside...bright, sunny, warm, with a hint of a cool breeze. Perfect for wandering weather. Just gotta wait for that darned nap. :oP
Been a pleasant morning so far, thanfully. Had a rough one the other day... they seem to come fewer and farther between, thankfully. It gets tough when he gets rough cause I'm not as limber as I used to be. :o)
Dunno what we're gonna get up to this afternoon...hmm...poderable. Should we go into Westbankand just walk around and explore, or should we just walk to Westbank and have a seat someplace?
Spring just brings tough decisions!

Monday, March 27, 2006


Today I slept in...Chance stayed home from work. Art got his schedual mixed up and called off today when it should've been Wednesday...darn it.
Anyways...after I got up, D and I took a shower and got dressed...and went for our daily walk to the bus stop. I decided to take us the other way, instead of into Westbank. So, we went to MTF. I got him a new Buzz Lightyear towel cause he made a little hole in the one he's got. :o)
Was nice, had our daily "picnic" at the bus stop...and nearly froze cause tthe stinkin wind was so chilly.
Yesterday D and I walked towards Extra Foods cause we were gonna have a BBQ that we needed some groceries for. So, my first time running accross the hwy with him was'nt terrible at all. We had perfect timing because there was only one car to wait for and nothin else on the hwy after him. :o)
We froze was a bit decieving cause it was beautifully sunny, but with a bitterly cold wind that happened to shove some clouds in front of the sun after we got accross the hwy. Darn. Thankfully, we got halfway to Extra when mom came and picked us up.
We've made the discovery that it's shorter to walk to Extra on the other side of the Hwy than it is for us to walk there on this side. Interesting.
Anyways...we had a nice BBQ with Smokies, Hamburgers (storebought, not homemade), fresh veggies, baked potatoes, Butter N Herb noodles, and some leftover cake with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. Yum.
There was some Strawberry shortcake leftover this morning when I got up, so that's what I had for breakfast...hehehe.
The baby has been kicking really hard. Stopped me short in the store yesterday. And it's starting again right now. It feels like it's actually jabbing me instead of kicking...or even stretching. :oP
Got Ronnie's box today in the mail...was waiting on the porch when we went to leave for the bus stop. We also got a small package from Chance's Grandparents in California. :o)
Lot's on neat things.
We re-organized D's room to accomidate his new TV. He enjoys having it in his room. I'm hoping that it doesn't go over-board, and that I made the right decision in bringing it up. :o
It looks nice, and it definately feels better to have a nice clean room that has decent organization.
Naps suck.

Questions Questions

D Question of the week...
He discovered the day after his birthday, that one of his new toys (A Magnetix toy playset) has "polarity" One side would go together, but when he went to put the other ends together, it wouldn't work. "Why won't they go together on this side mommy?
How does one describe polarity to a 4 year old?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wohoo! I figured out how to post a picture! (All this time I've been having Pokie do it for me...)
Anyways...this is Darius' birthday cake! Mom and Chance were tremendous helpers for me cause I was pretty tired come time to get it finished up. After all the days activities, I was feeling a touch overwhelmed at having to cut and decorate it by meself, so they both jumped in to lend a hand. Chance made a stencil and helped with the icing colouring, and mom cut it out for me. I iced it myself, and the leftovers should be used today by D. He'll be decorating some of the leftover pieces to bring along in case there isn't enough.
unfortunately, we're only expecting 6 ppl to come to his party, but that's ok, cause it means we're spending less money than I had originally budgeted for! Yay!
D Question of the week...
"What's an exclamation point for mommy?"
How do you answer that without giving an overly-lengthy answer??

