Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm bummed out.
Maybe it's because I forked my son over to Danielle and Niamh for the weekend, maybe it's the impending visit from my husband, maybe it's the rain.
I have three hours left to clean up the house and I so don't feel like cleaning.
It took me close to three and a half hours to watch all of Ghost Rider lastnight.
Been listening to music on the comp all day today and have just been waiting for the power to go out. Am surprised that with as much rain, and thunder there wasn't some jackass who took out the power lines somewhere along the way to knock me back to the dark ages.
Hunter sure misses his can tell. He crawls to his brothers door and just sits there looking in his room, as if to say, "where is Darius, and why isn't he here to play with me?"
I made new curtains for my room and D's room, and a movie blanket for D for the car. Just real quick things, all of them. It was more to get me motivated to sew, and start some projects for Jill than anything, not much heart put into them at all.
Mom, Kim and Gramma should be arriving at midnight sometime. They're going to Bingo in Kamloops before coming home.
I talked to D on the phone today, and he said they went to see Fantastic Four (Marty, Ni, and D) and he really enjoyed it. He also had some other kids to play with, cause they were visiting friends in Barrier.
I'm a little sad he'll miss the Canada Day festivities in Kelowna, but he hasn't seen Ni in forever, and I was rather surprised the wanted to keep him for the weekend.
Maybe I needed the break, mebbe I was just so surprised that they asked that I couldn't think of anything else to say but yes.
Interesting in any event.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is the weekend where everyone migrates this way once again. I'm excited, just because it truly means summer is here and the BBQ-in can begin.
Hunter's not feeling well, he was running a fever all day today.
Had the kids in Daycare yesterday to give us all a break.
I did jack squat with my entire day, exactly the opposite of what I wanted to do with it...but oh well.
Today we had a playdate at 10 at McDonald's again. Was pretty good...they both had a good time.
Afterwards we came home for D to rest.
Then we went and bought Hunter's birthday gifts. We got him a new ride-em/walk-em toy and a gumball toy machine with 4 clear balls with rattly/sprakly stuff in them. Hunter really likes them, and so does D.
I'm amazed at the small amount of stuff I purchased today that the total was 100 bux. <:oO
I'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of the daycare, put some gas in, and mebbe that'll be it. Groceries would be nice.
Anyhow...I really want to do some sewing for my pregnant friend in Ohio, I had better get to.
I got my first two moqsuito bites tonight, btw. How retarded. I didn't even feel the first, I killed the second. 1 down, 10 million to go.
Oh yeah, and my garden started growing!!!
Yay us

