Friday, April 28, 2006

What A World

Holy God I'm melting!!!

It was supposed to go to 25 degrees today. OMG, it was absolutely beautiful out!
Bright, clear, and sunny all morning, and the majority of the afternoon before getting a slight cloud cover to block in the heat and bring a slight breeze...barely a breeze.
I took a nap while D was napping, and I woke up roasting to death! Remind me never to do that again. Hotter than hot, and no way to cool down but drink lots of cool water. Just put the hose in my mouth and I'll be happy.
Remind me also to nap in my room when Chance is at home. In, Out, Honey-this, and Honey-that. Go away! :oP
I know better.
We spent our morning and afternoon at the park today, cause it was too nice to pass up.
I drove mom to work once again, came home, had breakfast, showered and went to Mission Creek Park.
Chance was nice and paked us a light lunch, and we had some fun.
D aimed for the playground (and he was tired of course, so not quite listening as well as he should've been) and romped a bit before sitting to eat a small snack (couldn't make him sit for the whole meal unfortunately) then we went for a nice walk, and seen a bunch of turtles at the pond we visit when there. We got to look at one real close cause there was a log right by the bank of the pond, and we didn't frighten it off, so it was nice.
It was unbelievably hot out...I swear, a scorcher! the type of day where you burn in the sun if you're in it for more than a minute. Definately time to go buy some new sunblock for D, and Chance. Chance already got his first sunburn of the season last Sunday.
Kinda funny thinkin about it, Chance is always in such a rush when we go out, and I've told him to stop rushing me when we're out or I'd stop taking him along.
Today while we were out, he kept trying, but I kept telling him unless he's got somewhere to be in the next 45 minutes, to shut it, and relax. He toned down, but he still walked faster than me. Kinda funny, D has three speeds...My speed, which he contentedly walks at when we're alone, Nana speed where he runs as fast and as far as he can, and Chance speed which is running and walking fast. Today they kept having to wait for me. They'd get so far ahead, then they had to stop and wait for me. Kind of embaressing, but I can only move so fast safely on those light trails.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well, yesterday wasn't too horrible.
Had a nice day with D. Busy though. Had to drive mom to work, then drive Chance to work, and then go back to mom's for lunch, and come home for nap time. Poor li lguy dind't go to sleep till later than usualy for his nap, so mom and Chance both ended up without a chauffer service. D fell asleep just as it was time to pick them up, so mom car-pooled and Chance walked. Thankfully they're not that far apart, his two jobs.
Made dinner, ate, watched American Idol and decided to forgo Language Class because of the uncertanity of a teacher, and chose to go shopping instead.
Went to Value Village where D got spoiled rotten...and I didn't pick out anything, for once. He got a bunch of books and costumes. Decided to buy a couple to add to the collection.
I've decided I'm a huge Robert Munsch fan. I remember always searching out his books when I went to libraries as a kid. I love how creative he is, and the fact that he uses the same illistrator in each of his books. So, every time I see a book of his in a second hand store I make sure I buy it for D so I can share that passion with him.
Went to Wal-Mart after that, and it was sptrictly for baby things. Didn't have much time left tho cause by the time we left VV it was 8 and chance was finished at 9. Anyways, wandered round quickly before deciding to buy a sling and a carrier with the GC that Steven gave to me. Along with breast pads and cream, and a cute brightly coloured sleeper set. Wasn't bad. :o)
D got so spoiled yesterday. Got all the books and costumes at VV, and got a butterfly net, and a bug "Hut" that came with a plastic set of tweezers to hold the bugs and a mangnifying glass that he just loves, plus a tractor.
It's all good's been a while, it feels like.
Am disappointed Kellie got voted off of American Idol lastnight...but she hasn't done a whole lot the last couple of weeks. Taylor hasn't done a whole lot either, well, he had one reminder performance of why he was there to begin with, but not much else. Guess I'm all about Daughtry now. :oP
Wonder what kinda trouble we cna get into today...hmmm.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, days are carrying on.
I'm getting a carseat from someone mom works with, and buying a playpen from another co-worker. Oh boy!
Am planning on going shopping at some point in time to get some stuff with the gift card and money that Steven gave to me during Easter weekend. Dunno what I'm gonna get. How do oyu buy things that aren't included on a list for your own shower? LOL
What a pickle.
Today I drove mom to work, came home and loaded the dishwasher, got a load of laundry in, made D's and my breakfast, and drove Chance to work. Then, we went to Extra, where we ate our breaky in the car in the parking lot, and then went grocery shopping. Came home, unloaded, put everything away...sat down for a rest, then made a snack.