My Evilness

You Are 52% Evil

You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

Friday, March 24, 2006


So, lastnight I got my first adjustment by the Chiropractor that I went to see. I'm didn't hurt, except when he did an adjustment in a my neck (it's always tender there). They had a funky bed that uses compressed air to help with the adjustments by droppeing and lifting different parts of the bed. I was also amazed that when he was done, the adjust only took about 7 minutes, and I felt a difference when I got toff the table to walk.
Literally...I felt that I was putting even pressure on my feet. Normally I limp cause my left hip hurts, and I felt no pain in either my back or my hip. Was pretty cool. I'm impressed. I'm not as tight this morning...and whilst I was making D's birthday cake and breakfast, I noticed that I place my weight differently, and even stand differently. Kinda hard to my body actually feels different. All I know is that my lift hip does not hurt...and that's a big bonus because that's what keeps me from walking further, or doing so much in the kitchen, or even playing limited games with hip can't handle the stress. We shall see though. Unfortunately, they are costly...and MSP won't cover nearly enough of it. Hopefully we can manage least until I deliver the new baby. If just one adjustment did that for me...what could continued care do for me?
Am getting my days' worth of protein in one meal...ugh. Made D an Angel Food cake for his cake, and it calls for 12 egg whites...and as it was breaky time I decided to scramble the yolks for myself. Holy heaviness batman.
Anyways...cake is made and finished...and mom printed out the picture that I'm making this's a "zealot" alien from Toy Story. You know, the little green guys from the claw machine in the first one. Darius calls them "Sylex-es".
Still hafta call Spacewalkers to confirm how many pizzas we'll need...and how it's going to work. I spoke to someone who said even though she got the mega package, like us, she didn't have any organizer help her even when they had the party. So...I'll be addressing that way I'm payin out the wazoo and not get all the benefits I'm entitled to.
Anyways...we're gonna do some crafty stuff today...I wanna make thank-you gifts to toss into the goody-bags for the kids. That way it's a personal touch from D.
My son turns four tommorow. Only one more year until he start kindergarten, and I hafta start putting him on a school bus, and let him do sleepovers, and walk to/from school by himself. Gawd. That's just too much...nevermind the tuition.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Quick Note

Happy World Water Day...
sit back have a glass of cool, refreshing water, and ponder where you would be without the abilities and freedoms it give you.

Counting Down

Eeew. Darius has learned to spit fomr somewhere. It's all I can do to get him to keep his mouth shut...cause everytime it opens he's got a string of drool hangin down. Yuck. I'm not even going to mention how many times I've been licked today. I hate being licked.
It's amazing that he tries to get away with as much as possible when I'm not in that room with him. I can hear him bouncing around on his bed right now. He's pulled his curtain down, and he's been stuffing his stuffed animals between the windows. He's pushed the screen out a few times, and now with his new habit, I'm gonna hafta wash his window cause it is now covered in spit.
We skipped over terrible twos, the three's were okay, I'm afraid of what the fours are gonna bring with them.
We did some crafts this morning, and played circus, and ran around like heathens because Kimmie didn't come home until it was his nap time. Nice change. :o)
I'll be taking him for a walk later. Hopefully for a small picnic (one of our most recent favorite things to do) at a small park, or maybe at the bus stop. Ya never know. Mebbe we'll get adventurous and take the bus to MTF or something.
He's getting used to walking. When we first started walking, he assumed it was so he oculd play. He's concentrating on walking to a destination now, and that means less dawdling. yay!
We went on an evening walk lastnight, just before bedtime. I took him up to the Petro-Canada gas station...we took a flashlight of course. It was decent out. not too horribly cold or anything, but once we got out from the shelter of the houses and such it was a touch windy. Dad picked us up right before the gas station, which upset D cause he wanted to walk all the way there...but I let him ride in my lap in the backseat the 100 feet to the gas station. He went in, chose about 7 nickel candies, paid for them, and got back into the car happily. We came home, he got ready for bed, and said goodnight to everyone.
By that time Idol was on, so I checked out, and checked into my show. :oD
On our evening storll we got to watch an Ambulance go by with his sirens turned on. We also seen a Police SUV and a police car. They didn't have their lights on though. We also saw a bunch of semi-trucks go by with lots of lights on them.
All very exciting.
Well, the parents have been calling every day now since my first posting complaining that no one had called. We've had 3 cancellations so far, too bad. Still waiting on what everyone I'm glad we'll be able to make this year a big year.
3 days left...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I have a chiropractor's appointment today. Oh boy. Just a consultation to see what level of relief they can grant me, but we shall see. So, the initial consult is 50 dollars, and they can check out my whole family for that one fee. Kinda, of course, Chance is coming along, and once we're finished, I hafta take him upto his site.
Once finished with that Ihafta go over to Lori's to pick up my cheque from her...but Phil said he's only paying for one order, and the fuckers just tried to send it through again, causing another NSF.
Feel like pulling my hair out.
D is getting spoiled rotten for his least from us. :oD
Got his gifts...and am still anxiously awaiting phone calls from all parents. We've recieved 4 phone calls so far. Grrr. In any event...I've estimated the cost of this birthday...just in party-wise, to have cost me 230 dollars...roughly. Include gifts and it's 330. Just from me. Making it the most expensive birthday yet. eep.
Anyhow...I guess I should go, I need to shower...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend Ramblings

