Sunday, April 08, 2007

Okay, weekend update.
It's funny, you can tell when I've been to busy to blog, and when I'm at home most of the day cause I blog in multiples.
Friday was survivable. I was a touch on the emotional side after having those people come in the house, and the made the rest of the day sail on choppy waters. We made it though, and I didn't even realize it was time to pack up until well after 4pm. We ended up just stuffing things under the tables along the side of the house (and covering them with blankets) and parking my car in the way. Saturday was uneventful. I guess.
Well, Gramma was in Vernon for an Assembly and her and 3 other women were driving a truck. So, I had mom drive the kids and I out with some bedding and linens, along with our old computer. She said hers had given up on her, and though the new one is slow, it's a helluva lot better than the old nasty one that Tammy and Jimmy charged her 200 dollar for, something I wouldn'tve even paid 25 dollars for myself. It reinforces my feelings that she needs to be closer to the rest of us to garner our opinions about the up-to-date purchases she's making (she just bought a new TV on Rent-to-Own for 850). It upsets me to see what little money she has go to waste on pushy users who don't give a shit about her well being. My grandmother isn't a child, and she is stubborn, but she's smart when she has all the information, and fucknut assholes keep witholding major facts when she's making these purchases and I'd love more than anything to punch their lights out.
In any event, Saturday morning we were all up by 6:30. Got a good nights sleep, and lazed round before getting everything set up, and I ended up making a trip to storage with Hunter so I could get the power cord for the comp so I could clean it off. I was hoping for it early in the morning, but I forgot to write myself a to do list (my mind is foggy before the sun hits the window) and forgot about it till later in the morning, and ended up only having an hour to clean it off. I tried. I got Darius cleaned and ready (he'd been playing in the mud even though I asked him not to) and get Hunter dressed, and myself. I tossed my hair up, gave my face a wipe, got D cleaned up, and in between tried to clean off the comp, but it ended up mom did that for me while I got myself ready. I think she also got Hunter dressed too, come to think of it.
So, after a stressful drive out and back (Hunter still doesn't travel well), they left immediately, for an overnight trip to Kamloops, and I had a mental breakdown. I ended up telling Chance I don't wanna do the yard sale anymore. So, at 4 I started getting dinner ready (more to work off some steam than appetite) and Chance made some last minute sales.
This whole moving sale just really bothered me. I'd like to gain money from my possessions, but not ones I've had for so long. My stuff that I've been lugging around with me since I was 17 is tough to get rid of, especially to cheap and smarmy halfwits who shouldn't be allowed to drive. (Enter the emotional me)
In any event, I asked that Chance leave me alone and let me wallow in my own self pity for the evening, which was nice. Everybody needs to feel like they've hit rock bottom, just so they can look foreward to working their way up, I believe anyways. I can't be happy all the time.
In any event, we packed it all up, and sorted out what we were keeping (Chance picked a few items from the sale to keep) and getting rid of, and set it all aside. Chance spent most of the evening sorting it out. This morning he made a trip to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Drop off Truck at the dump and donated most everything we had had in our sale. Apparently they sell it to Value Village or someplace, but at least I know it's going to do somebody some good. That eases the pain a bit.
We've still got stuff to get rid of, like the washer and dryer. D's bed sold to somebody else in the park, and Chance is actually delivering that today. He's also been spending this weekend detailing his truck on his own.
I felt like going on a 4x4 run today (to escape everything and enjoy some family time like in the old days) and was told we couldn't cause he didn't want to get his truck dirty. That disappointed me quite a bit.
So, today, I've accomplished 3 loads of laundry. Now, I can't see my bed cause there's so much clothing on it, but I've been so focused on getting stuff in storage sorted out that I haven't had time for the stuff that's here. This week i'm going to devote myself to sorting everything that's here out. paring down clothing is going to be included in that.
So, this week I plan to accomplish:
-Making my chore magnets for Darius
-Setting up the chore chalkboard for Darius
-Sorting out clothing here
-Boxing and Labelling to keep Items that are here
-Donating more stuff to Big Brothers/Big Sisters
-Washing the floors
-Finishing the cards I was making for the Washington vet's home that I started 3 weeks ago

I seriously can't wait till all this stuff is finished, cause I've about had all I can take.
It sucks even worse doing this without support. Family doesn't count here guys.
I'm still missing that extra someone to go talk to, who can validate how I feel, instead of defending everything my husband does to me, or bashing him. I just want an objective listener who'll strictly support me and boost my confidence. I miss that.
Just the thought of leaving this weekend, has brought me to tears.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there are opportunists around every corner with rabid motivation and no conscience. I've always wondered how such people are permitted to exist in the same world as those who they exploit.