Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I literally feel like nothing has gone right yet today.
Dropped D off at preschool, got Hunter down for a nap, then cooked myself some perogies for breakfast. Dropped Chance off at Storage, then went to get D for his playdate at McD's with his classmate, but when I arrived, they had already left, and we missed them. That really pissed me off. I called the lady on Monday to ask about today, and she said she'd call me back to confirm, and she never did (all class members have a class list with numbers). So that really disappointed me because I knew how much it meant to Darius.
Then I went back to storage to get Chance, and then to go to Fountain Tire to pick up my car. When I spoke to them yesterday they gave me an estimate of about 200 dollars (parts only) and i just said, yeah go ahead. When he did the final calculation today, it came to 461 (with labour). So, that caused me to have to pay half on debit, come home and get the rest of the cash (Chance didn't want me to put any cash in the bank from the sale of the truck) and send him back to pay the rest & get my registration papers back.
Yesterday was just as daunting. I had to drive in to town after dropping off my car, drop off the truck, come home and fart round till it was time to drop Chance off at work. then I took Hunter to the Dr's, went to the Dollar store, dropped off the movies at Blockbuster, then went to get mom from work. After that we had to go directly back to the truck, and gets the plates off, get the money, and go cancel the insurance. Did a bit of grocery shopping there too.
Came home, went and got dinner, got D into bed, then got Chance from work.
This last bit of time is ridiculously busy.
Hafta find a time to go to Ali's to get my money dammit.
I just feel like screaming.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you've accomplished quite a bit! take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and keep focused...