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hunter Turns 1

It seems this past year has gone by so quickly. The other years the torture just seemed to drag out, and with this year having the most devastating of all events happen, I'm surprised it went by so quickly.
I'm not ready for my baby to be 1 year old yet.
This last year has given me lots to think about, ponder while I surf the net out of sheer boredom.
Had nothing planned for today, and ended up going to vvisit Ali & Terry.
She said I have to make more of an effort to come and see her more often. I'm sorry, I'm the one with two kids, and you expect me to travel all the time to come and see you? People's expectations continue to surprise me these days.
Thinking aout it, the things people are capable of these days just never fail to shock me.
I phoned Ali at 12:30 asking if she was busy and if we could come and visit...she said no, come on over. So we took off and arrived at 1pm. She wasn't even there, the person who's staying with her right now said she had a Dr.'s appointment and shouldn't be that long. We stayed for an hour and just as we were getting ready to go she walked in. That just kinda pissed me off. Would've been nice had she phoned me back to let me know she had a Dr.'s appointment, then i wouldn'tve gone down there and wasted my time and gas.
In any event, visited with her, the person who's staying with her, and Michelle.
Invited them to the BBQ schedualled for next weekend on Sunday for H.
Also hafta phone Roger & Cathy to let them know.
Made H Angel Foodcake this mornin with D, only I cut the recipe in half and put it in large muffin tins instead, and now hafta make icing and ice it with D.
Lazy day.
Can't figure out what's going on with my messenger cause I hooked up my webcam so I could do video chatting with the boys and Chance, but now we can't swap videos or do a video chat for some reason, though it worked at first it's not working now.
And mom's mouse finally gave it up, the wiring has been loose in it for ages, so I switched it out with the one from my room, I guess I'll hafta get another one, that and another set of speakers...but I should swap them with mom's sometime to check to be sure it's them.
I can now feed Hunter...everything. *g* Well, egg white's, plain yogurt with fresh fruit pieces, pastas, honey, strawberries.
Lots more...slowly but surely.
Off to eat, I'm starving.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm disappointed...Weird Al is sold out at Rive Rock.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Rachel Ray can turn green with envy.
K, so she may be able to whip up stuff in 30 m inutes, but I can make full meals for us in about 45, and it only ever takes that long cause i hafta stop and do dishes, or chop slower so I don't loose a finger. Plus i hafta check on the kids. Thank goodness for the Foreman.
Anyhow, didn't do much today.
This morning D had a dentist appointment in peachland where they gave him another small filling, and afterwards we went to the Ehco park. Then we walked accross the street and got ice cream (super yummy not fake at all strawberry). Then we hopped in the car and went to Extra to pick up some more veggie seeds to plant.
I bought beets, turnips, lettuce, peas, and pumpkin. Though I know there's not enough room for the all, I like them and may attempt potting some. We shall see.
We took the DVD's back to Blockbuster and went and paid storage.
Came home and got both boys for a nap.
Washed the fruits that mom bought yesterday and got them ready to eat style.
Planned dinner and got it started after loading the dishwasher and doing the dishes.
I still feel like I haven't done much today, but when you put it in writing I wonder where i had the time...
Going to the drive in tonight...Yay drive ins!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

You can really tell

It's days like these that really bring about the urgency for me to do what I need to do as a parent.
Happy National Aboriginal Day!
Mom had the day off from work to celebrate, and she took Kimmie's van to the shop, and I was surprised when I got up that she was home cause it was 8:30.
Harry phoned and woke me up cause he was lookin for a ride into town from Oliver...honestly, he's a good guy but I get real sick of him phoning when he needs something. I mean, I believe a good friend will always be there, but it's a bit different when ya phone first thing to ask, and not at night.
Anyhow...we were supposed to go to Croc Talk today with an online parenting group that I joined, but Darius didn't feel like going, and truthfully neither did I.
Yesterday I spent my entrie day making up the Cassidy no-show to D by doing all of his favorite things with him, and had a real nice day out. We left the house about 1pm, and went to Scandia, Wal-Mart (to get potting soil for the veggie's I've been meaning to plant since the beginning of the month), Denny's (he loves their Alien Pancakes), back to Wal Mart with mom, then to the Park on our way home. He was terrifically exhausted when we got home.
So, instead of going to Croc Talk, we all (yes, all) headed outside to start our garden. Kimmie loosened the dirt in his regular flower garden (he gave us permission to use it as our veggie garden this year cause he didn't buy flowers and he thinks it's too late for them now) and mixed in 4 bags of soil for us. Then we made the rows, planted the seeds, and watered. Mom walked Hunter round the yard, and watched D play cause he was getting bored of the prelims.
The neighbor asked if we were planting flowers, and when I replied "No, I'm going to try my hand at veggies" he said Isn't it a little late to be doing that?
I just said I don't know the difference, and could really care less...
Honestly, if they grow yay us, if they don't, oh well, it gives us something to do.
So, D is in charge of watering his garden, and tommorow while I have to run a few errands I'm hoping I can buy some more seeds cause I remembered that the Food Bank accepts produce for a special program, and if they do grow, that's where the majority of the things I grow will go I hope. If not, oh well, it was a nice thought, and there's always next year.
Yet another lesson to teach Darius that helping other who need it is an important thing to do.
He just makes me so proud.
We attended the National Aboriginal Day festival at the Friendship Center downtown (horrible traffic jam on the way in...ugh, summer really IS here!) and after we waited in line for a half an hour to get our food, found a place outside on the ground to eat, and heard the drummers begin to sing....I asked D what he thought they were singing about, and he answered "pray". When I asked him what do you mean, he said "they're praying". I swear to god I think my heart almost broke and I was two breaths away from tears.
Though he was kinda rough the rest of the night cause I wasn't buying him a rocket gun or letting him play on the pavement (where I had previously spotted broken glass) like he wanted me to, it was survivable.
I'm truly grateful I'm as vigilant as I am. I swear there was a three year old running around in just a diaper, and it was obviously over filled.
There were people there who were hanging around when I worked there so many years ago. It made me feel sad, to know that they were there to recieve services and aid, and that they never made anything of themselves like the programs intend. It's a horrible thing to look back at just what one COULD have been had they left themselves to the power of nothing, rather than getting off yer ass and just doing it.
I'm grateful I am the person that I am.
I watched Music and Lyrics was a good movie, mind you...I'm feeling pretty sappy tonight, so it suited me just fine.
I've been using a tinted moisturizer the past three days, and I quite like it, cept it don't smell all that great. The bottle says results will be full by day 7. hmm...I can't really tell if mine looks good so far or not, but man as I was checkin myself out in the mirror I realized that I really...very badly...need to shave my legs. I'm like a cave woman.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Parents Like This Can Kiss My A**

