Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Trendsetting and Consequences

I guess this is the trend setter for what could very well be the rest of the year. Busy Busy Busy.
After lastnight got into the dentist this morning at 10:30. Thankfully he didn't charge me for it, but we discovered that there's a spot that hasn't fully healed from my tooth extraction back in January (Duh, I've been looking at it forever now wondering why it wasn't healing). Apparently it depends on how much bone removal they need to do to get the tooth out, and on top of it, cause it's such a tight space it's getting food caught in it, and it's rotting in there and it can't heal itself with rotting food in it (even though I've been cleaning it out whenever I feel food in it). He gave me a few plastic syringes to use to clean it out with twice a day.
Also, I need my upper wisdom tooth removed on the same side (I've been noticing that it feels jagged) because it's got a cavity. my dentist will be able to do that one for me though, and at most it'll cost 115. So, I've got that schedualled for next Wednesday. joy. I'm almost tempted to ask about the other remaining wisdom tooth, but I just don't want to have to survive that pain all at once. So, I guess it'll come out sooner or later.
So, I've got a new prescription for T3's, and I'm hoping that'll help me sleep. Lastnight really sucked cause everytime I fell asleep it would wake me up, and laying down just wasn't an option. I'm tired, but caffine is my vice.
Went to the dentist, then to Shopper's to fill my prescrip and buy some more Rice Milk (they have it on sale until April 6th). I also picked up some meal replacers in case I run out of Carnation Instant Breakfast's (Thanks Ronnie, BTW).
This sucks.
In any event, I'm trying not to let it get me down.
Need to head to storage after D wakes up. After I got home from my excursion, I got the boys up and at em and headed off to Baby Group cause I was starving and didn't have the energy to cook myself something for lunch, let alone make something for them.
Piss me off. That stupid kid who scratched Hunter a couple of weeks back, got him again. For no reason he just walks up to him while he's in the high chair and rakes his fucking nails down his face. It was difficult not to just automatically give him a time out and let him know in my voice just how upset that made me. I ended up telling him that that wasn't nice, and that he had no reason to do that and that he needed to apologize. Last time it happened his mom just said, "yeah, he does that". Retarded. "Yeah, I rammed your car off the road...I do that". He looked at me like "Did I do something wrong?" and just shrank into the floor basically. Then he went after the other babies in the high chairs. That's when the elder for our group Lenora spoke up and said she shouldn't be leaving him by himself for anything because he can't be trusted around the babies. She served them up and quietly left the room. She did try to make an excuse but Lenora said something stern that I didn't catch. I'm glad she said something cause when stuff like that happens I'm at a loss as to what I SHOULD say, and get so flustered that I don't say anything at all.
It brings me back to my old complaint that I can't understand why people aren't more like me. I'm not anywhere's near perfect, but when my child even comes near to hurting another child I warn him, make him apologize, and I myself apologize to the parent as well. If he does it again it's a time out or we leave. My children suffer consequences for every action they make, whether they be good or bad.
How come other parents don't do that with their own children??

3 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

First, I hope Hunter's okay. Second, it's really too bad this parent doesn't feel she's able to control her child, but perhaps she never had a good model. I think it would be very appropriate for you to take the child back to the mother, let her know what happened, that you expect an apology from the child (BTW, how old is this child?) and that if this is a constant occurrence, her child needs to remain in her presence at all times so that her child doesn't continue to hurt younger children. We have rules in society and safety is a must and if she is unable to ensure that her child is appropriate around others, she must keep constant control over the child in public. Is there a group that provides parenting skills or such that she might benefit from? I know I'd be mighty upset too.

Geoff said...

Hey! Thanks for watching! I'm sorry you have to deal with aggressive children and their irresponsible parents, though.

Anonymous said...

I hope your oral surgery is better on you than the last time...