Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wow, today has been verynice. I'm about as close to normalcy today as I can hit in this paritcular circumstance.
I've spent my morning cleaning, and playing with the boys.
Woke up at 6:30 this morning (I finally got up when my alarm went off, though I sure didn't feel like it) and rolled outta bed cause it was FAH-REEEEZIng in here. Had re-light the pilot light on the furnace, then impatiently wait until it warmed up. Unfortunately, in the proccess, D woke up. Yargh. He stayed in bed to wake up a bit, then came out for some breakfast and tv.
We giggled at the silly plots on tv, then I got started on the garbage as kimmie wasn't coming home this mornin to do it himself.
I cleaned out the fridge, emptied & replaced all garbages in the house. Put the garbage at the driveway end and came back in to wash my hands, and Hunter had joined big brother in the living room!
Did some comp work, and got D some breakfast, snuggled with Hunter.
Got everything off the floor and vacuumed (FINALLY!), then I started tidying up. It's taken the last two days to tidy my room and sort out the clothes that I don't want from the ones I do. I still Think I've got too much. I started hauling back the boxes that have been in the entryway forever. I need to go through those next and pare down somewhat as well. It's amazing what just toss it in ina hurry can do to organization that I've tried so hard to maintain.
So, tidied up a bit in here, got some laundry done, hoping to dry at least three before Kimmie gets home, then carry on a bit with that tonight or tommorow.
I still need to work on the kitchen, loading and unloading the dishwasher, sweeping and mebbe washing the floor. We'll see if I can get to that, but I don't think that the floor is likely right now.
I've been making a grocery list all morning as well.
Gotta get some fresh fruit, and some cookie dough (I'm taking a shorcut to make D happy) and some phone minutes.
I also made appointments for both Chance and I (seperately of course) to speak with someone about what's going on currently.

I'm dropping the kids off at the Daycare where we usually attend Baby groups for the afternoon, both kids for 30 bux. Not bad considering what we usually pay our sitters.
I really do still need to find a new sitter, Tara (our newest candidate) is nice, but she's only 14 and in full time school (as opposed to our last who was in correspondence).

I still feel really ill, but at least I've managed to eat today.
In the last three days I've only been able to stomache dinner, and thatwas only so I could take my vitamins.

Took the kids for a nice walk yesterday around the block. hunter slept for over an hour, so we were outside for over and hour together. Had a small chat with Gramma cause she phoned to ask if I was coming up for the weekend.
I need to get my car in to somebody trustworthy to get it fixed so I can do roadtrips. I'm going to need to some fun stuff with them soon so I don't forget how to have fun period. I would love to do a round trip with two days at each place, Little Fort, Kamloops, then down to the coast and back home. I need to know I can trust my car to do it though.

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