Monday, February 27, 2006

What Colour?

Haw Haw!
After I made a trmendous meal (I must say I'm quite pleased it only took 1 hour to make, pigs in a blanket, KD, and mashed potatoes) we were sitting at the table, and Chance and I were playing crib. Just as I was going to take a bite...Chance innocently looks up at me, and says "Am I White?"
OMG, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time....could hardly breathe.
Of course...he was asking about his playing piece in the game...but it just looked so bloody classic, all I could respond with was..."Do I have to answer that honestly?"


God help me...I just want my son to eat. It's getting completely out o+f hand when it takes him 2 hours just to eat one tiny sandwhich built on a hot dog bun. It's uncalled for, and it just makes me want to rip my hair out. I absolutly refuse to be feeding two children when the next one comes out. Not happening in my lifetime, thank you.
Joy of Joys...the councilling at the place we're lookin at is 50 dollars an hour...gimme a break.
We'll eventually get into parenting classes there as well, but they don't have their spring schedual out yet, and we shall be contacted when it arrives. I can't wait to see the fees for those classes. Honestly, every single stinkin class I'm gonna wanna join is gonna cost money, including my pre-natal classes.
So far today we've done all of his puzzles and discovered two of them are missing one piece. Oh well. We played some this morning, but mostly snuggled on the couch cause I'm not feeling so hot. He took a nap for me, helped me clean his room and put his laundry away.
I got our laundry put away, tidied our room up, re-organized the games in the pantry and put all the games and puzzles away.
I had some yummy spaghetti for lunch...was originally aiming for the chicken soup that I froze, but got distracted by the spaghetti.
Wonder what time Chance is gonna get home? He didn't get outta here until quarter after 8. hmm.
Anywho...after 2 hours of waiting until D finished his sandwhich, we're finally gonna go head outside for some fresh air...hopefully that'll make me feel better.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Okay...I feel slightly better. ;o)
The house was cleaned, and I really didn't have anything to do with it. And I had a bunch of milk chocolate.
Chocolate fixes everything.

Too Much

I'd like to think I'm a realist...but this is too much.
I went away on vacation for four days...and I come home and it just sucks.
I feel like I was missed not because I'm special, but because of what i do.
The fucking house was a pigsty, clothes, toys, and junk/garbage everywhere, curtains closed, not a smile on anyone's face, dishes all over the kitchen.
I tried to sleep in this morning, and I had to wonder why I'm so stupid to set myself up for disappointment. I know better. Of course, D woke me up cause he was so rowdy. I'm sorry, you're telling me that out of 3 fucking people up with him, not one can keep him quiet?? Oh, yeah, that's right, I'm sorry...once Chance gets up D is no longer ANYone's responsibility but his.
Grow up.
We've been living together for 2 years now...we should know how to function compatibly together, but this just isn't so.
I understand that Chance can't do absolutely everything...but the greeting I recieved yesterday after I got home was completely uncalled for.
Like, yeah, let's make amber wait at the bus depot for a half hour before anyone comes and gets her (Chance's excuse, she didn't leave me the car, or tell me if she had a plan...Fuck off), and then lets have a messy house (no excuse for this), and let's not forget that our child is playing the forbidden game Rainbow 6 (wtf?!?!) , nothing is ready for dinner, oh yes, and Chance has a Basketball game no more than 2 hours after you arrive...Fuck, a little effort would NOT kill ANYone.
Well, at least Darius has shown me how much he missed me...playing with me, snuggling me, he drew me a picture and just in general being a nice boy for me.
I find it insulting that after phone calls, and blog postings stating that "we miss you" y'all couldn't lift a fucking finger to show a little more gratitude, and take a little time out of your fucking lives to say "gee, you really are special to me", and not just because you can clean well, and cook, and keep D in line, but because YOU are special.
Sorry to say, that was the point of my remember MY identity. I'm not just D's mom, Chance's wife, Gayle's daughter. I'm Amber. I'm pregnant, yes, but that shouldn't stop me from being who I am, and enjoying her.
It is in times of frustration like this, that I truly wonder what the fuck the point is in me putting in as much effort as I do. I take time out of my life for others, I make that time, I make the effort to have everyone come home to a clean house, most times food,
I hate my life.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Old Fashioned

