Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Busy morning.
Figures, the night when Hunter keeps me up all night is the night before I have stuff to do. Murphy's law, right?
Well, the preschool had a parent appreciation breakfast before class, today was D's special Day, and I was on parent duty. Busy morning! I woke up at 8, got us showered and took off out the door. I wasn't feeling stressed though, surprisingly. We had a wonderful day with the kids, and I got loads of pictures. I'll post them later when I've caught my breath and have time to devote to flickrs uploading procedures.
Afterwards I had to take D out to Peachland for a dentist appointment. he had what looked to me, like a piece of his filling missing and food was getting caught in it. So, I found out while at the dentists's that it was actually a piece of his tooth that had chipped off. We were there in the chair no longer than 20 minutes, and he had a new filling. Apparently the two back teeth in his mouth have no nerves, so no freezing or anything was needed. He was very brave, with sunglasses and a mirror to watch. He did a great job!
Then we visited the "Echo Park" (pix on flickrs later) for a few minutes and then back home cause daddy needed to go to work. he was supposed to be there by 11am, but he forgot to grab the car seat from me before he left and didn't have one at the house, so had to wait till we got back from our morning. I really enjoyed just spending time with Darius, I really think I need to do that more often.
So, now I'm home with the kids and have some cleaning to do. I did D's room lastnight, and started on my room, but didn't get the opportunity to finish cause I had to go meet Chance for drinks after he got off work.
Anyhow, someone's asking for some attention, and another someone is asking for a leg massage.
Off I go!

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