Ahh...the weekend is almost over once again.
Am currently washing the laundry that I've got built up...holy schmoley, we've got almost all of our clothes dirtied up. I've still got about 4 loads left to wash, and I've already done three...boy, how much clothing do we own?
Anywho...we decided to try a different laundry mat for their dryers, and discovered that not only were they better priced, but they were cheaper because they dried faster because their machines were not only newer, but bigger as well. Always nice to find a bargain.
It was a beautiful day out today...bright and sunny, and warm, with a hint of a breeze that was real chilly.
Mom and D went for a nice long walk this morning, and almost made it to Extra Foods before I picked them up. We went to Timmy's for a hot chocolate and doughnut before coming home to drive Chance into town so he oculd go play golf with his friend.
Afterwards, we hit up a playground, and then decided to attempt to drive Darius to, oh man, did that ever take a while...I had driven all over the westside from one end to the other...not to mention Kelowna as well, before he finally fell asleep. He only stayed asleep for an hour and mebbe 20 minutes, of course, he's tired and rowdy, and rough-housing.'s almost shocking to see the difference in him when everyone's home. makes me sad.
Went to the casino with mom lastnight, and was also shocked there because they finally put a bar in...and it's actually like being at a bar. Stupid obnoxious drunk people milling about, standing around, and idiots on the tables. So...anyhow, after the crowd thinned it was much better, almost back to normal. Was a nice relaxing evening out. was nice...did some driving round, and then came home and had a snack, before attempting to do some laundry.
Mom and Kim are off to Bingo this evening, so hopefully D will get to sleep on time to make up for lastnight.
Tommorow morning mom's gonna take the car in to get it fixed, and since it's only down to the end of the road, she's gonna take D with her, and then she's gonna walk back with him.
I'm hoping that I'll be able to start taking a nice walk each day...the weathers' been so beautiful, it's just perfect for it...and I'm finding that it makes my hips feel better.
Chance is finally back to work with Art. Thank goodness.

6 days until my little boy turns 4.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Transit Adventures

What a busy day yesterday was. :o)
Yesterday was my day to sleep in, which was really peaceful and nice because Kimmie didn't get home until late.
I got the idea to get D and I out of the house as it was a relatively decent day. Plus daddy wasn't feeling so hot, so I thought it would be good to get out of his hair and let him relax a bit.
D and I caught the bus up into Westbank, and arrived up there around 4pm. :o) Was nice, we went to the movie store and rented a few videos to watch, two for D, three for us adults. Then we went to Tim Horton's where we sat and each enjoyed a doughnut, and I had an Iced Cap, and D drank a whole small Hot Chocolate to himself <:oO.
Then we went to Zellers, where D pushed his own little cart around the store, and picked himself out a nice little Scooby Doo puzzle. We went and paid for it...and the darned Hot Chocolate must've kicked in cause man did he ever get away from me good. I'd like to add that that rarely happens to me he got me good and I blushed hard. He ran from the till, which was closest to the door, out the door and down the sidewalk before I caught him and dragged him back inside. It's a good thing there wasn't anyone behind me in the lineup cause I just left the poor lady hangin with my change. hehehe. I'm just not made for running after him when he's got caffine running through him like that. So...anyways after I dragged him back, and we collected our change and bus fare, he said he was hungry. So, we ordered him a hot dog to go from the diner in Zellers, went potty and walked to the bus stop. It was kinda getting dark by this time.
D was happy cause he got to have a "picnic" at the bus stop twice. On the way up when we were waiting at the bus stop he had pudding (yes, I really REALLY went overboard with the treats yesterday), and on the way home he had a hot dog. :oD
We walked home in the evening dusk, and D kept asking me why the streetlights were there, and kinda complained about not having a flashlight.
I'm surprised with all of that walking around, he didn't ask me to carry him until we were actually on our way home from the bus stop. Of course I had to turn him down.
I'm impressed that he was content to hold my hand the whole way. :oD
He got compliments from both bus drivers and a couple of passengers. When we hopped on the first time I had to tell him to go sit down because I wasn't ready with my money when he pulled I was scrambling for the change I had set aside. When I went and sat with him on the seat, the woman who was closest to us said she wished she could get her child to sit like that when she told it to.
I have to admit, that other than him running away from me, and pushing every possible button on every possible toy in Zellers...and him eating the candy off the floor from under their stupid vending machines, he did a good job of listening.
In any event...Dad had a pot pie in the oven for each of us when we got home, which was nice cause I was starting to get hungry. We ate dinner together while dad went to play some Basketball, and then I gave him a bath cause he had that "dusty" smell on him. Then he went to sleep nicely for me.
We watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", and "Doom" lastnight...and didn't go to bed until after 1pm.
All in all we had fun, but my calves are a touch sore today. Blah. I'm surprised that my shoulders aren't sore from carrying my backpack, cause I was carrying snacks and a bottle of water, then the movies and his puzzles.
Dunno what we're gonna get up to today, but whatever it is won't be until after D has his nap, that's for sure.
We've had a pleasant morning so far. Did some artwork, and we watched the Dora that we rented, and now he having his snack before Dad heads off to play golf with his friend.
Am probly gonna watch "A History of Violence" either during nap time or tonight after bedtime.
Keep finding ants everywhere. Thats not good...s'gonna be a bad year for bugs darn it.
I miss having a job.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Minor Annoyances

