Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Started a page on Facebook, following Jack's instructions. Here it is, though I don't know why I would want to, I just thought it my be fun to try and to waste some time.
I'm trying very hard not to go insane here, but y'all need to be sending me positive stay-sane vibes. A houseful all the time is nearly unbearable, and my obligations outside the home are the only thing keeping me together. I love my family, but by golly this is kinda crazy, and I have yet to adjust fully.
I haven't been spending time devoting myself to creating nifty posts like I did when no one was really here, but I'm content with the content (*snicker snicker*) I've had lately. Everyone has their down times, right? I'm thinking about finding some new music to be inspired by, but haven't heard anyone who's caught my interest. Any suggestions?

3 thoughtful remarks:

Jack said...

Now you just need to add it to the networkedblogs and you will be good to go ;)

I have days like where just looking at the computer makes me nauseated... Music just might do the trick Amber. Check out City and Colour -- I'm lovin' them much these days.

Amarie said...

Music is like medicine.
I'll look for you on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Go with Waylon, Merle or George Jones!!!