I'm just so steamed.
Today we had a playdate with Cassidy (D's fav girl in preschool) at 10 at McDonalds. I should've called yesterday to confirm, but I didn't think of it till this morning on the drive there. I had that ill sense of foreboding.
We got there 5 minutes early, ordered a small few things, and went in to the playroom to wait.
We waited, and waited, and D bounced around the windows, and each time a new car drove by he bounced and looked real hard to see if it was her.
She, of course, didn't show...again!
Playdate number 3, and she wasn't there.
Ya know, I'm an understanding person, if you have issues with your kid playin with my kid, just fucking tell me and save me the goddamned trouble of even phoning you anytime soon. How the fuck am I supposed to fix the problem if I don't know what the problem is.
How completely rude and inconsiderate.
I got both kids ready, and myself (make-up even) this morning, and flew over to McDonalds with D bouncing all morning because he was so excited, and then to have to leave McDonald's with a very disappointed little boy who kept asking me to phone her to find out why she didn't come, and why she's disappointing him, and why she's hurting his feelings.
Seriously, is that how you want your children to deal with their problems??
I'm no perfect parent, but I know what i don't want my child to see from me, and certainly try my hardest not to do those things.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Well then.
So, after we came home from playdate number one, I got D off to nap, and had H down, but then he woke p too soon and refused to go back to sleep...lil goob.
Phoned the Mrs. back at 3:30 as asked, and they were down for a nap. Then they phoned back and said "let's have dinner!" we did. We split on a bucket of chicken, and they came over for some more play, and we all had fun.
D played with Isaiah, waited for them in the front window until they pulled up, then he ran outside and held the door for them on their way in. He showed Isaiah around the house, and they got down to playing.
I dunno how I managed it, but I cleaned up the house in 45 the pile of bowls from salads and such in the kitchen...hehehe.
They arrived at about 5pm, and then they didn't leave until just before 9pm. My boys were T-I-R-E-D.
D was waaaay overtired and getting pretty fed up with sharing, so that's when Isaiah began playing with Hunter...boy did those two have fun together.
Hunter giggled at almost everything he did (BIG sign of being tired) and played ball with him. They had fun chasing the ball around the house, and stacking up the cups and knocking them back down again.
As for my Mr....well, today was a rough day between my Mr. and I.
It's kind of tough to have such a good day on this end, and have a bad day on that end because that end tends to over shadow this end, and it messes with how I feel. I still don't have the ability to fully disconnect myself from there, and focus where it's needed. All in due time I suppose.
Well, the house looks decent again, and all that's really left is a toilet scrub, and some dishes.
I'm a happy camper...*g*

Amazing what can happen when you have the opportunity to sit down and talk with someone.
I do believe in connecting with other people in the world, but rarely ever have the opportunity to do so.
We had a playdate today with Isaiah from preschool. Lasted 2 hours, and was very productive. We really enjoyed each other's company, so I felt, and had a wonderful conversation, and found loads in common with each other.
I'm always amazed at what people have to say about their life story, and it never fails to amaze me how similar all of our lives are when it ocmes down to it.
Mom was thinkin about camping next week during her and Kimmie's vacation...hmm, definately loads to ponder there.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

did I mention I've got Hunter in washable diapers at home, and disposables when out of the house?
Hmmm...what else do I do?

