Monday, October 31, 2005


Halloween Has Arrived

A little disappointing...Chance overheard some kids when they were coming to the door saying..."This is the scary house!" "oh, I guess it must be next door." :o(
I swear, that almost made me cry...the house is usually so done up, some kids don't even want to come up to the door cause it's too scary, I'm afraid this year falls so short it's rather pathetic.
Darius is a White Knight this year, and I'm a Black that department, st least, did not fall short.
I'm also sad to say that the amount of trick-or-treaters is rather small so far compared to other years as well. Oh well, guess everyone is either growing up, or going else-where.
Chance and D went out trick-or-treating, and I haven't seen them in over an D is gonna have a big haul this year.
Our neighbour, Duncan, from down the street came by to see if Darius was gonna come to his house or not, and I had to tell him I hadn't seen them in a while so I'm assuming that they are making a big loop.
Chance has always been about Quantity over quality...lucky kid.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Halloween Dash

Yup...Darius has his Halloween Party at school tommorow, and dumbass that I am, left everything till the last minute. :o] Makes me feel more productive when I get it all done at once.
So, I've made him a scary ghost costume, and 9 Orange-o-Lanterns.
All in a three hour time span...I ROCK!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Camper is Gone

Chance went to take his friends' camper, and put it on our lot for storage yesterday. When he arrived, he was surprised to find that our camper was gone. Period.
Someone had taken an axe and a sledge hammer to our camper, and had knocked it down to nothing. Apprently, they claim that our lot belongs to them, or their Uncle(whom happens to live in Saskatchewan, and I'm also assuming can't make it here to show proof of ownership), and that our lot was sold through a realtor to them. Like...yeah, right.
I'm sure they would have notified us by either the Realtors we dealt with, OR our Lawyers.
So...I no longer own a camper.
Here's for the long over-all bad year, I swear I hope it just gets itself over and done with, so I can start fresh again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Boy oh boy. I'm 24 today.
Went to the casino with mom lastnight, and didn't even notice that midnight had come and gone, and that the 17th had turned into the 18th. The pit boss on duty did, and proceeded to holler across the pit "Happy Birthday Amber" bringing everyone's attention to my half asleep ass. After blushing was over, she then called me over to give me a casino gift pack...a pack of cards, a pad of paper and pen, and a compact mirror. :o] was nice of her.
Sylvia gave me a pair of really pretty earrings, and I got to visit with laurie for a little while after my dr's appy.
Came home to a yummy dinner of steak, asparagus, and noodles. Was great, plus an adorable home-made card made especially for me by Darius and Daddy. It was the bestest gift.
Am kinda tired today, as it was busy and I stayed up late lastnight...but it's been a good day, can't complain.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Jann and then some

Wow...what an amazing performance.
I thought myself rather sad when I first thought about the fact that I didn't know a whole lot of Jann Arden songs whilst on the bus here...but after seeing her live, I wouldn'tve wanted it any other way. It was an absolutely beautiful performance, with amazing vocals and heart-touching lyrics. If I wasn't a fan before...I certainly am now.
If it wasn't for the stupid ladies sitting behind us, and the fact that almost everyone was wearing something black, and did nothing more than bob their heads from time to time, it would've been perfect. But why bother with the uncontrollable?
Was an adventure getting there and back as well.
The theatre was on Cambie, but to get to it, we had to take the Hwy to Hastings, and then were forced to drive all the way down it to Pender...That was IN-teresting. Crowds, and mobs of homeless people, just standing around...some intoxicated, some sleeping, one was barefoot, and other just moping from corner to corner. let's not forget the prostitutes. Scary thing to drive down Hastings at night because you almost feel like you're going to be mobbed...if they wanted to, they could've ganged up on us and tipped the lil' ole' car we was in.
I'm glad I'm a good navigator.

Thursday, October 13, 2005 Myself

A smaall taste of life by myself...and god is it lonely.
I missed Darius lastnight...saying goodnight, and the whole tirual. It feels strange to be on a small vacation without my family.
Listening to Jann Arden right now, and am really impressed with the depth of her lyrics, on her new album anywho.
Was a long bus ride here, I had forgotten all the stops that it makes, but it's a familiar comfort to know that the stops are all the for one, one the way here. I enjoyed a nice nap between Merrit and Chilliwack. Watched the bus driver give some guy hell for smoking in the bathroom...and he booted him off the bus in Merrit, threatening to phone the cops.
I like Pokie's keyboard...nice and quiet. The two moitors she has hooked up to her comp kinda throw me off, but it's a rather interesting concept.
We had dinner at McDonalds lastnight at the bus station, before headed Surry-bound. Took us about an hour and a half to get back...was 11:15 by the time we finally walked in the door.
We went out for Breakfast this morning at the Pantry...I really miss the connection that family can bring me...only because I seclude myself so. I know I can always expect an honest answer out of everyone, should I ever ask for it.
Went to the Pantry, then Timmy's, then came back to phone Chance to see how D's first school field trip went to the Fruit and veggie market across the street from his school. Then we went back to the Mall so we could look for a shirt for Pokie to wear to Shannon's wedding. Found two in Old Navy that look really good, and create two different looks for her. Then we went in search of a cell phone for her, which took about an hour in the store we stopped at...stupid chick who was helping her, couldn't figure out the computer commads and kept messing it up and having to start all over. N/m the fact that she took a personal call while waiting on us. Customer Service just isn't what it should be these days.
Slept in till Chance phoned me at 20 after 8.
The cats seem to like least they're not running away like they do when D's here.
Kinda excited to meet Pokie's friend Helen, who's going to the concert with us, and is driving.
Candice showed me her photo book, and am really impressed. Wish I could be so Talented.
Told Pokie about my idea of trying out for Canadian Idol this year...chuckles and giggles all the way round.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Damn The Dark, Damn The Light