We're picking mom up for lunch. :o) D says he's wants to eat at the "Girl's Place". (taking guesses if anyone can figure that one out!). Just think fast food. So, that's where we'll be heading.
Just finished our snacks...getting ready to shower, but am waiting on the OLP ticket giveaway for this hour b4 I hop in.
Nice relaxing day. Busy, but with enough time to unwind in between things that it's ok.
Chance has another double-shift today. 9-4 at Arc and 4:30-9 at the Youth Center. He asked for tuna for dinner. Hmm...
Got lots of meat whilst shopping...they had it on sale. I've got kabobs on the mind. Dunno why I'm tihnkin BBQ...s'not like mom and I know anything about BBQ-ing.
At least I'll have enough of a break this afternoon to get D down for a nap, and to mebbe do some sewing.
Chance was nice and switched his room around for me yesterday, so it looks better in there, and it's safer (hopefully...lord only knows what he'll come up with next).
D's happy and content today, thankfully, and I can deal with him.
Ahh...back to normal.
Tonight is Language Class. Hopefully I've learned enough over the last week of practise, that I won't be so difficult to teach. Mom and I are about the only regulars they have there, and we seem to be learning slow. In all fairness tho, mom has been taking classes at work for ages, and I've only just started last month.
Anyhow...back to the radio.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'm about as worn out as my poor huband.
Chance's constant double-shifts are wearing on him, and you can see how tired he is all the time.
I gave him a month before he burnt out, but I'm willing to up that to less than 3 weeks. This is week 2...we shall see.
Still haven't seen a paycheque from any of the places he's working at...including Roger. That pisses me off most. 2 jobs done with Roger and no pay?! I have two words for that...fuck him.
I'm gettting ornary in my pregnancy.
Honestly tho, at the wage he's paying Chance, if Chance keeps working with him, by the time Rog does get round to paying him, he's not gonna have enough money to do it in one fell swoop. So, anyways, I told Chance to stop working for him until Roger forks it over.
It amazes me how people can be so ignorant.
I've been listening to the radio all day, every day this week cause they're giving away OLP tickets, and I'm dying to go to that concert. Everyone cross your fingers and hope that I get through on their phone lines at some point in time! I wanna go!
Been doing a lot of sewing lately. I'm glad the bug finally bit...I've been wondering when I'd get the gusto to get creative cause it's been a long time. I've made a ton of D pants, working on shorts, gonna start t-shirts, made costumes for him today. Yesterday I did all of Chance's mending...put a new zipper in his coat, fixed his fav jeans, finished most of his velour jogging suit..all the hard parts anyhow.
My poooooooooor aching back!
Costumes...what are some costume ideas for boys costumes. I'm a girl and am having a hard time getting out of the girly-frame-of-mind. So far, I made him an Alladin outfit, a caveman tunic thingy, and a tu-tu that he likes to use as a hat. Tommorow I'm gonna make spaceman pants, a cape, hoping a loin-cloth. Hmm....I wouldn't mind trying to make a pair of Chaps. I can picture dark brown, stiff fabric (mebbe stuffed?) and a fringe on the side. Hmm.
The problem with boy costumes is that you actually have to make the FULL costume, and not just pieces that can all be put together in different ways.
Am starting to wind down from yesterday. I was so stressed I had to have mom come home and deal with D...I just couldn't cope. My mind switched off.
Chance...just never helps those kind of situations any at all. He has a tendancy to panic...and if not panic, then blow it out of proportion and make the situation worse...I liken it to Kimmie's constant need to whine if the slightest thing goes wrong. They're alike in those regards, they both think it's the end of the world. In any event, he just pushed my buttons and stressed me out more without really meaning to.
Thinking back on D's escapade, I believe I could've handeled it on my own, and maybe it wouldn'tve happened if it had just been me at home...but as it was, jumping out the window (he told me he threw his blankets out there to cushion his landing) and then after being inside for a while and vomiting all over the bed (he mentioned that he put his toy down his throat), and having to change all the sheets and bedding...and having Chance flip out over everything. I couldn't do it.
I know I told Chance not to work with Rog, but god is it ever rough having him at home. Those two are like catalysts for each other. I just am not as tolerant as I used to be.
Everyone has limits.
So...anyways. Thinking back on D, the situation probly would've brought a chuckle out of me, and probly will from now as to hear me describe it, but since it's still so fresh, I'll rest on it for a bit.
I'm off to back hurts...damned top heavy stupid stuff.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Holy Christ Almighty