Going Green

Was pondering today, while at McDonald's...
There's a lot more I could do to Go Green in my home...though we turn off the lights and electronics when not in the room, there's so much more that could be done.
I always forget to bring the collections of cloth shopping bags when I grocery shopping, I'm thinkin i may just stick those in my trunk, or maybe in the entryway...
I could stand to use the bus more, more walking would be nice, if only they put in a crosswalk at the highway, instead of having to walk all the way up to the front of the park beforehand...Hm.
I could rinse and reuse my dishes throughout the day, instead of dirtying up one after another...
I use as much laundry as possible when doing a load.
I would so love to remodel the bathroom here, make more storage space and such. Get a normal bathtub, and a vanity where D can reach the taps to wash his hands. Boy, that'd be one heckuva job to undertake for a first timer.
Am pondering my effect on the world today...

Hunter is comin along nicely.
The past few days he's made attempts to stand all on his own at least once a day...and accomplished it. He bends over to reach for something, then changes his mind and pushes himself up to standing, and just stands there looking round before bending over and plunking back down on his bottom. By choice mind you, not because he's wobbly.
I think maybe he might be getting a molar in as well, I peeked in the other day and the spot that's the whitest in his mouth is in the back over the molar, not in the front of his mouth where it should be.
I watched Pan's Labyrinth last night, and Apocalypto the night before. Apocalypto was kind of intense, without a moment to rest for the viewer or the star by the looks of it. Pan's Labyrinth was very odd, and kind of brutal...not what I was expecting.
I'm gonna watch the Fountain tonight, and Music & Lyrics if i can squeeze it in.
Had a good convo with Tyler B lastnight online. I had intended to go to sleep at 11:30 and ended up staying up until after 1 chattin with him. Funny how time works itself out in those situations.
I'm bothered that on a Friday night I couldn't find anyone at all to go out ofr coffee with. I'm only 25 for heaven's sake. That's just pathetic.
Took D to see Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday, and missed the last bit of the movie cause I had to pee really bad and couldn't hold it anymore. How frustrating. The movie was good though, but a little tough to follow sometimes. I remember thinking at one point, I'm confused...who's trying to do what here? Then thinking, oh well, it'll all make sense in the end.
D has been a hellion the past couple of days...trying every bit of patience I possess, and Hunter right along with him.
Am considering sending D to his father in Ohio, even if it is just for a quick little vacation. Though neither of us hold jobs yet, so that's kinda pushing the financial hotbox for sure. We'll see.
Finances are definately not my favorite subject right now. I keep thinking, "I thought you said everything would be better once you got there?" ...cause they're not.
I'm starting to come down on myself for not making a decision sooner on what I'm doing. I'm considering for too long, and that could go against me. Accusations fly whenever I come about to anything though, and I'm always the guilty party. As if I brought this on my family.
I should get off my ass, quit waiting for my happy ending and just make it myself. I have learned laziness, and I just don't like it. I don't belong in the category of lazy, I'm too good for that, not when it matters.
It all comes down to what I want for my life, what's gonna make me happy. If I'm not happy with the decisions that I make, how can I move on with my life?
These are tough questions to ask oneself, and it's tough to answer them in a timely fashion, if I could just stop distracting myself in the evenings and get to it...

Friday, June 15, 2007

I'd like to know why the trying days outnumber the good days. I don't understand what it is that I'm not doing to ensure it's the other way around.
I feel like I can't stand to even be in the same room as my son, and that's not right. That's not how a parent feels...not to a 5 year old. They're innocent, and supposedly sweet. I'm not seeing that.
I can work my way through any problem, but I can't seem to get through my books fast enough to help me right now.

