Sunday, April 22, 2007

We had a decent day today. gotup a bit later than usual, the little sleep in was good, but no where's near enough. I'm so tired these days i feel like I'm never going to sleep well again.
Today I took the boys out. We went and hit Scandia first, where we played Jungle Golf (was fun getting the stroller down the stairs by myself, but it looked like rain out) and visited with Chance's friend Tyson from FIBC.
Chance joined us just intime for the last two holes. Afterwards we got some tokens and played games we headed to Wal Mart to get some diapers. Bought two new sippy cups (with handles this time) as well. Wanted to go out to eat and let D play some, but Chance insisted on coming back to the westside, and by then D was hungry and cranky, so we ended up just coming home.
They went to the park later, but D's had a rough afternoon.
I got some good pictures today, posted to Flickr.
Laundry laundry Laundry. I swear I thought we got rid of most of our clothes, how is it possible we've still got this much leftover?!

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