Well, today was uneventful. Fine with me cause I feel like I can barely move! LOL
After two days of walking, and tossing some bowling into that action, my legs are a touch on the sore side, and I'm hobbling like gramma.
I took a hot bath today, and that lessened the stiffness in my legs to a degree, but when I got out, I took another nap! LOL So, really, all i did today was sleep. What a relaxing day. Didn't leave the apartment for nothin, slept, had a snack here and there, relaxed some more...all the way until Steven and Kathie arrived. then we watched March of the Penguins, which I thought was very cute, and they ordered some chinese food. Kathie taught us how to play Dominos, which was fun. Pokie had to work tonight, so I am now all alone in the apartment. :oD
I'll be heading home tommorow morning, which is ok with me...I get a full night to myself. Everybody needs alone time.
I'll be watching a couple of movies and getting some good sleep. Dunno which movies I'm gonna watch yet, but we shall see. I'm all set for munchies...chips, candy, and pepsi!
So, here's to some good-old-fashioned-alone-time...slow down the fast lane.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Games and more Games

What a long day. :oD
We started our day off nice by watching the Canadian Men loose their goddamned game against Russia and loose in shame. Then we went and wandered at Metrotown all day...I bought myself a whole new outfit from Old Navy...but, in the proccess, I spent all of my money. Shame shame. :o0
Was nice to just wander, but my hip kinda started bothering me. We got back home round 5:15...and we were schedualed to meet everyone no later than 5:45 to go bowling. So, even though we didn't have much of a rest, it was still really nice, and a relief on my hips and such.
We went 5-pin bowling, which was really fun! Though I didn't kick any ass, I was consistent in taking 3rd place each game we played. ;o)
I was very pleased to have Subway for dinner, as I was getting a touch tired of deep fried food. Am also thinkin about a fruit salad, but am now too low in funds to go splurge on one, so it's ok, I can wait until I'm home...back to my homemade applesauce. ;oD
We came back to the apartment, and played a new card game, and are now playing Burnout 3, one of my favorite road rage games...I love beating other cars off the track...makes for great stress relief.
After bowling my hip was really sore, and so was my thigh, but that's only cause I've been doing so much walking...So I'm thinkin I may just relieve myself with a nice hot bath tommorow to ease up my muscles tommorow.
Anyhow. I've been having fun, and it looks like I may just catch the bus home on Friday to avoid the hassel of going out, and having to sleep on the bus overnight, and waking up the peeps at home at all hours of the night again.
Tommorow night is game night with the fam, and it looks like only Kathie and Steven will be joining us tommorow, which kinda saddens me because I'm assuming that this is the only time during my pregnancy that my relatives, from the coast here, are going to have the opportunity to see me. Oh well...can't take things too personally I suppose, can't expect everyone to put their lives on hold for me.
I dunno what we're gonna do for tommorow...but we shall see.

Big City Skyline

Trying to keep myself de-stressed.
The whole point of my vacation is to try and let go of the stress that holds me at home, and extra phone calls don't help me, but ok, it's a fact of life.
It seems unfair to me that when I decided to take a vacation that I'm still plagued by the problems going on at home. When Chance took his vacations ages ago, he seemed to have that blissful ability to just leave the stress where it was, and I try not to send it to him.
I just don't seem to be able to forget that easily, and it bothers me.
Fuck the martyr syndrome, let me have some fun while I still can.
I just want to relax for a little while...and enjoy being pregnant for it's simplicity, and possibly not have to worry about anything other than what I feel like having for dinner.
Was thinking of a movie today, but we'll see what we get up to.
Yesterdya was nice cause we wandered with pokie's friends Trevor and Erin, and we spent time on her apartment, and even went and spent some time over at Steven's place. We really got around yesterday.
I sometime's get jealous of the life that other people lead. I never got to know single life, not on my own anyways. I always lived with people and didn't have the opportunity to actually strike out on my own.I never got to decorate on my own. Always had to ask someone else's opinion before I could do anything, always had someone to answer to. I would've liked that opportunity.
I like the view from the apartment here...enough to know there's people out there, but we're 10 floors up.
I always did enjoy the anonimity of the big cities. ;o)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Managed to catch my late night bus...with the drawback of arriving early, and to a locked bus depot. I'm just glad that I decided to layer up before I left home. :oD
After a 40 minute wait outside the terminal, they opened up, and I finished out my wait inside for Pokie to come and get me.
This day seemed incredibly long.
The whole trip started out eventful...but I don't feel like getting into that right now, cause I wanna go sleep...
I fell today...going downhill, LOL, kinda funny. I didn't lift my foot high enough going on earth does that happen? anyways, might've stretched a muscle...but am otherwise ok. :o)
Spent our day walking round from place to place...decorated Pokie's apartment some...cleaned it some, and generally got things more organized and homey feeling.
Tommorow we will be bowling...and who knows what else...hopefully sleeping in. :oD
Anyways...just thought I'd post a quick one before I head to bed. ;oD