Why Me?!

You know, I expect things to get hairy as a parent, but what, in a child's mind, makes them come up with the ideas that they come up with??

Today Darius got the bright idea to climb out of his window because he wanted to play outside. It was nap time, and as I usually try to let him put himself to sleep, I hadn't checked on him in a bit...and when I did to go to check on him his screen was out of his window and he was out of bed. I checked the house and Chance checked outside, which was where D was. Wandering round the yard in his socks and jogging suit. At least it's nice out.
God help me.

Guess it's time to re-arrange his room so his bed and any other climbing paraphenalia is away from the window. But there's only so many different combinations that we can have the furniture in there in.
Give me strength...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

1st One of Many To Come

I'm sure...
Had my first baby dream this mornin, and dreampt that I delivered a baby boy. Interesting.
It was very vivid, and surprisingly, the delivery itself was pleasurable, and not painful.
Funny how dreams work.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Killing Time

Well it's been a busy week again.
Hmm...Moday I spent doing some cutting and sewing. Made several pairs on pants for D...All of which fit wonderfully in the waist and hips, but are just way too long to consider for him right now, so I'll hafta take them up. :o)
Cut out shorts yesterday.
I let Chance do the bustling yesterday with D. There was Pre-School, then Gymnastics, then had to take Chance to work, and go get mom cause I had another midwife appointment yesterday. Busy busy.
Came home after midwife, and thus began the bedtime battle cause somebody was tired and very mean. *sighs* Poor guy.
Got him to sleep, ate some dinner, and watched some tv...and of course, D woke up just in time to be interruptive of my American Idol hour. :oP
On the bright side he was awake when we had to go get Dad from work, so he was happy about that...and mom was nice and bought us some slushies. Yum!
I'm a slushy addict!

The midwife said the baby is in breech position...and that I am to visualize it turning. I've started having Darius tell the baby to turn upside down...he thinks it's funny. :o) Concentrate on the picture... hasn't been too bad. Less busy.
Played in the sandbox which dad was nice enough to put out for D yesterday finally, played with his tools, watched some Treehouse TV, finished our cards for and started decorating the baby shower invites. We also had a wonderful snack of hard boiled eggs and raw veggies! yum! Darius even ate his breakfast all on his own! oh boy!
I get to start planning my Birth Plan, make up a list of different positions and massage techniques for the labour proccess. *sighs* So many plans to make...hmm, wonder how much time it can kill?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Busy Days