Hunter has figured out how to get himself into the entryway.
I guess I had it coming, teaching him how to get off th ebed and couch on his own.
Nevermind that, he can now climb up and onto the chair in the corner, and it seems to be his favorite pasttime now...climbing.
Where's Spacewalkers when ya need em?
I crashed out early lastnight, first with D, then afterwards Iwoke up, I think I remember seeing the clock say 9 something, then I went to bed cause I couldn't keep my eyes open.
Kept waking up this morning, and I finally rolled outta bed to go to the bathroom, and I was the first one up! it was only 20 after 7.
I'm still pretty tired today, but I'm doing ok I spose.
I wonder what I can get up to today. Lalala

Thursday, June 14, 2007

D Graduates

Been doing a lot of thinking, internalizing lately. Turning inward todards myself, since I know socialization isn't going to happen right now.
It's amazing what one can find out about themselves when they've got nothing left to distract them.
Today was D's preschool graduation. I had duty parent day today. Man alive, those kids have all grown so much since I started showin my face round the school. I'm amazed...I decided since I have a list with all parent'ses email adresses on it I'd email them the pictures I have of their kids...and seeing the comparasons from my first pictures to now is amazing.
Anyhow, I took 120 pictures today! I posted the ones of strictly Darius on Flickr.
I'm so not ready to ship my son off to kindergarten.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm quite happy tonight, despite the fact that I have yet to finish those aprons I was making. ;o)
Just like me, to leave it until the last minute. Oh well.
I feel really positive after my session with my councillor today. It always takes an outside opinion for me to give myself credit. i wonder why that is.
I had a good day with the boys today. Took some silly pictures of ourselves this mornin, ate dinner while watching Star Wars, and went to the park this evening.
Was nice, though both boys put up a major stink goin to sleep. Oy.

Monday, June 11, 2007

We had an unexpected playdate today at McDonald's after Preschool, and ended up being there for 2 hours. Amazingly, Darius had loads of fun, despite the fact that no boys came along. I had to pee before we went into McDonald's, but held it, and eventually forgot about it until we got home. LOL
We didn't do much else today, played together, read some books, gamecube, went for some outside time just before D went to bed. Got to watch Hunter push his ride 'em toy outside, which was adorable (pix on Flickr). He's just so proud of his independence.
I've decided to make the kids at the preschool aprons as a going away gift, for their last day of class. I dunno what I'm gonna do with Hunter yet.
It's been tough these past few days, figuring out what I want to do with my life, how best to make myself happy. Those questions I've been avoiding asking for so long have finally resurfaced, and I'm facing them, one at a time.
Life is funny.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Preschool BBQ

Stayed up late lastnight...started at about 9:15 getting stuff ready for today. I had completely forgotten about the BBQ cause I was feelin so down, until I mentioned it to Chance on the phone. Arrgh. So, I sliced up the meat (Salami, Garlic Sausage, and Summer Sausage), the cheese (1 whole Montery Jack block, and 3/4 or a marble block), and then made the cheese ball, and boiled the eggs. Then Hunter woke up, and I took a break. After I got him back to sleep, I started on the potatoes for the potato salad. I peeled and peeled while I watch House of Wax on TV, and before I realized it, I had peeled 3/4 of a 20lb bag! LMAO
So, chopped them, cooked them, drained them, and stored them for the night and went to bed about 3am.
Woke up with both boys this morning at 7:15, and started over again. Sliced the egg, chopped the veggies for the salad, put in the spices, and sauces, and mixed away.
Had everything done bright and early, and had absolutely no reason to rush. It felt good. Casually packed a cooler with the food, and blankets and towels, bathing suits, sunblock, toys, and Hit the Road.
Was a beautiful beach with no goose poop to speak of. It had a children's waterpark, plus a nice playground with a zipline just the right size for small kids. Big field, and volleyball nets, plus a boat launch (not that I have a use for that). They also had a nice walking path so mom tells me.
Had a blast playing in the waterpark with the kids, and was surprised to know that I was the only one who got active with the children. The other parents just sat and visited each other, expecting the kids to entertain themselves. I was kinda shocked by that, and some of the language coming out of the mouths of other preschool kids truly left me speechless.
Anyhow, took some pictures, played with the kids, enjoyed a tasty lunch (besides me there was only two other people who brought home-made food) in the nice sunshine.
Came home, and took and Aerius before my eyes got too bad (they were swelling on the drive home cause they were so itchy, even though I hadn't touched them.
Uploaded a few pics to Flickr.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Went to the Fat Cat's Festival today, and was expecting a huge parade, but were sadly disappointed. Anyhow, it sprinkled on us the whole time, and I was afraid we were gonna get rained on real bad, so I had us leave after 2 hours. Wasn't bad though, got the major things in.
Darius had Cotton Candy for the first time, and he really seemed to enjoy it.
Anyhow, posted pictures of it on Flickr.

