Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A few quick thoughts.

I am no longer comfortable carrying hunter down the stairs, and I don't really think I ever was to begin with. I fell down the last two stairs with him in my arms yesterday, and almost landed on him. It scared him more than anything, that I ended up sitting on his foot, but it was a sharp reminder not to think of oneself a surefooted when anything can happen. I do tend to think I'm more careful than most with him in my arms, I'm slower moving, and I tend to test my step before I put all of my weight on my foot. I still managed to slip down the last two stairs, and land on him...not that I dropped him, I struggled to let him down easy so that I wouldn't hurt him, and even landed on my elbow because of it, but I still managed to sit on his foot. Scary, and a bit wake up call in any event.
Hunter had speech therapy this morning, and he did amazingly well! He's definitely used to the speech therapist, and even said her name today! He said in total about 7 new words, and about 10 everyday words that he's said before. He talked a lot, and she says it won't be long now before he spurts out the key words I'm looking for...being I Love You, or Love You.
Rhonda took me grocery shopping this morning, even though I was dead tired I knew it needed to be done, so I did it. As we were finishing up, I went to buy some apples (I've been craving foods in season which is a bit of a rarity) and noted that Wal Mart had a bag of Gala (not even the best kind!) Apples on for $6.47. SIX DOLLARS AND FOURTY SEVEN CENTS. I've never seens apples so pricey, and my jaw was dropped. Like, did the apple market all of the sudden bottom out or something? Gouging us for APPLES! Unbelievable.
Anyhow, there's a PTO meeting that I'd like to attend tonight, and if I do I need to finish making the boys a really great snack.
Gosh, I'm tired, but I'm looking forward to have a couple of relaxing drinks with Ashley when she gets home from work tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Today a fellow blogger "tagged" me and I am supposed to pass the good fortune on to some other lovely bloggers so I chose to pick random people who left me comments...guess what you're one of them. So go check out my page for the details and play along!

Janet said...

do you have any apple orchards around you? Prices there would be much cheaper!

Amber said...

that's a good idea Janet, I should start looking locally to see if there are any fruit growers. Hmm, I think I recall seeing a peach orchard nearby, I wonder if they might have apples too?

Anonymous said...

I always get nervous holding Lily while walking up or down our stairs. I try not to do it as much as possible. I'm not the most agile person in the world either, but like you, I do tend to be more cautious and careful when I have her in my arms. Still, can't be too careful! I'm glad everyone's okay! :)