Monday, February 20, 2006


Got myself all packed and ready to go...oh boy!
I leave tonight on th elast bus out to Van, and get there early mornin. Hafta wait a bit for Poke to come and get me, but they do have security gaurds in the Bus Depot, and I'm pretty sure they keep it locked from the outsiders until they are opened...but who knows.
I'm kinda surprised that all I'm taking with me is a single pack sack...but I really don't want to have to carry more than is neccesary, so I'm just taking neccesities.
I had a yummy treat tonight...raspberries. They were huge, and ripe, and very tasty...can't hardly get enough.
Got my snack for the ride out, in case I get hunry...a peach, 2 plums, a kiwi, and two apples. Yum!
Dunno which bus I'm headed back on...but oh well, we'll get to that when we get to that.
Counting down the hours.
I know we're sposed to go bowling...I'm hoping to mebbe hit the casino that I believe may be in New West, but it's not hugely important, as my budget is limited. :oD Adventures are sure to come our way in any event.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I got my hair cut today, finally...was only planning to do it since before Valentine's day, and it feels like it's been forever since I last got it cut. Got rid of the shag, and got a nice little layer added into it. :o)
Anywho...spent this morning cleaning up after my husband had a bad run in with some shrimp and imitation crab meat, and probly the mayo in any of the dips he used lastnight at our neighbours 50th B-day Bash. Yummy.
After all was said and done...I convinced mom to go to the flea markets with me. I'm still hunting for that chest you see, and didn't see one today in my search either. Though, I must add that Zellers is having a sale on the big Bins that have the flip lids for 12-14 dollars. I'm quite tempted, but, honestly, what sort of historical value will those things hold in 5 years? I'm interested in something that I can hand down. :oP
All of us (Chance, D, mom, and I) spent the day shopping yesterday...almost enough to drive me nuts, but whatever. I bought a few baby items, clothing and blankets and such. I also bought a pair of pants, and two new tops for myself. Yay me, no more running round looking like a lump, I actually feel pretty now. :o)
Chance bought himself some new works shoes...steel toed (and bottom lined) shoes for the drywall hoppers. They're actually women's, but they look real comfy, and are still stylish. That was a tough call for him, as he was more interested in buying himself a Team Canada coat...but I'm impressed he had the presence of mind to just turn away, no matter how hard it was for him to do. Proud.
Made some more applesauce today, and am much happier with the results that I have this time than I was the other time...this one seems more like applesauce. We bought some big apples from the "BC Fruit Packers" Co-Op, and they were real cheap. :o) I got two whole jars worth.
Anywho, am debating on which bus to take out to Van...whether I should leave Monday night, or Tuesday Morning...I dunno, it's probly more convenient to leave on the Monday evening, I'll just have a bit of a wait once I get there cause I arrive 2 hours earlier than Candice gets off from work.
Darius goes back to Pre-school this week, seeing as he missed V-day, and there was no school on Thurs., this'll be quite a stretch for him.
We ordered from Boston Pizza for dinner tonight, I'm actually almost hungry.
I'm finding that the heartburn is starting to kick in a lot more now, which means that I will probably have to stop drinking Cranberry juice. :o( Oh well, gives me opportunities for some exploration of the other fruit juices.
Anywho...I guess it's back to the grind.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Much Better

Well lo and behold.
Today was much better than yesterday...D was co-operative, and nice. He used his manners and didn't hit me once.
He didn't take a nap but he did stay in his bed for an hour or more quietly until I brought him out.
We had a good day, he helped me tidy and pick things up, then he helped me vacuum, and he even helped me make his snack, and we made a couple of very nice pictures of birthday cakes.
Was a good day...Kimmie brought home the new Harry Potter for D to watch, and after his rest, he watched the movie quietly while I got down to some baking and making dinner.
Making some bread, made some muffins and for dinner I tossed together some pigs in a request. My first time making them...hope it turns out.
I also managed to clean the bathroom...finally.
Now am just resting my feet for a few minutes b4 everyone gets home...I'm gonna hafta get on making the rest of dinner, as so far all I've done is the gonna hafta figure out what'll go well with them...
Was thinking mashed potatoes...but we shall see.