Friday, June 08, 2007

I really wish i had a babysitter tonight. I want so badly to get away from my kids...just for an hour or two. Be amongst adults, and be an adult, instead of being mom.

Eeew. I was going to pick up D from Sport N Splash this afternoon, and look down cause I feel something on my leg. It was a flying ant (the red&black kind) that was trying to attack me. Not only that, but it must have been in my pants for a while, cause when I was putting Hunter to sleep an hour earlier than that I felt something stinging my thigh. I shook it off and didn't think of it. When I had first gotten in the car, I felt the same stinging just below my knee. How on earth it got there, I dunno...kinda scary though, guess I'll be shaking my clothes out from now on.
Hunter got some super cute new shoes in a box from daddy today, heheheh. They're practically impossible for him to get off at the moment, though I'm sure he'll have em figured out soon enough with how smart he is.
He's so much fun to watch when he he falls or plunks down he just rolls over and continues on with something else.
I sure wish I had the ability to do that.
Babies don't know how to feel sorry for themselves, and that is truly amazing...where do we learn that from then?
Darius had a dentist appointment this afternoon at 2. I didn't think to ask, I just assumed Dr. Lyle was gonna do the same thing Dr. McRae did to fill D's tooth. I guess he wasn't, and I actually didn't go in with D (now I feel super guilty for not explaining it to him, or holding his hand) and they brought him back out in about 7 minutes. They apparently tried to numb his mouth and do a proper filling instead of the crappy kind Dr. Mcrae does. Poor lil guy came out and was sad and says..."Mom, I got a poke in my mouth..."

I'm annoyed. I wrote two cheques, one for scholastic at D's preschool, and one for D's class pictures. They have yet to cash them, when I wrote them 3 weeks ago. WTF?!?!?
Am I supposed to just sit back and wait patiently for them to cash them or what?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Gosh...I could seriously hurt someone. They got me all worked up...the Dr.'s don't call back about any test results unless there's something wrong in them. She called and made an appointment with me, and I go in, and there's nothing wrong with ANY of them. She got all my bloodscreens back, and my EKG results, and I've got nothing wrong.
She figures I'm just having panic attacks. Panic attacks over nothing, during the times where I'm most relaxed...yeah, right, whatever.
Not very informative, but ok.
Anyhow, we were supposed to have a playdate with someone today, and they haven't phone me back yet, so I dunno what's goin on. We may just end up flyin to the park after nap time and bringing the cap gun with us.
Oh well. I need to clean up in here anyways.
I bought the stuff to finish making a chore board for D. He's been so patient in waiting for it for me. Everytime I say the word "chore" or "earn" he mentions it, but hasn't brought it up on his own. He knows he's going to have the opportunity to earn his own money though.
He makes me so proud.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just finished watching Ordinary Heroes. What a beautiful movie, very touching.
I'm a little down tonight...the Dr thing is scarin me, I'm tired, and the boys were real rough today.
Canadian Idol premiered tonight on tv. I was so excited to watch it, but halfway through I got a sick feeling in my stomache. I wasn't there, I didn't get my opportunity...and that really disappoints me. I feel like I lost something.
I just want to bawl.

