Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I suffered through the majority of my day on the couch, or in my bed. I had a raging fever that literally brought me to tears, and had me writhing in agony. It hurt everywhere, my eyes, my head, my neck, my whole body. After the regular morning shower, where I didn't feel too bad, I actually got dressed. It wasn't until around lunchtime where I started to really feel bad. My body ached, and my skin was on fire, I couldn't stay warm. I wound up taking a wonderful scalding hot bath. It brought out a sweat, and allowed me to be comfortable for about 45 minutes. Just long enough for me to get H down for a nap, and long enough for me to fall asleep with him.
After we got up I moved to the couch where I dozed for another hour, and then the boys went outside. Writhing and crying, and in general trying not to let the boys see just how horrible I felt, we managed to suffer through until D's bedtime, where I decided to break down and take a couple of Tylenol. I just couldn't take it anymore.
It was a beautiful sunny, warm day out today, and I missed it. It's a beautiful cool evening out tonight, and the few moments I stepped outside for were amazingly refreshing on my skin.
The Tylenol didn't do much else for me than take away the fever. I'm still achy, and am on the verge of pain and throwing up, but considering how far that boundary was pushed today this is much tolerable. If I'm still feeling like this tomorrow I'm going to the doctor.
D has a bit of a fever, and he has a runny nose. H's eyes are all goopy, and he's got a terrible runny nose as well. Gave him some Tylenol cause he was starting to run a bit of a fever as well. God help us if we all get as sick as I was today.
So much for potty training, I was rendered useless and wasn't able to help much at all. Talk about bad timing.
Whenever I get sick like this I always feel so guilty that I can't just suck it up and take care of my kids properly. Silly, I know. Oh well, gotta go eat to gain a bit of strength, as I've really only had a bowl of fruit, and a bowl of soup today...outside of tea & water, I'm surprised I'm even hungry at all, all things considered.

3 thoughtful remarks:

My expressions LIVE said...

Rest and drink plenty of liquids...I hope you feel better soon! xooxox

Anonymous said...

Well damn. I hope you feel mo betta soon!

Debbie said...

oh no! is it the flu? Take care of yourself!