Sunny and Cold

God help me if yesterday wasn't an extremely trying day with my two boys.
I just sparks the other, and they blow each other into hot little flames that burn my ass everyday they both happen to be home with me.
I can handle one on his own, or the other on his own...but get them two together, and get them kinda pissy at each other, and watch out.
Add to that a 20 minute nap for a little boy who's sick and hasn't had his medicine for the day nad you got a wolloping headache real quick.
Thankfully, we went out to dinner, and that seemed to ease it up tons.
We worked on writing yesterday, and am still having trouble getting Darius to write his name without the letters to trace over. he doesn't seem to want to try and do the letters on their own.
Hmm...poses a dilemma...but I'm sure after I put some thought into it, I'll figure something out.
It's beautiful looking outside, but the thermometer says it's colder than a polar bears' paw. I'm surprised D hasn't asked to go outside today like he was yesterday.
He spent his morning snuggling and playing with his gumball machine. *rolls eyes* he managed to find one, solitary gumball, and he played with those all morning. He only just now gave it up for Buzz Lightyear.
D's been an aweful big help this morning. I vacuumed nad he helped me pick everything up off the floor, then he helped vacuum, and then he helped me get his oatmeal ready. :o) He even tried to feed himself before I got fed up with him getting oatmeal on the couch cause he was paying too much attention to the tv instead of the hand that was on it's way to his mouth with the spoon in it.
He's definately in much better spirits today...and hopefully, I'll be able to get him into some crafts today. We shall see.
i'm still hoping to do the bathroom...I also wouldn't mind sweeping the kitchen floor. We shall see how that goes as well.
Mom wants me to start looking up closet plans. but I'm gonna hafta get an idea of what she wants where seeing as I've only entered their room once since this whole stuff started.
I'm getting excited about going to visit Pokie in her new apartment next week...3 whole days without my boys, wowee. I'll probly end up cleaning the place from top to bottom. LOL
I guess I'm off to face the day...

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Well, it's Thursday. Oh boy...
Don't have much planned for today really, not a whole lot of cleaning that iwant to do cause most of it got done yesterday. I dusted and did the dishes, put the laundry away, cleaned off the table, tidied the entryway...
oh, I guess I should clean the bathroom today.
Poor little guy has beensneezing up a storm this morning. I figured I'd not give him his cold medicine today and see how he does, since he's been getting it the last two days. Sneezing, and his voice did come back slowly this morning as well. The sneezes are deadly cause everytime he sneezes, whatever was in his nose comes out...usually on his chin. he starts yelling for me, "ewww, mom!"
Ahh...the joys of parenthood. I haven't washed my hands at home this many times since the last time I had to make hamburger patties.
We went out shopping lastnight...went to Value Village and then to Wal-Mart. Had to drop dad off at guys' night while I was at it though.
Mom bought me 2 new tops and a pair of jeans from VV, and two new tops and a pair of black pants from WM. They fit wonderfully...cept the black pants need to be taken in and up a bit.
D got himself a gumball machine and another nerf gun. I've had it with the Nerf guns...I take no responsibility in them at all...that is ALL dad. He can find the missing arrows/balls, and figure out why it won't shoot sometimes. Not I, no thank you...I don't like gun, and I certainly don't like toy guns that actually shoot something at people. But...I've let some slack out, what can I say?
Well, who knew a mini gumball machine was so much fun??
We got both toys at VV, and when we went to Wal mart, he insisted we buy him real gumballs to go in his mini gumball machine. *tsk tsk tsk* He hasn't stopped playing with it since he put the gumballs in it lastnight. *spin* *watch the gumball drop*
Made pancakes this mornin for breakfast...I cannot believe what I did.
While I was trying to make the batter, Chance was trying to make his breakfast sandwhich, and Kimmie was cleaning out fridge for garbage day. Dangit, if I didn't drop the BOX of salt on one of the eggs Chance had taken out of the fridge and set on the stove...And of course the egg went all over me, down the front of the stove, and onto the floor.
Anyways...D said, when I asked him if he wanted plums, or syrup on his pancakes...said he wanted plums, like he had at gramma's house. ;oD
too cute...he's very good at eating his own pancakes. :o)
Anyways...dunno what we're gonna get up to today. Am still trying to find some teaching plans that are fun for D. Always keep yourself busy so boredom doesn't sit in.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I just had the most wonderfullest shower ever...ain't nothing like a nice long hot shower to remind you what it's like to smell clean!
Plus we got to knock out some of D's congestion...bonus.
Now if we can just get dad working on that pink cake & pink icing...
Happu Valentine's Day everyone!
I got a big fluffy white bear :0D

D Quote

I forgot to mention...weith D waking up with a raspy throat...he was demanding that he "Wanted his voice back"
The things he comes out with sometimes... :oD

