Friday, August 31, 2007


I was so stressed lastnight, it was difficult to believe.
I hate working on a timed schedual for things, where everything has to be done or not at all.
I got my last few things acomplished from this week done today, so I feel much better about my time management.
When I arrived home from my chores for the day I found Wal Mart had called, and am disappointed that I didn't think to hook up the answering machine.
Darius'es first day of school is TUesday, on which I'll drive him down to check everything out, I hafta bring his birth certificate, and something else, can't member what. Anyhow, the first day is only from 8:15-11:30, so it's not too bad. D is real excited about taking a bus to school each day :o) He said he's gonna miss me while he's at school though, which almost in itself brought me to a breakdown. I'm dreading that day.
Today has been a very good day so far with the boys, and I'm content.
We got a new washer and dryer from Deb&Dwayne, which is nice, cause the ones we have just aren't making the grade right now. Just need a new belt in the future for the washer, which is ok I spose. I'm not going to complain, a dryer that can go on more settings than MED is good for me.
Planning on heading to the Drive-In tonight, it's their last weekend :o(. They're showing Transformers (yay!) and The Bourne Ultimatum. Chance left work early, so I'm hoping that we can maybe scootch up early and visit the IPE on our way by, even if it's just to ride a couple of rides with D. :o)
What a chaotic week! I hope we don't have another one like this in the near future cause I'd fall apart.
There's two concerts I'd like to see in October here, the Strength in Numbers Tour (Finger 11 and Sum 41) and David Usher is playing at Flashbacks. Both sound like a lot of fun, who know's if I'll actually get to go though.
Too busy, but hopefully this next week will be better.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Even though there weren't a whole lot of my Facebook friends who came, the BBQ was wonderful. Chance ended up inviting Dan & Brandi and their daughter Charlie, and Jason Bednar. It was a nice evening, and I'd say a success overall.

I'm hoping to go to Gramma's this weekend, but also I'd love to hit the IPE and the Drive in for the last showing of the seaon of Transformers and Bourne Ultimatum...I'ma lso hoping to drag Hekter to it, since I told him forever ago I'd go see Transformers with him.

Even though the house wasn't as spotless as I wanted it to be, it still wasn't bad.

Yesterday I spent 5 1/2 hours cleaning, and am disappointed that I got little done. In any event, I'll be going back tommorow, and hopefully am dropping the kids off at daycare (if they have room, if not, we'll figure something out). I'm going to buy their washer and dryer off of them, as they are in better shape than the ones we have here (may require a new belt, but works very well I believe).

(Post Carried on from yesterday)

Today I dropped the kids off at daycare and spent 6 hours cleaning at Deb's.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Too Too Busy

SSuper cleaned (detail only) on Sunday, was tired from that.
Today I canned tomatoes (all 12 jars even!) and then afterwards cooked dinner, folded and put away laundry, and pulled out stuff I figured could go into storage. I loaded up the car, and drove over and dropped it off.
I've still got a ton of stuff to go to storage (unfortunately because it's not mine I can't do anything but store it).
I'm going to clean a friends house tommorow for $20 an hour, I'm hoping to get at least three hours. She said to expect to clean the fridge and stove at least.
Wednesday I'm planning the BBQ (Which I've only squeaked one acceptance for unfortunately) and have my chiro appointment.
thursday is baby group...nothing for Friday.
Busy busy days. I guess I like it that way, otherwise I'd be more miserable than I am.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Caffine is good

Been trying to keep myself going all day so I can say I was productive, and cause I know I won't have much time before the BBQ to clean as much as I want with the kids and all.
So far I've only been able to cross off about 5 things from my list of about 20 things to do.
I got a call from my friend Deb who wants me to come in and help her clean her apartment cause they're moving, so I'm planning on doing that on Tuesday, and Thursday if it's needed. Monday I'm canning tomatoes (bought jars for it even), and wednesday I have my chiro appointment, and getting food ready plus I need to pick up Hekter. Don't have much else planned, but a lot needs to be accomplished this week.
I've been jumping around from task to task today, and the house is a pig sty. I need to make a run to storage to drop some stuff off and grab some more picture frames. I'm still folding laundry, and washing laundry. I've gotten the sheets onto the beds, but am waiting for the blankets to dry, so hopefully they'll be dry by tonight cause they didn't fully dry in the dryer so I just hung them up. I've sorted through the drawers of Hunter to get rid of small stuff again (a never ending task it seems). Yesterday I vacuumed and dusted at the same time.
Got some pictures in frames and hung them up in the hallway, and I'm planning on hanging more around the house since I'm a print-aholic now.
Hopefully I can get as much accomplished as I want before the other boys get home.

