Monday, April 02, 2007

Beat Me Up

holy crap.
So we did our first Garage Sale of the month this weekend. It sucked...cause I feel like I got beat up. I wore my slippers the whole time, and my calves hurt because I was tip-toeing the boxes up the steps to be quiet. My ass hurts too, feels like I did 2 hours on the stairmaster.
We did wonderful. Just with the cash we have for our items now, we made 450 bux, and we can toss in an extra 300 for tommorow cause someone's gonna be picking up our hutch.
I'm so bummed out selling everything. Like, this is the last 5 years of my life for sale up here, and it sucks to sell it off to the first person who offers.
I was mad the first day, but it's too much to type. Elsie came into town and I hired a sitter to watch the boys until Chance got home.
I had her in Friday for 2 hours, Saturday for 2 hours, and lastnight for 2 hours.
Holy jeez what a fiasco. The first night when I was driving her home she actually asked me if Darius had ADHD because she "noticed" how hyper he was. Chance took her home Saturday night, and as far as I know she had no issues. Lastnight we went to Bingo with mom and Kim, and I told her we'd phone every hour to see if everything was ok (no time to go get phone minutes) The first time Chance phoned everything was OK. The second time she phoned she asked if he could come home. We handed our cards off to mom and kim, and least 45 minutes early.
We walked in and she had a look that was sort of desperate. She said "I've been holding Hunter for over a half an hour and he won't let me put him down (he was sleeping)". She didn't even wait till my arms were open before she started forking him over. Poor Hunter (as she said) had Diarrhea, and had a fresh diaper on, but poopie clothes.
Darius was in bed (in mis-matched pj's) with his TV on (no timer). He had an empty pudding container there, plus Nana's blue Diamond.
She burned right outta the house and had Chance drive her home.
I had a conversation with Darius while in bed with him, and he said he liked her well enough, said she was fun to play games with. He then said "I fed Hunter Hot Dog mommy!" That raised a red flag, and I then took Hunter out to Chance and went back in for more information. He said, She said he could give Hunter the hot dog (the second that he was allowed to have), despite the fact that i had set out food on the freezer and had asked her not to feed him anything else but what was up there. Not only that, but for a snack Darius had had two cold hot dogs, a pudding, and a candy cane. He was sent to bed without his teeth being brushed.
So, sometime between the first hour and the second hour, everything went haywire. Somehow they had been outside, cause Darius told me he took Nana's pretty outside, and forgotten it there, and while she was trying to get Hunter to sleep he went outside by himself to go get it.
I'm at a loss here, and it's terrible to say, but this was the reason that I didn't bother looking for another sitter after Elsie left.
The only thing I have to say is, do I really need to write a manual on how to care for my children and then quiz those potentials on it?!

Spent our day busy today. Though I need to get everything back into storage until thursday, and set aside those items that can be brought out again and set aside those that we're keeping. I'd like to sort through what is in there while it looks so empty.
We went out for lunch (all 4 of us), then I took the kids out to start our day. Went to the post office, then the dollar store, and then to the bank, then down to the Wellness Center (to pick up my $25x2 gift cards from them for nursing), back to home to get the coupons for the grocery store (they have them every month 5% off $25, 10% off $50, and 15% off $100), and up to the grocery store. We did our shopping and with all coupons combined (Flyer coupon, and Superbucks from gas, plus G/C's) I only paid 12 dollar for 97 dollars worth of groceries...YAY ME!
Darius said he was hungry then so we went to Wendy's, and dropped off our movies at Blockbuster, then on up to Zellers to wait for mom. I went in and got the boys into a cart after waiting for D to finish his cheeseburger. Went and found the diapers, and by then mom came and found me. We had our dinner in the Zellers restaurant, and then we took another quick peek at the baby stuff and left. I came home with the boys, and brought them in. Did a quick feeding with Hunter then I was unloading the car, and after that was putting stuff away when mom came in and I put her stuff away as well. Was a bit tough to find places for absolutely everything, but I managed it.
I'm so disappointed to say that this is going to be a four day weekend. That so bites...two days was rough to pull everything out on, but it's going to be rediculous with four. nevermind our child care. It makes me mad...everything about this weekend makes me mad.
There's so much more I dind't add in here that I should write about, but just don't have that motivation to do so yet.

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Anonymous said...

ya know, I had chance's 1st grade teacher tell me that I should get him checked for hyperactivity. I told her that unlike the "lifeless, too sedate, stepford kids" of which most of her class was comprised, my son was a typical 1st grader who didn't passively exist in someone else's world. As for the "sitter," she's so fortunate nothing happened to those boys. Holy geez!