Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snarky Boob - A - Thon

only4 days left to send in YOUR boob pictures today!
Ok ok, so I urge you to consider donating to this cause, or submitting your own, tasteful (meaning NO ACTUAL NUDITY PPL) boobie pic. Cleavage, ok.
S'kinda funny. This new hard drive is running super slow, so when I had my multiple windows opened to send this lady my picture, I entered in her email, but when I sent it I noticed the comp must have been lagging and it actually was sent to snark @ gmail . com instead of the actual snarkysarah @ gmail . com. I was panicking a bit, I'll admit it, but then I got the delivery notification that it failed to deliver. WHEW.
It's fun, it's cool...and not everyone can say "Hey, my boobs helped raise money for a cure!".
To Quote:
I will post the photos weekly (I can link you, or you can submit anonymously) and keep a running tab of money raised. If you don't feel like you can participate by showing your boobs (again, tasteful - cleavage is okay, nipples not so much), please consider making a direct donation. You can also help by donating prizes to be awarded to Boob-A-Thon participants (contact me if you'd like to help).
The stipulations are:
1) Submission must be tasteful
2) Submission must be your own (please don't send me photos of your neighbor's rack - I don't want any nasty grams in my inbox)
3) Only one submission per person (if you are undecided and want to send a couple photos, that is fine, but I will select which to post, and it will only be counted as 1 monetary amount)
4) While I am hoping that I will get more submissions than I can keep up with, please understand that I am not a millionaire (plus, I have a NKOTB habit to support!) and will need to cap off the donations at the amount that best suits myself and my family
How to participate: Email me at snarkysarah AT gmail DOT com Include your name (or blog name) and if you would like to be linked or not Keep yourself healthy, check your "girls" and Remember Betty...

Remember that boobs are earning $2 for each submission (in the case of Barb & her daughter - that's a $4 earning!).

And to spice it up a bit - I will pay $3 for each MAN that submits his boobs!!!!

So, let's go!!!!

Email your submission to:
snarkysarah AT gmail DOT com

The Boob-A-Thon is running until at least March 30th so there's still plenty of time!

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atta girl!!!
u rock!

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simply dropping by to say hey