Thanksgiving day today...Happy one to those reading this.
Let Chance sleep in this mornin...I claimed Saturday to sleep in, and slept until 11. Straight 12 hours, with a little Darius pokin in every now and then telling me it was time to get up.
Was my mornin with the D man, and we had some fun. I got stuff ready for Kimmie to cook breakfast for everyone, then took D outside for some fun.
We played some baseball, and then practiced playing nice, and sharing. Gosh, he's lost a lot of his manners. What a tough age.
What a dinner we had lastnihgt. 2 Turkeys, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, broccoli & cauliflower, carrots, stuffing, bread, and buns, gravy.
Alit, Terry, Mary, Steven, Gramma, Mom, Kimmie, Chance, Darius, and myself. Coulda had Art and Kurt as well, but they scrounged somewhere's else.
Lots of leftovers...I put a ton away for my lunches, and froze some for Ralph and Candice. Ralph's been phoning, at least 3 times a day to chat with everyone. Poor guy must be lonely.
So am trying to get my stuff sorted out for my trip...I'm getting excited now. *sighs* This'll one of my first concerts I've gone to without knowing in general at least the majority of the songs being played....hope I'll enjoy it.
We had some ducky visitors today. This last week they've been coming round...just having their own little parade waddling down our street. These ones were pretty small compared to some of them. So we gave them some bread. :o)
We've done nothing but playing games this whole weekend.
Lastnight alone we played Taboo, Yahtzee, Rummy, Crib, Pictionary, and Scrabble. The night before we played some Rummoli, and Gramma hustled us. *g*
Anywho...they're gettin ready to take off somewheres...I'm gonna see if I can tag along.
We took D to Wallace and Gromit's The Curse of the Werebunny on Saturday...was a good movie.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Little Discoveries...

Darius has figured out what that little pocket/hole is for in the front of his underpants...Cute, but can be kinda messy since he hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lead Me to Temptation

My favorite thing about Christmas, besides Christmas dinner with family, is the amount of chocolate....

Things that Darius Does

I've been thinkin a lot of my son these days...watching him, and am ever amazed at what a little man I have on my hands. It makes my heart ache.

Monday, October 03, 2005


You's amazing what insecurities some people harbour...I'm too short, I'm too fat, I've got yucky teeth, my nose is too big...give me a fucking break.
What I've been looking for all my life, is a guy who'll want to be my friend before he even thinks of sleeping with me.
I want to be trusted.

You're the Air in my Atmosphere

Like Water from heaven, I feel you moving through me.
The drops are coming today, like the ache in my bones. The tightening, and the releases.
Days to sit in front of the fireplace and just watch the flames contemplating another year, and another door.
Imagine the tunnel moving faster, then spinning this way and that, and the colours of your world changing to tell you what your life is. Defining the words, the laughter, the emotions. Defining your tears. Imagine each tear could tell you how to make you happy, imagine that tears could grow.
Flowers that smell so sweet, you can't breathe past the beds, and when you step out of the perfume the clarity of the air almost searing.
Can anyone make alone look pretty?

Tentative Plans

Ok, so, I've figured my bus ticket will cost me 80 if I buy it today, which I will.
Gramma's, if we did from LF...her return ticket would be 80, so says the website, if we bought it today...*sighs* if I could deposit the money into her account, she could get it. Any contributors?
The question remains, would it be better for me to buy her a return ticket, cause I know she'd like to go to the coast, but that means long driving for mom and kim, unless they just drove her back here, and let her hop it from here...*sighs* So much figuring. And poor Chance, would be left here.
Contemplating letting the Uncle's babysitting, cause mom is discussing taking him with her to the coast, which would be nice for him cause then he could visit his favorite people's.
Will be phoning Gramma to see what she wants to do. But the bus ticket is the only option cause there isn't enough time for anyone to do the driving...Ok, so phoned, am depositing 80 tommorow so she can buy her ticket for Thursday...she'll be staying until Tuesday.
Now that that is cleared up, just gotta figure what I'm gonna do down at the coast.
One load off.