It's Almost Here...

Two weeks without mom or Kimmie, they won't even be here for D's first day of school. :o(
I'm looking foreward to doing laundry when I want inany event.
I've been printing out pictures like a madwoman, now that I've gotten a new printer cartridge and some photo paper...dunno what I'm gonna do with em all, but oh well.
Boy, I've got a bunch more stuff to send to my friend, at least two larger boxes full to the brim with clothing. Hmm...I dunno when I'm gonna get em off, I've spent my money for the month.
I've gotta put laundry away today, and finish washing the bedding.
I stayed up late lastnight, and I shouldn'tve.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun with mall photo booths

Ok, So Maybe Not

I squeeked away with not going to Gramma's. I claimed I needed a mental health weekend. Time to re-charge my batteries, time to myself. Personal time I've been craving so desperately since Chance's arrival, and I've felt I've been sorely lacking.
Time at night's it good, but days alone are terrific too. I miss the quiet where I don't have to do anything because everything is already done.
Planning a BBQ for Wednesday (did I say that already? I never keep track of my posts) and as far as I know I have one maybe, and one for sure cause I'm draggin his butt out here and am gonna hold him Hostage! lol. Anyhow, I plan on organizing everything in the house, doing a super-mega amber clean as well. Hopefully after I'm done mom and kim won't be displeased with the results. I figure, I have a storage unit, I may as well use it.
I'm looking foreward to some time to clean, dust, sanitize, and organize. I complain about having to do it, but when it's in detail I really enjoy it because it's so consuming. I'm hoping to toss both kids into daycare so I can do it though. We'll see how it goes.
I'm tired, but I have a huge mountain of laundry to do...bedding, towels, clothing, pillows, blankets, stuffies. *sigh*
Summer's coming to an end, and that makes me sad.

Weekend's Here!

Leaving to drive Niamh home today.
Took a bunch of stuff back yesterday, and managed 180 bux from returns...scary.
Am planning a BBQ for Wednesday (mom's birthday and guy's night for Chance) for a reunion of old friends through Facebook.
Dunno if it'll have any turnout, but I'm planning it anyways. That'll leave me a couple of days to clean the house and re-organize a couple of things that I didn't get to this week.
Went to the drive in lastnight for Hairspray and Rush Hour 3 (which was hilarious) and was frustrated for the most part, but still managed a decent time.
Spent the day at the water park with the kids and even went down the mini waterslide with Hunter. Water was a bit too chilly for him, but he still liked the slide.
Playin rough with D this can he pack a punch!
Hopefully things will get better soon, cause this stuff is just not my bag of tea. I'm frustrated everyday, and feel like I'm being smothered with crap that's not mine.
I could lead a life of relaxation and no rushing or worry, but this is where I'm at now, and I can change it.
Waiting is always tough.
I still haven't heard back from Wal Mart, and am feeling like a loser...dude, i can't even get hired on at Wal Mart!
Gonna vacuum today before Kimmie goes to sleep.
I truly don't feel like heading to Gramma's this weekend cause I know exactly what it will entail, and how frustrating it's going to be, and I want more than anything to weasel out of it. I'm already biting my nails off...*sigh*
Hopefully the BBQ on Wednesday will work out.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There Was a Reason

I swear I had a reason for blogging, but Pokie's new blog design distracted me and I decided to re-do mine cause I'm tired of looking at the huge gap that was there.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ei Yi Yi

