Thursday, April 05, 2007

My body seems to have gotten it's internal alarm clock set to 7:30. I was aiming for 6:30, but I guess progress is slow but steady.
Chance stayed home from Drywalling with Roger this morning (I believe due to getting up late) and he expects me to go to Storage again today. Mom wanted me to take today off from storage cause I've been at it for two days. Yeah, Rome wasn't built in a day, right?
It's hard to sit and think, objectively, about what I'm throwing out.
Hunter is a happy baby today. :o) Woke up with a smile in his face.
Hunter can crawl at the speed of light, and can even run away from you when you chase him. He's speedy when he knows he's heading for something that he shouldn't be into.
Went out lastnight iwth mom, and had a great laugh with the dealer. Was pretty humorous, and it's always nice to know that even when I say goodbye to this place that I do leave behind admirers.

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