Wow, you sure can tell when I do and don't have time by the amount I blog. :oD
Steven arrived Thursday evening, at 11. We showed up to pick him up at 11:30 (eep, sorry bout that one)and we've been busy ever since.
Thursday was a preschool day, and the only day this week that Chance didn't work. So, he took D to preschool, and when it was time to go and pick him up, I went along and we headed into town to do some errands andlunch at my fav bakery. While down there I figured that D would enjoy going to the Library since it was the main branch and all. D and I walked over to the library from the Bakery while Chance did his few errands before meeting us there. For some reason I couldn't find the books that D wanted, so sat and read him a book while Chance looked for and found them.
After that we came home, I got D down for a nap and got stuff ready for dinner (had 4lbs of Ground Beef that needed to be used) and ended up making baked Spaghetti and in the crock pot I made some meatballs (first time for everything). Everything of course was done by the time we got home with Steven.
Friday, well...didn't do a whole lot outta the house. We went to the Grocery Store to do some shopping in the morning, and Steven was nice and bought us lunch from KFC afterwards. Got D into bed where he ended up battling until mom went in and laid down with him later on.
Chance was supposed to work with Roger on Friday, but I guess Roger forgot it was a holiday, and their job site was locked up. So, Chance ended up working with Roger at his house instead. He got the bright idea to have a BBQ with Roger and fam over, and Gineon and his wife. Joy.
So, I got started on dinner round 2 o'clock. Didn't do too bad, managed to have dinner ready by 5:30. We had Steak and Chicken Kabobs, and hot dogs, with a couple of chicken breasts. Then we had a platter of veggies, Potato salad, macaroni salad, and garden salad. Plus we had the meatballs that I had made the eve before. Was pretty good food man. We also had cake for dessert...I needed to use up the last two jars of frosting, one was vanilla and the other was chocolate, and they both had only half a jar...was yummy.
Made breakfast this morning...fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Phew. i'm amazed I even have any energy left at all.
It's sunny out right now, but I do recall the forecast including "Sunny breaks" and then the usual dreary grey. Hmm...
Mom went out with Steven for a whle, and D just woek up from a nap. We're gonna shower, get dressed and go out and enjoy the weather. oh boy!
Gramma's in Vernon right now for Convention...probly won't get out to see her since mom hasn't mentioned it. Not with gas prices being 1.12 a litre!!! Out-freaking-rageous!!
Some lady was Hijacked right across the street from us, with her 2 kids in her vehicle, some guy threatened her and made her drive him into Kelowna. Crazy, mom and D were at the Husky across the street yesterday too...thank god they caught him! Too creepy, enough to give me the willies and hold D a bit tighter.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rainy Days

Well lastnight was Chance's first shift at the ARC house, and by the sounds of it, it went well. The shift went from 4 to, lucky me, I had to go get him. Mom gave me some money to go out for coffee afterwards, which was nice. Went for a doughnut and coffee after I picked him up and discussed his evening.
I need to get us a big family schedual so I know who needs what and when. I'm having a bit of toruble keeping track of vehicle needs. Hehehe. I'm jealous cause everyone needs the vehicle more than me, even my own son. :oP
Yesterday I stayed up in Westbank again whilst D was at Pre-School cause Chance needed the car in town. Wasn't bad, but I was a bit peeved that the library wasn't open until 10 seeing as I had walked there from his pre-school. Then I discovered that I had forgotten my money at home and thankfully mom was able to bring it to me at the Cherry Pit (once again I ended up just sitting and reading the newspaper over breakfast while I waited).
After I picked up D, we walked back down the hill to the library where we decided to stop and visit. D liked his first trip to the library. We read a bunch of books, and then carried on our way down to the McDonalds where I said we'd meet Chance. Surprisingly, he actually beat us there, and he was over 45 minutes early. So, he ate lunch with us there, then took us over to the school for D's Gymnastics.
I ended up hopping into gymnastics with D cause he wasn't listening very well, and trying to hurt himself by launching off of the equipment. So, I got to go through everything with him, and he seemed to do a lot better. I guess all the bright colours and activities are a bit much for him when he's so tired. Anyhow, he did good for the most part.
We came home, got him into bed, and then had to wake him up to drive Dad to work. Afterwards we went and picked up mom from work, and we headed in to Wal Mart.
We did our shopping, and I looked at their baby stuff (haven't had the opportunity to do that in a while), and came to the decision that I'd rather have a car seat with a base instead of a travel system because I'm opting to use a sling with baby #2. I'd prefer to have both hands free at all times so I can deal with D when needed. I really don't want to use the stroller too often. Course, the drawback is that I'd hafta pack everything baby-wise around, but, what else is new?
Anyhow, there are good prices on basic car seats, but I'd still like to hunt for the one with a zig-zag handle. Weh shall see, in any event.
I've got to get myself registered at Wal Mart, Sears, and Toys R Us, so hopefully that'll help everyone out. Otherwise, I've made a list of items that I'd like to insert into the invitations for the baby shower we're planning for next month. We're making our own invites, so it makes it a touch easier on the hands. We're planning a potluck on a Sunday afternoon, and inviting family of course. Chance will invite a few of his friends, and the rest is basically family. A lot of family will be recieving invitations in the mail, though I know most won't be able to make it. Oh well, at least they were invited, right? :oD
I enjoy making that extra effort to get everyone together for a good reason instead of a bad one.
Plan plan plan. :o)
I'm having Darius practise breathing techniques with me, along with stretching...lots of fun.
So today is a mellow day inside cause it's kind rainy outside today. blah on the weather...I guess we were due for it though, after all that sunshine!
Today we'll start making out Operation Feel Better cards. Oh Boy!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday already!