Yesterday we canned peaches, and it took pretty much the whole day, and wore me right out. I got home and plopped on the couch for an hour before I could do anything.
We decided to go bowling, and I'm afraid to admit i came in last place for the first game. We went ten pin bowling over at McCurdy Lanes and Ni was amazed at how updated and new it was, and how big. She and D both had their first shot at it, and both of them whooped all over me.
Today we went shopping for new school stuff for D. I went overboard and spent, like, 275 bux at Wal Mart on clothing, shoes, a new backpack and lunch bag. I also spent 63 on a new jacket for him (not really needed so I can take it back) and a 55 on a new bra for myself (something I haven't bought since I had H) plus a couple of gifts cards.
Spent a lot of money today, and am feeling pretty guilty about it. Am contemplating taking back the jacket, and about 3 outfits that aren't really needed. I've never been school clothes shopping before, I don't know what to get or how much, so I did my usual and over did it.
Anyhow, sent out two boxes to my friend Jill of baby stuff, and have probly about 4 shoe-boxes more, plus another bigger box of clothes that I got for free today at Baby Group.
It's been a busy week, but I don't mind it so much, it's been enjoyable but with stressful moments where I get a hug from Niamh to loosen me up.
Did I mention that I filled out an application at Wal Mart and got an on-the-spot interview? They said they'd call this week for a second interview, and I haven't heard from them yet...but I've been too busy to be worried. I told them I really was only interested in evenings and weekends, and that I only wanted to be hired cause I wanted the discounts...hehehe. The interview went well I believe, only because it didn't feel so formal I think.
Anyhow, tommorow we're gonna finish off the peaches by making jam, I have a Chiro appointment in the morning and later in the evening we're going swimming t JBMAC.
Tonight we had a "girly" night where we painted all of our nails (except mom and Hunter's) and had face masks put on. Ni, D, and I had the peel off kind while Chance had the warming kind. Both boys had both sets of nails done by Ni and I and we had a lot of fun. I even put on the fake set of nails I bought back in the beginning of spring. Got some pictures, but don't feel like putting them up just yet. I plan on finishing my nails with Happy Faces (toes, that is).
Anyhow, I guess I should get to bed.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Busy Weekend

Friday night just kinda lazed about.
Saturday we went thrift shopping and I got some baby clothes for my friend (just need to send them her way now) and a couple of nice dresses for myself. :o)
Afterwards we hooked up with Chance at the local Future Shop for the Arm Wrestling Competition for the Food Bank. It was nice, we signed up both Darius and Chance, but Darius didn't end up having anyone else sign up for his weight class, so he automatically got first place. He got a medal and a gift bag, both of which he was very proud of.
Sunday I went and picked up Niamh from Falkland and apparently i drive faster with no kids in my car cause I made it in an hour and 15 minutes, which is about 15-20 minutes faster than with kids.
Went to Scandia lastnight and played a round of golf, then wasted some tokens getting tickets, and got a large Die and a Free Pass for golf. :o) Was fun.
Uploaded pictures from Friday and Saturday to Flickr.

Friday, August 17, 2007 that that's out of the way.
The harddrive and the printer are on the top shelf. Phew, that was a lot of work, wiping all the dust away, and bundling the cords so they don't pose a choking hazard. Today I'll look into getting a strap for the desk to bolt it to the wall so it doesn't tip, and maybe get a grippy for the tower or something else to secure it to the shelf to prevent falling hazards. *sighs*
Now I gotta sort through all the junk that was on top. Eww.

