Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, I got my energy back lastnight, enough to do my laundry, clean the kitchen put laundry away and continue on.
At some point last eve the Mr informed me that little H had shut down the comp on him. Oh well, no big deal, we'll just leave it off until we need it right? WRONG!
I was getting ready to head upstairs for the night, and I went ot check my email. I push the button on the hard drive, and it starts it's usual whirring, and starts click & clunking.
I had spent about 20 minutes on the phone earlier that eve chatting with my mom, celebrating that I had only 3 days left until Mardi Gras , and I was almost ready to submit all my paperwork. I was nearly finished with my volunteer obligations. WRONG!!
Somehow, H crashed our hard drive lastnight. Our computer is shot. I've lost all of my pictures, all of my PTO files, all of my programs. I'm really upset about the pictures. Really really upset about losing my pictures. There was 8 months worth of pictures (multiply that by a minimum of 300 per month, and a max of 900) on there that I didn't have backed up anyplace.
I count myself lucky that we actually had a spare hard drive in our basement, and Mr was kind enough to bring it up and hook it up for me to get my work done.
What does this mean? Well, thankfully, I uploaded 2 of my PTO spreadsheets to our Raffle Group on Yahoo, so I will only have some updating to do on that, but I'll have to start again on my Bundling Sheet that shows the values of each bundle I have made. I swear I feel like it was something done intentionally. Let's se how stressed we can make amber before her PTO obligations end shall we?? It's a busy week for me, I don't have frickin time for this!!!
Oh my god. I want to cry for my lost pictures, scream and beat something...a wall, anything. I was to groan at the extra PTO work I'll have to do before Friday. I need to focus to bake a cake & cook dinner for D's birthday dinner this eve.
It's just not fucking fair.

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Anonymous said...

because it's life...real life. I'm sorry to hear about the losses. And as much as we sometimes think or feel something was done intentionally, it usually wasn't. Take a deep breath (ok...take several), dig in, and start all over again...or wherever the starting point is.

Billy Rhythm said...

Man, that stinks. In light of it, though, consider one of those $5/month off site back-up services like Carbonite. Got another hard drive? Install it as a slave. Get Microsoft's SyncToy (free), and back-up to that local drive. Not as good as off site, but better than nothing.

My expressions LIVE said...

We have always fear loosing our pictures....they all go on a external hard drive, and we try to make cds of all picture folders....its a pain....I know....You may be able to have a tech get them off of may cost some money though....xoxoxoxo

Amarie said...

I've had that happen before, but THANK GOD I had my pics backed up on Flickr. So sorry to hear about that.

LarryG said...

sounds like a serious raw deal...
and when you decide on a backup system - be sure to verify what you do with it.
i used an external drive and it turned out to be a dog!
so be patient and thorough cause you love your data.
maybe there will be some lemonade left on the hard drive when you get it up again...

only a movie said...

Wow - what a bummer, Amber. I can feel your pain for the missing photos. You do have a lot on flickr, right? And sometimes you can retrieve them if the drive gets up and running again.

I am sorry this happened. :-(

ceecee said...

At the present moment, I would definitely be upset about losing my pictures! I'm sorry you lost all your important things!

Jack said...

This happened to me several years ago and I lost all my photos... since then I back up everything. I know it's a little too late for that now but it is a lesson learned.

You have a lot of your photos uploaded to Flickr, right?

Ragtop Day said...

Oh, that sucks, and I feel your pain, as you know! I am optimistic that someone can help you get your data off, even if the computer itself may never be usable again (though I hope it is!).

I'm a lazy backer upper myself, and I need to make my recent scare motivate me into being better about it. Some things are too precious to lose.

Sending peaceful and serene thoughts your way!