Here it is, Monday again, the beginning of a new week.
We had a BBQ this weekend, with Chance's friend Gindeon and his daughter over for dinner. Was kinda hectic as I was in charge of everything else, and Chance was in charge of the BBQ.
*picture me rolling my eyes here*
Darius has been getting better, slowly but surely. I've been trying to pass him small snacks here and there throughout the day, and not just doing the 3 meals thing. And I've also been giving him plenty to drink, and of course making him blow his nose.
I cleaned the kitchen this mornin, and did the dishes, am doing some laundry as well. Trying to get the heavy winter blankets cleaned and put away for the spring season. Hopefully I can get at least 2 blanket loads done before Kimmie comes home...but with how i'm movin this mornin could end up having 4 loads done, ya never know.
Read about this on's called Decided Darius and I will do the Operationg Feel Better. :o)
Darius likes making cards...I wonder how many we can make this week?
The easter egg hunt this week was informative, we got a booklet for activities through public recreation centers. Very informative.
Chance went to work with Roger today...oh boy, more income! Tommorow he has an orientation for the B&GC downtown, and D has pre-school and gymnastics. Busy Busy!
Anyways...I'm off to keep myself busy.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Tommorow is the weekend-long garage sale. I hope we can get into storage to get rid of some stuff. :o) We shall see, cause now Chance doesn't wanna go over to see if we can get in until the office closes ( >:o )
Anyways...tommorow is also D's easter egg hunt, hopefully that'll go well.
We got Kristy and Will's wedding invitations in the mail today, I really like them. Very tasteful, and sophisticated.
D and I had some fun today...we turned the radio on and the comp and tv off today, which is a very pleasant change.
I also got up before D this mornin which is also a pleasant change.
I cooked Chance breakfast before his big orientation at the Arc house. I also made him lunch. Hmm.
Had a nice day so far though, but it's been rough trying to get the lil man to eat. Oh well.
Darius made a wonderful crown today, he decorated it with stickers, sparkly glue, and pom poms. Very creative. :o)
Anywho...*sighs* Kind of a blah day.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

So there!

Well if this isn't the ultimate "I'm James Bond, and you are not!" pose, I don't know what is. *smirk*

With weather as beautiful as it's been, we've been having lots of adventures outside of late.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the camera to Gramma's with us this weekend. He did some fishing with a couple of make-shift fishing rods, played with the girls, and the boys. I'm surprised to say that Roberta's boys (kids I grew up with) were very good with him, and took very good care of him whilst I busied myself with hot dogs and marshmallows at our riverside bonfire.

There's a giant Park-wide Garage Sale this weekend, and D also has an Easter Egg hunt this weekend, which I'll be sure to get a lot of pictures. :o)

