Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We're All A Bunch of Sickos

Well, today didn't feel too horrible. I was able to at least do a load of laundry, and we ended up heading out for a bit.
D stayed home from school (and Ice Skating) cause he was running a fever and was coughing with a runny nose. It wasn't drastic though, so he was still full of energy, and very nearly driving me bonkers cause I couldn't keep up with him.
H, on the other hand, slept like a load of bricks. When he woke up he was raspy, and gurgly, and full of sneezies. His eyes were all gooped over, and I ended up wiping them down real good with a warm washcloth so he could open them. He was running a fever too. Poor babies.
We ended up heading to the Dr's, who diagnosed them both with Ear Infections. This is a first. Neither of my boys has ever had an ear infection. So, we got the antibiotics & Ibuprofen prescriptions, and hauled them over to Wal Mart. Mr took H to get his haircut, and D, MIL & I wandered the Dollar General before we all headed back to the Wal Mart Subway for lunch. Oh-so-classy. :oD I was already starting to feel worn out by this time, but as the prescriptions were taking an hour, so there wasn't much that I could do about it. We ate, after some pretty lousy service (I often wonder why people can't be bothered to put more effort into making themselves seem like decent human beings), and headed back to pick up the medicines for the boys.
We came home, I dosed the boys, and I headed to bed with H. A nice nap will do the trick. Riiight, you tell yourself that. God, I didn't want to wake up. I could've easily slept for the rest of the night with no issues, but Mr had a meeting tonight with the other Den leaders for Cub Scouts. He was going to take D to get his haircut first, and I can only assume he kept him with him for the meeting, cause he hasn't dropped him off yet. Thank goodness, cause even though I had a really decent day without feeling overly yucky, I'm starting to feel that yucky naseaus and feverish feeling again. I took some Tylenol though cause there's no way I can go through another evening like yesterday. I feel like I'm starving, but nothing tickles my fancy when I look in my fridge. I hate that.
I'm glad the boys have something treatable, and that they won't suffer overly much. Both have been itching to go outside and play, and have asked multiple times to do so, because it's just so beautiful out, but it took all I had just to get dressed to take them to the Dr's.
I will say, that I am so glad that MIL & Mr are home from work, and that I can call them when I need them. I'm also in awe of the fact that Mr hasn't gotten sick, but the rest of us have. Usually when I'm sick I'm not usually so well supported cause everyone works, at a job they can't slack off at. Now, if I can only train Mr to read my mind in what I feel like eating, life would darned near be perfect :oD

4 thoughtful remarks:

Hepburn Hilton said...

A gosh! All of you!!
At least when you're done with it, you are done with it. Instead of everybody getting sick one after another, leaving the household with one sick family member for months!

I hope you all feel better soon!!!

My expressions LIVE said...

I was the only one that didn't get strep...I hope you all feel better soon....xoxoox

Jodi said...

Totally agree with how people can't act like decent human beings. I've experienced that so much in the past few days. I guess because I haven't been feeling well that maybe I'm over-sensitive or something.

I haven't been to Subway in a long time but want to take advantage of that $5 and hubby can share one for dinner and eat cheap.

I'm sorry you all are under the weather. Good thing hubby has a strong resistance.

Jack said...

Nothing worse then taking care of little sickies when you yourself aren't feeling up to snuff either... take care :)