What a day yesterday was. Went to do my blood test on Monday, and found out they needed at least an hour with me at the lab b4 they could do it. Blah.
So I had to go in again yesterday. Spent an hour there...after drinking this yucky orange-pop tasting drink. Was pretty boring. Got my blood test done, and got outta there.
Came home, had lunch and tossed D into bed, and after eating, took a nap myself. :oD i've been feeling awefully tired lately, hitting times during the day where I can barely keep my eyes open. Thank goodness Chance is here with me...hopefully this phase will pass. Maybe it's because I know someone else is here with me.
Had my appoitnment with the midwife yesterday. Went as well as could be expected. :o) Was schedualed to have a physical, and I was very relieved to find out that that didn't include a "Vaginal exam". But, it was different than any other physical that I've ever been in. She listened to my heart, took my blood pressure, listened to baby's heartbeat, measured my tummy, did a breast exam, felt for my glands, and took a look my my back for how it looked relating to chiropractic work.
After all was said and done, she mentioned that I have a heart murmur, but because it's never been discivered before, she believes that it's relating directly to the pregnancy. I think that'll explain why I get so out of breath from time to time, and feel like I can't breathe. She also recommended that I go to the Chiropractor to adjust my back because it's out in bottom, and that's what's causing my hip to hurt so much. Apparently (and she had Chance's help on this) I'm left side leans down more than the if that wasn't a little nerve wracking having your midwife and husband compare your butt cheeks, and both agree that one is lower than the other. So...I guess I'll be making an appointment with them when we have the money. *sighs* health care may be covered, but it's not covering all the extras that are coming with this pregnancy.
She even recommended a Doula for extra pre-natal things...I had wanted a Doula from the beginning as well, but as they aren't covered by BC Med, I just tossed that idea out. But, upon asking if they had pre-natal classes available at the hospital, or Maternity Ward tours, she said they don't offer either. If we wanted a tour of the maternity ward, we'd hafta phone in advance, and hope we get a nice nurse, and an empty ward. The local College (UBC) offers pre-natal classes, but that's pretty much the only place that has them. Apparently though, the Doula will, from my understanding so far, would help us with our own personal prenatal classes. Birthing positions, ways to ease my stress and put us at ease during the labour, and helping us develop and stick to a birth plan.
Darius ate his breakfast on his own this morning...pancakes with plums. Yum.
Am anxiously waiting for Art to call us to let us know when he's goin back to work...honestly, this is the worst timing for Chance to not be working...and it's stressing me out something fierce. Not only do we have bills, but we also have extra expenses this month, both for D (dentists and b-day), and pregnancy related.
I'm also anxious because not one of the other parents from D's pre-school class have called us back to let us know whether or not their children will be able to attend his party. am I supposed to know which kind of pizza to order?! How am I supposed to know how much to pay the place?!?! Fuck people...come on, get with the program.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Well, a Monday...blah.
Am cruising the flyers, and there are currently a whole lot of deals right now...a good travel system in Wal Mart on sale for 200. *sighs* I've forgotten how expensive this stuff can really be. It even has the handle I want. Blahon sales and blah on flyers.
Anywho, was a busy weekend...and am now glad that it's over and done with.
I hate having everyone home...D doesn't behave in the least when everyone is home. I like it when it's just him and I during the week cause it's so quiet. Everyone talks at once, makes my ears ring, and my head hurt...It makes everything feel so surreal.
Well, there's no preschool this week or next week for spring, I'm trying to plan some activities for us to do.
We're going to visit the Recycling Plant in Kelowna...get a tour of their facility. We're also going to go to the library for Storytime, and the Eco Center in Mission Creek Park for crafts and storytime as well.
I hate having everyone home...all they do is interfere.
I slept comfortably lastnight...Chance finally took the futon frame out from our bed, and our mattresses are now on the floor. I found I could breathe a little better lastnight, but I'm still raspy sounding this morning. Blah.
Get out of my all I'm thinkin today