Valentine's Parfaits

Poor Little Guy

Well, jeepers. I was so excited about taking Darius to his Valentine's Day Party today, and my poor little guy has a cold. :o( He's got a runny nose, and a sore throat, and he sounds all raspy. *sighs*
Oh well, I'm just sending Chance to the school withthe treats that I tossed together lastnight, and the ards D and I made last month. I hope he doesn't miss out on anything too much today. Guess we'll hafta throw a party for him here somehow.
In any event, I decided to make Valentine's Parfaits for the kids.
Raspberry Sherbert, Canned Raspberries, Cranberry Sauce (the whole kind, not jellied), sliced Strawberries, and Real (unsweetened) Whipped Cream. I tried to place the Strawberries on top to look like hearts. :oD
Always gotta go with the healthy!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Saucy thoughts was ever-present laundry day.
Loaded up the laundry this morning, after the surprise of having those wonderful ppl pick up our "donations" this morning bright and early.
Went and dropped off laundry, and got it started, then went and bought my ubs ticket for the 21st to the 23rd, and put gas in, deposited my bill money...went back and switched everything over to the dryers, then folded everything, and went and paid storage and then came home.
Duncan is here...he's installing the new water heater...which means I'm hopefully going to take a shower today. :oD
I made an attempt at applesauce since our apples that we bought way back in Sept./Oct. need to be used up, I thought I'd give it a try. My first attempt seems much to sweet to me, so I'll hafta try again. it's a little bit of work peeling and trimming those apples cause so many of them have bad seems that they are rotting from the inside out.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Days Events & Typos

Mental it when you type in the dark or else words like "now" end up looking like "not".
Well, today went well, if I do say so myself. :o)
We did fairly well for ourselves...and if we hadn't eaten so much, we would've made almost all my bus money. we got rid of enough stuff...but I still had to call a place for donations, and the lady will be here Tuesday after 4pm.
This week is gonna be nice. Tuesday is Valentine's Day, and the lil-ones at the preschool are having their Valentine's Day party, and I'm looking foreward to making their treats...Valentine's Parfaits. Look foreward to pictures. :oD
Did I forget to mention that we got our hot water tank?
Now the boys are fiddling round each other discussing what needs to be done...picture a broken down car, and a family of mechanics with beer.
We managed to get off on time this morning (mom chose 7:30...but I would've chosen to leave no later than 7) and when we got there, all was well, except they didn't have any tables left inside the hall, so we got stuck outside. now, thankfully, it was a beautiful morning, and the sun was out, and only a slight breeze came and went all morning. But it was still pretty cold. I was actually smart, and knowing how I have a tendancy to get chilled when we do this sort of thing, I wore long johns and three layers of clothing, so I wasn't really all that bad. My toes did get quite cold from time to time though.
I'm rather disappointed that we didn't get the fabric off like I was planning, but maybe this coming weekend...we shall see. i was also hoping to do some kind of baking, if I'm going to do this weekend. There was a gentleman there talking to us, and he was asking mom if we were gonna do the "Garage Sale" at the gym here on the westside...planting ideas in my head he is. ;oD
I must say, with all of that junk outta here, it looks much better.

I'm a morning Person

Well, I am not ready to go foreward with my day.
Had Chance load everything but the fabric in lastnight, and the dining room looks much better.
Asked Kim to turn on the water so it's hot for me when I got up, and it only took me 10 minutes to add all the hot, then cold to adjust it to my temp. Am just getting ready to wake up Chance to move my shower back to the bathtub. :o) Like I said, designated-filler-upper. I really don't have a problem with it.
Course guess that's just my personality.
We rented 4 movies on Friday night. The Brothers Grimm, Four Brother, Unleashed and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Watched the 2 latter so far, and started watching Brothers Grimm lastnight, but only got halfway through it before bedtime...guess I'll hafta finish watching it later today.
Chance took me out to dinner Friday night, which was actually quite pleasant because he was very talkative (he asked me 3 times if he was talking too much or babbling)...but that way mainly due to the fact that he was tired. Stil tho...was very nice. I haven't enjoyed a steak like that in ages.
So, anyways...we priced everything out lastnight, that way we'll be ready for the masses when we ge there...the other vendors have a tendancy to swarm the table when you first get there to see if you have anything they'd be interested in. In any event...we'll be ready for them. :oD
Wish us luck!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cobwebs and Fabrics's the evening before the flea market...and I must say, I'm quite impressed with how much we're getting rid of. :o)
I'm proud that mom's actually letting most everything I've tossed in go.
We have more than enough to fill three tables...and everything is priced to go, and if it don't go, we'll be calling that wonderful number for the donations place.
As of now we've gone through everything...except the fabric. At this very moment, I'm just hoping there will be room for it. :o) Regardless, I won't let it get away from's going whether we like it or not.
How's always nice to clear away the cobwebs once and a while.


