Tuesday, April 03, 2007

This Sucks

So, over the last week I've noticed my socket getting progressively more and more painful. It's to the point now where it woke me up from a dead sleep...I was just hoping it would go away on it's own because up until now regular painkillers made any pain go away no problem. today it made the final leap to being a royal pain the the ass.
Now, everytime I go to sleep I wake upin pain and the only thing that makes the pain go away, strangely enough, is standing and walking around.
To further my blog from earlier (I suppose)...I had the girls from accross the street help me both days this weekend. Thankfully. I was in a state of panic on Saturday when Chance told me he had to work at 4 (when we were supposed to be shutting down), and mom and Kim were headed to bingo extra early (was sposed be 1000 bux a game, but it didn't turn out that way). that meant I would've been by myself with both kids and packing up the garage sale myself. Thankfully the older girl was willing to help occupy Hunter while I packed everything up to the porch. They ended up being over here for a grand total of 13 hours. We had some excellent fun though.

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