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tough Questions of Life

God what a night.
Tonight, my 3 year old son asked me..."Mommy, why is the sky blue?"
I'm not mentally prepared for these questions...two weeks ago he was asking me what my nipples were...and made the conclusion that he had nipples too.
No one prepared me for questions like these.
Let's not go near the hair issue on mommy and dad's winkie's. He's too young for this.

Busy Days of Family Gatherings

Well, productivity is the number one way to rid oneself of the blues.
Once again, Chance was getting antsy for whatever I set up a list of chores to be done, and a lot of them were fairly detailed/hard so, he's working off that negative energy, and it's paying off.
So far, we've dusted, washed all the door knobs and other surfaces we've been touching since we've been sick, cleaned the tv screen, vacuumed, swept, washed kitchen floor, did dishes, refilled our water botles, cleaned out fridge, cleaned toilet and tub, put all laundry away.
Lots more, but mostly little things that are a dily thing. Darius has been a big help. he really enjoys cleaning when you get him down to it. Does a decent job too. :oD
Trying to decide what to make for the reception at Cathy and Roger's.
Funeral tommorow. Gramma's coming with my Great Uncle Paul (one of D's favorites), and we'll bee catching up with her in Salmon Arm. She said she felt it was important that a family elder be present for the service. So, she did her fancy phone callin and found her way out. Now, all we hafta do is fork over the 40 bux to get her back home. Thank goodness she classifies as a Senior, or it would't be so cheap. So, in any event, she'll be here for the weekend...which is nice.
Anyways...we're getting an oil change today as well. hmm...busy busy.

"If you loved me...I'd be more sure of myself" Jann

I wouldn't mind having the time to buff my nails today.
Am definately gonna make cookies for tommorow, but dunno if I should make some bread, or mebbe some dinner rolls, or mebbe a pie. Hmm. Baking is my arena.
I'm so sad...Our Lady Peace is coming to Kelowna...and of coure it's not within my budget to get tickets. I loved seeing them in Columbus...they're absolutely amazing live. They put out terrific energy, and they are very humble. I wish. I swear to god all the good bands come when I can't afford it! They purposely watch my bank account, or listen for what my circumstances are! Damned commies!
made a veggie platter when I was tossing dinner together lastnight...and ate it after Idol was on. hly Schmoly...I gotta learn to stop early when eatig that stuff cause I just got incredibly bloated and was torture for a while cause I could hardly breathe. I couldn't help it was just so crunchy.
We went to a language class lastnight down at Sensisyusten school. Was kinda nice. Had an elder telling us stories and the basis for them. Always relaxing when I don't hafta worry bout home, or how bored I am. Darius played with the other kids that were there. They were all friendly, no one hurt each other, said mean things or played bossy. I was impressed. Afterwards we went over to Constable Neil Bruce and watched a presentation put on by some of the youth, and was real cute. I wish I would've caught it from the beginning.
In any event, we had fun. D was exhausted by the time we got him home. :oD
Always nice to tucker him out.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Take A Deep Breath

