Friday, April 06, 2007

Boundaries People!

Oh My God...
Ok, so we got off to a really late start this morning. I rolled outta bed at 7:30 as usual. Then we didn't start setting up until about 10. Crazy. I've spent my morning making new signs for the Moving Sale. Chance set everything up, which was a nice Change.
Today we sold our Hutch for 300, our Couch for 150, and our coffee table to 30 (smarmy old cheapskate lady). Not too bad for a Friday. Hopefully we'll be able to get rid of the little things too. if not everything will be donated to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

So, around 11:30 or so, we came inside with the kids (mom and I) to feed them, and Chance was outside. Apparently he wasn't in view, and this old couple came inside the house. The kids were in the dining area playing on the floor together. I was digging int he Pantry and could see the front door was open (light change in the entrway) and Darius was standing looking towards the door. I came over and an old couple were inside the house just standing there looking around. They asked "Is there things for sale inside as well, or just outside?"
I told them it was only outside, they apologized and left. Chance says they hustled outta here pretty quick without looking any further. Probably embaressed them, but it freaked me right out.
What is it with people who go garage saling who just invite themselves where ever they see something of interest?? Last week a coupla guys came to take a peek and went right over our porch to the backyard to check things out.
I put up a bungee cord with a blanket over it to block the way up on the porch.
It seriously worried me because they could've just come in and takenthe kids, and if I hadn't been at the pantry, I could've missed it. It also concerns me because of that friggin weirdo trying to snatch girls from school washroom here in Kelowna, and todya the girls from accross the street told me he'd been in a Westside school as well.
It was way too close for comfort, and I'm a lot more cautious of who comes to the sale now, making a mental note to remember people by.
Inany event...Ali and Terry are here to get the couch.
I need to go back outside.

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Anonymous said...

how creepy! there's some fairly strange people out there and seems like yard sales brings 'em outta the woodwork!