Saturday, January 07, 2012

Lovin' It

The holidays were fantastic. They were relaxing, and the perfect time to re-connect with one another. Uno, Monopoly, Risk, Canasta, Scrabble, Go Fish. A Harry Potter-thon, a Spongebob-thon, and many many more. We didn't travel anywhere, we didn't have a huge dinner, we chilled out. Christmas morning we woke up to both kids in our bed, asking if it was time to wake up yet or not. When we finally agreed, both kids raced upstairs to the tree, and were ecstatic over the discovery of their new Pillow Pets set in front of the tree that Santa left just for them. They sorted gifts while I made coffee. Once we all settled in to our spots in the living room and they began tearing with abandon. This is the first year ever that they tore & threw and sprang to the next box. The living room was spotless to begin, and in the end we couldn't see the floor. Then it was blissfully quiet as the kids explored their new toys & gifts. I tidies us up and then we relaxed for the day. For dinner we ate Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwhiches & a variety of platters to pick at.
We had some fun, our house was a mess, and it was great.
We're into the New Year now, and I'm enjoying the small gifts life is offering me.
D got a great gift box that included a variety of tape & colored paper. Thia may seem strange, but he can be occupied for hours with a box full of recyclables & some scissors & tape.
He remembered his tap lastnight. It was bedtime & he started taping across doorways, booby-trapping them for us parents. He heckled & heckled before I finally gave in. He fell over in a fit of giggles when we finally did. It's SO hard to be mad at them when they're so giddy.
The night before I was trying to get them to bed, and they were giggling madly together. Whispering secrets, telling each other jokes & when I came in, I discovered them developing a secret handshake with one another. I repeat: It's SO hard to be mad at them for being such great brothers.
I was laying down with them trying to get them settled, when, once again, they were giddy & giggly. Without warning, they BOTH gave me a Wet Willy. I had no idea H even KNEW what a Wet Willy was.
My kids are great, and they're keeping me grounded.
I love watching them become better brothers.