The weekend is finally here!
It was getting kinda lonely round the house this week.
I cleaned till my heart was content, and D and I played our games...and he's so very very close to writing his name, I can hardly wait.
Still haven't finished going through everything I've wanted to get rid of...but we've runout of room in the dining room for it. :o)
Still got some last little hinding spots, like the bedding, bookshelf, and the fabric left...but we'll get to that in the next 24 hours, so I'm not worried about it.
We went swimming Thursday night, mom, D, and I...and afterwards had a nice shower. :o) Gotta love those evenings of family swims. The hot tub felt great, but I didn't go in too deep, or stay in too long.
I've gotten the hang of filling up our camp shower for showers, and have attempted it lastnight. Was really rather nice...kinda akwards cause I had to squat to get the full water pressure, but so nice and hot it was heavenly. So it would seem I am self-designated-shower-filler-upper. :oD
Darius and I went for a walk yesterday and was nice and sunny out, but on the chilly side.
Well, we are closer to getting our hot water back and working, Uncle Art found someone who is selling a hot water tank for 100 dollars, so we'll see how that turns out.
For focus is on the flea market tommorow. My aim is to make my bus ticket money, as I have yet to recieve last pay from Sylvia...this'll be paying my way for the time being. Only 80 dollars to go. :o)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Well, it's been a kind of slow day today...everything I wanna do requires lots of time and energy.
I've sorted through my clothes, and got Chance's bags of clothes, gone through all the junk from the bathroom, got rid of most of my books (novels, rather), some Christmas stuff...still hafta do mom&kim's clothes, then jackets, and shoes for the entire house...then gotta do junk spots. Video tapes, cassette tapes, just regular junk that's been hanging around for ages...old games, books, winter clothes, bedding...and, last but not least, fabric.
I figure if we're gonna do it all!
Would be nice to go through my storage unit, but I just don't have that kind of time to devote to it right this very moment.
The midwife's appointment went well. My placenta will not cause any trouble during the pregnancy and labour by the looks of it, because it's not getting in the way. :o) Got an update on what sort of foods I should be eating, and also got a whole bunch of information for resources around the community. I'm impressed with the last one the most. Since I'm at home now, I can start to try and prepare Darius a little better for the coming baby, and hopefully work on relationship skills a little more so I can help Chance and Darius get along better. We shall see what sort of courses and activities I can come up with.
Am hoping to develop an at home day plan for Darius. Once that including writing, and a craft each day, and playtime either inside or out, and also some type of independance builder...mebbe with snack planers that he canmake himself.
Cross my fingers and hope that all my organization pays off!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Production is my Middle Name

Phew...thank goodness Chance was home today otherwise I might've never gotten everything done. :o)
Did the laundry...9 loads=2 1/5 hours+40 dollars. Chance dropped me off and let me get it started whilst he got D and went to Zellers and such. Then he brought Subway for lunch whilst the clothes finished drying. I fed D while he folded laundry. sweet to help out so much.
I did dishes this morning, and vacuumed and dusted while he tidied entryway, cleaned the bathroom and did a tad bit of re-organizing that I wanted accomplished.
Still need to go back to the store to buy a few household items, the boys only got haircuts and a treat each, so we'll probly hit something up on the way home from the Midwife's.
Gosh I love it when we have productive days like today...specially when I know everything is being done like it should be. :oD

It Got Away

Boy I almost can't believe how much has gotten away from me.
I'm tired...feel like I got no sleep at all. I'll hafta try and squeeze in a nap somewhere's today...dunno where.
Gotta go do laundry, do the dishes, vacuum the house...find someplace (organized) to put all the clothes in the living room from mom and Kim's room, re-organize our closet, go through the baskets of junk in Dining room, dust, clean off dining room table...I've also got my midwife appointment today. rest for the weary.
Today is D's special day at Pre-schhol...he's bringing his Robo-Sapien. Hope it goes well.

