Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm amazed, and very proud of us all!
We all rolled outta bed at the same time this morning, and got our butts in gear, and collectively cleaned and sorted through most everything we needed to do this morning.
I cleaned the bathroom, sorted through everything (well minus a box) in my closet and reorganized what's in there. Chance put the dresser in the closet, and the futon & loveseat on the porch, ready to get rid of. The boxspring for the double bed was put in D's room, and are currently waiting on Duncan to grab the king bed, and the double mattress to toss into the rooms. I've gotten rid of a bunch more stuff, and have a few other items to get rid of, but we need to figure out where to drop them off at. Hmm...the Big Brothers & Sisters truck at the dump is full, and am unsure when it'll be emptied. Darn.
So, the carpet is ready to be cleaned (today at 2:30) and I still have to go through D's room and organize that.
Mom organized the living room and hallway closet, and did some stuff in the kitchen. We've all been busy bees today, and it's beautiful out, which makes things easier cause they were predicting rain again all weekend. At least they worked in our favor, hopefully we can figure out what to do with the spare furniture that we don't need tonight.
Gotta wash the windows today, as all the plastic has been removed...and though I'd like to do the window tracks, it's too time consuming with two kids. Lastnight I did my filing, which took me an hour cause I had stuff accumulated form the old place too. Joy. At least it's done and over with, and when Chance offered to take it with him, I refused cause he doesn't know what's in there, or how to organize it...LOL.
Now, I'm thinkin I gotta print off some pictures for Chance and for the house here and for my wallet. Hmmm, time flies. This month has zoomed on by with everything going on.
I'm amazed we all managed to get so much accomplished, and I'll say it again, I'm proud at just how much we've done in one morning.
I guess I should go tackle D's room since he's ot here right now, it's tougher to have to do something like that when he's heckling about what not to throw out and such...*g*

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Nietha said...

The feeling of productivity is very nice =) and it was awesome weather today here, too. Dang, I should do some spring cleaning :P