Well, now that we have that done and over with.
Went and got D's blood tests done this morning. Lil guy wasn't allowed to eat for 10 hours, so we wanted to do it first thing. Also saved it for a day where we didn't have preschool so we were rushed, and so he didn't take attention away from whomevers' day it was for show and tell.
Anywho...he did a very good job. He whined a bit after I told him what we needed to do, said he didn't want to get a needle, or a test, and that he was hungry. After a bit of fuss got him dressed and out the door...but after we got there, and went in the office, I realized that I forgot his Care Card at home, so had to turn around and come back home...*sighs* Silly mom.
Anyhow, we got his care card after a quick trip home, and went back to the lab. Went inside, where we played together, giggled, told jokes, and took a look at their toy selection. When his name was called, we went into the lil cubby (had those portable wall thingies, just like offices) and hopped onto the chair. Sat him on my lap, and pulled his one arm out of his sleeve, and then set it up on the little thingy they put accross our lap. Then the nice Dr. (or whatever he was) and the nurse came over and got him ready while I distracted him with looking at a picture. He watched the needle go in though, couldn't help tht, and all he said was "Ow!" "I don't like that".
They took two vials of blood for the test, and he watched them both come out while I attempted to explain that that was the blood that went through those blue veins we've been looking at at home. Well, we got the two vials, took a deep breath and pulled out the needle. All over and done with, the nurse gave him two stickers cause she said he was too cute...and that she just wanted to hug him tight. Hehehe...charming even when he's afraid of something.
When we arrived home, he walked in the door and immediately told the guys "I got a boo-boo and a cool band-aid!" Hehehe...kid mentality. He was impressed that he got a nifty Snoopy Band-aid. We took off his sweatshirt to s how daddy and Kimmie, and then started in on his bowl of cereal that he had requested for breakfast.
So, he's now back to his normal self...except, every once and a while he sniffles and whines about his boo-boo. Milking it for all it's worth...doesn't remind me of anyone...

Went to my La Leche League meeting lastnight, and was nice to be in an environment with that commonality between us all. There were two women expecting twins, and one really tall woman who's due within the next 4 weeks who barely had a bump in her tummy at all. She said it was cause she's big...LOL Was nice, only one hour, and I brought Kayla along with me.
Went to Lori's house before we headed to the meeting through, and had a nice visit with her. Got to describing the dynamics of breastfeeding, and some of the benefits. Ahh...female bonding.

When D woke up from his nap yesterday...was too cute. He had what I like to call, a Dad Episode. he must've rolled onto his arm or something, cause he came out of his room swinging his arm, and held it out to me in a slight panic because he said it felt funny. Whining and crying, it occured to me that he must've put his arm to sleep...hehehe. He didn't know what the pins and needles were, and it worried him. So, I had to massage his arm, and have him flex his hand to get the blood pumping (once again touching on how his veins work and how blood moves through his body). After the feeling came back he had calmed down enough to ask about the imprints of his shirt, or whatever, on his arm. :oD Too cute.

So we're planning on going to the funeral for Chad on Friday...we've got our first family councilling session then as well. What a busy week, we've had something to do everyday this week.
Wonder what miniscule chore I can have Chance do today....hmm...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Old Friends Die Hard

Just another little vent here.
Phoned my friend Lori earlier...let me make a connection here. I had a friend named Cathie, who stopped talking to me because of her youngest daughter Kayla (who is now pregnant), and who also happens to be Lori's mother. That's the really really short of it.
ANYways...Kayla lives with Cathie, and I only now really get to talk with Lori.
I phoned Lori to let her know that I'm attending a La Leche League (breastfeeding support group) meeting tommorow evening, and told her if Kayla was interested in going, I'd be happy to pick her up.
Anyhow...Ms. Cathy said I was overstepping my bounds, and stepping on her toes, treading where I shouldn't because I'm offering to help out a bit.
I'm offended by this, and miffed because my offer to tote Kayla along to a breastfeeding support group wasn't for my benefit, it was simply offering information for a choice she'll have to make sooner or later in her pregnancy. I'm simply offering information.
I believe that I know Cathie would never take steps to attend any groups (other than ministry offered and approved), or gatherings for expectant mothers. I'm taking advantage of community resources as a an expectant mother, and I'm merely offering the option for Kayla to do the same. I'm not trying to butt into anything, and am certainly not trying to get into anyone's business.
I'd really rather stay out of it, but my judgement and concience (sp?) won't let me do that because I believe everyone has the right to be informed.
Now, asides from offering her the opportunities that I know her mother won't offer her, I'd really rather stay as far away from her as possible because I know the circumstances of the situation.
Sometimes I really feel sorry for people.