Monday, February 06, 2006

32oz. Later

So the ultrasound went well. :o)
Stupid ppl who think it's a good idea for a pregnant women to drink 32 oz of water and hold it for an hour has got to be a lunatic who has it out for cruel and unusual punishment.
Was kinda to relate all the movements that I'm feeling to the actions of baby.
It's gonna be long...have eyes shaped like me, and the same nose as Darius. Wide hands, but narrow feet.
We even got to watch it yawn...too cute for words.
Guess I'll find out all results tommorow. Remind me to write up a list of question. anyone got any q's for the midwife?

Home Repairs and Ultra-Sounds

My poor husband. He's frustrated that we can't have our home repair problems solved *snap* right now. He started asking me lastnight..."How bad does it have to get before..."
When I asked him to finish that sentence, he said he couldn't because he knew that there was nothing that I could do about it.
It just takes time...and it's no worse than spending our time camping without any running water! :o) At least we have running water. We just can't run our dish washer or our washing machine. Hello laundry mat! And, hello sponge baths! I have no problem doing a nice sponge bath, and washing my hair in the kitchen sink...the men, well, they're kind of coming around.
As for an occasional shower...well, can always go to the pool, or the Gym where Chance plays Basketball. Definately not the end of the world, just a little adjustment is needed.
We go for my second ultra-sound today...and wouldn't you know it, it snowed today! Yucky old snow, put a damper on the tight schedual I worked out for myself lastnight. Blah.
In any event...started off this morning by giving Darius a bath in the Kitchen sink. He really enjoyed himself, but made the water all greasy because I forgot to move our scrubby out of reach, and he was playing with it. Just a quick refresher of water, and we continued on. :o)
He even had toys and everything. Always cute to watch them have new (at least I don't think he remember having an actual bath in the sink, with soap and everything. We've done it for play before) experiences. :oD
Tommorow is Darius' day at Pre-School, and he's very excited to bring his Robo-Sapien. Am hoping we can take Chance to work after he's done with the Pre-school thing.
D got mom to rent Toy Story 2 from the video store, and it hasn't come out of the DVD player that...that was on Friday.
I would like to hope that he's gonna get Toy Story 1&2, and the new Wallace & Gromit DVD for his birthday...but we shall see. :o)
Valentine's Day is approaching...and am considering mebbe buying something a little extra to toss in my bag of goodies for the boys...but we shall see.
We played Bingo lastnight, and mom won 20 dollars. yay us.
Saturday we went out to the Rona (home builders type store) and wandered around. When we went to leave the store, Darius spotted a van with some balloon pictures on the sides with lettering in it...and he went running up to the van, and started reading off the letters while the people who owned the van stood by and "ooh-ed" and "ahh-ed". He charmed them pretty good, but we all chuckled when he got to the phone number on the van..."seven, six, upside-down six... " was pretty darned cute.
Now that he can recognize numbers and letters upon sight, it's time to work up a learning plan to get his writing skills up to par. :o) Plenty of time for research I say.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Flea Market Blues

Was kinda disappointed this mornin cause I went hunting at the Flea Market and didn't see any trunks. I'm on the hunt for a trunk to use as a storage chest for all the new baby clothes and such that I'm collecting so it's all in once place. Once the baby goes through everything I can then use it as a hope chest for both kids. :o)
Anyways...went to the flea market, and I must've hit an off-sunday because there was nearly no one there. *sighs* Oh well, I guess I'll find one sooner or later. :o
S'kinda is the day that we are spending hunting down the damage and doing the fix-up on the water heater and area. All the guys are wandering about, busy doing different things and all conferring about this, that, and the other.
Super Bowl Sunday, and the guys are all busy. Too funny.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Free Baby

I've fallen in love with signing up for free baby stuff. :o)
I've signed up for at least 10 things! Yay Me! bring it on!

