Friday, April 20, 2007

I was hoping to go see a movie tonight, but forgot Chance was working, ain't that the way it goes.
We've been blowing through money, spending time together. but I have to admit it's been the most enjoyable time I've had with him since I can recall. Though topics of conversation range quite a bit, we do generally stay light-hearted, which makes it not so harsh as one would think.
Am making some quick sides to go with dinner tonight cause mom's picking up the chicken.
Lastnight's outing was a true fiasco, and requires me to make a few call backs today.
Had plans of actually leaving the house today, but never got round to it, 'sides going outside with Darius and washing my car (some fucknut egged it back on the 1st) which was pleasant enough.
It was a pleasant day out, bright warm sun, with a slightly cool breeze. Just perfect I must say.
Darius and I are reading our way through "The Order of the Pheonix" together, and today I decided after mom put H to sleep I'd try reading to calm D down a bit as he was trying to get rowdy. He ended up napping, mom napped with Hunter, so I said screw it and napped with Chance as well.
Was nice, but I still feel so damned tired. lastnight was trule a low point for me, and my body really feels the exhaustion from it.
I only managed two loads of laundry this morning while Kimmie was out, and could've easily done 4. Oh well, at least I got SOME done.
I've been doing research into what to expect for the next couple of months, and it's not as daunting as I'd like to think, as long as I take it one step, and one task at a time.
Right now though, I'm taking it hour by hour, cause anything more is really overwhelming.
i'm looking foreward to getting some extra sleep in the next bit, hopefully that won't get into anyone's plans...hehehe.

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