I Need A Social Life

Well now...
Mailed out Ronnie's package today, only almost a month late...hehehe, better late than never!
Took D to the dentist, and found he had a small cavity in one of his back teeth that they want to fill, just to stop it before another cap is needed. We've also been instructed to aim at his gumline whilst brushing because of some plaque buildup. No biggie. :o)
Took D to the park and played a bit, went to Subway for lunch.
I hafta admit, am getting rather tired of Chance's frequent suggestion to always get something to eat while we're out doing errands, and have yet to find a way to thwart him.
We also got D off to the Dr.'s, who sent Chance home with instruction to do a blood test for Celiac disease. That test will come Wednesday morning because he's not allowed to eat for 10 hrs prior to.
Tommorow Chance has his interview with the Boyand Girls Club again, shall keep my fingers crossed.
Had trouble sleeping lastnight...kept waking up. Kimmie was thumping...dunno why. mom says she couldn't sleep either, but related Kimmie's thumping to D's getting rowdy during the day. Ya, I can relate a soon to be 50 year old, to a soon to be 4 year old as behaviourally the same.'s not like I can completely tap my son out...there's only so much "shushing", and reprimanding for noise levels I can get away with before it become abuse...
'Sides, we're headed to councilling. Didn't realize it was such a huge issue for someone who spends 12 hours in bed per day.
Oh, jee, that must be the sarcastic, protective, bitch in me coming out.
This is yet another spot where I get to vent myself out...seeing as I only have one friend who's actually willing to listen to me, and has some sort of an idea without being completely biased, of what I'm going through at this point in time...I'm going to take advantage.
I miss those people, I have known very very few of them, who were willing to listen to me, and just not offer feedback unless I asked for it. Honestly, I know y'all love me when I need someone to go to, but sometimes I just don't want hear what thoughts are bouncing around when I say something. Sometimes I don't wanna know your opinions. Sometimes I can be calmed, and be relieved of my daily pressures by just having someone who'll listen, and say..."hmm, that wasn't so bad, Anyways, what else?"
Did I ever mention I hate having both of my boys at home? It seriously causes so much conflict, and tension. I can feel my stress levels raise.
Every little nuance and habit that my husband has drives me nuts, from asking me to come look at things on the internet, to watching movies that I'm not interested in, to playing games all day long.
God help me...I'm just feeling a little bit like I've got cabin fever.
Get me the fuck out of here.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Baby Pains

Ok, I'm starting to get tired of not having the ability to breathe.
My chest contiuiously feels like it's being pushed down on, and I can't seem to take a deep breath and satisfy my body's craving for oxygen.
I sleep terribly, cause I can't seem to get comfortable, and no matter what I do, I wake up with a yucky, dry throat in the morning.
If I eat, it gets worse...if I drink, it gets worse. If I sit, it gets worse, if I lay down, stuff starts making it's way up my throat. Come on now...I'm not even into month 6, lets give me break.

Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm a little peeved today. I'm annoyed...I can't stand having both of my guys home at the same time, period.Chance has been generally pissy today, and D hasn't really been all that bad. ;oD
I'm a little saddened to know that my poor husband is feeling below the weather...enough to call me a baby and think nothing of it. If there were something I could do, besides keep my peace and not tell him to go jerk it in a corner, I'm at a loss what it is.
So, here I am, playing his games, and keeping my silence...even though I whooped on him bowling tonight. That's right, I got three strikes in a row...Turkey! Why couldn't I have done that in Van when I went with Pokie?
In any event...I did some baking today, 3 different kinds of muffins, and a loaf of banana bread. Bought a nice new outfit from Zellers. I don't remember having this much clothing when I was pregnant with D. I guess I was just cheering myself up.
So, after bowling, now my hip is sore again...after it had finally gone back to normal. *sighs*
Can't win em all.
D has a dentist and doctor's appointment on Monday...though we may just end up taking him in tommorow because his toe is looking like it's a little infected. He had a habit of picking at the corner of his toenail, and occasionally ripping it off. Apparently, he ripped it off, and now it's making the area puffy and purple. So, who knows.
Tuesday Chance has a job interview, and that means I've had to cancel/reschedual our councilling session, and later on that evening, there's my first La Leche League meeting. ;oD I missed those.
I think there's a bowl of grapes with my name on it...mebbe I can toss in a peach, a plum, and a couple of strawberries...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's a Rich Man's World

