Monday, October 06, 2008

Hunter's Accomplishments

Big title, whoa.

"And I know that it's true that all the things that I do
Will come back to me in my sweet time"
Steve Miller Band - Rockin' Me

Hunter has shown such wonderful progress since we began Speech Therapy. I'm proud to say he's finally begun two word sentences. Though it probably started before, I noticed last Wednesday that he said "Daddy, Home!". He's also said since then, more please, and no me.
He has developed a taste for Peanut Butter toast, and enjoys playing with it more than eating it. He likes how sticky it is on his fingers. Hunter can now put his own shoes on with ease, though he does get them mixed up sometimes and ends wearing them on the wrong feet. He's begun this really strong (as if it wasn't apparent before) independent streak. He wants to dress himself, and does a pretty decent job of it, put his own shoes on, and decide weather or not to stay clothed during the day...which is causing a bit of concern when we go outside cause he wants to take off his jacket, but it's too cold to go without now. He's so amazingly cute when he runs, he takes these little steps and goes as quickly as he can. Unless he's excited, he always watches where he's going to avoid disaster.

"Now that we've come to a showdown
We won't allow you a second to slow down
The moment has come to deliver
You as the taker, and we as the giver"
Nazareth - Razamanaz

Darius is doing so well in school, I'm so proud of him. He's been bringing books home to read to us, and boy is he a strong reader! Never mind that, but he doesn't hesitate to pick up a book at any time! He LIKES to read! That fact makes me feel so wonderful, that he'll enjoy using his imagination, that fact could prove ho creative of an individual he could be. Not that I ever doubted his creativity, what with his inventions, and concoctions, and bright ideas that he frequents. It's more of a constructive confirmation. He's so proud to be in Cub Scouts, and that he knows a few of the boys from school in his Den. I'm not certain how he feels about his own dad being the Scout Leader, but that fact will be made clear over the next few weeks anyways.

"Was there no oil to excavate
No riches in trade for the fate
Of every person who died in hate
Throw us a bone, you men of great"
Sheryl Crow - Redemption Day

We have yet to sit and discuss our immigration issues, but I think we're slowly building a plan on what we're doing. I'd so love to be home for Christmas, and doing the regular Taxi service of getting everyone for the Holiday, and taking them home again. I'd give anything for the smell of pine & snow, and the glow of the purple sky over the city late at night, when it's so quiet you don't want to speak for fear of shattering something. I want to hear the mountain snow crunch beneath my feet, and know that my family is so close all I need to do is drive a few hours to see them. What's a few hours when is could take days? I guess I can dream.

"In the winter time
When all the leaves are brown
And the wind blows so chill"
Steve Miller Band - Wintertime

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