Thursday, July 05, 2012

Glad We Could Catch Up!

Between the last blog post and now:
I have applied for, been accepted to & have begun my search for funding for College.
Volunteered as much as possible at my boys' school.
Gained new insight into my own personal strengths.
Identified goals that are important to me, and have begun the steps to achieve them.
Narrowed my expanse of personal expectations, and have come to accept that I may not neccesarily meet them all, but I will be a work in progress.
Enjoyed being a part of my local community.
Let my anger slip away, and have come to terms with what I've survived through.
Made some positive, life-changing decisions.
Taken a long look at my battle with depression, and have come to understand much more about the darker side of myself.
Celebrated my youngest' 6th Birthday.
Celebrated my Mr's 32nd Birthday.
Celebrated the life of my Father-In-Law on our first Father's Day without him.
Discovered that this loss was not only significant to my husband, but to myself as well...but for different reasons.
Made some changes in our home life to affect our family positively.
Attended a dizzying array of meetings, consultations, and groups to get a better hold of how I can direct my family into a more comfortable zone, and focus on the priorities that lay ahead.
Moved out of our house that we were renting, as we will be travelling too much this summer to actually live in it.
Started looking for a new place to rent, as I need something a bit closer to the boys' school to manage our combined schedules.
Hit the road with the family, taking a nice adventure for the summer.

I've liked to say, for many years now, that there is never a dull moment in our family. I've seen a number of unexpected surprises, and have managed to roll with the punches and make the best of things. This doesn't mean I'm the happy-go-lucky-cheerleader-type, but rather the optimist who chooses to see the bright side of things. I have found my strength in this to be invaluable. This has allowed me to once again find my place in my family as a piece of solidarity, and confidence. It has also allowed me to rely more on my Mr, and strengthened our relationship because of it.
Significant personal growth has been the result of the entire last 18 months of depression, and turmoil.
Somehow, I've come out of the gloom into a much brighter light and into a much clearer defined me.
This summer I will be celebrating myself.
Then, when the fall comes, I will be celebrating that I have finally taken a step for myself that I've put off for far too long.
I'll be sure to pop by & post some pictures along the way  ;)