Baby Shower

It's kinda hard to believe that I'm already halfway through my pregnancy. A Little wearing on the nerves.
Transitions are a little difficult, sheesh.
I'm trying to plan the Baby Shower that I would like, and can't decide whether I should have it in May, or June. Probably June sometime. In any event, I'd like to do it before the baby arrives, less hassel and worry for me.
In any event...whilst shopping for baby clothes yesterday...I had a wonderful thought come to me. When I make up invitations for the baby shower, I'd like to assign everyone an age/size range for baby clothing...Or mebbe make-up a checklist of categorized items that can be checked off with Mom since I know a baby gift registry won't work because not everyone can make it to the same stores as others. At the very least I ccan specify certain brands of certain products that I'd like. Like baby bath supplies, baby clothing, baby accessories (Monitor, Mobile, Baby Box), baby health items (gas drops, tylenol, ora-gel).
I'm too organized for my own good.
Hopefully it'll all work as planned...and hopefully everyone I invite shows up to help me celebrate my new addition. I know it would mean a lot to me, since everytime I try to have a party no one shows up.
I've vowed to just start snatching up baby things whenever I see them. hopefully I'll have money to do this, but we shall see.
I've asked Ronnie to start buying baby food from the states because they have Gerber (bigger selection, and better quality as far as I'm concerned) and all we have is Heinz.
Yesterday we bought a whole swack of sleepers, receieving blankets, and baby towels. I was quite happy with it, and it settled my nerves somewhat.
I'm feeling kind of antsy after accepting that I'm halfway there and realizing that I have absolutely nothing for the baby saved or anything.
I'm going to buy a trunk once I can find one (I would love to hit the local flea markets in search of one) and start storing all baby clothing and items in there.
Considering I don't know whether we're gonna have just a playpen, or a crib yet, I'm gonna hafta hold off on most bedding, though I'm sure it wouldn't be a bad idea to collect things for all depends on how much space we have. :o)
I feel so anxious about starting the baby collection, it's rediculous. I've got lists, lists, and more lists.
Just take a deep breath, and when done with that, make a run for the toilet cause baby found the bladder again.

Out of D's Mouth

Was trying to take a peek at D's toe this morning whilst I was feeding him breakfast. Had him on my lap, so it required me to pull his foot up to my face...and when I went to do this, at first his toes and foot kept wiggling.
After I got him to stop wiggling, he says "Ow! Mom, don't do that, I'm too old!"
I guess I must've bent him a way he didn't bed...LOL

Well...Soon We Know

We've got someone coming over to look at our mess.
I'm thankful that we know people who know what they are doing with this sort of thing. I'm thankful that we have the connections that we do. I'm thankful we are willing to learn how to fix things like these, and are not completely incapable of listening closely, and researching to find our own wayof fixing things.
I had to try really hard yesterday to stop my husband from projecting Kimmie's negtive feelings on me. It really annoys me that he has a tendancy to go projectile on me like that. I don't think he realizes how bad he can get, eventhough I've asked him time and time again to stop putting Kimmie's negativity on me because it has nothing to do with me.
Literally, we hadn't been in the door more than 10 minues (and I'll mention I didn't even get an "I missed you, how was your day") before Kimmie came out of his room pouting and ranting and raving about the effects of mould on the human system. As if we didn't know from our experience with our bedroom. And of course, he immediately picks Chance out of the lot because mom and I have no sympathy for the guy whatsoever, and he starts pouring out..."Ya ready to move, got someplace to go? We're gonna hafta move and loose money" yadah yadah.
So, my husband starts ranting to me, as if I haven't had every thought run through my head about mold, and as if I haven't considered how big of an undertaking this job could be...both costly and timewise.
I've been dealing with this issue since it was discovered now...stop, because there is no need to get so worked up. You can't go into a serious situation panicking, you need a level head with clear thinking to discover the best course of action. Do NOT panic...panic will get you no where.
So...once I got him calmed down enough to keep going on with life as usual...he's still on the verge of panic, we'll just hafta let the information sink in after we talked to an "expert" on how to go about fixing our latest problem.
God help me have patience with the men of our household...cause we know how crowds and people can get...we've all heard of "Mass Hysteria".
I've got enough problems...please, lets just do our best to make it through this one, because as I see it now, it's the least of my woes...though I'm sure that'll change in due time.
Anything is possible.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Busy Days Begin, we're now worried about the bills...
But That's only cause I haven't mustered the courage to phone my boss to ask for my last pay. *sighs*
Chance went to work with Art today.
Sometimes I get real annoyed with those friends of his. Why do they always have to plant ideas in his head. Yes, I know, they're just trying to help...but damnit, not like that. Please be reasonable with your suggestions...
Today it was my job to get my little Mr. off to pre-school, and was quite pleasant. Got him off on time and everything...only had to wake up 2 hours in advance to do it. ;oD
It's a day for productivity.
Not good...our bathroom sink (underneath) is rotting away...Kimmie made the horrid discovery that everything was sopping wet, and it's not good. The only reason why we didn't notice it earlier is cause we store our towels there, and they appear to have soaked up most of the water, but not enough to stop it from going molldy! It stinks in that bathroom now that we have everything out. Fuck. It's also soaking wet underneath our washing machine (again) and under the wall there...which means it runs beneath the bath tub and shit.
We're hooped.
We should all start praying now.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What a Coincidence

Was watching tv lastnight...and during a commercial, they advertised that the Canadian Idol Auditions are on February 25th in Vancouver...