Well, today was busy, but in a not-so-hectic way. :oD
As it was a pre-school day, I drove mom to work, made D his breakfast, made his snack for lunch, fed and dressed him. Chance drove him to pre-school, then went and picked mom up from work, cause she wasn't feeling well. :o(
I did some cleaning...vacuumed, managed to tidy things up a bit, loaded dishwasher and finished the dishes and that sort of thing. ;o)
Spent over 2 hours on the phone with Gramma lastnight...kept chuckling cause you know I haven't talked to her in a while when i can sit comfortably and talk to her for 3 hours and not orll my eyes once. :oD
D had a good day at pre-school, and afterwards we went to the DOllar Store so I could pick up a few small things we needed for round the house.
Am getting kinda anxious about D's birthday, as I'm going to have to make a deposit for the room at Spacewalkers, and I don't even know how many kids will be coming. The sad part is that we can't bring any outside food in except the cake. SO chincy, and cheap and completely unfair. I mean, why should we be forced to feed our children junk food just because some tightwad asshole wants to make more money? I'm sorry, I prefer that the children who come to parties here have healthful, nutritious food, and it frustrates me that because D wants his party in a specific place this year, we can't provide that.
Aside from that, we haven't discussed a theme or anything yet...and when we do figure something out, I guess we'll get the invitations out and such.
Made a bunch of phone calls today...made D a Dr.'s appointment, at Chance's request, and a Dentist appointment, and also schedualed our first councilling session, but am now going to need to re-schedual because Chance has an interview an hour before hand, and I don't expect it to be over soon enough to make the appointment...and seeing as I'm paying 50 bux an hour...
Apparently Art is taking on some units in Penticton, and as such, Chance won't be able to work with him until he's finished with those. Yay. I guess it's a good thing that I got my last pay cause we've got bills, and all these lil extras.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Busy Bees

Well, tahnk goodness. We have a day like this every payday. :o)
Two days of binge my final pay from Sylvia, but the damned wench put the wrong SIN # on my, I'm pondering how to go about getting a proper one out of her.
Anyhow...did a lot of shopping yesterday and today, and now I'm just plan old exhausted. Out pantry is chalk full, can't fit anything else in, so is the fridge. I literally burst out laughing when i took a peek in the fridge tonight after we unpacked everything...fresh fruit galore, juices, milk, eggs, sandwhich meats, condiments. Also bought lots of snack crackers, cereals, canned veggies, soups, tuna, juice crystals. The only thing that is not chalk full, is the freezer, and that's pretty darned close anyways cause I bought a bunch of bread. :oP
So, I've almost gone through half of what I got...but that's ok. No glasses for me, but that's ok too.
I bought a bin to put the baby stuff that I do have's not much now that I have it all out at once, but oh well...still plenty of time. I still need to stock up on the things that I'll need that we can get now...basically, everything but diapers/bottles/rubber nipples/possibly pacifiers.
Got some terrible news that Uncle Roger's son Chad died the other day. :o( Funeral schedualed most likely either Wednesday or Saturday next. Terrible...can't honestly remember meeting him, though I'm sure I must've at some point in time. Mom says I used to play with him when we were babies...we're the same age, and he leaves behind a baby and signifigant other.
So, I'm assuming that we'll end up going to get Gramma for that one...wonder how that's gonna work. *sigh*
Oh well.
I'm feeling pretty ok about how things are looking round here, but there are still some organizing things that I want to do. All in good time I suppose, cause I hafta wait until mom and Kim's closet gets built.
Am chatting on the phones with gramma. :oD
D took a nice long nap today...and he was nice and cheery, but he really has some terrible mood swings after he eats his snack.
It's always nice to just sit back and recap everything from the past month. :oD