I'm spooked.
The lab, and Dr. said it would take upt o 6 weeks to get my EKG test results back, and they called this morning to make an appointment for Thursday. Not good.

Nothin schedualled today, but that don't mean I can't find something to do.
Gotta go to the post office, am sending out a few letter for Soldiers, a magazine and a couple of pieces of D artwork for the father-in-law, and mebbe a small care package for a soldier. Also gotta hit the dollar store to pick up a couple extra pairs of plastic liners for D since I have him in cloth diapers during the day. They seem to help, he doesn't tug on them all the time like he does the disposables, and he doesn't complain when they get soppy (wierd). It's kind of strange operating on making sure I have enough clean cloth ones, and keeping a stack of prefolded ones, plus having the diaper pail in the bathroom with oxyclean (gotta get more of that too) in it and the stain remover right next to it.
I tried playing a bit of Zoo Tycoon (don't know where it came from) and found it enjoyable, but I didn't complete the first scenario ontime, oh well. guess I'll get better with practise.
Gotta go to storage, and make some cookies with D, and splash in the puddles that have accumulated.
Oh boy

Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm tired...
There were lots of Cottonwoods at Gyro, and near Paul's house yesterday, and though the day was too hot for me to have symptoms, the minute I started cooling down did I ever pay for spending so much time around them trees. My eyes were itchy and watery, and my nose was runny, and i felt like i had something snaking around under the skin on my face. It was horrible. Of course I didn't have any allergy medicine (well, not my usual stuff anyways) in the house except for Benadryl. I took two and boy did they ever fog me up bad.
By the end of the evening as I was getting ready for bed, I couldn't hardly see anything out of my left eye cause it was literally foggy, like i had some kind of film over it that wasn't allowing me to focus my eye on anything.
I'm still foggy this morning from that stuff. I don't think I'll take anymore of it, I'll hafta go buy my own stuff so I won't hafta worry so much about it. Also, if I take too much Benadryl, it'll dry me out.
Anyhow...yesterday was nice. I got about an hour's worth of suntanning in while D killed ants and Hunter slept on mom. Was nice. Boy was it hot out yesterday.
Today is real muggy and humid out cause it's cloudy and trying to rain, but still real hot at the same time. yuck.
I'm worn out today. I'm hoping to perk up a bit later.
Was planning on having D do some artwork later...hopefully I can drag myself around to that.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

I uploaded pics from today's beach excursion on Flickr.
I'm too tired to do anything else.

Today is supposed to get to 36, and it's hot out already. Summer has definately arrived. :o)
Today we're sposed to go to Paul's house in Kelowna. he lives right accross from Gyro Beach, so we'll be spending some mega time at the beach today, hopefully I'll get me some sun today on my legs, cause my legs are pale.

I'm totally addicted to Facebook now...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm disappointed I didn't get a job. Would I have gotten one of those two, I would've worked out an agreeable schedual for all of us. *sigh*
Today we went thrift shopping, and at Helping Hands had a half price sale on all of their furniture, so I bought a bookshelf for 6 dollars to put in D's room. I don't know where his books are (think they're in storage) but I'd really like them to be on display.
I also bough some speakers for my computer (Yay, music at last!), some new Gameboy games (1 dollar each!! and we got, 5), some bedsheets and smaller items like that.
Darius had a grand total of 6.50 when he went out, all of his own money. i told him he could buy whatever he wanted, and I'd tell him how much he'd have left and such. So, at Helping Hands, he got a "Queasy Bake Oven" that bakes squirmy worms and spiders and such, and at Share he bought himself a pretty picture with purple flowers on it to hang on his wall, plus a stuffed caterpillar with 28 legs.
I'm content today.
Emailed an old friend from years ago (sounds scary to say it that way) and got a response from her today with a phone number. I'm happy to be reconnecting with all these people from my past.

Friday, June 01, 2007 is Friday, and I haven't recieved a phone call from Quality Greens or the Home Care Aide guy. guess I'm not getting those jobs.
Off to cook dinner I go.