Friday, April 27, 2007

I was in need of a brain break today, so this evening after taking a nap while putting D to bed, I hopped online and began searching for ways to send a care package to a Canadian military member overseas. I was hard put to find anything regarding it, but I finally found a site and signed us up to have a penpal in the Canadian Military.
Am getting ready to gear up (after the Mr. leaves of course) to start some small care packages (padded envelops size) and send them out. I think that's got to be playing within me too, I haven't sent anything out (put effort into making it) in the last bit (though I got the box of school supplies to Afghanistan it was already made). I'm missing my card making and package making. I'm looking foreward to having some peace to make what I want with the kids (get really messy with painted handprints!).
I was surprised today when I got an email back from said friend, and it was actually rather nasty. Well, I'm not surprised that it was nasty, but I actually never thought she'd come out and say it. It kind of took me aback, but didn't shock me or anything. Interesting that it really didn't have an effect on me, as I thought it might have.
I'm a helluva lot stronger, and more driven than I have ever given myself credit for in the past, and these past weeks' events have shown me that. I'm grateful for the opportunity it provided.

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