Time Flies

So Chance's first shift for the Westside Youth Center (aka Westside Boys and Girls Club) starts on Tuesday. Apparently he's got a bunch of reading to do before then. I believe he said he starts with an orientation meeting of some sort, before he hits his shift at the Center itself.
Happy news.
He also applied for a SIN, free of charge. He came in the other morning after telling me he'd let me sleep in, all negative to tell me that he had to order a SIN, and that's it was gonna cost more. I don't think he even bothered to check it out before he woke me up. He applied for his SIN later that day, and it should be here any day now because they put a rush on it, and told him to expect it within 2 days. Anyways...point being that he figured it out, and he can work.
He also had an interview with the westside ARC Program. That's something to do with housing children/teens, kind of like a permanent foster home. That's my understanding of it, though i could be wrong. Anyways, he'd be a relief worker there, and I believe it's daytime, while B&GC would be evenings.
Spring and summer are here and getting closer...which means, out with Basketball, and in with other things. My rule (as stated a while back now) was that Chance wasn't allowed to do any more than the 2 things he was doing a week because they took up 3 nights, of which he could've been easily workin at a McDonalds or something stupid. So, Basketball (which was always Monday/Thursday) and Guys Night (which is always a Wednesday) are getting ready to be re-arranged. Now, my rule was that he couldn't pick anything else up until he oculd pay for both the gas money, and the fees they required, and he had to have a full time job. Last month he officially switched off Basketball for Golf on Sunday mornings/afternoons with his good buddy Dan. I don't mind, it got him out of my hair once a week more than guys night.
Now, with Spring being here, the Softball leagues are starting up. he asked me if he could join a league with his friend Shane again (now, remember two years ago when we were driving to the other side of Kelowna and then some for these games??) and I flat out said no. Fortunately, there was an ad in the newspaper about local leagues here on the Westside, and I said he could join one of those if he wanted. Well, he did. 40 dollars later, and one practice down...we shall see how it goes. Now, Softball comes on Friday evenings and Sunday evenings I believe he said.
My goal is to make sure he doesn't cram his schedual too much, cause then it just puts everyone else under stress because someone always has to be somewhere...and with one vehicle to work between us, it can be tough.
I myself don't mind walking or bussing it whever I need to go, as long as I'm not doing anything too heavy.
Darius started Gymnastics class on Tuesday (was originally last Tuesday, once a week, but he had a dentist appointment) and it seemed to go well. Though D had some trouble following the class, and sticking to the group, I'm not too concerned because they stupidly changed the class from 12pm, to 1pm. Hello?! He still takes naps, and normally he's nap right after pre-school...and this throws a wrench in things. Hopefully he'll adjust quickly. I'm sure he'll learn to fit in with the group and stay on task, but man was he tired that day.
We tried to walk home on Tuesday from his gymnastics class, which is just down at Sensisysten (aka Chance's Gym), and didn't quite make 3/4 of the way in an hour and some. Unfortunately I had some bad stomach cramping. :oP That hindered us quite a bit, and thankfully D was patient with me, and willing to wait while I took two steps and rested. Chance picked us up after 3/4 of the way though, and drove us home. I rested the rest of the day cause I was worn out.
Am better now, just don't think I was capable of doing uphill...but that's all it is from the Gym home, unfortunately.
Anyways, D and I haven't been doing much around the house lately...been so busy with the spring weather outside, that we've kinda forgotten about indoor stuff.
We still walk regularly, and he enjoys the bus rides. I really need a bus pass...cause then I won't hafta worry if I have money for bus far or not. When we have the excess though. ;oD
Since seeing some of the activities that they do at Gymnastics, I'm planning on a making some sort of activity schedual for around the house. Stretches, jumping, hopping, and things that practice co-ordination. :o)
We'll see how that goes.
Anyways...I had better go pick up D from Pre-school, will finishin my updating later. I still gotta talk about our trip to Grammas.

Smart Alec, Quick Wit

Darius is being a typical four year old.
Curious as they come, and darned quick at putting things together. Scary.
He's even learned how to lie...though he doesn't do it very well, and he tells on himself before I discover that he's lying, he knows the concept.
Lastnight, we dropped Chance off up in town on our way to language class, and Darius kept asking why this, and why that...I told him he was gonna make me go bonkers if he kept asking why. He replied with "why....Y is a letter mom"
God, that was the beginning of a fit of giggles that wouldn't stop.
D hates it when you laugh at something he says, even if you explain that he made a funny.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm in my 3rd Tri-mester

just thought I'd letcha all in on my epiphany...

The ideas that go through his head...

Darius has been refusing his baths and showers because he wants to give himself a bath like the cats and dogs do. He says he wants to lick himself clean. I told him I though he'd have a bit of trouble getting behind his ears, and he said of course not, that's why he licks his hand!

Went to Gramma's this weekend (yipee!) and when we got there, D hopped out of the car, grabbed his two new plastic baseball bats from the car and stated, "I'm ready to go fishing mom"
I replied..."With your baseball bats??"
he says "Of course, I'm gonna kill em"
Scary...guess he's got the idea.