Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday Already!

Time's really starting to go really quickly.
So, Monday rolled around, and Gramma phoned me early in the morning to ask about the computer set up. She was having trouble with it, and when it finally started working I heard her shock when she saw my background (it was a pic of Arnie in a bikini bottom and flexing). So, I just decided we should take a trip up to see her, both to help with the computer, and to drop off a few bags of clothes for her. Once she's done sorting through them, if she donates the rest to a place in Kamloops she gets a 50% off coupon for the rest of the store.
So, after Chance was finished working with Roger that morning, we packed up and took off up to Grammas. We got there about 6:30, had dinner, and I fixed up the comp for her. We got the kids off to bed, and sat down to play a game of Yahtzee. Halfway through I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I went to bed with both kids cause they were still awake. Got up once during the middle of the night to take some Tylenol 3's, then went back to sleep. Woke up at 7. Darius and I got into the shower, and Hunter and Daddy bounced around the house. We got out of the shower and Gramma was starting some pancakes for breakfast.
I sent Daddy and Darius out to pack up the truck with most everything, and to let D play a bit of energy off, then when they came back in it was time for breakfast. Darius actually sat down and scarfed his pancakes down. Afterwards we sat with Gramma and had a chat (the going-away, I love you chat) had a couple of cups of coffee, then packed it in and took off.
Was an all around good trip. The boys were good on the way there, and even on the way back they did good. Hunter napped for the majority of both times, and the rest he was content to watch movies and play with his toys and snack on Cheerios. Got home and ended up being rendered useless cause I was actually still tired. We lazed around, and I had mom take us up to Extra to get stuff for dinner. After a quick trip, we came home and I tossed Dinner on.
Mom put Hunter to sleep, and by the time I was finished and serving us up he was out. He actually slept straight through until this morning, which means he slept over 12 hours.
I myself hit the hay early as well, so I got a good sleep.
Am wondering where my GST is, mom says Kimmie got his last week, and I haven't receieved anything yet.
monday I also had "Duty Parent" day at D's preschool. It was nice cause it was still considered a holiday and we had a relatively small class. It was pretty easy.
Got some good pictures this weekend...look to Flickr.

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Anonymous said...

I got my GST on Friday I think.