Today must be my productive day. Maybe the only one of the month...hehehe
Am picking up Niamh on Sunday, so today I'm making sure I get other stuff done cause even though I wanted to toss her and D into kids camp, I don't think I will. It's Aqua Adventures, but I can easily do that if I take them ot the beach everyday too. So, I figure I'll just see what we can get up to otherwise and have some fun together. Maybe I can just toss them in for one day.
In any event, I've scrubbed the tub, the sink, and vacuumed. Now I need to wash the floors, and maybe finish cleaning the counter and the toilet in the bathroom.
Lastnight neither of the boys wanted to let me sleep, so even though I'm exhausted I know stuff needs to be done, so I gotta do it. They both kept waking me up, and we all ended up rolling out of bed at about 7:30 this morning. At least it was early enough to get the cleaning I wanted to do done.
I'm thinkin i may toss in a roast for dinner around noon and put it on nice and low heat.
I'd still really like to clean off the computer desk and re-organize it so that the printer can go on top and out of Hunter's Reach, and maybe even the harddrive. I dunno if I can be that time-inventive today though.
That reminds me, we need a new printer cartridge...
Today we're going to Wal Mart so we'll see if we can get one then?
I finally finished unpacking everything I had downi n Vancouver with me...*g*
Gotta take some stuff to storage (yesterday I organized my room and put away most of Chance's stuff) cause I'm trying to make room for all of Chance's stuff. I got so settled in that there's really no room for him, now I'm re-organizing.
Neither one of the oys would let me sleep...I'm tired. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight.
Gotta shower with the boys, cause I was hoping to hit a thrift store up for some stuff for Jill. I've got a couple of small shoeboxes left that I want to fill with a few clothing items and ship her way. I've sent two so far, and have one ready to go with blankets, not I just wanna send a small one with some baby clothes.
I'm way too generous sometimes.
We were supposed to can peaches today, but apparently they weren't ripe enough so we'll hafta wait until Monday.
Oh well, more time for me.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Does anyone else see this huge gap at the top of the page again? Happens whenever I make HTML posts...

Whoa man, Mom Knows What I'm Talkin Bout!





Was super hot out today, so it took us a little longer to walk home from Baby Group today, but it wasn't too bad. I bought one of their generic slushies from the Husky, and it tasted like a liquified Fruit Leather. Ew.
Baby Group was nice, got to chatting with some of the parents that I don't normally chat with, and visited wiht everyone before heading home.
Tommorow we're canning peaches down at the Wellness Center, and I'm hoping to get D into Daycare, but if not, oh well.
Just cooling off after the walk, not quite there yet, maybe another glass of water will do the trick.
Gotta clean up today, and do some organizing. I'm going to pick up Niamh on Sunday in Falkland and we'll have her for the week. I was originally going to put her&D in Day Camp but after taking a peek to see what it was, I realized it's not going on next week. SO, back to figuring out what to do while she's here. I know we'll go to the Drive in, but I'm not sure quite yet what else. We shall see...maybe we'll get to those places I wanted to get to but never had the opportunity.
back to my cleaning duties I spose...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yup, S'About Right

I love the kinda people who think this stuff up, if I could get all these on real bumper stickers I wouldn't have a car left, AND I'd be the hit of the parking lot!

It's Wednesday Already

The weeks and days just keep flying by...
Have the chiropractor today, and tonight am taking the kids downtown to see a movie in the park.
The comp is really slow, and it's annoying me.
Gotta hand in the registration form for Darius, hopefully he's accepted for the school.
was hoping to vacuum today, but kimmie's not feeling well, so he's sleeping.
Got two boxes from Ohio yesterday, was kinda funny cause the guy pulled up in a U-Haul rental van (man wearing nice shirt & tie) pulled up and dropped the first one off which was busted open on the side, and then again a couple of hours later claiming he didn't know there were two and had to double back to deliver it.
Went out with mom lastnight, and she did real well, we both did, which was a nice change.
Hopefully I can get the kids out and about today to help wear off energy. The park, a nice walk...
Yesterday we walked back from Baby Group, which really seemed to help with energy levels and the boys.
Am hoping to work my way through a couple of parenting books to maybe help field the changes going on around us...would be nice, but like I have that kinda time anymore.
Next week we're going to pick up Niamh, and we're planning on tossing both her and D into day camps with Wes during the week, so hopefully I'll get to some sewing during that time.
Gotta get some discs and a book to clear off all the pictures on the computer.
We're sposed to be canning again this week, probably peaches if we can get our hands on them. I dunno what I'm gonna do with all these jars next year...

Monday, August 13, 2007

uploaded a couple of pics tp Flickr

Lazy Monday

Slept in the Hunter again...and am left wondering what to do with the rest of my day.

I feel like being outside and away from the house...i may just catch the bus downtown to the park, we shall see.

I got some stuff with mom yesterday while shopping for Jill. I'm hoping to send a small box to her a week. I doubt I'll get round to it, but if I can keep my boxes to 10 dollars each it won't be so bad.

I've got all my blankets that I made to sell that I can pass her way, and yesterday I got a bunch of recieving blankets. I really only need to get the onesies and such.

I really miss sending out cards, cause I haven't really done that in ages. I've got some almost ready to go, I guess I should just get them out and over with.


I'd really like to start getting Christmas gifts right now, so it's not such a burden, but people always buy themselves new things right? We'll see....

Smooshed Faced Kitty


Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's the weekend and hardly feels it.
We were sposed to go to the drive in lastnight but didn't make it cause Kimmie's passenger front tire was making a weird noise and he didn't want to Chance breaking after we had all loaded in, we turned around for safety's sake.
We ended up battling BOTH boys to get them to sleep, and the night seemed to just drag on forever.
I rented The Messengers and The Hills Have Eyes 2, and Catch and Release...watched the first two lastnight, but not the third.
I ended up sending Chance up to Blockbuster at 11:50 lastnight to exchange THHE2 cause it wouldn't play in the middle of the movie. I hate it when that happens.
I totally gorged out on junk food lastnight...chips, chocolate, and pop. Disgusting...I haven't done that since I was a kid.
Went to sleep fairly late, but got to sleep in with Hunter (who went to sleep finally at about 12:30).
Anyhow, this week went by quickly, mainly cause we had something to do each day. This week is looking the same, Baby Groups, Chiropractors, and more Canning (if all goes well I'll score us some peaches). We made Apricot Jam on friday, of which I got 9 jars. I keep thinking "God, what am I gonna do with it all??" but I guess over the winter and such it'll get eaten.
I've been trying to keep the boys and I walking each day, and have managed so far to keep up with it. A half hour walk at least each day does us some good, and I feel better afterwards.
Hopefully I'll do ok tonight with the boys ta the Drive In.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I was comparing children the other day with a friend of mine, and made the observation that when Hunter walks, he doesn't stick his arms out like an airplane like most toddlers do. He appears to have skipped that step all-together. Interesting, I wonder why.

So, the Health Centre has a new thingy where they have a Chiropractor come in once a week to give free sessions to whomever wants em. I phoned yesterday and booked an appointment for both the boys and I got adjusted.
Then we took in the empties, and now the boys are sleeping.
Both have been staying up fairly late these days, and I'm not impressed with my total lack of supervision and parenting.

I really need to re-motivate myself back to where I was while Chance was gone, cause man did I really like myself then.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We live in a seriously fucked up world where it's almost as if everyone's out to fuck everyone else just for the hell of it.
It's really depressing

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Oh, it's gonna be one of those kinda of days.
We went to the drive in lastnight with the kids to see Shrek the Third and Tranformers (both of which I've seen). Hunter fell asleep about 1/4 of the way through Shrek the Third, and Darius fell asleep in between while we were waiting for Transformers to start.
I only had to pick up Hunter twice after he went down, which was quite nice. I figure out the secret...never open the doors while they are sleeping. So, as you can imagine, I just kept my window rolled down and climbed in and out of that all night. Was quite chilly out, with a boatload of falling stars in a crystal clear, star filled sky and a half moon.
After the movie was over, I walked around picking up garbage that I found on the ground on my way to the trash can to get rid of our. It's really gross what people think is ok to leave around. I found that in Vancouver too (since the city workers are on strike and there's no garbage emptying going on) and tried to pick up as much as I could find to help out, but I had a Hunter sleeping on me then.
Anyhow, dunno what we're going to do today, but it'd be nice to rest...I feel like I've not stopped going since before we left for the reunion.
I'm tired...exhausted, and worn out.
I feel like a prisoner.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm a tard...
Lastnight when we arrived in the terminal I just wanted to get home so I could have a cigarette, I knew I was starting to get snippy.
I rushed us all so bad that I left our carry on bag in the parking lot.
I phoned them today and they have it, thankfully. I felt horrible cause it had a blanket in it that I made for Darius when I was pregnant with him.